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    3 Simple Ways To Get A US IP Address From Anywhere

    From watching exclusive online content to hiding your online activities, whether you are a US citizen or not, there are many reasons why you might want to use an American IP address. 

    And if you have ever wondered how to get a US IP address? Then this article is for you! 

    What Is A US IP Address? 

    First and foremost, let us explain what an IP address is and, more specifically, what a US IP address is. (If you already have a VPN app downloaded, you can skip directly to the Use A VPN section).

    IP Address — Our physical or home address makes it easier for people and parcels to reach us in the real world. An IP address, more or less, is a digital version of the same. It’s a digital representation of your physical location. Each device connected to the internet has a specific and unique IP address. 

    This makes it easier for other devices and people on the internet to find you and send you messages and information. 

    Your IP address can change depending on your network and physical location. A United States IP address is simply an IP address that’s assigned to a device in the USA. So when you aren’t in the continental United States, your device won’t have a USA IP address. 

    But there are more than a few legal ways that can help you get a United States IP address, and today we are looking at the easiest 3 such methods.

    Get A US IP Address In Three Simple Steps

    1. Use a VPN 

    Starting things off with the easiest way to change your IP address, we have VPNs. 

    A virtual private network (VPN) essentially works as a rerouter. It reroutes your traffic from a server located in a different country, such as the USA. Since all your traffic is now going through a US server, your IP address, too, turns into a US IP address. 

    The best part of using a VPN browser extension, apart from how easy it is to implement, is that it provides you with encryption for your data. This makes it impossible for your internet service provider (ISP) to monitor your online activity. 

    Steps to get an American IP address using a VPN provider:

    1. Download a VPN app 
    2. Log-In to your account 
    3. Search for USA & select any available server 

    And you are all set! 

    While there are multiple VPN apps to choose from, make sure to pick an app with simultaneous connections, such as SurfShark VPN. This saves you the hassle of individually connecting each device to the VPN. 

    VPNs allow you to further narrow down and pick specific cities or states where the server is based. And with the growing number of VPN providers, you can get a good service provider at just a few dollars per month

    2. Use a Tor Exit Node 

    Much like Google Chrome, Tor is an internet browser. But unlike other browsers, it has a special feature where it encrypts your data and relays it through a series of different servers, essentially masking your IP. 

    A Tor Exit Node is the last node in this relay. By setting this exit node to the USA, you can mask your IP address to a United States IP address. 

    Steps to get a USA IP address with the help of Tor browser:

    1. Download & install the Tor Browser.
    2. Once installed, open the installation folder with all the files.
    3. Go to “Browser” Folder  >>  “TorBrowser”  >> Data >> Tor
    4. Search for a file named “torrc” and open it in a text editor 
    5. Type “ExitNodes (us) StrictNodes 1.”
    6. Save your file and restart the Tor Browser.

    Your browser will now always route your data through the US, leading to an American IP address. 

    While being free, this is the most complicated way to get a US IP address. The multiple rerouting also leads to a slow internet speed. Additionally, some sites may still be out of your reach as they might block all traffic coming from Tor Browser. 

    3. Use a cloud hosting provider 

    Lastly, you can use a cloud hosting provider such as Google Cloud or Cloudflare to get a US IP address. 

    Many cloud hosting providers offer a service called “CDN.” This stands for Context Delivery Networks. CDNs use a network of servers distributed around the world to provide you with quick loading speeds and better performance. 

    Some CDNs provide their users with the ability to select an IP address of their choosing. 

    Steps to get a US IP address with the help of a cloud hosting provider:

    1. Choose a CDN provider 
    2. Sign Up & create a CDN Account 
    3. Search for “IP Masking” or “IP Geolocation” in settings
    4. Select a US-based server 
    5. Save your preferences 

    This allows you to access a US IP address. 


    We hope this article has helped you understand how to get a US IP address. While there are many other ways to get a US IP address, using a VPN remains the easiest and safest option.

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