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The Ultimate Seller’s Guide To Amazon Marketing Strategy in 2020

The crucial reason to present and manage your e-commerce on Amazon in 2020 is the platform’s incredible revenue and forecasted profits:

  • There are more than 300 million accounts on Amazon.
  • Amazon’s advertising revenue has grown by 250% in a year (2017 vs. 2018).
  • In 2018, Amazon was the leading online retailer in the U.S., with sales of nearly $232 billion.
  • Each dollar out of $10 spent on paid advertising will go to Amazon.
  • Forecasts for 2020: Amazon will earn almost $10 billion in net profit (which is 8% of the total market).

How do you ensure that your Amazon marketing strategy hits a bullseye in the upcoming year? You should at least read this ultimate seller’s guide. So, let’s get started!

Amazon Marketing Strategy Essentials In 2020: Directions and Tactics To Use

Amazon’s potential for e-commerce business went far beyond buying & selling processes. It’s rapidly growing, and experts predict that the platform will soon control the global market together with Google and Facebook.

Today, it’s used for numerous purposes:

  • Comparing prices
  • Exploring ideas for your own startup
  • Searching for products by specific criteria (in fact, Amazon’s search engine is equal to Google, but in the e-commerce context).

In 2020, the major marketing areas every seller should cover are:

  • SEO
  • Indoor advertising
  • Outdoor advertising

Let’s consider all these areas in more detail.


Search engine optimization is the foundation of any business promotion, both on the web and Amazon. Each year new SEO tactics appear to help webmasters all over the world optimize their sites. However, as a separate giant search platform, Amazon has its own SEO rules.

Amazon’s SEO basics include the following elements on the page:

  • title
  • description (it would be better to compose it as a list of characteristics)
  • keywords
  • picture
  • price
  • customer reviews section
  • product Q & A
  • delivery method

Here is a quick Amazon SEO guide for you:

The formula of a perfect product title looks like:
Catchy and Clear Product Name + Keyword

Please note:
Do not use the same keyword for different goods – this action will prevent the platform’s search engine from ranking separate products pages equally high.

Amazon Product page


Specify information about the product material, wear resistance, and properties – the filter search system uses this data.Product information should be:

  • structured and concise
  • well-adapted to mobile screens
  • enriched with the relevant keywords

You must clearly answer the following questions:

  • What do you sell, what is it?
  • Why does a customer need it?
  • What are the best features of your product?
  • How can you prove it?

Here is the universal formula of good product description:
The key advantage of your product + main keyword (the same as in the title) + for whom (what target audience the product is manufactured for) + product’s primary function + brand name and secondary keywords.

Amazon product page1

You can apply one of these keyword types:

  • Broad: contains additional words before or after the target word.
  • Phrase: means that the word order in a sentence can fundamentally change its meaning. Compare “leather tennis shoes” or “leather shoes for tennis.” If your goal is to promote leather tennis shoes, then the first variant will be correct. The search engine will recognize the second phrase just as a page with leather shoes, but not necessarily for tennis.
  • Exact: contains strictly targeted words without additional ones before or after. Do you sell tennis shoes? Your exact keyword is “tennis shoes.”

Pictures play a decisive role in a client’s decision to buy your product. Make sure that you use high-quality, precise, professional photos.

You might not know this, but the price affects the ranking. The system analyzes the prices of your competitors and displays the average market cost; offers with average market prices fall into the issuance.

Therefore, it’s impossible to overestimate or underestimate the price. To understand the best price, you need to do a lot of experiments.

Reviews are appealing to buyers. You should pay particular attention to organizing this section since reviews matter a lot. Your task is to instantly react to the negative feedback in the correct form, as well as to the positive ones.

You can use external platforms to generate reports such as Early Reviewer Program and Amazon Vine.

Product questions and answers

List here the most typical client inquiries and provide a precise answer to each of them.

questions and answers

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Delivery Method
If you specified Amazon FBA tools in your store’s delivery methods, this has a positive impact on your rating. Now more and more sellers are working with FBA because this delivery type is free.

What’s more, Amazon’s FBA ecosystem includes numerous powerful tools designed to optimize and promote your ecommerce business as well as increase profits.

