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    Why Graphic Simplification Of Logo Design Is So Trendy Today

    Logos of leading brands tell their brand story very aptly. 

    For legacy brands that have existed for many years, logos have changed and transformed with the years. The journey of the brand logo tells you the journey of the brand itself. 

    The brand logo is the detail through which the company connects with its customer base. As the customer base transforms demographically and socially through the years, the logos have also changed in their representation. 

    Although the values and essence of the brand logo remain unchanged, its graphic representation has changed in line with social trends. One trend that is seen in the digital representation of brands is a simplification of the graphic design of the logos.

    For many years, brands have adopted simple logos, and graphic design is becoming more straightforward and minimalistic. Why? Let’s answer this intriguing question together.

    Why Choose The Simplification Of Logos? 

    The minimalistic simplification of logos reduces the burden of remembering from the customer’s mind. With the inflow of a lot of media and information, customers are flooded with images, text, and other elements. As a result, customers have shorter attention spans and struggle to remember something in the first go. 

    By simplifying logos, companies are trying to reduce the noise around a brand so that it is easier for the customer to remember the logo from the first impression. But as logotypes lose out on their detailing, are they still worth remembering? 

    According to studies, it takes nearly five to seven brand impressions for customers to remember the brand by its logo. With the oversimplification of logos, companies are trying to reduce the number of views needed to remember the brand through its logo. 

    Logo design experts and marketing insights also say that even toddlers are able to recognize their favorite products by the logo and packaging, even if they do not know the complete name of the brand.

    The idea behind simplifying the logo is to reduce its complexity so that people of any age group can recognize the brands. Logos focus more on using bright and emphatic colors so that the logo is eye-catching. According to studies, the use of colors increases the recognition of the logotype by 80%. 

    In today’s marketplace, many brands are present, and every day, customers witness many logos every day. Since there are so many brand pictures, It’s important to create a logo using a reliable AI logo generator that is memorable and impressive. Companies are getting rid of external elements so that the customer does not get distracted by the logo’s central design. A simple selection of colors and minimalistic logo design present the core values of the brand while engaging the customer.

    The human mind takes in visual information faster than other elements of advertisements. When the brands reduce visual information around the logos, the customer’s mind is better engaged and remembers the logo very easily. 

    Moreover, the minds of customers remove the details attached to the logos and remember the essential elements. Therefore, decluttering the logos and focusing only on the crucial components is good and necessary for companies. A user-friendly logo maker can assist businesses in creating simple yet memorable designs that effectively communicate their brand identity.

    The Benefits Of Simple Logos 

    Simple logos bring a lot of benefits for companies because of the simplicity and impact that they bring to the representation of a brand.

    • Visual comfort 

    Complex logos might be elaborate and look beautiful from a distance, but they are often uncomfortable to the eye. Customers are already putting their eyes under a lot of pressure and screen time. Complex logos can further strain the eyes of the customer and need more concentrated viewing. By constantly looking at various screens, the customer loses his attention span. 

    For visual comfort and ease of viewing, it is better to go for simple logos. The person does not have to pay a lot of attention to decoding the meaning behind a logo. Because a user goes through different logos at a high pace because of the exposure he gets from screens, simple designs help them remember these logos rapidly. 

    • Helpful for a digital representation 

    In today’s world, the digital landscape is an important sector of activity for both brands and customers. This is where even brands have created their own brand presence. Logos play an important role in the digital representation of a brand. In such cases, a complex logo is difficult to recreate and put on the digital landscape. 

    Simpler logos and eye-catching color schemes make all the difference in brand representation online. It can be challenging to represent a complex logo with authenticity on different media, so brands are going for simplification of logotypes. A simple logo can be used both for online and offline purposes. 

    • Better for small screens 

    As a continuation of the digital landscape and brand representation, brand logos need to adapt to the changing screen spaces of different devices that a person might use. The various devices can be a smartphone, a smartwatch, or a tablet. 

    Since the logos need to be represented on different screens, a simpler representation is easier to replicate. Simple logos are easier to see, even on small screens like smartwatches. Therefore, a great variety of devices is another crucial reason for brands to simplify their logotypes. 

    • Modernity 

    As we have already discussed, logos change as time and trends change. As we move towards more modern times, minimalistic representations of logos are necessary to reflect the modernity of brands. 

    Many legacy brands have gone for rebranding, and changing the logo for a simpler representation has been central to the rebranding campaign. These minimalistic, modern logos are simple and uber-cool, with unique shapes and bright colors. 


    Oversimplification of logos can sometimes make the brand lose its character. However, when done while preserving the essence of the brand story, simplification of the logo can help the company establish an engaging connection with the highly modern audience. 

    Feel free to refer to our professional design team to create a simple yet stylish and efficient logo reflecting your brand values perfectly.

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