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14 Best B2B Marketing Blogs Each Entrepreneur Should Follow

Get ready – you found a valuable source of information that will help you improve your business position in the market today.

This article is about those b2b marketing blogs that are written for and read by curious and trendy experts and managers around the globe. Join the ranks of the most cultured entrepreneurs right now!

The Best B2B Marketing Blogs to Follow

Attention: This post is overwhelmed with useful information.
I warned you.

1. Marketo Blog


Are you looking for detailed “how-to” lists and guides? Come this way. The authors of Marketo blog not just describe what to do to make your business rocket but also share with the readers practical tips to achieve these goals. This is a haven for professional advice both for those who are just starting to build a business and those who already confidently stay on their feet.

Not sure if you can find answers to your questions there? For example, the latest Marketo’s topics were:

  • How to increase sales with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • How to measure event marketing performance and ROI.
  • Be Relevant or Die: The New Nature of Nurture.
  • Email Isn’t Dead; You’re Just Doing It Wrong.

You’re eager to click on the link and read the entire article, aren’t you?

The highlight of each publication on this website is presented in a headline. Sometimes it’s enough to read only the headlines not opening the whole article to leave the blog with a feeling of zen.

2. MailChimp Blog


Among all email marketing blogs, I consider MailChimp the most credible because it’s created and maintained by specialists of the largest marketing automation platform and mailing service. The main focus of the blog is the success stories of MailChimp’s customers and such an approach really works!

Who can refuse to look behind the curtain of someone else’s business to find out how others have built their email campaigns, what went wrong with failures, and whether their newsletters brought high ROIs or not?

The next in-demand direction on the MailChimp blog is witty marketing recommendations. Some of them are:

  • How to spend vacation lying on the beach and at the same time continue earning money, without losing a single customer;
  • How to combine several advertising channels into one stable money-generating system.

Mailchimp’s blog is not just about mailing. It’s about reaching explosive business growth by automating marketing processes.

3. Sprout Social Blog

sprout social

Sprout Social is a company providing social media management software solutions for businesses. On their blog, writers share useful recommendations on how to effectively promote brands via social networks. You will not find just obvious tips here. Sprout Social’s specialists give only proven tactics to increase sales within different industries, including Healthcare, Online Education, Retail, Non-profit Organization, etc.

This blog will be a goldmine for you if you have the following concerns:

  • Do you have no time to keep up with the brand-new trends in social networks?
  • Need to properly configure ads in Instagram stories?
  • Want to make something impossible and attract followers on Twitter?
  • Do you want to finally figure out how the Facebook algorithm works?
  • Do you want to make sure that a smart Facebook algorithm exists?

Sprout Social and their one of the most useful digital marketing blogs make the life of social media marketers easy.

4. Neil Patel’s Blog

neil pateel

Do you prefer to follow personal blogs rather than business ones? Well, in this case, Neil Patel’s resource is your choice. The world’s leading digital marketing expert, Neil Patel, reveals the hottest secrets of utilizing different marketing channels. The following are examples of things you’ll learn:

  • How to create SEO-friendly content and effectively promote it.
  • How to find explosive blog topics.
  • How to work with Google Analytics.
  • And so on.

The most popular format of materials Neil produces is video, which is extremely convenient for modern users to perceive a dose of valuable marketing insights while doing something else.

5. Moz Blog


The next leader in the race of best b2b marketing blogs to follow is Moz. Be careful, the concentration of useful information on SEO rolls over here.

Moz describes how to promote websites using link building techniques, how to write structured posts and prepare your pages for efficient promotion, how to boost client retention with proven SEO reporting practices, etc.

Among blog authors, there is Moz co-founder Rand Fishkin, well-known online marketing practitioners, and marketing scientists from Moz (Cyrus Shepard, Dr. Peter J. Meyers, etc.). All these “marketing stars” regularly share their experience and professional examples, so you can be sure that the time spent studying materials on this blog will bring a return in the form of sales (and money, of course).

6. Hubspot Blog


What is Hubspot popular for? Naturally, for their all-in-one marketing automation platform designed to improve your inbound marketing and sales. Thus, there are articles on the Hubspot blog circling around these intriguing themes. Particularly, here you can find such exciting explanations as:

  • How to promote your blog on Instagram (and find out why you can’t buy subscribers).
  • How to create an effective sales and content plan.
  • How to write engaging blog articles.
  • And so on.

