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    What Types Of Advertising Can Help You To Stand Out In 2022?

    Marketing is an integral part of your product success. 

    No matter how great your product is, if you fail to communicate your product’s story to its audience effectively, chances are you will experience failure even before you realize it. 

    But here’s the interesting part. 

    All of these can be managed with the right marketing and advertising techniques. 

    The problem? 

    Finding the most optimal advertising techniques for your brand story is another hill to climb. 

    Sure, there are many effective strategies to experiment with. However, if your resources are limited, you can only try and test so many. 

    This makes optimization of every dollar you spend on marketing and advertising so critical. And that’s what we are going to address in this blog post. 

    The following text will demystify the top five high-performance advertising strategies that can grow your business in 2022.

    5 Types Of Advertising That Will Dominate The Market In 2022 

    Advertising in 2022 will be slightly different from how we approach it today. But something remains the same. At the core of every strategy lies a deep understanding of your audience. 

    If you fail to capture your potential customer’s attention at the right time and context, no strategy can do you good. This makes keeping up with your target audience incredibly important. 

    Stay connected to your users. Be where they already hang out. With that, the omnichannel advertisement will build the spirit of marketing in 2022. 

    Even in an omnichannel marketing campaign, some advertisement types work better than others. Which of them? Find the answers below.

    1. Offline marketing

    Traditional marketing might not look like the first choice of modern marketing. But it still holds great power when done right. All you need to do is focus on designing the engagement while you do so. 

    You would need to start by getting familiar with your target users. A little research goes a long way. 

    Put your buyer personas to use. 

    Understand your ideal customer’s world — what pleases them, what inspires them, their personality. 

    Based on this data, create your offline marketing campaigns. Competitor research is a great secondary point of research. This will help you carve out your differentiating factor. 

    A few cost-effective ways are as follows. 

    • Flyer marketing

    Print ads still hold high relevance in 2022 advertising. Done right, it can give your brand a significant awareness boost. 

    However, you need to ensure that your flyer content is eye-catching. Find all you need to create your flyer advertising here

    At the core, there are two key components to doing this right. 

    One, your copy needs to capture the target emotion of your ideal audience. This will not only get you interested leads but qualify them on the go. The other component is the offer. No copy or marketing hack can fix your product sale if your proposal is weak. 

    flyer samples

    • Networking

    While industry networks may look the best people to know your landscape, they can also give you your early customers. 

    Attending networking events can create an initial hype around your product, more importantly, give you valuable product feedback that can be the foundation of your reiteration process. 

    It would be best to stay mindful of whom you select as your first customers. An unqualified customer can set you on the wrong path. This makes lead qualification critical. A buyer persona analysis I’ve mentioned above is a powerful tool to do so. 

    2. Social media advertising

    In a time when even your pet goldfish is on social media, if you have not considered reaching out to your target audience through this channel, now is the time. 

    The best part? 

    Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing is much more cost-effective and targeted. This means there are higher chances of growth in terms of customers and revenue. 

    But here is a word of caution. 

    You would need more than just a social media presence to stand out. A pro tip is to use remarketing strategies to optimize your conversion goals. 

    The most effective way to do social media advertisement right would be by creating a systematic social media content plan. It will make your whole process measurable and integral. 

    social media plan template

    • Paid ads

    Paid advertisement is one of the best ways to get in front of your customers. 

    No matter which platform you are using, whether Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin, social media PPC (pay per click) campaigns are the most cost-effective way to get your brand noticed by your target audience. 

    But only showing up would not work. 

    You need to make sure you optimize your ad copy and offer for your ideal customer. This way, you not only would get an opportunity to generate leads but high-quality leads. 

    • Native ads 

    While social media might look synonymous with paid advertising, it certainly is a myth. Sure, you will be doing a big chunk of paid social media advertisement. But, you would have to complement them with organic content. 

    This way, not only can you create targeted campaigns to discover new relevant traffic but keep them engaged with your brand. 

    3. Search advertising

    Google processes almost 5.6 billion search queries a day. 

