10 Fascinating Ways of Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy

Social media is a vital attribute of our modern lifestyle. One can hardly imagine a day without scrolling down Facebook's newsfeed, swiping through Instagram or watching a favorite vlog on YouTube.
Creating a social media marketing strategy that brings results becomes hard work for the majority of creative specialists. How to stand out in this extremely crowded medium and convert users right from your business page on Facebook? In this article, I want to share with you some ideas that will help you succeed in this highly competitive environment. So let's dig deeper and explore.
An Easy Guide To SMM Strategy Creation For Novice Specialists
First, before even going any further with making your winning social media strategy, honestly answer the following question: Is my product or service ready and good enough to meet customers' expectations? Try to make sure that the quality of whatever you're trying to promote will not leave people disappointed. Imagine how miserable you will feel after something you put all your heart and soul into to introduce to the world will be marred by negative reviews. To avoid such grim cases, carefully follow our first advice.
1. Meet customers' expectations
Many people object that sometimes making a page for a not-yet-existent product can help to get much-needed advice and feedback from potential users. This is, indeed, a good way of starting out. Just make sure people are aware that your promotion is only for pre-sale. So no one will feel misled.

How often you post about your product or service depends completely on your unique SMM strategy. You should think it through very deeply and stick to your plan. I will explain more on that later in the text but now let's review another significant aspect.
2. Choose social media that is right for you
How many social media platforms are presented in the world? Probably more than any of us can name — multiplied by a hundred. All of them are different and serve different purposes. And thanks to statistics and data analysis, you can find just the right one to represent your business.

Think carefully about how you want your brand to be seen. If video format is the best way to interact with the audience, then YouTube is definitely a market for you. Most brands use Facebook as a main social media platform, adding some occasional Instagram photos and YouTube videos. Always check out that the platform you are about to use is popular with your audience. A good example is a Russian channel VK.com in Ukraine. Several years ago, having a page in VK was no mistake to reach Ukrainian users, but today, hardly any Ukrainian citizen bothers to open it. Consequently, bear in mind: what is popular today may very well be forgotten by tomorrow.
social networks on smartphone
3. Know your audience
Never stop learning more about your customers. All the available information must be taken into account and analyzed. Keep in mind that the quality of each follower matters. How likely is he/she to make a purchase? Chasing the number of "likes" may not always result in money in your pocket.

Moreover, try to have a broader vision of your clients. Instead of setting a particular group of people as your target and doing everything to make them like you, think twice if they are really the ones who will make the decision to buy your product. Let's consider promotion of women's jewelry. Probably, the majority of your followers will be women. But take a look from a different angle. Jewelry, quite often, is given as a present from a man to a woman. So maybe inviting more men to like your page and adding posts that say something like "This necklace will be a perfect gift for your girlfriend's next birthday!" will actually end up producing higher revenue for your company.
4. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals
To have a successful social media marketing strategy, set its goals to correlate with your business' targets. That will be an ideal combination to boost your social media presence.

Use a super popular and easy to use S.M.A.R.T. formula:
  • S is specific. How well defined is your idea?
  • M is measurable. How will you know that your plan has been achieved?
  • A is achievable. Has anyone else done it?
  • R is realistic. What makes you think you can do it?
  • T is timely. Do you have time boundaries?
This acronym will definitely help you to create a successful social media strategy.
smart goals
5. Have a planned schedule
Make a plan on how, when and what you want to share in advance. This will very much define the whole theme of your social media profile. Moreover, it will be so much easier and less stressful to have everything laid in front of you in a form of a single SMM content plan. This will also allow you to delegate your social media responsibilities to someone else and easily check their progress.

Also, keep in mind that we live in a fast-moving world. Explore what is going on and try to adjust your strategy to new trends. Being flexible is key to get the most out of your social media marketing activity. Think of how much more likely people are to notice your post if it has something everyone's been talking about recently. Play with the news a bit and show some unseen sides of your product.

Take a look at the social media marketing best practices to find a list of the most effective SMM tools for scheduling posts as well as creating and posting content, analyzing the performance of different channels, and monitoring results.
best times to post on social media
6. Make people fall in love with your product's social media representation
Think about what customers would like the most. Is it a piece of some useful information that can help them and explain your product better? Or, maybe, if you are selling something like holiday packages, posting pictures that show some interesting and beautiful places will catch people's attention for sure. Pay attention to the themes and colors that you are using and make sure they correlate with your brand's style. Hashtags can be pretty useful as well. Just don't overcomplicate everything.
7. Demonstrate a lifestyle of your product
That is probably not the most obvious way to promote your business, but for some businesses, it can be a real game changer. In today's world, people are more likely to spend money on new experiences than physical goods. People want to experience fresh emotions.

Try to show them what they will experience while using your product. Make it interesting. Make them like everything that surrounds it. Make your customers feel they are part of a community that shares their likes and preferences. Create a strong psychological connection between your brand and your customers.

By doing this, you will not only make your product more desirable, but you will also make your customers happier in general. So it's a win/win situation.
8. Use humor, but not too much of it
Remember, you are trying to make people buy something from you, not just follow your page to have a good laugh. Still just a pinch of humor is always a good idea. Unless you are in a funeral care business or another business where humor is not accepted and can be interpreted as an insult. Just make sure no one is offended.
humor in business
9. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing
I honestly don't think that this one is of high importance. Because what is more important is being unique in your own way. And constantly checking what your competitors are doing may result in you just trying to chase them, instead of going your own path. But it doesn't mean that you should completely ignore other market players. Play your own game relying on weak and strong sides of your competition. A good practice is analyzing what types of their posts generate the maximum engagement to create the own materials around these popular approaches.
10. Analyze, analyze, analyze
My final advice to you would be to always use statistical data to help you make the most of your SMM strategy. Remember, it is the quality that really matters. Always keep a close eye on how people behave on your SM page. What posts are liked most by what group of people? How are your most loyal customers? Ask them for their feedback and what you can do to improve your social media representation or your product. Stay open to new thoughts and ideas, and never ignore numbers. Make statistics and analysis your best friend while using social media. It will definitely pay off.
A Lot Harder Than It Seems
Reading through these 10 tips on how to make your brand more social media friendly, one can't help but notice that even though some of them may seem pretty easy and straightforward, others will definitely consume much more of your time. And of course, when you have a whole business to care about, it can sometimes be very intimidating knowing that there is another pretty challenging task at on your plate.

That's why my bonus, 11th, tip for you will be to trust creation of a successful social media marketing strategy to a professional agency which will do the entire social media job for you. Professionals will take care of everything from composing a plan to collecting data and analyzing it. Only make sure that you have clearly stated your goals and time frames.

Dreams become true
Now imagine what a nice feeling you will have when getting constant notifications from your business page! What could be better? Probably, only seeing the total number of likes, shares and comments. Ready for this?

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