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Dave Roberts is going to Slush 2018

This year, Dave Roberts, CEO & Founder of the International Digital Marketing Agency, Reverbico, is going to visit Slush 2018.

From November 30 to December 1, the Slush Technology Conference will be held for the tenth time in Helsinki. This has turned, over these years, into one of the most important professional meeting places for startups and investors in the world. Slush is not only presentations of startups and their search for investors, but also is the opportunity to listen to unique speakers from the world of business, economics and politics. Actually, this isn’t the first Dave’s visit, because he was invited to attend Slush in 2014 by Helsinki Ventures.

The largest technology show in Northern Europe is a platform for the demonstration of advances in science and technology, which annually gathers more than 15,000 participants from around the world. “I want to see what the new startups are doing and network with other executives and founders,” David says.

This is a real way to enter the foreign market, find partners and potential customers, an opportunity to once again confirm the status of an innovative company and find new solutions for cooperation or participation in their start-up support programs. It is an excellent platform for finding strong participants in the following programs and attracting new partners with concentrations of young and promising startups at one time and in one place.


“I’m there to see about new trends and up and coming startups,” Dave comments. “And to reconnect with friends and colleagues in the tech scene as well as make new connections and friends.”

This conference inspires and gives the opportunity to look at familiar tools or strategies from a new angle, to doubt, to assess the situation on the market and to start creating for the good of their business.

“It will help me understand which technologies I can work with, and to be ready to work with coming up,” David added.


We hope this year the popular European conference acquaints its participants with new technologies, and colleague achievements provide an exchange of experience. Each visitor comes to his discoveries, makes sure they are correct, and develops personal and professional qualities useful for work!

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