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    7 Reasons To Hire A Professional Content Writer For Your Brand

    Content is vital to the success of your business. 

    It’s the most effective way to drive organic traffic to your website, boost your brand awareness, and build loyalty and trust with your audience. All this translates into more leads and conversions. That’s your key objective, right? 

    However, while creating engaging and selling materials seems like a no-brainer for a proficient writer who knows all the ins and outs of content marketing science, DIYing your brand content might turn into a costly mistake.

    Just as with many other business activities that companies usually prefer to entrust to professionals, your content strategy also needs expert attention. 

    In this guide, I’ll walk you through the core skills and responsibilities of a content specialist and provide several convincing reasons to hire a professional content writer for your brand.

    What Is Content Writing?

    Professional content writing involves producing relevant, engaging, and sales-driving content that caters to specific target audiences. The most common forms of content writing include web pages, guides, social media posts, blog posts, white papers, press releases, product descriptions, emails, and video and podcast scripts. 

    It should be noted that the skill set necessary for creating high-quality content goes far beyond flawless writing. An experienced content specialist generally combines several essential roles. 

    Let’s take a closer look at them.

    skills of a professional content writer

    1. Researcher

    Content writers typically work with a wide range of topics, which calls for in-depth research into each particular niche. They follow established practices to ensure that the research is done swiftly and effectively. Good research results in accurate, relevant content that aligns with the client’s target messaging. Additionally, using an AI essay writer might enhance the research process, allowing for the efficient generation of precise and pertinent content that seamlessly aligns with the client’s intended messaging.

    2. SEO specialist

    To make the most of your content in terms of SEO, it’s crucial to include quick-win keywords to help your potential customers find you on the internet. And that’s not all — SEO is also about crafting the right headings and subheadings, sticking to the acceptable word count and number of paragraphs, etc. And a professional website content writer knows the essential SEO rules and can use specialized SEO tools to create a high-performing copy.

    3. Linguistic expert

    It goes without saying that good content should be flawless in terms of grammar, spelling, and writing style. Most copywriters have an MA in linguistics, which helps them produce high-quality texts.

    Content pros have the right stylistic expertise to make the message sound natural and engaging without being overly formal, which is essential to building a trustful relationship with your readers.

    4. Editor

    Content writing services often include editing and proofreading, so you might want to hire a professional content writer to improve your existing poorly written content. A content writer can resolve grammatical issues, polish your content’s style to make it align with your brand voice, or inject some SEO magic to help your readers find you faster.

    Prominent Reasons To Hire A Professional Content Writer

    If you’re about to launch a new website, rebrand your business, or roll out a blog, it’s definitely worth investing in professional content writing services

    And there are some strong benefits of hiring a professional copywriter. What’s more…

    reasons to hire a professional content writer

    1. Poorly written content can spoil your reputation

    If your copy is teeming with typos and bad grammar, or non-native writing is evident, you risk pushing people away. Badly formatted, poorly written texts look unprofessional and feed into the impression that your company neglects its online presence.

    Now think for a moment: what are the chances that people will entrust you with solving their problems if you fail to look after your own website? I’m guessing they’re scarce. What’s more, your website is often the first touchpoint with your potential customers, so it would be a deadly mistake to spoil the first impression with low-quality content.

    To avoid risking your reputation, you should feature flawless, unique, and engaging content on your website. Hiring a content writer will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your content is error-free, easy to read, and relevant to your audience. A content writer test can help you find candidates who have the necessary skills and experience to do a good job.

    2. Content specialists know how to explain complex things in simple terms

    As a business owner, you’re an expert in your industry and can spend hours discussing what you’re passionate about. That said, your potential customers might know little about all the behind-the-scenes aspects of your product or service and may find it challenging to understand your expert language if it’s filled with jargon and technical terms. 

    A website content writer can save the day by translating the niche knowledge you’re so eager to share into simple language that can be easily understood by non-experts. That’s especially important if you run an IT company whose target audience consists of regular people with no technical background.

    Moreover, a professional content creator will not only explain to readers what you do but also how you can improve their lives or businesses.

    3. Hiring a content writer will save you time

    Let’s be honest: apart from impeccable linguistic skills, writing requires inspiration. In addition, it’s a rather time-consuming task if you aren’t used to it and have little experience. 

