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    How to Write a White Paper For ICO To Impress Investors

    If you are concerned about how to write a white paper, more likely, you are at the final stage of your project preparation and ready to invest in its promotion.

    To be on the same wave, let’s remember that a white paper is an official document describing your project idea, product’s characteristics, financial details, and business plan used to show your deep knowledge of the market and technological background.

    But how to transfer all these concepts and thoughts from your head to paper in an attractive and prestigious way that will be accepted and understood in a business environment? Being quite similar to a business report, this material requires a unique approach and is distinguished by its high complexity.

    The white paper writer should be strong in tech aspects, including blockchain, cryptocurrency, and token while keeping an artistic style and impressive manner of presentation.

    Let’s dig deeper into this issue to see what you can do to make your white paper really stand out from the crowd and attract deserved investments.

    How To Write a White Paper (WP): Essentials

    The main goal of this document is to completely familiarise the readers with your project and show users how they’ll use the future product and benefit from it after contributing to its development. The crucial parts of a WP are the industry overview (its current pains), your solution (the idea of how you plan to overcome these problems), some specific research, technical data, and most important, explanation of your token system. Expert valuations and recommendations can be a good addition, as they increase your authority in the eyes of investors. Usually, a WP is a long read, consisting of 30-100 pages, written in a formal style.

    First of all, white papers are designed for regular consumers and businesses ‘outside the tech environment,’ so its key peculiarities is a simple language. But at the same time, you should competently present your WP to tech-savvy people who possess specific technical knowledge and expertise.

    White papers should only be based on scientific data with actual supportive facts.
    Needless to say, all information must be taken from authorized, credible, and reliable sources. Make sure that you can prove every line from your white paper.

    As I said earlier, by their essence, white papers are pretty close to business reports due to their formal style. However, in a typical business doc, you’re not likely to notice a conclusion similar to the moral of a fable, an artistic style of writing, eloquence, and hidden message to the reader.

    Also, remember that a white paper isn’t about obvious selling and advertisement. Its main focus should be directed on real features of the product and the writer should look like an independent expert. So you can’t write something like: “10 ways X company will help you save money on your social media budget.” Instead, use this: “Finding the right way for your business to be delivered to consumers in social media.”

    I think that’s enough theory. Let’s consider the practical component of the WP creation…writing itself.

    white paper ico

    White Paper Structure

    In the white paper, it is very important to gradually take the reader through the whole story to the main idea by showing them all the factors influencing the decision-making. It’s a fine science to keep users guided but still free in their own conclusions. Trying to predict their thoughts and answer through your paper is what you should do. In conclusion, emphasize the main point and present your idea in a way the reader perceives it as an awaited solution to his problem.

    Another important part of the WP is the title. Make it catchy and informative. Right from the title, a reader should be able to understand what the document will be about and if it is worth reading.

    Create an abstract that will engage readers and give a full overview of the main points. It will help the reader to realize if he/she is in the right place and if your product meets his/her needs. After specifying the main idea, problem areas, and solution, provide detailed explanations, facts, and other valuable notes to bolster your story.

    In the end, there should be a practical solution to summarize the core arguments presented in the WP and information about your token sale: what is the cost of your cryptocurrency, when the sales begin and end, and how many tokens will be issued and distributed. Describe the benefits users will get when contributing to your project, both from your own platform and your partner network.

    Writing a White Paper: What to Describe?

    At first, think through the idea of your project – it will be the leading theme of your WP. Adapt it to your target audience. Consider everything that you know about their interests and needs. A little tip: imagine your ideal reader in mind while writing a white paper to convey truly significant thoughts.

    Don’t forget that among your users you can face experienced people who know the industry very well but also the newcomers who have never dealt with such business before. It’s not easy but you should do your best to compose the relevant content for both of these groups at the same time. Take care of every individual potentially interested in your ICO. Focus on the reader’s most painful issues and present your solution to them.

    target audience

    For example, let’s analyze a white paper prepared for a particular industry, e.g. medicine. When it comes to the creation of medical white papers, the tone and style should be more academic than in entertainment, as medical professionals will make up a larger percentage of the readers than the general public. Medical white paper writers need to know how to make the document an educational essay and a sales brochure at the same time. Surely, this requires a deep understanding of the subject.

