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    4 Ways A Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Help Boost Your Business

    Full-time realtors work 30 hours per week or more, based on industry surveys.

    Unfortunately, most of these hours are spent on time-demanding tasks like data entry, answering calls, creating reports, and bookkeeping. What if you could use your work hours to improve customer relations, negotiate, and close deals while someone else takes over mundane duties?

    That’s where a real estate virtual assistant proves valuable to your business. In this article, we’ll explore what a real estate virtual assistant does and how they help grow a business. 

    What Is A Real Estate Virtual Assistant? 

    Think of a real estate VA as your remote business admin who frees up your time so you can focus on functions that increase revenue. Like many realtors, you’re wondering what roles you can delegate to your VA. 

    Well, the typical responsibilities of a real estate virtual assistant (REVA) include: 

    • Documenting: Preparing property sale agreements, organizing paperwork, managing emails, and coordinating schedules.
    • Managing databases: Involves listing properties on sites like Zillow and and updating client information. 
    • Customer relationship management: Answering client inquiries and scheduling property viewing. 
    • Lead generation: Handle follow-ups to ensure potential clients close property deals. 
    • Marketing: Something VAs are good at is creating marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience. As your property listing grows, a VA can advertise properties on social media, blog posts, and email newsletters to increase exposure and attract clients.

    Now you know what to expect after hiring a real estate virtual assistant. Let’s look at how they boost your business. 

    Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help Grow Your Real Estate Business

    1. Maximize time efficiency 

    For example, when a remote admin coordinates the transaction of property sales, you can redirect your time and efforts to nurture customer relationships and close more deals. On top of handling transactions, VAs manage administrative systems. 

    A VA could be in charge of scheduling appointments, document processing and organization, receiving inbound calls, cold calling, bookkeeping, and tenant screening. That way, you could have more time to meet prospects or research creative strategies for growth. 

    Another thing your real estate VA can do to boost time efficiency is leverage the latest software. Using tech, VAs automate repetitive tasks, hence reducing the wastage of resources (time and finances). 

    2. Enhance the customer experience

    As a business owner, you want to attract many clients and establish long-term relationships. The best way to achieve this is to enhance the customer experience

    A VA can help you achieve this by: 

    • Providing round-the-clock customer support

    While you could use AI chatbots to facilitate self-service, especially after office hours, adding a human touch to customer service fosters trust between you and the clients. Virtual assistants are available 24/7 to communicate promptly with customers, even those who call late at night. When clients have someone to handle their inquiries any time of the day, they feel valued. A happy client could feel compelled to renew contracts and sell or buy more properties through your agency.

    • Personalizing customer interactions

    For example, your remote admin could arrange customized property tours or send market updates based on the prospect’s interests. When you tailor your real estate services to the unique preferences of customers, you win their trust, and they are more loyal. What loyal customers do is give positive remarks about your services, which attracts more customers. 

    3. Provide strategic support

    If we evaluate the different responsibilities of REVAs, we see they can be strategic partners in boosting business growth. That’s because they offer:

    • All-inclusive support to maximize conversions

    Using advanced CRM (customer relationship management) tools, your VA can schedule follow-ups with prospects, monitor interactions, and ensure sales pipelines are flowing. Plus, remote assistants are experts in creating and distributing marketing content, social media management, and updating listings online. They use these skills to improve your agency’s visibility and attract buyers or renters. 

    • Detailed market analysis report

    Delegating market research and analysis to a REVA saves you time finding properties you could help owners sell and identifying trends, competitor activities, and pricing tactics. As reported by STAFFVIRTUAL, experienced VAs use cutting-edge analytics to facilitate a data-driven approach to market analysis, financial assessment, and reporting. So, you can expect your VA to compile a comprehensive report to help you make decisions that align with your growth strategies.

    • Financial management 

    A real estate virtual admin can track expenses, manage invoices and payments, collect rent, and follow up on late rent payments. Having an expert handle your books helps you gain insights into your business’s financial status. Not to mention, regular financial reports prepared by your VA can help in strategic budgeting, which is vital for promoting sustainable growth. 

    4. Cost savings

    A global survey on outsourcing trends reveals that 59% of business leaders cite cost reduction as the top reason they outsource tasks to third-party vendors, including VAs. 

    Here are several ways REVAs can support cost reduction in an agency:

    • VAs work remotely, meaning you don’t need to pay for their office space. 
    • A real estate virtual assistant can charge a variable fee, which translates into cost per project or per hour. What this means for your business is zero expenses on training fees, salaries, and workers’ benefits. 
    • Remote admins give you unlimited access to up-to-date technologies and tools that support efficiency and effective communication. Purchasing and maintaining business technologies is typically costly for a growing agency. But VAs offer them at a small fee, often accounted for in their rates. 

    The money saved can be converted into capital and reinvested back into the business. For instance, you can spend some of the money to create a virtual reality video to facilitate online property viewings, which could attract long-distance clients. 


    Think about it — a virtual admin handles all the tiresome tasks to boost efficiency and productivity. They also become your strategic partner, providing marketing insights and financial reporting for you to make informed business decisions. With a virtual assistant, you can attract customers by providing prompt responses and personalized services. 

    Not to mention, VAs customize marketing campaigns to target your audience, and their rates are affordable. The expertise virtual assistants possess ensures your property business doesn’t miss out on opportunities to grow.

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