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    How to Build a Strong Business Web Presence

    In today’s digitized world, it’s hard to imagine a person without any Internet profile. The same is true for a business. A web presence is essential for any organization as it determines the success of a company’s marketing efforts. It’s deservedly considered the foundation of a promotion strategy.

    More and more, educational articles, courses, and webinars are devoted to building a strong web presence, and it’s a real blunder not to take the time to learn from them. So how do you build a strong web presence for your company to distinguish your product or services from the competition and be the business everyone is talking about? Well, keep reading.

    Business Web Presence: Components and Connection with Brand

    First, let’s define what we mean when saying business web presence and how one can create a web presence at all. Simply put, it’s everything about your business that can be found on the Internet, starting from the webpage and ending with references from your clients in the public directories. The important aspect is commenting on Google My Business, as this is the first thing users see in search results when googling the name of your agency.

    To summarize, everything you have uploaded to the worldwide network, or that someone else has, that includes your product’s name or some parts of your brand, is known as a web presence.

    Your business’ web presence should be considered part of your brand. More precisely, they’re inseparable. As Wikipedia defines it: A brand is an overall experience of a customer that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer. The brand is your product’s personality: its name, design, colors, values, positioning, target audience and feelings that it brings, and other properties determining your business uniqueness.

    brand components

    Before you create a brand identity for your organization, think globally: What goals do you pursue with your product or service? That’s gonna be your mission. Obviously, all the businesses are there to make money, but beyond that, there probably should be something nobler, an idea that inspired you to choose this particular field and activity. Your own intentions and beliefs are very important as they subconsciously build a psychological connection with your potential clients.

    By the way, think about people who will be your future customers, e.g., your target audience. It’s their needs you are trying to satisfy in exchange for their money. What do these consumers like, and what are they looking for in your product? What makes them choose you and not your competitors?

    Finally, show and promote your strongest sides. Don’t be shy when telling users why your company deserves their choice.

    All of the above will help you define what makes your brand unique, and this uniqueness is what your web presence should be based on.

    Bringing Your Brand to the Masses: How to Act?

    You’ve done the preparation work described in the previous point, and now you know exactly what makes your company stand out of the crowd. The crucial question is this: Does your target audience know about it too? It’s time to introduce your vision to them by promoting your brand through web presence and web marketing techniques. Where to start?

    Step 1. Concept your product. Think carefully about what are the feelings associated with your products and try to choose the most harmonious name, colors, design, logo, etc., allowing people to understand and remember your brand even without advertising fully. That’s where the book “Redesigning Identity: Graphic Design Strategies for Success” by Catharine Fishel comes in handy.

    Step 2. Create a web page for your business. Whether it is a sophisticated website or just a basic landing page, make it useful and informative. Include all the required information about your product in an easy and understandable way. Make a list of all the potential questions people might have about your product and give answers to all of them on your site. Use Google AdWords and/or SEO services to move your site to the very top of search results so it won’t be missed.

    web presence element

    Step 3. Build a social media presence. As we can’t imagine our lives without social networks nowadays, take care of your presence in the social media space as well. Which ones to use depends on your business and the platforms your potential customers are using the most. For example, to brand a small business in the social media space, Omnikick suggests choosing at least two platforms.

    Your accounts should present some basic information and news about your business with up-to-date posts that will be liked, shared, and commented on. It’s also a great idea to take part in discussions about your product and partner with brand ambassadors.

    Make all of your social media pages look like they are using a single style. Choose the same colors, manner of communication, and categories of posts. It’s a truly effective and budget way to create a brand identity for your business that catches attention.

    Step 4. Reach out to leaders in your niche. In the modern world, a good method to conquer people’s trust and preferences could also be getting in touch with influencers and opinion-makers. Try to find popular bloggers or entrepreneurs within your business area whose opinion is important to your consumers, and kindly ask them to advertise your company.

    Don’t just pay them to promote your business. Try to make them fall in love with your product by explaining to them in detail what’s so unique about it and how it improves people’s lives. What is more, you can make them your brand’s ambassadors. Thus, they will be promoting the whole lifestyle associated with your brand. Collaborating with influencers will definitely make your business web presence stronger and more modern, which is especially important when dealing with the younger generations.

