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    How AI Is Impacting The Automobile Industry

    From advancing medicine to optimizing business processes, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the face of science and everyday life. 

    It has opened the doors to new ways of approaching things in any sector, including how people drive their vehicles. 

    The automobile industry has had critical technological advancements in the last decade because of AI. While earlier AI systems were used to help with simple driving tasks such as cruise control or parking, today, artificial intelligence and machine learning are giving drivers the opportunity to enter completely autonomous cars and enjoy the ride on a whole new level. 

    From the production of self-driving cars to predictive maintenance, keep reading to learn more about the ways AI is impacting the automobile industry today. 

    4 Ways AI Is Impacting The Automobile Industry

    1. Improved car-selling and buying experience

    Anyone who has tried to sell or buy a car knows that the process can be tiring and time-consuming. There are so many things to be considered, from gathering essential car documents to finding the right buyer, all of which can dread the car-selling and buying procedures. 

    However, things can be significantly simplified using AI as there are now digital platforms such as taq Auto, which deliver a better and improved car-selling and buying experience. People can now reach out to companies that use this innovative software to track buyers, configure their payments, complete their credit application process and book a delivery appointment directly from their website, all of which creates a seamless and effective experience.

    2. Accident prevention

    While car accidents can happen due to a variety of reasons, driver negligence is often considered the most common cause. Whether the driver is driving recklessly and not adhering to the traffic rules and regulations or is driving under the influence, the likelihood of getting into an accident is much greater in either situation.

    However, with the introduction of artificial intelligence in the automobile industry, drivers can now rest assured that they are safe while on the road. One of the most significant innovations is the AI-powered interior camera, which sits above the rear-view mirror, detecting and monitoring drivers’ eyes to perceive drowsiness and help prevent car accidents. 

    Another great innovation is the AI-hands-free driving ability, which helps with navigation and detects, labels, and reacts to disparate vehicles, people, and objects on the road. 

    3. Personalized vehicles

    To many people, their vehicle is considered a form of self-expression. With the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, their driving experience can now be more personalized because of the various new AI capabilities that are based on drivers’ individual preferences.

    For instance, when it comes to parking, drivers have a specific way of doing so, depending on the parking spot. This is where the AI software can come in handy to predict the driver’s choices and park the vehicle accordingly, properly, and safely. The AI software then leverages these data patterns and uses them the next time a driver finds himself in a similar situation. 

    In other words, the AI algorithms are specifically designed to understand their customers and their respective preferences, improving their safety while behind the wheel.

    4. High-quality control

    Performing car maintenance is one of the most important responsibilities of every driver. Certain tasks need to be done regularly, such as changing the car fluids, rotating the tires, and checking on the headlights, turn signals, and brakes. While most cars show warning signs that something is wrong with the vehicle, it may not be enough to know exactly what the problem is.

    However, with AI, drivers can know even before something goes wrong with their car. The AI software offers various settings, including predictive monitoring and crack detection, which helps drivers stay on top of their vehicle and ensure it operates as it should. 

    Not only does this make car maintenance much easier, fast, and more accurate, but it also protects people from unexpected and costly repairs later on. 


    The development of artificial intelligence and machine learning has changed science and everyday life in many ways. We can see its usefulness in many sectors, including the automobile industry, providing drivers with excellent driving experience. 

    From the innovation of autonomous cars to the development of various AI tools and software that improve safety and driving capabilities, it seems like artificial intelligence in the automotive industry is here to stay and will only improve in the future!

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