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    Writing rules

    There are 3 crucial principles you should follow:

    1. 100% relevance to the topic and the absence of "water."
    2. This means that you should completely reveal the theme and describe all necessary points in detail without distracting to unrelated things. Focus on the central theme and try to create precise and relevant material.
    3. Your article should be as accurate and "deep" as possible.
    4. We don't need to describe cursory and well-known facts. We need to create an exclusive piece based on deep research, analysis of statistics, news, industry updates, foreign experiences, and practices. The number of words should be no less than 1000. Such a volume will allow you to completely reveal the theme.
    5. Try to create an article that is better than competitors’ posts on this topic.
    6. To do this, you should carefully read and analyze articles on the same topic (main keyword) in Google (the first three relevant links in a search are enough). Explore these materials and figure out how you can write better than they did. Maybe you'll use more numbers, statistics, research results, fresher information, etc. As a result, your article should be more useful and interesting for readers.

    Additional tips to follow

    In your article, reveal the assigned topic as precisely as possible.
    Make sure that your material brings value to potential readers. To do this, type in Google search the title of an article and thoroughly read the materials on the first three pages. Your task is to define their gaps, dig deeper, and compose a better piece: more useful, informational, and research-based so that the readers can find answers to all questions related to this theme.

    If possible, start the article with the main (general) keyword specified in the task.
    It would be nice to start with a description or explanation of this term but not in a scientific, boring format. Include the keyword organically, catching the reader’s interest. Otherwise, include it somewhere in the intro.

    Don’t start your article with sth like this: “In this modern world…” and so on.
    The introduction should be precisely related to the topic, no longer than 7 short sentences to engage and intrigue readers.

    Don’t use common cliche sayings such as ‘Content is king,’ etc.
    Again, no water - strictly stick to the topic and reveal it in detail.

    Strictly divide a text into logical paragraphs and come up with relevant headings for each of them.
    H2, H3 (if necessary), and the conclusion. - read this article to find some great advice and examples of text structure, phrases, etc.

    The first H2 should contain one of the specified keywords.

    Make sure you use all specified keywords as often as it’s specified in the task and that they look organic, not spammy.

    Don’t change the order and endings of the specified keywords. Use them in the way they’re provided.

    Don’t use passive voice. Try to adjust the sentences to the active position.

    Make sure that you don’t repeat words and phrases.
    If you can explain the idea in one or two sentences, do it. Don’t rephrase the statement with ‘water.’

    Create lists and bullet points.

    Enrich the article with numbers, the latest statistics (not older than a year before), and opinions of industry leaders.

    Keep paragraphs and sentences short.
    A perfect example of text formatting:

    Include relevant screenshots, videos, and examples.

    Use these and other Bucket Brigades to keep user's interest:
    ‘Here’s the deal:’
    ’What’s the bottom line?’
    ’You might be wondering:
    ’This is crazy:’
    ’It gets better/worse:’
    ’But here’s the kicker:’
    ’Want to know the best part?’

    Prove statements with your own opinions and professional advice, examples, and experiences.

    Make internal linking: insert at least 2 relevant links to other articles on our blog.

    The number of words should be 1000-2500.

    Check text uniqueness. It should be 85% and higher.

    Finally, make sure once again that the ready material completely reveals the topic and includes all keywords.