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    30+ Best Websites To Get Free Do Follow Backlinks Safely

    Link building is an essential part of SEO that directly affects your website’s rankings and, consequently, organic visibility and traffic.

    One of the most powerful and secure link building strategies is guest posting. To implement it, you need to write a useful article with a link to your website and submit it to a reputable platform accepting guest posts. While this strategy typically requires some investments (the website’s editorial fee), there are also absolutely free backlink websites you can leverage to strengthen your backlink profile.

    If you’re interested in why backlinks are so important and where to get free do follow backlinks, stay with us. In this article, we’re sharing the top websites to get free do follow backlinks to boost your SEO without breaking the bank.

    Why Are Do Follow Backlinks Important For SEO?

    Link building is crucial for SEO in two major ways: first, placing links to your website on external resources helps generate additional traffic, and second, it directly affects your rankings on the search results pages.

    While the first is too obvious to explain, let’s take a closer look into how do follow links can boost your rankings.

    When presenting users with search results matching their queries, Google ranks web pages based on several factors. A number of backlinks is one of the most critical factors: the more quality do follow backlinks your page has, the higher your site’s Domain Authority/Domain Rating is, and the higher it ultimately ranks in SERPs. This way, backlinks help grow your site’s authority and organic visibility.

    One of the most effective ways to acquire backlinks is by publishing content linking to your site on websites other than yours, known as guest posting.

    However, to make this work, your content should be valuable, and the backlinking sites you choose should be credible — relevant to your niche, have high DR, and get real traffic.

    Top Free Backlink Websites To Maximize Your SEO Strategy

    With the number of backlinks directly affecting visibility on Google, getting strong backlinks should be one of your priority tasks. The good news is that you can get high-quality backlinks for free.

    Still, it’s important to remember that free backlinks websites usually have strict requirements for guest posts and, in most cases, your partnership with backlinking sites starts with pitching your topic idea. 

    Long story short, here’s the ultimate list of authoritative sites where you can get the best free backlinks for SEO.

    1. HubSpot

    • Niche: Marketing
    • DR: 93 
    • Organic traffic: 12.4M+ 

    HubSpot is a world-known U.S. developer of software products for social media marketing, content management, customer support, landing pages, and search engine optimization. The company runs four content-rich blogs: Marketing, Sales, Service, and Website, covering topics related to their products and services. They accept guest posts on the above-mentioned topics, with HubSpot’s amazing SEO metrics making it one of the best websites for backlinks.

    HubSpot accepts two types of articles: experiment/analysis and canonical. You can submit a post describing the steps and outcomes of your recent marketing experiment or data analysis or write a post providing in-depth tactical takeaways supported by relevant examples and fresh statistics.

    According to HubSpot guidelines, your article should reflect the writing style of their blog — casual, helpful, and never jargon-ey. You can include one link to your website and at least 3-5 relevant HubSpot blog posts in the post.

    2. Cloudways

    • Niche: Cloud Services, Web Development
    • DR: 90
    • Organic traffic: 1M+

    Cloudways is a SaaS company based in Malta offering cloud hosting via connections with leading cloud services such as Amazon, Google, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr. With over one million blog visitors per month, Cloudways is undoubtedly one of the best websites for backlinks.

    Besides the common benefits you can get from guest posting on an authoritative site, Cloudways offers to mention your post in their newsletter and on social media. They accept WordPress, Magento, and PHP tutorials and guides, as well as articles on affiliate marketing.

    They also suggest a list of relevant topics, and after selecting one, you should submit a detailed article outline. Once it’s approved, you’ll receive confirmation and a submission deadline.

    3. GetResponse

    • Niche: Marketing
    • DR: 90
    • Traffic: 206K+

    GetResponse is an email marketing platform for sending emails, growing email lists, and automating communication. The GetResponse blog focuses on helping businesses of all sizes and SMBs, in particular, understand and use various digital marketing and productivity practices.

    They accept articles on SMM, content marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, SEO, omnichannel marketing, and general marketing tips for different industries.

    This backlink submission website doesn’t set out any strict guidelines. The most important thing is that your post should be relevant, well-researched, useful, and 100% original. 

    When considering GetResponse as your guest posting platform, make sure you support your statements with links to verified research or case studies and include examples.

    4. SitePoint

    • Niche: Web Development
    • DR: 87
    • Traffic: 244K+

    Founded back in 1999, SitePoint is a Melbourne-based free backlinks website focused on web development, web design, programming, and product creation. Your guest posting partnership with SitePoint starts with a pitch form where you need to describe your article idea, provide a detailed outline of your article, and specify how readers can benefit from your piece.

    They’re most interested in articles on web development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, WordPress), UX design, SEO, content marketing, social media, productivity tips for freelancers and solopreneurs, web hosting and development tools, growth hacking, no- and low-code tools, marketing automation tools, development tools and environments, site builders, etc.

