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    Dave Roberts Judged At GEW Belarus 2020

    GEW Belarus is a brilliant opportunity for entrepreneurs from all over the world to tell about their achievements and successes, problems and failures, to be heard and supported by the community and governments of different countries.

    In 2020, the 10th anniversary of the GEW Belarus event takes place. From the 16th to November 22nd, 1000+ startups, 200+ speakers, and 11000+ guests share their vision about building the innovative future of Belarus and the whole world.

    ReVerb works with many tech clients from Belarus, so our CEO, David Roberts, was kindly invited to join the GEW Belarus event as a jury of BEL.BIZ Battle.

    belbiz battle 2020

    On November 19th, seven hi-tech startups were competing for the title of best. You can watch the translation by the link (from 3:21:17).

    Namely, Dave and the other three respectable juries were judging these ambitious startup projects:

    •  Ecotainer (a vegetable farm in a container)
    •  Sova (a mobile app for people with insomnia)
    •  ScootAPI (software for e-scooters sharing businesses)
    •  Lingvanex (a language translator)
    •  Accudriver (a mobile app for comparing traffic rules between different countries)
    •  Fasol (an online music school)
    •  Skinive (a skin screening & skin health monitoring app powered by AI)

    gew belarus 2020 dave

    Based on the juries’ assessment, Fasol became a winner 🏆 of the startup battle with 34 points. Skinive took 2nd place with a score of 32 while Ecotainer took 3rd place with 29 points. By the way, now pretends to get an investment of up to $50 000 in 2021!


    All participants presented amazing app ideas, and it was a great pleasure for Dave and other members of the jury to hear and evaluate the startup pitches.

    Thank you, GEW Belarus, for such a fantastic opportunity to join the movement of the most ambitious and innovative people! Good luck to you, guys 👍

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