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    8 Must-Have Company Newsletter Types Suitable For Any Business [With Examples and Tips For Creation]

    Why does a business need email marketing today? ReVerb has already answered this question to the smallest detail.

    The major reasons are that this frankly cheap channel can increase company revenue and improve its reputation. Of course, it works only when you use emails correctly, not crossing the thin line that separates the innocent company newsletter from outright spam.

    Following email newsletter best practice, I’ve identified 8 types of newsletters that you should include in your marketing plan to boost profits and become an opinion leader in the market. Also, I reinforced this material with some amazing company newsletter examples and advice on the creation.

    So, let’s not waste a minute.

    1. Welcome Letter

    Purpose. Show new subscribers that you’re happy to see them on board and you’re eager to establish good relations with them within the first few minutes.

    Level of difficulty: below average. Welcome newsletter ideas are truly unlimited. Your task is to say ‘hello’ to your devotees and introduce the company. The most important task of this type of email is to inform the users about the benefits of a subscription. However, don’t overload the client with information in one letter. Instead, make a series.

    Tips for creation:

    Offer a personal bonus. Make a gift to a new client to create a memorable first impression. For instance, you can offer a discount on their first purchase or free shipping. Or, maybe you have a piece of exclusive content that you don’t mind giving to new subscribers.

    Point out the benefits of collaboration. Thank new customers for their interest in your company and for the subscription. Describe the possible profits that they can receive when working with you.

    Avoid officialdom. Use a conversational tone. A welcome letter is a virtual handshake. It’s an act of accepting a new member to your community. Make this moment friendly and warm. Introduce yourself from the best side. A note of humor and GIFs are great welcome newsletter ideas.

    For example, that’s how ReVerb’s welcome email looks like. Quite funny and friendly, agree?

    welcome letter example

    2. Promotional Mailing

    Purpose. Promote a product or service, motivate a customer to make a purchase.

    Level of difficulty: easy. Advertising mailings are concise and straightforward so their preparation does not take much time. Such emails should contain vivid visuals, a brief overview of the product/services benefits, and a strong call to action (CTA).

    Tips for creation:

    Clarity from the first words. Make your offer catchy and as clear as possible. Users won’t spend much time on reading promotional texts. Instead, they are eager to see a beneficial proposal right off the bat.

    Create a sense of urgency. 
    Help the client quickly make a decision so that they don’t have time for doubts. In one of the newsletter examples below, the promotion is limited. An appropriate CTA will help you there. For example, you can urge the recipients by using the phrase “For Sale.”

    I have no doubt that these newsletter ideas brought companies high conversion rates.

    3. Announcement of Updates

    Purpose. Notify customers of new products, features or services. That’s how you can reach the advertising mailing goal at the same time. You announce that the assortment in your store or software functionality has been updated in the hope that clients will be excited to become the first owners (users) and make a purchase (test sth) immediately.

    Level of difficulty: below average. You have to spend time on taking a quality photo of a new product or create a presentation of the new app version. In this case, don’t make your email wordy. Describe only the main characteristics of the product.

    Every business is advised to send out information about updates since this increases the level of sales in the first minutes. The maximum return on this type of mailing will be received by shoe and clothing stores, whose customers quickly respond to novelties in the fashion world.

    Tips for creation:

    Send the newsletter immediately. Click on the ‘Send button’ right after receiving the goods or launching the software updates. It’s your chance to get ahead of the competition by showing that you instantly respond to the emerging trends.

    Focus on the photo. Show off your new products or app features in all their glory. There should be more images than text in this type of email. It’s one of my favorite announcement newsletter examples prepared by Nike. The corporation presented a new version of its website with an emphasis on a screenshot and bold fonts. A short text informs users about the main advantages that they can get by testing a product.

    newsletter example nike

    Put the main idea in the subject line. The headline is a crucial company newsletter element, determining whether subscribers will open the email or go unnoticed. Let users know that you have prepared something new and interesting for them in the subject line.

    4. Company News

    Purpose. Inform customers about the company’s latest events, achievements or changes. This will increase your brand awareness and strengthen relationships with the target audience.

    Difficulty: medium. It takes some effort and imagination to come up with exciting newsletter ideas that will be interesting not only to you but also to your readers.

    Tips for creation:

    Be laconic. No one expects to see a long read in the inbox. Diversify the text with images and highly interactive calls to action, such as read, download, watch a video, etc.

    Simple design. A great company newsletter should be divided into logical blocks so that the reader can easily navigate within the material.

    One of the good newsletter examples is informing the readers about some of the upcoming events organized by your company.

    company newsletter example

    Don’t expect sales. This type of email is based on a less aggressive approach than advertising layouts. The purpose of the newsletter is not to sell here and now. With the help of such letters, you are trying to build trust and loyalty. Companies that share their internal news with subscribers are getting closer to them.

