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    Outreach Marketing: Benefits and Strategies You Can Use

    Growing your business is easier when you have an actionable marketing toolkit and the know-how to use it. 

    The inevitable question then arises: 

    How do you know what tools and practices to use? 

    You’ll need to do your research to discover which are the most important for the type of business you’re in. However, let me simplify your groundwork. There is a universal tool for almost every business profile — outreach marketing. 

    If you’re wondering, ”What is outreach marketing?”, just keep on reading. 

    In this article, we’ll cover the following aspects of outreach marketing:

    • Definition
    • The primary benefits of outreach campaigns
    • A list of outreach marketing strategies that will help you get started 

    Now let’s dive in, shall we?

    What is outreach marketing? 

    Well, that’s easy to answer! If you think of outreach marketing meaning, the term itself is very descriptive. It refers to the process of reaching out to bloggers, influencers, businesses, journalists, or websites, asking for favors, and providing something in return. Most often, you’d request a backlink to your site, a mention of your company, or advertising. 

    Formally, outreach marketing is a way to find individuals or businesses that could be interested in what you’re doing to ask them to help you promote your business through their audiences (openly or in a more subtle way). 

    outreach marketing definition

    Easier said than done, right? 

    So, let’s discuss the benefits, as well as a few outreach marketing strategies that’ll make this definition easier to implement and help you succeed in your next outreach campaign.

    Key benefits of outreach marketing

    If you’re new to this marketing technique, I’d like to showcase some of the benefits that marketing outreach provides. 

    outreach marketing benefits

    Building links

    One of the greatest benefits of outreach is that it helps you to build links using the SEO-friendly white hat or gray hat link building approach. Hopefully, after your first outreach campaign (or first several), you’ll have many URLs linking back to your domain or a specific page on your website.  

    Each added backlink to your website greatly contributes to your SEO efforts, ultimately helping to increase your search engine rankings, as well as your domain and page authority. 

    To streamline and optimize your outreach efforts, consider leveraging backlink software by Linkee. This tool automates the process of prospect vetting and outreach, allowing you to dedicate more time to crafting compelling content and nurturing relationships with potential link partners. By incorporating Linkee into your link building strategy, you can effectively scale your efforts and achieve sustainable growth in organic traffic and search engine rankings.

    Reaching out to bigger audiences 

    Building links or advertising a company through outreach also helps you reach out to bigger audiences. 

    Let’s say you’re selling reusable cotton tissues and promoting sustainability and an environmentally friendly lifestyle. One specific outreach example for you might be reaching out to influencers who have similar values and who also promote sustainability. If you decide to collaborate with them, they’ll probably be interested in introducing your product to their audience.

    Your mission and values are in line with those of the chosen influencers and their audiences, so you’re more likely to get customers and traffic.  

    Communication with users through the trusted parties 

    When you want to reach out to your target audiences, doing it yourself isn’t always efficient. Communication with different groups of users often requires an individual approach. Yet, unified communication solutions make it easier.

    Sometimes, it’s better to talk to an audience through the people they already trust. Influencers or reputable sites can add a personal touch to their message about you and your product. 

    Read more on Unified Communications Solutions.

    Empowering collaborations

    Influencers aren’t your only potential collaborators. You can also pitch a collaboration with other businesses, brands, and stakeholders.

    If you’re brand-new to selling reusable cotton tissues, you could, for example, find another small business that’s producing eco-friendly boxes and help each other out, filling in the gaps and/or producing advanced solutions.  

    14 outreach marketing strategies you should definitely try

    Now that you know what outreach marketing is and are familiar with its benefits, let’s overview some outreach marketing ideas and strategies that you can use in your next outreach campaigns:

    outreach marketing strategies

    • Guest blogging: Reaching out to other sites with the aim of contributing to their blog and getting do-follow backlinks to your website 
    • Improvement of existing articles on other resources: Finding relevant articles on authoritative sites with some obsolete data and asking editors to refresh or improve their content with your useful information and link
    • Influencer marketing: Reaching out to niche-related influencers and collaborating with them to showcase your product/service to their audiences 
    • Writing blog articles about TOP: Writing articles about different products/services that are trending in the market, and then asking those companies to share your content 
    • Exchanging articles: Reaching out to sites that have similar audiences to yours and asking them to publish your article on their blog in exchange for doing the same for them
    • Registration on new platforms/catalogs/directories: Adding your website to their lists 
    • Sharing discounts on discount websites (one of the most powerful marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses!): Reaching out to discount websites and providing discount codes that they can share with their audience 
    • Tracking your company’s mentions: Detecting unlinked mentions on other sites and asking editors to insert the backlink to your source. You can also track your company mentions on social platforms and forums to engage in conversations and start relationships with interested users. 
    • Detecting scraped content: Finding content copied from your site and reaching out to editors with a request to insert a backlink to your blog 
    • Updating broken links: Detecting broken links in relevant articles on external blogs and asking editors to replace them with your live link to the corresponding topic
    • Writing client testimonials: Asking clients to write a review about the product or services to publish on their site, adding the link to your source
    • Pitching infographics: Creating an infographic that will be so informative and useful to your readers that they’ll share it on their pages and sites. You can also prepare exclusive infographics and pitch them to authoritative sites.
    • Inviting influencers to test our product & service: Inviting influencers to test out your products and services and advertise them to their audience 
    • Asking for an influencer’s opinion about a certain topic: Posting this opinion in the format of an article or an interview on your blog, and asking the author to share it


    Hopefully, this article helped you grasp the fundamental ideas behind outreach marketing and equipped you with a great list of actionable outreach marketing strategies.

    The ReVerb team knows from experience that outreach takes a lot of effort and creativity to get results. We also understand that if you’re running a company, or building one from scratch, you may not be able to put the required time into it. 

    If you’re looking for experts to delegate this task to, reach out to us at ReVerb! We’ll help you build and implement high-converting outreach campaigns.

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