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    The Complete Guide to NFT Marketing: Strategies, Channels, Examples

    The world of blockchain has expanded to such an extent that it seems everything can now be digitized and tokenized. Even the content you create. 

    Nowadays, you can hardly spend a day without reading about another student becoming a millionaire overnight thanks to the NFTs, a digital form of content. 

    So let’s talk about the fantastic money-making opportunities for NFTs. In this NFT marketing guide, you’ll discover: 

    • What does NFT stand for?
    • Why is NFT marketing important?
    • Benefits of creating and promoting NFTs
    • Main types of NFTs
    • How to promote and monetize NFTs

    Without further ado, let’s get started.

    What Does NFT Stand For?

    NFT stands for non-fungible token. Still quite confusing, right? Let me explain the NFT definition in more detail.

    An NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital asset that is created and located in the blockchain network. Non-fungible means that these tokens cannot be interchanged. Plus, for those who want to buy or sell these tokens, it’s only possible through virtual means at the BNF marketplaces.

    The increasing popularity of NFTs means that there are more and more proposals on the web. Ultimately, today the supply exceeds demand. So to help your NFT stand out from the crowd and make it profitable, employing a successful NFT marketing strategy is a must. 

    Why Is NFT Marketing Important?

    NFTs are a new, trendy, and extremely exciting topic; they can bring you unexpected profits and make a huge fuss. 

    Just remember the record-breaking Bored Ape NFT that transformed from a simple internet curiosity to a mind-blowing sensation. But how do you achieve the same success?

    Bored Ape NFT

    Since the world of non-fungible tokens is entirely digitized, and virtual products are accessible to everyone on the Internet, the competition in this market is crazy high. An NFT can hardly sell itself without any creator’s additional effort.

    Thus, the NFT promotion strategies are vital to making your digital assets profitable. A well-thought-out NFT marketing approach helps your product be more visible in an overcrowded digital space. With proper activities, you’ll build a strong reputation, spread the word about your creation, and attract potential buyers. 

    Now, let’s talk about these perks in detail.

    Benefits of Creating and Promoting NFTs 

    Below are the key benefits that marketing NFTs can bring to you when done right:

    Create a unique brand experience and increase brand awareness

    If you run a business, cooperating with artists and content producers to create corporate NFTs can set the ground for a unique brand experience for your clients. This way, you can revolutionize your industry and attract more interest to your business. 

    Take Marriott and its NFT endeavor as one of the most successful examples of NFT marketing. They hired three artists to create three travel-inspired NFTs. Their digital assets were presented to the larger audience during an art show, and a drawing was held to determine three lucky winners. 

    Marriott NFT collection

    This event not only helped increase brand awareness for Marriott but also created great excitement around the NFTs. 

    Expand customer base 

    Being present at various NFT marketplaces can significantly expand your audience reach. You will be able to connect with people of all ages and professions, starting with young artists and NFT enthusiasts, and finishing with experienced entrepreneurs, celebrities, and CEOs of large companies.

    The more content you present at these marketplaces, the more engagement and buzz you will attract for your business. And this is precisely how you expand your customer pool. 

    Build brand community

    One of the most popular platforms for NFT owners and creators is Twitter. There, people actively share their thoughts on NFTs, collections, and creations with the public. 

    So by engaging with your audience on Twitter or other communities, you can build an efficient communication bridge between your business and your clients. 

    Moreover, when following a personal approach (by replying to users in a thread), you can consolidate your status in the eyes of your target audience and boost your brand’s credibility. 

    Generate interest in your brand 

    The more unique and catchy your marketing campaigns, the more appealing your brand becomes to users and the more interest they show in your product. 

    People adore pioneering and groundbreaking incentives, and by investing in creative NFT marketing, you can definitely boost user engagement and get positive feedback from your clients. Plus, there’s a big chance that your competitors haven’t invested in NFT solutions yet, so you can become the innovative leader in your industry. 

    Look at Bicycle, a card-making company that was founded back in the 1800s. They recently decided to upgrade their marketing game and cater to younger audiences interested in new technology, particularly NFTs. So they invented their own NFT collection. Now, owners of these tokens have access to the company’s special events, presales, and other exclusive deals. 