    Provide contact information. Make sure that users can get in touch with you. The best places for presenting the contact info are the header and/or footer. It’s up to you what contacts to specify – telephone number, email, address, name, etc. Don’t forget to insert the links to your company’s social networks.

    5. Recommendations & Tutorials

    Purpose. Share tips on how to get the most out of your product or services. Thus, you help people understand the benefits of your product better and increase your brand credibility in the occupied market segment.

    Difficulty: medium. You will have to spend some time on preparing guides in simple language.

    Tips for creation:

    Create valuable content. The key to the success of this type of company newsletter is to provide users with actionable and required advice. Help solve actual problems. Tell about simple life hacks to overcome certain difficulties. And most importantly, give recommendations on how customers can improve their experience of using your product or service.

    If you sell sports equipment, send an email with tips on how to care for those items. Is your product bathroom fixtures? Give recommendations on how to install them quickly and safely. No matter what your business is circled around, collect the tips that will benefit your customers.

    I like the way presents its store navigation with the same style as the brand itself.

    Check it twice. When sending a letter that is designed to increase your expertise in the eyes of potential customers, make sure that there are no grammatical, punctuation and stylistic errors. Nothing reduces authority like mistakes made in the text, wrong facts or an incorrectly formulated phrase.

    Customers are a priority. Email newsletter best practice says that your letters should be first aimed at the recipients’ needs and goals. Remember that you work for buyers. Nice newsletter examples are mentioning that you’re always here to help subscribers and are open for a consultation.

    6. Educational Mailing

    Purpose. Provide customers with industry-specific knowledge related to your business or product. This gives the customers confidence and adds value to your relationships with them.

    Level of difficulty: average. It takes time to brainstorm, compile a mailing list calendar, and process suggested blog and newsletter ideas. Your letters should demonstrate professionalism and be written in a language accessible to all.

    Tips for creation:

    Offer relevant content. Share information that recipients can efficiently apply in life and at work. For example, a job search site can send readers information on how to build an HR department in their own company and other recommendations from this field of activity. The same approach refers to any other industry.

    Present information in convenient blocks. Compose the letter in a way that the recipient sees the title of the article and its announcement. You can insert several articles in one email at once, the so-called weekly or monthly round-up.

    Accompany each message with related images. In this way, a subscriber will immediately understand what he will read about. The link should lead the client to your blog page with the full material. This is also a good way to popularize your blog and direct traffic to the site.

    blog newsletter example

    A bit of advertising won’t hurt. This type of company newsletter considers advertising as an appropriate email element but in small quantities and on the topic. Make the main emphasis on educational information, only slightly mentioning that readers can get more benefits or a discount by registering in the system, testing a product, etc.

    7. Follow-ups

    Purpose. Inform a customer that he/she hasn’t completed a purchase and the desired product is still in their cart, or that a discount expires soon. The notification depends on your business specifics.

    Level of difficulty:
     high. Thinking over the text motivating users to buy something again, complete the purchase or extend the validity period isn’t an easy task. What’s more, some marketing automation expertise to send personalized notifications is required.

    Tips for creation:

    A clear call to action. The purpose of the reminder letters is to encourage the customer to make regular purchases or order services. Make a link to those products that the customer has already bought and offer related ones.

    Show the need for a repeat purchase. The client must clearly understand why it is important to replenish stocks of previously purchased goods or extend the service. You can also give a discount to regular customers, which is valid for a limited time, in order to encourage customers to make a quick order.

    Remind about past purchases and positive experiences with you. Indicate in the letter the products that the customer has already bought. It will simplify the re-purchase process since, in case of a positive experience, buyers are likely to order the same products again.

    Huckberry’s email newsletter best practice was to offer a free shipping option to the users who had cart abandonment. Quite a smart decision, yep?

    abandoned cart email

    8. Reviews

    Purpose. Strengthen the value of your business or product in the eyes of customers based on social proof and customer feedback.

    Level of difficulty: high. It takes a lot of time and perseverance to collect feedback from loyal clients.

    Tips for creation:

    Create a vibrant email design. Design plays an important role in the review letters. They should be attractive, laconic and easy to read.

    Add a beautiful image. If you sell clothes, shoes, furniture, etc., reinforce the review text with an appropriate product image. In case you’re a SaaS company or a service provider, the photo of a customer (by agreement) can be a nice visual alternative.

    Additional information. Direct readers to the testimonials page on the website, where they will read even more reviews. Also, in this letter, you can invite a user to share his/her experience.

    review newsletter example


    Today marketers are provided with an unlimited range of engaging email marketing tools and newsletter ideas. It’s a direct way to customer base growth if you implement all these techniques properly.

    Once you establish a trusting relationship with subscribers, the return will be huge. Believe me! This is a long-term investment that will provide you with an income for many years to come.

    Do you use all of the listed company newsletter types? What are your favorite newsletter examples and tricks? Specify them in the comments. My team and I are so excited to know about your experience!

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