    In fact, medical white papers tend to have the same structure, parts, and peculiarities as non-medical ones. The main difference is that as a scientific document, it can have a significant effect on human’s health, so it must be based on a data-driven approach. It should include a lot of charts, graphs, images, tables and scientific terms explained in a simple way, where possible. This means finding an experienced medical white paper writer can be difficult.

    By the way, at ReVerb, we closely work with ICO projects from the healthcare industry, assisting them in a wide range of promotion activities, including white paper creation, writing ICO pitches, and PR to distribute their content.

    The second thing to consider is your company’s expertise and awareness. Include very precise research on a current state of your market and reinforce it with some reputable estimations from the opinion leaders in this niche.

    Thirdly, clearly define the problem you want to solve. This should be the issue that your users face often, if not daily. Persuade them that your solution will eliminate even the tiniest sign of the existing pitfall. Show that your product is an ultimate panacea to their pains. Make sure that you have proven your solution by the accurate examination and experiments in this field of the study. Check and double-check all the available thematical online and offline resources and facts.

    The last point is the necessity to form a specific plan since it will be very hard to try to keep an abundance of numbers, facts, and ideas in mind while writing a white paper. Make a logical and easy to follow plan with time frames and additional information that can come in handy. A very useful tool for this purpose is a mind-map. It will help you collect and combine all the pieces of data belonging to your project. Mind-maps will also allow you to connect and organize all these components in an easy to perceive visual format.

    Example of a mind-map:

    mindmap example

    A good way to gain inspiration and better understand how to write white papers that convert readers into token buyers is to study someone else’s work. On this website, you’ll find many inspiring white papers of real ICO projects. When checking different docs, you’ll also get an idea of how unique and novel your material is.

    How To Find An Excellent White Paper Writer

    Writing a white paper professionally is not an easy job. But if done correctly, it can push the boundaries of your industry and make your project become successful. If you have any doubts or aren’t sure in your expertise or oratory skills, think about attracting someone qualified in this area, so he/she can help and advise you through the whole WP creation process. Finding someone who is an expert in your field is crucial as this specialist can double-check all the collected facts and information. It is especially good if this person is experienced in writing white papers.

    Good white paper writers are in a high-demand nowadays. Thousands of new projects appear on the ICO market monthly but only 10% get worthy results in the long run. White papers play a major role here, if not primary.

    hire a white paper writer

    Here are some tips that will help you select exceptional white paper writers:

    • In case there are no appropriate white paper writers among your network, you can refer to a freelance white paper writer or a content marketing agency. Just make sure your candidate came from a trusted source.
    • Always ask a writer to provide a recommendation letter and his/her portfolio.
    • If possible, agree on and sign a contract with the writer.
    • The average cost for a freelance white paper writer is usually lower compared to the agency employee, however, as the rule, the result of a freelancer is also lower. You run the risk to hire a pig in a poke.
    • If you search for a writer on the Internet, you’ll see a lot of white paper writers needed around the globe so it could be really difficult to hire a truly professional candidate before a competition. Good writers, like any other IT specialists, are always in high demand, so if you see that a writer is already hired in advance, that could be a sign that he/she is doing high-quality work. Don’t miss the opportunity to hire him/her as soon as he/she is free.


    To sum it all up, a well-written white paper will pay for itself many times over. The more clear, simple and compelling it is, the more profitable token sale will follow. A professional white paper writer is needed to make your main presentation material as catchy and inspiring as possible to create a natural and genuine interest, and impress investors. As a result, you’ll become the owner of a cutting-edge white paper that will totally compensate all investments of your time and money, and bring a great added value to your project.

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