The Top 10 Most Effective Techniques for E-commerce Promotion

When it comes to promotion, it doesn't matter if your online store offers range from automotive equipment to zippers.

We hope you understand a completely functioning and attractive e-commerce website isn't a guarantee of successful sales and high demand when no one knows about it. If you're just getting started on your entrepreneurial journey, you likely have some big questions: How do you entice people to buy more from your store? What do you do when you want customers to make purchases more frequently? And how can you boost business during slow hours?

That's why it's so important to create a well thought out promotional strategy for increasing your sales and general brand awareness. In this article, we gathered the most effective marketing techniques used by the world's e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and other influential corporations. Let's dive into it!
1. Improve Your SEO Indicators
When we talk about the promotion of any type of website, the issue of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) takes the number 1 slot, as it determines what position a certain site has in a search output. The more optimized your website is, the higher its position is, and, consequently, the greater the number of people who visit it. You can check SEO indicators of your online store with special services like SEMrush and by using other tools. SEO procedure includes many elements, such as title tags, meta-descriptions, alt-texts for each page and picture, lack of duplications and repetitions, uniqueness of texts and images, etc. Pay close attention to the loading speed of a website and its mobile version, because various social surveys and research has proved users instantly leave pages that load in longer than 5 sec.
2. Conduct A Series Of Ad Campaigns
Search engine marketing is considered to be one of the most effective digital channels for promoting an e-commerce website since you start selling from the very initial point. How to make sure your ad strategy is winning?

  1. Primarily, you have to analyze the competitiveness of your niche and the activity of your most successful competitors.
  2. Now choose certain products or categories of products that you want to sell in the first instance. Perhaps you know that the largest online stores started with the sale of specific goods(f.e., Amazon started with promotion of their books). Of course, these products should be with high demand and good margins, that will allow you to earn.
  3. Determine traffic channels that are most optimal for getting beneficial payback. You're provided with a wide range of possibilities, including context ad, banner ad, ad via social networks, ad on aggregator sites, etc. Basically, the choice will depend on your available budget, as some types of ad(especially context ad!) require more investments but at the same time they bring more reliable and faster results.
  4. To optimize your budget, select the main region where you will promote the priority products. Keep in mind, the ad launched for specific regions shows higher effectiveness than the ad covering the whole world at once. At this stage, you should also create a portrait of your target audience: the age, gender, interests, income, requirements, and other factors that are important for your promotion campaign.
When you passed all these preparation phases, it's time to create a catchy text or / and visual сontent of your ads and set ad settings in chosen services. Be laconic, intriguing and creative while delivering your valuable proposition. It's also recommended to create an A / B testing for each advertising campaign to figure out what strategy works better and apply this conclusion to the next one.
3. Add Pop-Up Advertisement To Your Website
We've already explained the importance of paid advertising for promoting your e-commerce business. However, you can also try free ad methods right on your website. When your customers get closer to the end of their purchase, you can intentionally draw their attention to products they may have missed through pop-up ad. Strategically place it along the path to checkout. In this way, users will notice something interesting and useful for them, not remaining indifferent and finally buying an additional promoted item. The main rule of this technique is to create unobtrusive but at the same time extremely catchy promotion banner. It would be also nice to display ad that is similar to what buyer is looking for. For example, he bought a smartphone, and you can show him/her a pop-up ad with a suitable case or earphones.
4. Regularly Track Your Promotional Efforts
To get the most benefit from running a retail promotion, you should track the percentage of sales promotions. In such cases, it would be better to assign tracking or discount codes to certain products into your system and generate a report to see how well you've carried out all promotions. In addition, set a special timeline for each campaign to inspire your customers to act faster. For example, create special seasonal offers. Simultaneously this method will help you to create more effective sales strategies and plan everything in advance.
5. Believe Us, Email-marketing Is Not Die
You can face so many misconceptions of email-marketing nowadays, and that's why the owners of online stores are slow to implement this tool. Here are some of them:

  • Email marketing is spam, and my clients will not be interested in my mailings.
  • To start implementing email marketing, you need to build a large customer base, otherwise it will not be useful.
  • If I do not have my own base, I can buy it.
  • Sendings should be carried out as often or, conversely, as rarely as possible.
  • In newsletters, I can only write about promotions and discount.

In fact, email-marketing as a sales tool is actively developing and its two main undoubtless advantages are automation of processes, as well as connection and use of additional communication channels with clients(sms, web-push, Viber). Additional channels can be used in bulk and trigger mailings, while information about all customer activities can be stored in one place.

For example, you create a script for sending an automated email, and if a client doesn't read it for a few days, he receives an automated sms or push-notification with a reminder about your offer. By using automated mailings, trigger emails, and web push-notifications you can easily reach several crucial goals:
  • conversion of a lead into a client;
  • retention of new and current customers;
  • point work with VIP-clients;
  • reactivation of outgoing customers;
  • customer support and the formation of loyalty to the brand.
As you see, the email prefix no longer determines the diminished quality of this tool.

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There are many more methods and approaches to promote an e-commerce business, but we've tried to describe the most effective ones whose success have been proven by the world's marketplace. Remember, the main principle of marketing for sales for a successful promotional campaign, is one in which everyone benefits!

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