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    Top No-Code App Builders And Tools In 2024

    The time has come for even non-techies to build a full-fledged application or website on their own. This became possible thanks to game-changing no-code app development platforms and tools. 

    The concept behind the no-code app platform is simple: it’s a special program seasoned with a batch of ready-made components for creating a digital product without writing any code. Using a straightforward graphic user interface and a simple visual editor, you can drag and drop pre-coded elements to your liking. The development process is as easy as drawing on paper. You just need to select the best-fit template and then arrange the blocks, experiment with colors and shapes, and upload your content.

    This no-code approach helps businesses and individuals significantly reduce the launch time and development costs, which is especially important at the initial stages of app production for a minimum viable product. 

    Although now the lack of coding skills isn’t an obstacle to implementing your app idea, picking the right software might be a real challenge. That’s where our ultimate list of the top no-code tools in 2024 comes to your aid. 

    Turn your app development process into an exciting journey with these best-in-class no-code app builders!

    The Best No-Code Development Tools In 2024 

    1. AppGyver

    Top No-Code App Builders

    When choosing among the best no-code app platforms, you want to select a high-performing tool with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. That’s why our list of the top no-code app builders in 2024 starts with AppGyver, a leading platform designed for full-stack visual development and seamless integration with SAP solutions. 

    The app also allows you to use over 400 formula functions and integrate any external data or popular API. What’s more, it offers advanced features such as animations, file operations, sensors, etc.

    AppGyver not only has a vast library of high-resolution elements suitable for customization but also provides an impressive set of themes for any taste and supports custom fonts. It’s extremely important for detail-oriented users looking for the best no-code tools in 2024

    In addition, the platform allows you to take real-time quick previews at any moment and gives you the opportunity to co-create the project with your team, taking advantage of its advanced cloud functions. 

    AppGyver encourages users to take a 30-day tour to learn more about its features, providing valuable directions and explanations right from your first action. 

    Key features of AppGyver: 

    • 500+ customizable elements
    • Diverse logic functions
    • Flawless integration with SAP solutions and other APIs thanks to the REST integration wizard
    • Straightforward interface for personal and enterprise use 
    • Ability to work with complicated data using spreadsheet-style formulas


    AppGyver offers a Free Community Edition as well as an Enterprise Edition, which costs $10 per month for every active user.

    2. Draftbit 

    Top No-Code App Builders

    Are you looking for an all-skill-level accessible app builder bringing no complications? Draftbit deserves to be the best no-code development platform in 2024 for you because of its simple visual interface and broad customization attributes. Thanks to a great range of templates, users can swiftly switch app appearances. This makes the platform an outstanding playground for building something unique that perfectly resonates with your brand’s true identity. 

    With Draftbit, you can create native mobile apps, internal business tools, and responsive web apps with access to their source code. What distinguishes Draftbit from other no-code web application builders in 2024 is its unique feature – no lock-in – which means you don’t have to worry that your progress gets lost even if the app gets down; your code will always be available for export.  

    Key features of Draftbit: 

    • Agile database
    • The easy visual interface that allows you to build diverse apps without much experience 
    • Extremely fast customization
    • Extensive collaboration features to ensure your teammates can collaborate and share feedback seamlessly
    • Different levels of components: bits, blocks, and the ability to add custom code


    You can enjoy a 14-day free trial and then use all visual builder features switching to the Free Plan. However, to make your app publicly live, you must acquire at least the Basic Plan that comes with unlimited drafts but only one live/published project for $19 per month. 

    The Pro Plan costs $59 per month. If you wish to work as a team, you’ll need to upgrade to the Team Plan for $199 per month..

    3. Glide

    Top No-Code App Builders

    Glide is specifically focused on creating business software by transforming dull spreadsheet data into a custom app, all in a fun way, with just one click! 

    Similarly to other top no-code development platforms in 2024, Glide gives you access to an interactive drag-and-drop builder, allowing you to make your design as sophisticated as you wish. The tool is also powerful at importing and syncing huge amounts of information, which other platforms aren’t able to cope with. 

    What else is so special about this tool? Not all of the best no-code web application builders in 2024 have a devoted community ready to give advice, and Glide stays ahead here. If you have any questions, Glide’s community will provide you with expert resources and suggestions to help you successfully finish your project. 

    Key features of Glide: 

    • Excellent community support  
    • A user-friendly interface that is easy to get familiar with
    • Seamless Excel integration for easier data-driven application management 
    • A variety of aesthetic blocks and templates 


    The price is a bit more expensive than other apps, but you can choose from many options. It starts from $49/month for the Personal Plan and extends to $1000/month for the Enterprise Plan. 

    When looking for the best no-code software in 2024, many users would prefer to test the waters first. The good news is that you can try Glide’s Business Plan ($249/month), coming with a ton of features, during a 30-day free trial.

    4. Thunkable Live

    Top No-Code App Builders

    Thunkable Live is one of the most impressive no-code web application builders in 2024, empowering you to become a developer and a designer and solve business challenges with no coding. 

    With Thunkable Live, you can connect your project directly to the mobile version from a web browser. This intuitive app creator will conquer you with its endless design possibilities and six different screens for maximum app responsiveness. 

    Notably, Thunkable Live started as an Android app builder, but today, it’s available for iOS, too. 