Amazon Indoor Advertising Is Gaining Momentum

Be ready – in 2020, it will not be enough to buy advertising from time to time and pray for high sales. According to Pat Petriello, Head of Marketplace Strategy at CPC Strategy,

‘You will have to thoughtfully allocate the budget for launching advertising and its constant testing.’

It will be impossible to run ads once and expect an immediate result. You’ll have to continually research your target audience, monitor marketing trends, and launch targeted advertising to ensure your ad campaigns aren’t a waste of time and money.

To simplify your Amazon marketing tasks, you can exploit a wide range of advanced built-in tools. For example, Amazon DSP platform is designed to programmatically buy display & video ad placements. All you need is to fill the product page with useful, detailed information, and add high-quality pictures and infographics. Amazon DSP will make the rest of the promotional efforts for you.

When it comes to advertising activities, you’re provided with three options:

  • Paid
  • Native
  • Video ad

Paid advertising

The role of paid advertising in 2020 will increase. Now, to be displayed on the first page of the results, it’s not enough to apply SEO. SEO allows you to appear somewhere in the middle of the page while paid advertisement guarantees entering the top 10 positions.

ads by Amazon

Pro recommendations for Amazon paid advertising:

  • Include in the heading such words as “exclusive,” “new,” “buy right now,” but statements like “we are the number one” or “the best seller” are strongly not recommended – the system will reject you.
  • Target your competitors’ pages, pages with an additional but already detailed description of products, your pages with other products (for cross-selling), products in related categories – all these will increase your visibility.
sponsored ads

Native advertising

Native Shopping Ads provide highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations in a stylishly designed and responsive ad unit that can be placed at the end of content or within the content to create a more compelling visitor experience and shopping opportunity.

The native promotional banners look organic and are fully consistent with the page topic. Due to this, this type of advertising does not cause user rejection when compared to traditional, paid advertising, and is viewed more by 53%.

Video advertising

These are the video ads that you can place on sites and devices belonging to the Amazon ecosystem:, IMDb, Fire TV, etc. By the way, you can advertise any product regardless of whether you’re selling something on Amazon or not.

Amazon Outdoor Advertising as an Integral Part of The Amazon Marketing Strategy in 2020

Outdoor advertising stands for a great variety of promotional methods which you apply beyond the Amazon platform.

The most prominent ones are:

Pay Per Click Advertising

In this case, we’re talking about the numerous PPC ad formats, which you can launch on Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram and other external resources, with the link leading to the original product page on Amazon.


If you have a large base of subscribers, a regular targeted mailing will significantly increase your sales with minimum investment of time and money.

Influencer marketing

How about inviting some reputable blogger to test your product and share his/her authoritative review of it? Even one collaboration with a relevant influencer will increase people’s awareness of your goods and make them eager to try them, too.

Coupon sites

Coupons and promotional codes are popular among Amazon users since it’s a simple way to save on purchases. You can boost your sales by posting coupon codes on thematic sites such as and others.

Social networks

It’s the most obvious way to promote any item. The business page on Facebook makes you closer to users. Here, you can quickly inform followers about new arrivals, promotions, discounts, and present your assortment for sale. So, it’s high time to think about the creation of the actionable SMM strategy.

By reinforcing the page with an intelligent assistant such as an e-commerce Messenger chatbot, you’ll not only automate your workflow and engage users but also keep abreast with the hottest trends of 2020.


The New Year is a great reason to start doing something. Something that you promised yourself a long time ago. Isn’t your business already on Amazon? So, think about expanding to the largest e-commerce platform in the upcoming year.

The benefits you’ll get are stunning:

  • the ability to create and maintain your online store for free on the most popular domain in the world –;
  • tailor-made design with brilliant UX built with no technical skills – you just use the ready-made blocks and elements, and drag them as you want;
  • a precise analytics system providing detailed statistics on traffic, product popularity, audience data, customer interests and other valuable insights.

Already run an Amazon business? Great! It’s time to compose a killer Amazon marketing strategy for 2020 before your competitors and keep up with the latest trends.

And we’ll gladly assist you in completing this incredibly profitable mission!

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