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    10 Actionable Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rate

    A beautiful website, catchy blog posts, and personalized emails aren’t a guarantee of user engagement and high conversions.

    Conversion rate optimization (CRO) means that you should be creative and flexible while creating a promotional strategy to adjust your campaigns to actual customer needs.

    In this article, I’m going to arm you with 10 actionable digital marketing tips that will boost your conversion rates this year. No water and obvious advice, only proven practices and examples. Just apply them and see immediate results.

    1. Create user-generated communities

    Humans are social. An exchange of information is a vital need. And that’s where social communities come in handy. Business pages and groups in social networks give users a valuable possibility to spark conversations around your brand, thus, feeling they’re a part of something bigger. Here, open and honest communication between a company and customers occurs.

    In social communities, you can present your company values, insights, news, reviews… and listen to your customers. The last helps you keep a marketing strategy viable and timely adjusted to clients’ interests and needs.

    Moreover, the social groups are an exhaustible source of user-generated content which you can repetitively use as evidence of social proof of your product or services.

    An excellent example of social community management is MVMT’s Instagram profile. This accessory brand has already got over 1 million followers, and the number is counting. The user-generated content is what distinguishes this brand from others. MVMT picks the stylish and breathtaking images made by their customers in the most beautiful places in the world.

    1 create communties

    2. Produce branded content

    Today, customers are more educated than ever. The direct advertising doesn’t work as well for your conversions as it did before. One of the most effective digital marketing tips I can provide you with – start using branded content. It doesn’t look for direct conversions but helps connect with the target audience at a more intimate level.

    Branded magazines, sponsored events, movie collaboration, motivational videos, social reports on the world’s most pressing issues – these are just a few branded content types. Recently, we’ve told you how commercial giants like Nike, BMW, Netflix actively employ branded materials as an obligatory part of their marketing strategy.

    Would you like to learn how to apply the branded content on practice? No need to study the dozens of guides; you can just explore the Red Bull example. It has got the title of “The King of Branded Content.”

    Red Bull Media House produces all the possible types of high-quality branded content including a web magazine titled Red Bulletin, sports events (e.g. a breakdancing world championship), Red Bull TV, plenty of mobile apps (Red Bull Wallpapers, RBMA Radio, Red Bull Illume), music (Red Bull Records), games (Red Bull Air Race The Game), and much more. All this evokes the whole tsunami of brand mentions on the web and makes Red Bull one of the most loved brands ever.

    3. Generate clear and engaging CTAs

    The engaging call-to-action (CTA) is the best way to guide your visitors through a website and move them further within the sales funnel. Be creative when designing CTAs on your web pages. Let them be interactive, beautiful, use strong phrases that can direct visitors and entertain them at the same time.

    For example, Netflix uses CTAs with a tempting offer that grabs visitors’ attention. The red button “Try 30 Days Free” literally asks you to click on it. No wonder Netflix currently has over 203 million paid subscribers in 190 countries!

    netflix cta

    Another great template of a clear and motivational CTA is Whistle. This company has taken the right approach to customer psychology. In the call-to-action, they offer to “Learn More” about a product before making a purchase. Placing the “Shop” button in the right corner, they make it look unintrusive.

    good cta example

    4. Gamify your purchasing process

    Do you feel bored when playing games? No, you are hooked. It’s the core quality of a gamification process. A fun and competitive element in purchasing activities can significantly contribute to your web store’s conversion rate.

    By gamifying your purchasing process, you kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you provide users with psychological comfort and let them feel more relaxed when they are spending money on your website. On the other hand, you increase customer loyalty by entertaining web visitors and improving their mood.

    gamification process

    Add a funny progress bar animation to let a customer understand the level of progress in the purchasing journey. This will improve the user experience and make the waiting process more pleasant for users. You can also try to use a kind of storytelling animation.

    Imagine the cute hero guiding the customer during a purchasing process on your website. Such a cartoon character will help eliminate user tension and make a user feel that he or she can find assistance when it is needed.

    Characters, interactive timelines, and funny notifications on success – all these can do much more for your e-Commerce user experience than you can imagine.

    Another brilliant example of a gamified purchasing process is pizza order animation by Sang Nguen. Enjoy it!

    5. Invest in influencers who use video

    Many marketers say that YouTube has become the second Google today. While YouTube is growing quickly, people are increasingly more often searching for something that is easily explained in videos. What is the reason? When it comes to information presentation and user engagement, video always works better than anything else. Thus, collaboration with video influencers has become a significant part of marketing for many brands today.