    Bicycle NFT collection

    Main Types of NFTs

    As NFTs can represent any digital asset, more and more NFT types emerge every day in completely new spheres.

    At this point, there are several entries in a non-fungible tokens list, including:

    Main Types of NFTs

    • Artwork. There are multiple limited edition art pieces available for purchase online under certain conditions. 
    • Collectibles. They also refer to specific artwork that you can buy as a part of your collection. For instance, the aforementioned Bored Ape collection includes several items that can be purchased as tokens.
    • Tickets to events. The emergence of the blockchain revolutionized the way we store data, even tickets to events. These types of NFTs allow people to attend different events (concerts, music festivals, etc.) and can serve as proof of their identity. 
    • Gaming items. Here we’re talking mainly about in-game items that improve the gaming experience for users. 
    • Real-world assets. There are several NFT projects in motion that focus on the tokenization of luxury items alongside real estate. 
    • Identity. The common use of identity NFTs can be found in licensing and certifications. 
    • Music and media. It’s possible now to link media files and music to NFTs and therefore claim ownership of these files.  
    • Memes. If you’re a meme creator, now is your time to come to the stage. You can easily turn your memes into NFTs and monetize your comedy talent.  
    • Domain names. Domain names are now being sold as NFTs too, and you can claim the ownership of a domain by purchasing the token. 

    How to Promote and Monetize NFTs

    The core question remains: how to market NFTs and get a decent profit from them? 

    With a large number of marketplaces, many opportunities for NFT advertising have appeared.   

    Here are some examples of the most proven ways to promote and monetize your NFTs:

    NFT listings

    If you want to put some real effort into NFT marketing, an NFT listing is the first strategy that you need to apply. 

    What you need to do is to convert your work of art into a token and list it on some NFT marketplace.

    One of the successful examples of efficient promotion of the NFT project via a listing is Taco Bell. They created a series of product-themed artwork and converted it into NFTs that got completely sold out in under 30 minutes. 

    Taco Bell NFT listing

    Influencer marketing

    Today, in almost any sphere, involving influencer marketing is one of the best ways to build trustworthy relationships between your brand and your clients. 

    On average, people prefer to rely on the opinions of the people they like or respect more than just on firms promoting themselves. 

    So, think about hiring an influencer or a thought-leader from your niche who’ll advertise your creation on their social media profiles. 

    nft influencer marketing twitter

    This strategy can both pay off very well and help you cover a larger audience. 

    SEO reinforced with paid ads 

    A good NFT marketing plan involves SEO strategies aimed at attracting organic traffic paired with paid ads (a part of search engine marketing). 

    Search engine optimization and paid advertising work well for any web resource, and NFTs are not an exception. These channels provide you with a wider reach and boost your online presence and visibility in the NFT world.  

    Make sure you optimize your website content for popular search engines and run advertising there and on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. 

    nft advertising example

    Marketing on Discord and Telegram 

    Building a community is the core of any NFT marketing strategy.

    If you’re not familiar with Discord, it’s one of the most popular social platforms used in the crypto sector for communication in real-time. Discord connects people from various international art communities and crypto enthusiasts who can create channels within the platform to talk about and promote their NFTs.   

    nft discord marketing

    Telegram pursues the same goals as Discord but provides broader multimedia capabilities. You can organize public groups for NFT discussions, create or activate existing bots that will keep track of popular tokens and crypto coins, and manage communications.

    Email marketing

    Email marketing remains a strong strategy for digital marketers all around the world. It helps maintain and nourish relationships with the company’s existing customers, prospective buyers, stakeholders, etc. 

    Through newsletters, you can promote your NFTs and keep your customers in the loop about all the latest news and changes. You can also send out insightful emails to reach your sponsors and investors to attract additional funding to your NFT


    NFTs are a hot and much-discussed topic that appears to be a perfect investment in your business or individual success. 

    However, if you’re not sure you can implement complex NFT marketing strategies on your own, getting assistance from a professional NFT marketing agency might be a winning solution. 

    ReVerb has an experienced team of NFT-savvy marketers you can rely on. Contact us to schedule a free NFT marketing consultancy and get help in implementing killer promotional campaigns that will shake all the crypto communities out there!

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