    Given that, hiring a content writer for your website will free up a lot of time for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best, including strategic business tasks. However, before hiring a content writer, consider implementing an employment assessment to ensure the right fit for your team and maximize the effectiveness of your content strategy.

    4. Professional writing is all about persuasion

    Perfect writing skills and time-saving are not the only reasons you might need a content writer. Professional writers use specialist linguistic tools to help you get your message across to your audience, taking them a step closer to converting into your customers.

    If you want your content to convince people to take action, using content writing services makes sense. Professional copywriters have the right experience and knowledge to provoke an emotional response through words, encouraging your website’s visitors to get excited about your brand and creating a fear of missing out.

    5. Partnering with a professional writer helps ensure consistency

    Let’s say you’ve found the time and inspiration to write a post or two for your blog. Still, can you be absolutely sure that you’ll manage to write another entry in a week and then continue at the same pace? Get this: all the effort spent on connecting with your audience can go to waste unless you post on a regular basis. 

    To keep folks engaged, it’s essential to release fresh content regularly. So if you don’t want to risk interrupting your dialogue with the readers, it’s high time to consider hiring a content writer for blogs who will help you ensure a steady flow of exciting content ideas.

    6. Content specialists create SEO-friendly content

    Writing without search engine optimization in mind won’t bring you the expected outcome since your content won’t be highly visible on the internet. Professional content writers know how to make your ideas appealing not only to humans but to search engines as well. 

    As already mentioned, pro content specialists possess sophisticated SEO expertise that allows them to craft copy that will get your website closer to the top of SERP. The more unique and optimized content you add to your site, the more traffic you’ll get. 

    7. Creative writing helps boost social media engagement

    77% of social media marketers say that SMM was particularly effective for their businesses in the previous year, meaning you shouldn’t overlook this chance to drive leads and generate more sales. 

    Still, you need to post quality content on your social media pages to increase user engagement. Professional content writers know how to impress your audiences, helping you make the most of your social media strategy.

    3 Most Common Ways To Hire A Content Writer

    So, now you understand the importance of involving a content specialist in implementing your branding strategy, and you’re wondering how to hire a professional writer. Well, there are a few options to choose from. 

    Let’s explore them in more detail.

    ways to hire a content writer

    1. Hiring an in-house writer

    If you’re taking your content strategy seriously enough that you’re ready to pay a regular salary to an additional in-house employee, you can hire a full-time writer. This option has some clear benefits, such as better control over the writer’s work and the fact that this person will devote all their efforts to working on content for your company.

    However, the content can start looking monotonous over time if the same person creates all your pieces. Moreover, a full-time copywriter means additional overhead costs, which you can avoid if you go with one of the following options. 

    2. Working with a freelancer writer

    Hiring freelance writers is a very popular choice. There are plenty of online platforms like Upwork or Fiverr where you can hire a copywriter on a project basis at a reasonable cost. Freelancer platforms give you access to the global talent pool, making it relatively easy to find a content writer for hire with industry-specific experience.

    Still, partnering with freelancers is associated with some risks, such as limited control over the quality and the project timeline. To top it off, many freelancers do not offer revisions as part of the project, meaning that you sometimes have to pay for what you don’t actually like.

    3. Hiring a professional content writing company

    Finally, you can outsource your content marketing to a dedicated content writing company. Such agencies usually have an established team of content writers with expertise in various industries. A manager will select a copywriter whose skills best match your business needs and writing style preferences.

    Of all three options, this one guarantees the highest-quality work since content writing companies have professional content specialists and editors who cross-check everything before it reaches your website or social media page. What’s more, such agencies strive to maintain their reputation, and many allow for multiple revisions if requested. 

    The only downside to hiring a content writing company is higher costs as compared to what freelancers typically charge, although this is not always the case.


    It’s safe to say that the advantages of professional content writing for your business are huge. From establishing a strong connection with your audience to making your brand more visible across search engines, expert content writing is a must if you want to maximize your online presence and drive sales. 

    At ReVerb, we provide a team of experienced content writers who can produce different types of content and deliver top-notch results based on your specific requirements and niche. Drop us a line to get professional writing assistance in managing your website, blog, and social media pages!

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