    Key features of Thunkable Live: 

    • A powerful builder layout for front-end and back-end development
    • An accessible drag-and-drop interface
    • Vast community, tools, and tutorials to get started fast


    To build apps without code, you can start with a free Thunkable account, which allows you to have up to 10 projects. The Starter Plan costs $13 per month, and the most expensive Team Plan costs $500/month. 

    5. Bildr 

    Top No-Code App Builders

    If you’re already familiar with the popular design app Figma, Bildr’s features will be easy to grasp. Among the best no-code development tools in 2024, Bildr stands out thanks to its excellent visual and flexible approach. 

    This tool will be more suitable for users looking for some low-code possibilities. Still, it provides a vast library of ready-to-use components, editors, and toggle switches. 

    Key features of Bildr: 

    • With patterns, you can easily save reusable algorithms for better efficiency 
    • An interface similar to Figma
    • Diverse drag-and-drop components ready-to-edit 


    Anyone can benefit from this tool and a domain, even with a free plan. However, to launch and grow your app, you must purchase at least the Basic Plan, which costs $29/month, or upgrade to the Pro Plan for $119/month or the Scale-up Plan for $500/month.

    6. Webflow 

    Top No-Code App Builders

    Webflow is one of the most popular no-code tools in 2024, ideal for beginners who want to explore app-building capabilities without coding. In Webflow, you can use a ready responsive template or start your custom website design from scratch. All elements you create can be saved and reused in the future. What’s more, Webflow doesn’t require you to install any additional plugins to make a functional app. 

    You can also look into the code behind the design and experiment with a flexible layout system. The system has multiple flexbox and grid-based options that help you create custom layouts for your app. 

    The biggest perk of this no-code app builder is its affordability; get the unique opportunity to set up a full-fledged website without breaking the bank!  

    Key features of Webflow: 

    • Website development using custom CSS grid-powered layouts and filters 
    • Integration with various third-party apps and services
    • In-built content management system 


    Start exploring the key features of Webflow for free. Then, pay $14 for a Basic plan or $39 for a Business plan monthly. 

    7. FlutterFlow 

    Top No-Code App Builders

    Many developers, as well as non-techies, prefer using FlutterFlow to create native mobile applications and web apps due to its robust capabilities. This is indeed one of the best no-code app builders in 2024, offering a great visual interface and the ability to connect data and implement advanced functionality effectively. With FlutterFlow, you can create a sophisticated UI using 80+ widgets and more than 170 pre-made components. 

    You can also start with a demo version and test what it’s like to make an app with FlutterFlow. They’ve recently launched FlutterFlow 4.0, which is supposed to offer a batch of new exciting features. 

    Key features of FlutterFlow: 

    • Group chat 
    • Numerous collaboration tools 
    • Multiple integration capabilities 
    • Flexible database that simplifies data management
    • Visual programming language and a simple drag-and-drop interface


    FlutterFlow has a free version, but if you want to download your source code or APK and get a custom domain for web publishing, you will need to go with at least a Standard plan for $30/month. There are also Pro and Teams plans, both of which cost $70.

    8. AppSheet 

    Top No-Code App Builders

    Appsheet is a top no-code platform in 2024 released by Google Cloud. With Appsheet, anyone can turn their idea into a full-fledged app using data from Google Workspace and other sources. 

    This tool primarily focuses on harnessing artificial intelligence to create and power intelligent apps. 

    Key features of AppSheet:

    • Integration with Google Workspace 
    • Powerful AI app generation using Gemini model


    You can start testing AppSheet for free with up to 10 users, getting all the features at hand. The most popular plan, Core, costs just $10 per month. If you are an enterprise and have scalable project needs, contact their sales team for a custom quote. 

    9. Bravo 

    Top No-Code App Builders

    When looking for the best no-code software in 2024, many choose Bravo whether they want to launch a simple app or an application with comprehensive functionality. Being one of the most popular no-code app builders, Bravo allows you to transform your Figma or Adobe XD designs into a functional MVP in hours. 

    Bravo’s integration with RevenueCat allows you to launch innovative applications that offer subscriptions to digital services, making it easy to earn revenue from your app users. 

    Key features of Bravo:

    • Extensive design components and action collection 
    • In-app purchases powerful tools 
    • ‘Figma to real-life’ method 


    You can test the app for free or start using all necessary features with a Solo plan for $21 monthly. The Business plan is an entirely different version with a fantastic set of features, costing $233 a month. 

    10. Voiceflow

    Top No-Code App Builders

    Such sophisticated software as chat and voice apps are now also possible to build without code when you use the best no-code platform in 2024 Voiceflow. This program makes AI voice app development more accessible by allowing you to arrange drag-and-drop blocks and make logic building. You can also integrate Voiceflow’s toolkit with your existing tech stack. 

    Depending on your plan, the platform offers different limits of AI tokens and base sources. 

    Key features of Voiceflow: 

    • A rich knowledge base that helps you train AI agents and perform advanced tasks 
    • A collaborative workflow builder for creating conversational logic
    • AI agent control management 


    You can use a single editor version for free or when purchasing a Pro plan for $50. The Team plan is much more expensive and costs $625 per month. 


    Whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional developer, or a creative person with a fantastic app idea, there are no limits for you when using these best no-code web application builders in 2024

    All of them are powerful platforms that give you unlimited functionalities to kick-start your project quickly and effortlessly. But still, the choice is yours!

    If you want to add your no-code development platform to this list, contact us by email with your request or submit a form in the Top Choices section. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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