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    Hiring Workers From Outside The UK: Everything You Need To Know

    Countries and regions have a specialization for which they are well known. As a result, the balance you need in your staffing may require you to opt for a foreign employee.

    But contracting an alien isn’t as straightforward as it is for a citizen.

    If you’re reading this post, it means you have identified a need for a foreign worker, and you want to know how to go about it. Most assuredly, you’ve chosen right as we will talk about everything you need to know when hiring workers abroad.

    You Need a Sponsor Licence

    Any organization that seeks to employ a non-citizen living outside the UK must obtain a permit known as a sponsor licence from the Home Office. This authorization precedes any other part of the process to hire a foreign workforce for your business.

    To get a sponsor licence, you must apply for it:

    First, you need to establish that your organization is eligible to be able to get one. One of such criteria you must meet is that you don’t have a pending criminal conviction.

    Meanwhile, you must also have a working system to manage prospective foreign employees in your business. The job vacancy you wish to fill must also meet the job suitability requirements.

    If you scale through these requirements, you need to determine the type of licence you will need, choose a sponsorship manager in your business and then apply for the licence.

    Note that your application can be accepted or rejected on various grounds, such as incomplete application documents and unconfirmed details to mention a few.

    You stand a better chance of having your application granted if you seek the services of an immigration expert to help with a sponsor licence application.

    If your application is successful, your business receives a licence rating. An A-rated licence means you have full sponsorship and can now issue a sponsor certificate. At this point, you can start your recruitment process.

    Finding Prospective Workers

    There are several platforms where you can source foreign workers. You can use the service of a trusted agency to help you with the screening and recruitment process. Better still, you can do so yourself. If the latter is your choice, then you should note the following:

    •   Provide a level ground: Place a job advert where many job seekers can access it. Restricted platforms narrow your chances of having applicants from which to choose.
    •   Don’t be hasty: Hiring foreign nationals can take as much as a year. Remember that even when you have put all necessary certifications and documents in place, the prospective worker still needs to tie up their ends before a move is possible.
    •   Interview prospective employees: There are several tools available for video conferencing. Schedule a time with your prospective employee and hold an interview. Get as many details as you can concerning the would-be worker.
    •   Verify claims: You can’t be too careful. Reach out to the referees and other persons as required for verification and background checks of your prospective employee.
    •   Prepare the employee: You should inform the employee of the necessary steps to qualify them for a work visa. For example, they would need to sit for the English proficiency test at a recognized center and meet some financial requirements.

    Bringing Your Employee Abroad

    To bring your foreign employee over, you must first provide a letter of employment to the employee. Next, you would need to sponsor a visa for the alien worker.

    For that, your business would issue a certificate of sponsorship to the foreigner. That enables them to apply for a work visa from their country. Much of the process now lies with the proposed immigrant worker.

    If your candidate succeeds in securing the work visa, it is your responsibility to help the immigrant settle down.

    Moreover, your sponsorship duties commence the very moment the worker you’ve sponsored arrives. There are several documents you would need to assist your foreign employee process in a quick time. These include the work permit and residence permit.

    Overall, you must ensure that your guest worker complies with every immigration law. You’ll also provide frequent reports about them as required by the Home office.


    You don’t have to own a mega enterprise to hire a foreign worker. As long as your business meets the requirement, you only need professional help and patience.

    Meanwhile, there is a possibility of doing everything right from your end but still missing out on the recruitment. That can happen if the intending worker has some unresolved challenges. In the end, it isn’t all down to an employer but a shared responsibility. 

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