    That number should convince you to gear your marketing operations towards search engines. 

    The very essence of search lies in urgency. This makes all the people hitting the search keywords much closer towards the end of the sales funnel

    Creating content around these keywords can ensure you not only improve your sales but develop a sustainable brand authority and equity in the long term. Here are two ways to do so.  

    seo vs sem

    • SEO (search engine optimization)

    A significant part of the search comes organically. Thus, proper search engine optimization gives a higher opportunity to improve customer loyalty and lifetime value. 

    The better the interaction between your audience and brand is, the more chances you have to convert your audience into customers. But with the growing market saturation, only information cannot cut through the noise. You need more. Be obsessed with the content experience of your users and be mindful of the keywords you use.

    how to use keywords properly

    • SEM (search engine marketing) 

    SEM is nothing new but the way you present your content to your target audience. Unlike organic content, it does not take significant time to show on the 1st page of Google. You buy the screen space to show up in front of your customers. 

    But here’s the thing. Without a well-developed SEM strategy, you might spend more than you gain in these competitive Google AdWords. 

    sem strategies

    It would help if you were mindful of optimizing your campaigns for the most achievable keywords. The better experience users have with your content, the higher chances of conversion in your AddWords campaigns.   

    4. Broadcasting

    Every customer is different, and so are their behaviors. Thus, creating content in various formats is critical to an optimal omnichannel experience. 

    While a significant portion of your traffic might be coming from Google, audio content can have huge effects on the engagement of the same audience. It can also drive a significant portion of new traffic. Here are a few ways to do so. 

    • Podcast marketing

    Podcasts are one of the best ways to complement your core marketing channels.

    podcast marketing statistics

    When done right, podcasting can create your brand fanatics even before you know. 

    Even in podcast creation, you need to optimize your content for better visibility. This makes hashtag research an incredibly critical task. Here are a few advanced podcast strategies to help you navigate this right. 

    Remember, your podcast success resides on two things: the relevance of the content to your audience and the visibility of the content. 

    • Radio marketing

    Radio might look like the least favorable channel but can gain you a lot of eyeballs. More than lead generation, it’s highly relevant to create brand awareness in a very short time. 

    5. Email advertising

    There is a reason why email advertisement is every marketer’s favorite channel. It gives one of the highest ROI (return on investment) in digital marketing.

    roi by digital channels

    But the only condition is you have to make sure you get it right. 

    At the core, emails should be targeted and highly personalized. Mitigating generic messages emails address each person with equal importance. This is where hyper-targeting occurs. 

    When almost every brand is using the channel extensively, you need to stay a step ahead. Here’s what you can do. 

    Personalize your emails right from the beginning. It all starts at the copy. Make sure you use the name of the sendee as many times as organically possible to improve engagement. Keep the visual part simple. It will only integrate the personal touch of traditional mail. 

    To nail it down, use trigger-based email sequences so that the emails come out like a conversation. Use CTAs often. 

    There are a few ways to do email marketing. 

    • Cold emails

    While the thought of cold emails might scare a newbie marketer, done right, emails can unlock huge opportunities. It again depends on how well you create the context for your email. If you optimize your copy correctly, it can open doors to a sustainable relationship with users. 

    Here’s a cold email mastery guide for you to boost the performance of your email marketing campaigns. 

    cold email structure

    However, remember, it all comes down to the value proposition. If your offer fails to excite your sendee, no copy can make your cold email campaign successful. 

    • Email ads

    Ever noticed those ads on your Gmail account? Maybe even performed a few transactions based on those emails? Yes. Email ads work. But the secret to doing so successfully lies in personalization.     


    The above tips are sure to give you a robust foundation for a high-performance advertisement strategy. 

    But you must know that even the trends and data indicating the best strategies that you can apply for your brand are not enough. You need to experiment and focus on the channels and methods that work best for your business’s unique requirements. 

    Stay inside the feedback loop of your audience to keep going relevant and sustain your advertisement efficacy. ReVerb will gladly help your business stay afloat in today’s highly dynamic digital space and in years to come!

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