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    The Ultimate Guide To eBook Marketing: How to Write, Promote, and Benefit

    Today users are fed up with copyedits and need content that is more detailed, unique and packed with value. Like bees, consumers are attracted by the distinguishable honey taste of genuine information based on real-life experience.

    They look for web-resources created by industry leaders who share their insights, opinions, and personal discoveries that inspire and empower.

    An eBook has become a logical response to the demand for such information. It feels far more like a real object of value. To build authority and connect with a target audience on a more personal level, many online businesses are producing eBooks.

    In this article, I will share some witty eBook ideas and insights on how to use eBooks as the heart of your marketing, namely:

    • What is an eBook? Why Does An Online Business Need One?
    • eBook Ideas and Writing Insights. How To Create an eBook That Touches Your Readers’ Hearts
    • Formatting Rules and Recommendations Every eBook Writer Should Know
    • A Step-By-Step Instruction For eBook Marketing
    • Amazing eBook Templates and Examples To Learn From

    Let’s start!

    What Is an eBook? Why To Start Doing eBook Marketing?

    An eBook is short for “electronic book” – a long-text format that is readable on various devices, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Ebooks are most often converted into digital formats such as PDF, EPUB, OZW, or ODF, so users can easily send them to each other.

    most popular ebook formats

    Are you still thinking about whether an eBook will bring benefits to your business or not? Here are just a few of the incredible opportunities that this marketing collateral can open up for a company.

    Build authority and become an industry leader

    Despite your product or services being unique or the leader in the industry, the market is still saturated with alternatives. The art of survival under fierce competition with other brands has become challenging. So yes, you need eBooks to shed light on your company as the industry authority. Is there a better solution than to write an eBook that shows your expertise at a deeper level than a blog post allows?

    Increase website traffic

    An eBook can be the first contact with your company website. How? You can smartly present it on a landing page or in a guest post with the backlinks to your company’s blog or another page. By promoting an eBook via popular marketing channels, you attract the audience’s attention to your company and literally invite them to learn more about you on the website.

    By applying a whole set of eBook marketing practices, you can boost your website traffic and make your company more easily searchable on the web.

    Generate leads and attract new clients

    An excellent eBook multiplies the chances for your business to generate leads and increase brand awareness among your prospective customers. Personal insights, valuable tips, team’s troubleshooting experiences, case studies, and interviews with your team members – all these can make an eBook look like a comprehensive portfolio telling your brand’s exciting story.

    Grow a targeted email list for marketing purposes

    As a marketer or entrepreneur, you might know that a healthy email list is a precious marketing channel that can double your conversions. However, building a targeted email list is a tough task. An eBook is a good way to grow your contact base. Being tempted by the opportunity to access a valuable source of information, people are more loyal to give you their emails before downloading an eBook. You only need to ask about it in the appropriate way and at the right moment.

    Here you can see a great example of UXPin’s eBook landing page asking web users to type their email in exchange for getting a free eBook.

    ebook lead magnet

    Improve search engine optimization (SEO)

    Obviously, your eBook will contain all the industry keywords possible as well as truly catchy and exploding infographics. By promoting an SEO-optimized book, you make your company (and its website) more easily searchable on the web, too. Moreover, eBook opens plenty of opportunities to build new backlinks on industry blogs and magazines who write on related topics.

    Monetize an eBook

    You can get passive income simply by selling an eBook on your website and such resources like Amazon, eBay, etc. To engage and spark the audience’s attention around your brand, you can also organize giveaways, offer discounts on social media, and run promotions in your email marketing campaigns.

    eBook Ideas and Writing Insights: How To Create an eBook That Touches Your Readers’ Hearts

    This is likely the most interesting part of your journey. I collected a batch of the world’s best practices that will help you create a truly engaging and effective eBook.

    1. Pick a topic that meets the audience’s needs.
    Research your target audience, you must know who you are producing your book for. Create a customer persona to get a deeper understanding of your target audience’s needs, requirements, and questions. Focus on them when deciding on topics and contents of a book.

    Before starting to write an eBook, you can also conduct a survey to define which topics your audience cares about the most. You may be surprised by the number of user’s precious insights and extra-ideas which you can find out in this survey. Your audience will literally tell you what your book should be about and what will make it relevant and valuable for them.

    2. Start with the outline.
    Outlines seem to be an unnecessary detail, however, thinking so is one of the biggest mistakes. Act like a sculptor and create your masterpiece: begin with refining the concept and outline. Only after deciding on the book structure and coming up with a name for each chapter, you can start writing a book itself. Find more insights and ideas for your first eBook in this guide for beginners.

    3. More clarity and proven practices, less fluff.
    People love the clarity and hate blurry ideas. All of us strive to organize our thoughts and ideas in a better way, do the same with your content. Ease the reader’s cognitive load by structuring a book logically, break the text into medium-sized paragraphs, use bulleted lists, and write your ideas concisely.

    Avoid long lyrical digressions and boring information about industry processes that people can read in any other article on the web. Proclaim your brand’s voice in all ways possible, avoid copy editing.