If you seek professional guides, specific recommendations, real examples, a great number of proven templates and best marketing practices from the leading specialists, add the Hubspot blog to your bookmarks as it’s really one of the best digital marketing blogs to follow.

7. Salesforce Blog


Salesforce is considered the best CRM provider in the world for several years in a row. Competitors have vainly tried to repeat its success. Salesforce’s secret is applying cutting-edge technologies to provides its clients with exceptional software solutions and marketing services.

No less advanced and popular is their blog. There, you can find exclusive highlights from the spheres of:

  • Sales,
  • Marketing,
  • Customer Service,
  • Commerce,
  • IT, and
  • Small Business.

Each category and every blog post are aimed at teaching how to make huge sales. For example: how small businesses can increase sales with the help of video, how to prepare a commercial presentation so that investors eager to give you money, and how to automate sales and much more.


Business2Community produces content that attracts millions of users every month. Why so? The authors skillfully cover a wide range of topics related to business promotion via popular digital marketing channels: social networks, email campaigns, websites, etc.

Convenient for readers, you not only see fresh articles in each section but also rankings of the most popular topics and a list of relevant industry research. In addition, you can join the community and share your own experience and knowledge via guest articles which can bring you more than 100,000 visitors monthly.

Business2Community belongs to the top 25 most influential social media and marketing blogs to follow and write for.

9. Inside Intercom

inside intercome

In addition to the traditional topics around marketing and sales that you can find on average b2b marketing blogs, Inside Intercom provides a lot of technical materials. Designers and developers will have much to gain from their knowledge base.

Also, fans of the audio format will certainly appreciate their podcasts. You’ll learn how to successfully cooperate with customers, retain and return them, obtain investments, promote products and so on.

You’ll have no time to get bored. When you have enjoyed every existing piece and audio on Inside Intercom, you will see new sensational insights from the leading online marketing experts.

10. Drift Blog


The vivid feature of this blog is that each article includes pictures of real people, mostly company employees, that makes the reading experience more personable. The style of texts is also cheery. You won’t find any boring academic phrases and terms.

Drift presents a lot of the success stories of their clients and specific case studies, as well as numerous useful articles on online marketing and sales.

11. OpenView Blog


OpenView is a VC (venture capital) firm providing companies with capital, network, and expertise to start and promote a business. Their blog serves as a rich source of expert materials and deep-researched articles about product management, team building, and company promotion.

In addition to traditional content formats, OpenView regularly publishes video previews of interviews with thought leaders within the sphere of business and online marketing.

12. Vidyard Blog


Vidyard is known as a video platform that provides a full range of services for working with video, starting from video creation and ending with hosting and distribution. The company helps entrepreneurs become successful in their video marketing and you can find a lot of relevant materials on their blog.

You’ll learn about the benefits of video content and learn how to produce exceptional clips on your own. Also, the authors tell how to create a successful video strategy and sell videos.

In addition to informational pieces, the Vidyard blog presents fascinating examples of success stories of their customers. The clients share their experiences of using video content for business promotion. Isn’t this the best proof of the effectiveness of company services?

13. Salesbenchmarkindex Blog


Sales and marketing are key specializations of Salesbenchmarkindex which their team demonstrates in the blog. Market research, product development, strategic planning, building trust in relationships with customers, launching new directions, business domains, entering new markets, sales growth – this blog reveals all these aspects and is an indispensable tool for SMBs owners.

14. Social Media Today

social media today

The list of the best digital marketing blogs wouldn’t be complete and valid without Social Media Today. On this blog, experts continuously conduct unique research on how trends in the field of online marketing are changing and predict the further development of the industry.

The materials of these researchers will be useful to anyone engaged in the promotion of business or product via social networks. Authors enrich the articles with the latest discoveries, facts, and figures, and highlight the most important information in the section “You need to know this.”


By constantly tracking fresh materials in the most popular b2b marketing blogs, following the guides and implementing the world’s best practices, you will definitely notice how your business grows faster than competitors.

Are you ready for this success? Good luck and enjoy your reading!

By the way, what are your favorite digital marketing blogs? Feel free to share the useful links in the comments.

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