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    7 Best Instagram Marketing Software To Build And Promote Your Brand

    There are nearly one billion users on Instagram per month, and that’s an obvious reason why you should focus on this platform today!

    In addition to vast visual marketing features and the ability to engage with consumers where they’re actively spending their time, Instagram offers many other benefits for brands. 

    But how do you leverage the power of Instagram marketing and create inspirational content and eye-catching posts, efficiently distributing them on a regular basis?

    One of the best ways to reinforce your strategy is by introducing specialized Instagram marketing software into your workflow. Below, we will look at some helpful tools you can consider adding to your digital arsenal.

    What are the best tools for Instagram?

    #1. Canva

    canva tool for instagram

    The first of the Instagram programs that we recommend you to try is Canva. With it, you get the ability to create images for your profile and stories, ensuring that everything is consistent and branded to full effect.

    In Canva, you can also create infographics, which work incredibly well on social media. You can learn how to make an infographic online if you have never done it before.

    With impressive color palettes, beautiful templates, and more than 3,000 fonts to select from, you’re not going to be short of options. Plus, you can keep all of your brand assets in one place.

    You will find this graphic creator very easy to use. Resize and adapt your designs in just a few clicks!

    #2. Hootsuite

    hootsuite for instagram marketing

    Hootsuite deserves the title of the best Instagram growth tool available on the market today. It’s a powerful all-in-one social media management solution, which you can use for advertising, analytics, monitoring, messaging, and scheduling your Instagram activities. 

    Compared to other Instagram marketing software, Hootsuite offers the most advanced platform for post scheduling and planning. What’s more, it’s simple to use thanks to the intuitive interface. You can check out Maze’s UI design guide to learn more about creating effective user interface designs. 

    Using Hootsuite, you’ll also be able to figure out what you are doing right on Instagram and where you are going wrong as you get granular social media insights.

    Essentially, you’ll benefit from the following features when choosing Hootsuite as your core Instagram management tool:

    • Schedule, plan, and brainstorm posts
    • Monitor account messages, likes, and comments from one place
    • Evaluate social content performance and select the best influencers based on recommendations
    • Promote your Instagram posts with ease
    • Connect your Instagram marketing efforts with all of your other social accounts

    #3. Crowdfire

    crowdfire tool for instagram

    One of the most significant issues people face when managing their Instagram accounts is running out of content ideas. Does this sound familiar?

    Well, one way to address this problem is to use a top-grade Instagram content curation tool, Crowdfire. This is no-frills, straightforward management software, making it as easy as possible to locate and share content. 

    Crowdfire will scan thousands of targeted content sources based on your recommendations, saving you heaps of time and allowing you to share highly targeted content straight away. 

    In addition to this, you will benefit from solid Instagram analytics and Comments & Mentions tracking via a single dashboard. 

    You can check that Crowdfire is one of the most affordable Instagram tools with similar functionality on the market. There are different packages available, so you may be interested in one of the more comprehensive offerings, which provides many advanced features. For example, you will be able to track the comments, likes, and mentions. You can even integrate Crowdfire with WordPress, Etsy, and Shopify. 

    Ultimately, with Crowdfire, you will say goodbye to guesswork and drastically reduce the amount of time you spend looking for viral content

    #4. Awario

    awario tool for instagram

    Awario is a popular social listening software that monitors all major social media networks, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube. It also covers numerous forums, blogs, and news platforms on the web for detecting your brand mentions and relevant keywords. 

    In addition, Awario is an excellent tool for locating niche influencers and brand advocates. 

    Since influencer marketing has dominated the social media space in recent years, you should focus on this direction, too. Once you find a relevant person, make sure you protect your relations with a contract (use this free influencer contract template to draft a doc).

    It is vital to monitor industry keywords, as well as your competition to get a list of niche influencers. Awario will rank bloggers and social media influencers based on their number of followers and reach or the daily visits to their blog. 

    To get a list of brand advocates, you will need to monitor your brand mentions and track the most active advocates. 

    There are various pricing plans available at Awario, but the good news is that the influencer search feature is included in all of them.  

    #5. ShortStack

    shortstack tool for instagram

    Instagram is a perfect platform for running contests. You can get the word out about your business by getting your followers to share your posts with their audience to enter.

    One of the best apps for Instagram allowing managing, running, and creating high ROI hashtag contests is ShortStack. This Instagram software solution provides fantastic social media gamification. 

    You can collect and showcase user-generated content, select winners, interact with your followers, and ultimately, watch your Instagram platform grow. 

    ShortStack provides simple forms for collecting customer information. It’s all about making contests easy and as seamless as possible! 

    You also have the option of running contests without a dedicated landing page, or you can select from different landing page templates available in the app catalog. 

    So, how do you get started with running a social media contest on ShortStack? Firstly, create your branded hashtags. After this, you simply need to generate a landing page with your rules and then provide a form to submit content. Finally, sit back and watch as the content rolls in. ShortStack will then select the winner randomly for you. 

    #6. Combin

    combin tool for instagram

    For boosting organic Instagram growth, Combin is a tool that deserves your attention.

    You can find suitable hashtags, target geolocation, comment and like en masse, and much more! You will be able to watch your organic likes grow every day.

    You may be wondering what underlies Combin’s approach to increasing organic traffic? The answer – it automates everything for you. Without it, you would need to manually search for every popular hashtag yourself. 

    What makes this Instagram software so important is the fact that it is all about natural growth. Businesses today cannot afford to cheat the system because it can cause irreparable damage. Luckily, with Combin, it’s all about pushing organic growth that won’t get you penalized. 

    In terms of pricing options, there is a free plan available. Although it’s limited, it offers the majority of the key product features. 

    #7. Adobe Rush

    adobe rush tool for instagram

    The final but not the least useful Instagram program that we want to share with you is Adobe Rush. This software is ideal for editing, shooting, and sharing premium quality videos on your Instagram feed and stories.

    All you need to do is to point, click, and film. After this, you can add titles and animations, as well as enhance and resize the video. 

    You certainly do not have to be a pro video creator to shoot great clips on Adobe Rush. The app is very simple and intuitive. Some of the features you can expect to get are the following:

    • Advanced audio controls
    • Speed controls
    • Color correction tools
    • Export to social media platforms directly from the app
    • Adding titles
    • Drag-and-drop transitions 


    So there you have it: the list of the best Instagram marketing software out there when it comes to enhancing your social media presence! 

    Get diversified features needed to manage all elements of your Instagram marketing strategy. From creating high-quality graphics and videos to running engaging contests and influencer marketing campaigns. With these tools, you can make sure that your Instagram account hits all of the right marks!

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