    Just look at the social media profiles of influencers like Casey Neistat. You will see the massive online following on all the social channels although he started his success story with YouTube.

    Video offers endless opportunities for audience engagement on social media platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Video influencer marketing can work exactly as word of mouth (WOM) marketing. It’s a kind of social proof that can adjoin your social media amplification and magnificently boost your website conversion rate.

    6. Include non-trivial “trust markers”

    Despite marketing technologies quickly developing and influencing our decisions, there are some old-fashioned digital marketing tips that work even today. We would rather order a company’s services if other people have been satisfied with them previously. This is a psychological phenomenon called ‘social proof’. Its main idea is that people are more likely to convert if they see trust signals such as testimonials, number of followers, awards, etc. on a website.

    Expert social proof, the wisdom of the crowd, the wisdom of friends, certification, awards, celebrity social proof – all these trust markers will help you make your marketing more magnetic.

    A nice example of celebrity social proof is presented on Bvlgari’s website. This world-famous Italian jewelry brand uses a background video with celebrities wearing Bvlgari jewelry as a trust marker on its website. Sometimes, social proof does not even need the words to be said. It can be intuitively understood when you see specific visuals.

    client testimonials

    7. Evoke the feeling of scarcity and urgency

    Continuing the talk about old-fashioned but still brilliant marketing psychology tricks, I can’t fail to mention limited-time promotions. This technique makes your ads seem special to customers and motivates them to make a purchase. That’s how you can easily achieve a temporary boost in your conversion rate.

    LaMetric, a British smart clock and lighting brand, has become a guru of highly-converting email marketing. I particularly love how LaMetric applies the approach of evoking scarcity to its email campaigns. It often runs limited-time promotions and notifies its customers via email using “urgency” phrases, engaging call-to-action, countdowns, and funny animation – everything blended into one scarcity marketing cocktail. Does it sound like nothing special?

    Then, you should just take a glance at this creative LaMetric’s promo email for Easter promo 2019. Those beautifully designed Easter bunnies will not leave you indifferent.

    promo email example

    8. Be as mobile as possible

    We have become totally mobile. Today, most of the traffic comes from mobile devices, so you should adjust all the marketing campaigns, including advertising on social media, ad banners on the web, emails, and posts on social networks to mobile users. In recent years, people have been making spontaneous purchases using their mobiles more often than ever. Do not lose your chance for a conversion because of a poorly-designed and unresponsive mobile website or marketing materials.

    According to my list of digital marketing tips, good mobile website design or even a separate mobile application that would become the logical continuation of your company site. A shining example of a responsive mobile commerce design is the Etsy platform.

    Etsy has a simple and minimalist design, which is intuitively understood by both desktop and mobile users and doesn’t overload customers with unnecessary details. The mobile version has big text size, readable fonts and convenient site navigation with easily accessible search and descriptive icons.

    etsy mobile app

    9. Practice social listening

    Social listening is a marketing technique every business can greatly benefit from. That is the best way to improve your customer service and improve the overall product user experience.

    By listening to your users, you can timely react to their issues and prevent negative product feedback. Moreover, this approach increases customer loyalty since people start feeling they’re heard by their loved brand.

    To be always updated with the latest brand mentions on the web, you can use plenty of social media tools such as Mention, Hootsuite, Social Mention, Followerwonk, SumAll, Ahrefs, etc.

    Brand mention monitoring on social media allows you to get precious information about what the public is saying about your brand. And, believe us, it is the most honest kind of feedback that will help you rethink and improve your user experience strategy.

    10. Introduce a chatbot (if you haven’t done this yet)

    Chatbots play a very significant role in customer service today. They do not only assist users but they have also become a simple tool for increasing customer engagement. A chatbot is a territory for new marketing experiments that opens up new opportunities for smoother and more “human” communication between the brand and customers.

    Your chatbot can answer your website visitors by using non-trivial phrases that make interaction funnier and more engaging. Imagine a chatbot that jokes with you like a real human or that speaks using slang. This can be a much more interesting kind of communication between a company and customers.

    A nice example is a medical artificial intelligence chatbot designed by Alexander Lovyagin. Do you like it?


    The digital space is quite unpredictable and volatile but armed with these tactics, you will be able to surprise your users and make even more sales. Be patient, consistent, data-driven, keep abreast of the latest trends, and set yourself up for success with the above digital marketing tips.

    By the way, what are your the most efficient promotional techniques to generate high website conversion? Feel free to share them with our audience!

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