    5. SoftwareWorld

    • Niche: Software Development
    • DR: 75
    • Traffic: 1.3K

    SoftwareWorld is a global software review platform featuring top software solutions for various industries and providing comprehensive reviews based on data from trusted sites like G2crowd, Capterra, and GetApp. SoftwareWorld welcomes contributors to share exclusive software products and technology insights in their blog. In addition, you can publish a press release on the SoftwareWorld blog.

    They’re mostly interested in how-to guides, case studies, B2B product reviews, opinions, and practical advice for businesses related to software and SaaS. You start with pitching three topics and three examples of the articles you have written before. 

    Keep in mind that they only accept articles that contain 1,800+ words. You should add an author bio of up to 120 words along with your website link.

    6. Netguru

    • Niche: Software Development & Consultancy
    • DR: 75
    • Traffic: 85K+

    Netguru is a Polish software development and consultancy company running a tech-focused blog targeted at a versatile audience, from developers and designers to C-level executives and startup owners. They accept tips and guides on product design, UX/UI design, prototyping, wireframing, design systems, and best software development practices.

    Also, they welcome expert advice for product owners, startups, and project managers and articles on tech industry trends and predictions. In terms of technologies, they focus on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Pythons, Ruby on Rails, Android and iOS native development, Node.js, React Native, PWA, Vue.js, React.js, and Ember.js. 

    7. Harvard Business Review

    • Niche: Business Management
    • DR: 92
    • Traffic: 4.2M+

    Harvard Business Review is a leading management magazine run by Harvard Business Publishing. The platform features a broad range of topics, including innovation, strategy, marketing, leadership, organizational change, diversity and inclusion, decision-making, career transitions, work-life balance, and team management.

    HBR accepts expert pieces supported by relevant research data and examples. They especially appreciate new, original ideas in business management. 

    You can also submit a post on a well-worn topic; however, make sure you build your content around a unique argument or insight. 

    8. Search Engine Watch

    • Niche: Digital Marketing
    • DR: 88
    • Traffic: 24K+

    Search Engine Watch is a global news and information website about search engines and search engine marketing. Founded in 1996, Search Engine Watch is one of the oldest communities of search marketers, with over 1.3 million global readers. 

    The website covers a wide array of topics: PPC, SEO, web analytics, social media, local SEO, video marketing, content marketing, and development. They’re primarily interested in how-to guides, case studies, and tips related to online marketing strategies and tactics. 

    If your contribution is approved, you’ll join the exclusive network of industry leaders that gives you the ability to comment and collaborate with other authors.

    9. CyberChimps

    • Niche: WordPress Development
    • DR: 91
    • Traffic: 4K+

    CyberChimps designs and develops premium WordPress themes. The CyberChimps blog accepts guest contributions that can help WordPress users build and grow websites, so your post should be directly related to WordPress.

    The company requires that you include links to other content on their site and provide multiple titles for the post. You can include a link to your website in the author bio box. Importantly, the URL should link to a site related to WordPress, marketing, or design.

    To pitch your idea to CyberChimps, you should fill out the form, providing three headlines and describing your idea in more detail. Also, you’re required to include 3-4 links to your published content.


    • Niche: Software Development
    • DR: 84
    • Traffic: 401K+ is a unique platform for sharing information related to open-source technologies. is managed by Red Hat, a prominent open-source software company. The platform aims to promote the values of open source, such as transparency, collaboration, and community-driven development.

    It covers a variety of topics, including software development, collaboration, and open-source tools. More specifically, these topics span DevOps, programming, CI/CD, Python, Kubernetes, Bash, Linux, Git, Java, Ansible, and more. 

    They welcome introductions to new technologies, tutorials, tips on an open source-related topic, and personal stories.

    Bonus: 20+ Websites To Get Free Do Follow Backlinks

    Here are some more reputable websites accepting do follow backlinks for free.

    Top 12 do follow guest post submission sites

    1. Digital Marketing Hints
    2. Advertise Era Articles
    3. ClassifiedsFactor Articles
    4. Finder Master Blogs
    5. The Blog Arena
    6. Techdirt
    7. Search Engine Libro
    8. ArticleBiz
    9. BloggersRoad
    10. tumblr
    11. WebWire
    12. Buzzle

    Top 5 do follow social bookmarking sites

    1. Reddit
    2. Instapaper
    3. Diigo
    4. Bookmax
    5. Viesearch

    Top 5 do follow infographic submission sites

    1. SlideShare
    2. NewsiLike
    3. Infographic Directory
    4. Infographics Zone
    5. Infographics Archive


    As you can see, acquiring do follow backlinks for free is a pretty achievable task. Even top names in management, marketing, and web development accept articles for free if they find your content of a high standard, relevant, and useful.

    If you need help with your link building strategy, contact us. ReVerb is a digital marketing agency delivering a comprehensive suite of SEO services, from keyword research and technical audit to writing optimized content and link building. We collaborate with hundreds of reliable websites within various niches and can help you get high-quality do follow backlinks quickly and effortlessly.

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