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    4 Ways To “Wow” Your Clients And Win Repeat Business

    In an increasingly competitive world of business, ensuring a positive customer experience is an invaluable tool for growth. 

    It’s one of the best ways to attract customer loyalty, boost revenues, and keep your business sustainably afloat.

    The wow factor helps to make customers feel happy, valued, and appreciated, enough to come back for more the next time they need products or services offered by your business. But it can sometimes be challenging to ensure this, especially for new companies just getting a footing in the industry.

    Luckily, here are some proven ways to impress your clients, so you can win business over and over again.

    How To Create A WOW Customer Experience

    1. Make responses timely and thoughtful 

    Nothing is more effective in making a customer feel moved than knowing you are there for them. Whether it’s during inquiries, a follow-up via chat, or the client is just complimenting your business on social media, this means replying to messages promptly and thoughtfully while paying attention to their needs. Instead of generic replies, it helps to be specific about what the client is asking.

    One effective way to ensure timely and personalized responses is by utilizing in-app chat and messaging features, which allow for seamless communication between the customer and the business. This not only enhances the customer experience but also builds trust and loyalty, as it demonstrates a commitment to addressing their concerns and meeting their needs.

    But before you decide on one solution, we recommend comparing in-app chat vs. SMS, as one of these (or both) options may work better for your business.

    It pays to reflect empathy by showing understanding of the person’s thoughts or concerns while creatively smoothing out any misunderstandings that may arise from miscommunication.

    Unwittingly, a simple “no problem” response can sound unprofessional when compared with taking an extra second to reply, “My pleasure! Anything else I can help you with today?” Whenever necessary, seek clarification to make sure understanding has been achieved. So this is one of the main concepts your virtual agents should understand and implement.

    2. Add a personal touch to every interaction

    Another way to spark the wow factor is to address clients by their first name, offering compliments when appropriate. Look into shared interests, hobbies, or causes they support, and ask more non-intrusive questions beyond the client’s job requirements.

    This can be a great way to know the person beyond their product or service needs. It can help you gain insight into ways to find common ground, which you can use to procreate a genuine connection with your clients for repeat business.  Additionally, implement customer loyalty software, which can assist you in managing and enhancing these relationships by providing personalized loyalty programs and rewards

    With the right approach, most, if not all, of your clients can feel appreciated for who they are rather than what they bring to your business. In case you may need help communicating with international clients, consider using a translator to make communication effective.

    3. Keep track of client preferences to show appreciation

    In business, it’s inevitable to come across “difficult” clients. Before you ask, the quotes imply that very few clients are entirely demanding – not if you understand their needs and preferences! This makes it essential to pay attention more and take note of even the most minor details when dealing with clients.

    For a classic example, showing that you recall little things like their particular beverage or food orders, how they love to be addressed, or how they love their purchases wrapped can make a client walk away satisfied and feeling treasured– almost always. It’s a great way to show how much notice you take of them subtly. 

    After all, who doesn’t love to feel recognized and appreciated?

    4. Send flowers to celebrate a big win

    Finally, thoughtful gifts can be an invaluable tool to make customers prefer you over your competitors. Coupons, discounts, and offers aside, clients love being appreciated for their successes with a real, tangible gift where possible.

    And when it comes to this, sending flowers from a reputable Fort Lauderdale florist is one of the simplest yet most effective gestures you can use to express your gratitude. Whether it’s a graduation, wedding, birthday, or job promotion, they’ll remember your gesture for many years to come.

    So, when one of your notable clients has a big win to celebrate, put together a small bouquet or flower arrangement with an accompanying note to thank them for their business. What’s more, it’s easy to place an order online and have the flowers delivered by Bouqs or another trusted service right to your recipient’s doorstep with just a few clicks.

    If you’re really close to your clients, you can pair your flowers with a customer photo book from You could include images of past events or whatever you’re celebrating. If you’re going to use your clients’ own photos for the book, ask for permission first.


    In a nutshell, wowing clients is essential for any business seeking repeat business. It can come in many forms, most of which revolve around making the customer feel satisfied, recognized, valued, and appreciated.

    Such a customer is also more likely to spread positive vibes to people they know, who could as well become your customers!

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