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The First Use Of Paytomat In Iceland

Cryptocurrencies are following a distinct pattern of rapid development. There’s no sign that they’re going to disappear despite any recent hiccups in price.

Quite the opposite, as ever more people start adopting them, they’ll soon become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Clearly, the skyrocketing popularity of cryptocurrencies is a total game-changer, forcing countries and companies to reconsider their regulations and payment options.

While some countries restrict both crypto-mining and crypto-transactions, others have been contributing to their legalization. Recently in Iceland, a nation on the vanguard of cryptocurrency trends and adoption, International Businessman David Roberts gave a fun talk to the local Icelandic Startup community at Quarter organized by CrankWheel’s founder Jói Sigurdsson and co-hosted by Icelandic startups.

In the middle of his presentation, an order of pizzas was delivered for all attendees from Flatbakan, a downhome family restaurant. Íslenska Flatbakan has been meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations since 2015. The restaurant is located at Bæjarlind 2, Kópavogur.

For the first time ever in Iceland, the Paytomat Wallet (iOS and Android) was used to pay for the pizza delivery with cryptocurrency. Check the clip below.

Paytomat is a great solution for those who want to make their payments in crypto. As an all-in-one payment system with incorporated point-of-sale terminals, it allows users to make instant transactions, regardless of a chosen currency. Paytomat recognizes more than 18 cryptocurrencies and assists merchants, consumers and crypto core teams in finding each other to create real-life tractions. Merchants and customers are in a favorable position because Paytomat gives them a chance to select a currency they want.

They don’t have to pay any additional fees for their preference. Paytomat’s chief objective is to simplify relationships between users and merchants, allowing them to control financial history and to make payments easily. It has a solid payment infrastructure and special bonuses. It makes confident steps in expanding globally.

To join the community of leaders who have been using the platform, visit

Become The Next Paytomat User!

Iceland is the first of what will be many uses of the Paytomat system in the world. And now, FlatBaken not only delivers delicious pizza from the middle of Reykjavik, Iceland but also takes your crypto-payments via Paytomat.

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