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    PPC Management Services

    Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most effective and fastest ways to drive traffic to your website and generate sales.

    As a full-service PPC agency, ReVerb launches high-impact PPC campaigns to bring a clear and attractive return on investment, using the custom advertising strategies.

    With our comprehensive PPC management services, you’ll get high traffic, sales, and revenues from day one.

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      Why should you invest in PPC advertising?

      When buyers are looking for a new service provider, or a solution to a problem, 65% will click on adverts within search results. According to HubSpot, 68% of marketers consider PPC “extremely important” to strategic sales and marketing goals.
      Adverts are trusted sources, especially when they're relevant, reach customers on the right channels, and use highly-targeted keywords. Here are a few reasons to invest in PPC.
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      #1: Maximum ROI

      With PPC, you can be confident that money put in will generate results. Providing you are using the right keywords, targeting the audience you need on channels relevant to them, then 65% of potential buyers click on adverts they see in search results.

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      #2: Quick results

      Reaching page one on Google organically can take a long time and lots of effort. While you work on your SEO, PPC advertising is a great option to get qualified traffic and leads from the first day. Compared to most other forms of online marketing, PPC advertising campaigns can bring impactful results immediately.

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      #3: Transparent and measurable

      One of the benefits of PPC is that an ROI (return on investment) is easy to assess and measure. Google Ads and other channels provide clear indicators of the revenue generated from adverts. And even if customers don't purchase straight away, there are other ways to measure traffic sources and determine where/how they first learned of your website. Our process is measurable and transparent every step of the way.

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      #4: Target the right audience

      Do you know who your customers are, where they are online, and how to find them? One of the key steps in setting PPC campaigns up is audience and keyword research. Google, other search engines, and social networks, provide advertisers with a wide range of highly-specific targeting options. We use these for maximum benefit, to reach your audience.

      Our PPC management services

      As a PPC agency, ReVerb provides the full range of PPC management services to B2B and B2C
      companies around the world on various advertising platforms. We help ensure clients get the biggest
      bang for their buck.

      #1: Google Ads

      One of the most effective and popular options when it comes to online advertising is PPC through Google, known as Google Ads. There are billions of Google searches everyday. It’s the most popular search engine in the world. Chances are, potential customers are searching for what you offer right now. How will they find you unless you are committed to PPC and other forms of digital marketing? Google Ads will ensure potential customers find you, quickly and easily.

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      #2: Display Ads

      Google Ads are usually text only (known as context ads). Whereas, using the Google Display Ads network, and other display adverts, your products and services can be promoted visually, using videos and images. We prepare appealing banners and other forms of visual adverts, and promote them across the highly-authoritative sites within the Google Display Ads network.

      #3: Social Media Advertising

      Alongside PPC on Google and other search engines, companies can benefit from reaching a massive audience on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others around the world. We go where your audience is to generate the ROI you need from the most popular online channels.

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      #4: Retargeted Ads

      Don’t miss opportunities to nurture the users who are potentially interested in your product or services. People who've visited your website once will come back, but only if you use retargeted adverts to reach them more consistently. We’ll help you bring them back, with the right ads across the right channel, to encourage click-throughs and higher engagement rates.

      ReVerb's PPC management: How we work

      We don’t just produce promotional adverts. Our team of marketing professionals cover the full range
      of PPC management services. We analyze and determine the most effective keywords and content
      to use for the adverts, set them up, manage the campaigns, and issue regular reports and
      improvements to keep improving the results.
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      With our experienced team of PPC consultants, we design a strategy that helps you get results. We define the target audience, budget, bidding strategy, and depending on the campaign goals, in our position as a Pay Per Click advertising agency, we can either use an automated or manual bidding strategy.

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      Setting up advertising on the most effective channels

      Whether this is a multi-channel campaign, or on one platform, such as Google or Facebook, our PPC consultants set up the campaign according to the platform rules.

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      Craft the advertising campaign

      Our team creates the catchy text for the adverts, relevant design features, and makes edits and tweaks according to what the client needs before launching it live.

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      Analysis of a Landing Page

      For the adverts and landing pages, we analyse the copy, design, and user experience; making recommendations to improve as needed, and tweaking further using data once the campaign has gone live.

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      Keyword selection

      Depending on actual CPC (Cost per click) and ranking factors, we define the most optimal and efficient keywords based on your budget.

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      Launch adverts, results and reporting

      Once the campaign is live, we track the results and provide transparent reporting highlighting the most relevant metrics for your goals (such ROAS, CTR, and CVR).