    We also recommend you download a more detailed eBook with 7 fundamental steps for brand development and brand strategy examples to get a deeper understanding of the branding processes.

    If you are still struggling with any of the above issues or don’t want to take all the risks yourself, you should refer to some business branding services. The best thing about business branding services is that they take care of every aspect of your brand and web presence, from building your brand identity to dealing with influencers.

    Marketing Tips to Create Web Presence that Conquers Hearts

    Whatever way you choose to build and promote your brand, here are some ways to do it successfully:

    • Make a unique style for all your web presence and stick to it. This will help people to recognize you from the very first glimpse. Think about how everyone can easily recognize Disney’s brand just from their capital D.

    disney brand

    • Don’t post too much and too often. What is that that makes all new Apple products so desirable? Because we all have been waiting for at least a year for the release of a new iPhone. Do you think people will want it as much if a new Apple phone were introduced every month? Probably not. Think about your web branding the same way. Don’t overload people with too much of your brand presence.
    • Use everyday language. Whatever you are promoting, even if it is an extremely complicated technical tool, talk about it in a language people are using in daily life. Don’t put technical terms. Leave it to manuals. Web branding should be designed for everyone. If someone wants to learn something very specific about your product, give them a chance to get it by reaching directly to you as a seller.
    • A good example is an automotive industry. When a new car is being introduced to the market, most attention is paid to simple things that matter to most people, such as design, basic technical characteristics, efficiency, and price. And only if you are seriously interested in a particular car you’ll go further and investigate all the detailed technical specifications. Manufacturers don’t sell a four-wheel invention. They are selling a nice-looking, easy-to-drive, and efficient automobile for a reasonable price. Perfect cases of such successful commercials were recent ads from Mercedes (video 1) and Jaguar, which masterly replied to Mercedes (video 2). It’s a win-win situation when two companies get more attention by teasing each other, but these campaigns still showed consumers the strong sides of both products.

    • Give exclusive offers to your online followers. Make them feel slightly more privileged. Use promo codes, free samples and special discounts that are available only for those who like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter.
    • Start promoting your new product online far before it arrives on the market. Make people be really looking forward to it. A great example of advanced marketing I came across is the launch of Taylor Swift’s new music album. Many rumors and guesses have been made about it, which she didn’t either confirm or deny herself. But a few days ago, all of her social media themes were suddenly changed to a single picture with a countdown clock on it. There is absolutely no more explanation about what will happen when the clock gets to zero. And people are getting really crazy trying to predict what is coming. Is it a new song, album, or concert announcement? This whole idea of teasing fans (or customers if you like) and involving them in some kind of game based around your product will really keep their interest before the product arrives on the shelves.
    • Use humor. Not too much, though. Or as much as you can handle. Mercedes, once again, is a vivid example here. Just look how witty it has congratulated BMW with this birthday “greeting.”

    marcedes bmv

    • Your success in your business web presence will be based on the marketing strategy you use to bring your brand to the masses. Make a visualized plan specifying your target audience and channels to reach it on paper, then translate it into electronic form.
    • Form all goals in numbers. Calculate how many new clients you want to get and how much money you are ready to invest in online branding services.
    • Set time frames and use task management systems, such as or BaseCamp to keep everything organized instead of spawning thousands of Excel sheets.
    • Basically, you can do whatever you like with your online branding. Just make sure that all of the engagements will be converted into hard cash when the active promotion campaign is finished.


    Your web presence, brand, and promotion can influence your business more than you can even imagine. It can boost your sales, as well as completely destroy your company if you ignore its importance. Everything you put into the Internet will be stored somewhere and even a tiny mistake can cost you a fortune.

    Creating a web presence and keeping it up-to-date is a vital thing for every business. It’s much better to put your money, time and energy into building a strong brand rather than feeling left behind by your rivals. If your brand is good, it will work for you without any further investments.

    And if you are not 100 percent sure how your product will be represented on the Internet, trust this task to professionals competent in online branding services. A good decision is also to get a consultation from a branding agency like ReVerb, which is also among the top Minnesota SEO Agencies. We will help you set your goals, compose a marketing strategy and guide you through all stages of its fulfillment!

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