    “Your job is not to copyedit the world but to design it.” – Seth Godin

    seth godin quotes

    4. Be like no one else. Share your personal discoveries and unique vision.
    When I’ve just started to write an eBook for a UI/UX design studio, the first thing their CEO asked me was:

    “Please! For God’s sake, avoid all this floodadle that sounds like “Top Design Trends,” “Top Design Practices,” and other similar topics that have already crowded the search results.
    People can easily find this information on the web without our contribution. Our eBook needs to have a distinct voice and offer a real value to readers. We should share our unique vision, personal design discoveries, and lift the veil to inner creative processes. It is the only chance to stand out.”

    5. Repurpose your blog posts into a book.
    You might be surprised by the amount of valuable information and insights which you have already shared in your blog posts. Obviously, an eBook shouldn’t be a simple compilation of your blog posts, however, you may extract many interesting thoughts and ideas from the blog articles and expand them in a book.

    6. Use customer testimonials and case studies.
    There is no better way to show your expertise on the subject than to include real cases and customer testimonials in your eBook. In case studies, you can describe your product creation processes, personal approaches, and unique tactics. It will help you reveal your company as a team of polished professionals and creative troubleshooters in potential clients’ eyes. Impress your audience with real-life stories – they will surely appreciate your honesty.

    7. Conduct interviews.
    Use interviews with your team members to breathe even more life into your eBook. Insights from real people will enrich the text and make it more “alive.” Modern web users want to connect to a brand at a more personal level, they want to get acquainted with those who are creating a story of this company. Interviews are a great way to do it. A good example of an eBook which is extremely rich with interviews is the “Eventual Millionaire.”

    8. Write a great title.
    As an eBook writer, you should keep in mind that a title is a key driver of traffic and success. You have two options that will likely work for you: optimize a title to the search engine queries and keywords or make it strange, illogical, but memorable. However, you can combine both of them, breaking a book title into two parts: SEO optimized and creative.

    It is what Seth Godin, a world-famous marketing guru, has opted for when naming his books: “Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable” and “Free Prize Inside!: The Next Big Marketing Idea.”

    Purple Cow Transform

    Formatting Rules and Recommendations Every eBook Writer Should Know

    We live in an age when the standards are not as tough as before. We have more freedom to create and express ourselves through various art forms. This evolution has not bypassed print books. They are transformed into electronic books that don’t follow as strict formatting rules as their print siblings.

    However, there still are a few formatting rules which an eBook writer is recommended to follow.

    1. Use san-serif fonts like Verdana or Arial to make the text easily readable.
    2. Text size of 11-12 is optimal.
    3. Use a simple palette, don’t apply many colors to avoid reader’s distraction
    4. Structure the text into chapters, use bulleted lists, and apply heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) to make information easily digested.
    5. Use high-resolution images, and avoid GIFs (they can slow down an eBook loading process).
    6. Highlight quotes and stats.
    7. Proofread the text. Don’t try to save money on an editor.
    8. Convert a book into three digital formats, such as PDF, EPUB, and MOBI.
    9. Design a catchy cover. Once again, don’t save money on hiring a professional designer.
    10. Apply ready eBook templates,e.g., one of eBook templates provided by HubSpot.

    How to make an Ebook

    A Step-By-Step Instruction For eBook Marketing

    It’s time to tell the world about your newborn masterpiece. The below-mentioned eBook marketing hacks and tips might be helpful.

    1) Create a landing page and optimize it for the search engine.
     It is a good idea to include readers’ references and comments on a landing page to motivate new web users to buy a book directly from your website. Don’t forget to place a catchy CTA button triggering eBook purchasing or downloading.

    2) Place a beautifully designed banner on your website to improve lead generation. A great banner helps catch the visitor’s attention and bring him or her right to a landing page. Below you can see a shining example of an appropriately designed website banner created by SmartBlogger.

    3) Market an eBook using your email list. This is why creating a healthy contact base is so important from the very beginning of your blog marketing. You can use an email list as an additional distribution network for your eBook promotion.

    4) Promote it on social media. Create engaging posts and run ad campaigns on the social giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

    5) Collaborate with industry influencers. You can engage them to provide a reference or mention your eBook in guest posts in industry magazines and blogs.

    6) Submit to eBook directories and online libraries. It will help you not only promote a book and build new backlinks for your website but also to monetize the material.

    7) Utilize tools like the Headway book summary app to promote your eBook throught concise and engaging summaries. By highlighting key themes, insights, and takeaways, book summary apps offer a valuable preview that can entice readers to purchase or download the complete e-book.


    I hope I clearly answered your question: ‘What is an eBook?’ and equipped you with a batch of proven practices on how to write and promote it with profit.

    Making mistakes on the way to your first eBook is normal. The challenges of this journey are worthy of the benefits your business will receive from eBook marketing. Just put your creative hat on and start creating an eBook that will build new bridges for communication with your target audience and cooperation with future clients.

    Do you look for high-quality eBook writing services? No need to look further. Our ReVerb team has a prominent eBook writer who helps brands share their industry experience engagingly and creatively.

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