5 Content Marketing Ideas to Promote Startup

Probably, the most difficult part of any content marketing strategy is generating new ideas for promotion. What methods should be used to attract and retain visitors, ultimately turning them into customers?
The primary task here is to delight subscribers and followers waiting for a new dose of content on an ongoing basis. With this in mind, you should always have a batch of amazing ideas prepared in advance.

Content marketing for a startup is one of the most cost-effective promotion methods. The algorithm is clear: form a mission, find your audience, create engaging materials and distribute them. However, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. You need to realize innovative marketing ideas for a startup that will help you build a unique brand and hit into the very heart of readers. We've prepared five tips & tricks you can use to promote your startup in the most effective way:
1. Blog
Launch a blog if you haven't done this yet. It's a great channel to publish exciting interviews, articles on educational and promotional topics, and industry news and inventions. Using it, you can also present your startup, tell more about it, and answer readers' questions. You can share incredible insights from your experience that could motivate your target audience. Users are fascinated by real-life stories. Useful and relevant information on your blog is a powerful tool for the promotion of a startup.
success story from entrepreneur
2. Hot topics
By following market updates, you can find out which topics are currently on everybody's lips. Shed light on the raucous trends to be on the same wave with users. For example, analyze some sensational product, its strong and weak sides, and conclude with your personal opinion in the blog post. Content that is based on research results attracts large audiences. Publish such catchy articles every week.

You can also add videos about your startup to boost brand awareness and increase potential customers and sales. Show how your workflow is organized from inside. Present some of your latest achievements in a clip. Videos exacerbate feelings. Let users feel like a part of your universe.
3. Research, surveys
The original study is one of the most engaging content formats these days. Fantastic discoveries collect millions of re-posts and likes, especially if you present some insider data.

Regarding tests, their popularity is perfectly explained by psychology: people love to share their opinions and learn more about their nature from the results. In case you launch a public survey, take care of every response, encourage people for their participation and make them believe their vote is important to you.
surveys and polls
4. Live translations, webinars
Statistics show that the video is the best means to attract people's attention and is one of the most popular content formats for contemporary users. Most age groups watch videos, from kids to the elderly. Live translations on Facebook or Instagram are the perfect video options for startup promotion as they allow you to demonstrate your product or services, answering all questions of viewers quickly.

Talking about webinars, they come in handy when you want to share some professional advice. According to statistics, up to 40% of people attending webinars become qualified leaders. And not far from the leader of opinions.
5. Posting time matters more than you think
A successful profile in social networks or blogs begins with detailed planning and the right strategy. This requires some effort and creative skills. It's not enough to publish a beautiful photo. You need to know when the target audience is online, and only then make a post in accordance with the publication calendar. Different channels have maximum coverage and effectiveness at different time periods. By using special tools, for example, Tweroid, you can study your subscribers, determine their performance, and choose the best time for publications to reach them.
Never Stop Experimenting
Through the use of various tactics to promote your startup, even the most widespread channels will not seem trivial, and your content marketing for startup will be successful. Brands should never stick to the same type of promotion. They should always experiment with extraordinary marketing ideas to amaze their users.

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