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    Top AI Tools For Developers To Code More And Faster

    Artificial intelligence keeps developing steadily, disrupting our daily and professional life, and the programming area is no exception — AI that can write code is already here. 

    By using AI for software development, engineers can boost productivity, reduce errors, and enhance the overall quality of their software applications. If you want to give a try to the best AI-powered programming tools, stay with us.

    In this article, we’ll explore the top AI software for developers to take your coding to the next level. The great news is that some of these tools offer free plans, so don’t miss them out!

    The Best AI Software Development Tools To Take Your Coding To The Next Level

    1. GitHub Copilot

    Top AI Tools For Developers

    GitHub’s Copilot is one of the best AI code tools designed for developers to write code more efficiently and quickly. Thanks to OpenAI Codex providing real-time suggestions for entire functions and code blocks, GitHub Copilot has modernized the way developers handle coding tasks, saving them valuable time.

    This revolutionary AI coding software has been trained with billions of lines of code, which allows it to provide accurate suggestions for dozens of programming languages.

    Key features:

    • GitHub Copilot understands the context of the project and follows the project’s coding style conventions. As a result, the generated code is consistent and meets the project’s requirements.
    • This tool can directly integrate into various editors, including Neovim, JetBrains IDEs, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code.


    The program is available in two plans:

    • Copilot for Individuals ($10 monthly / $100 annually) includes plugging into your editor, turning natural language prompts into code, offering multi-line function suggestions, speeding up test generation, filtering out common vulnerable coding patterns, and generating block suggestions matching public code.
    • Copilot for Business ($19 per user monthly) includes everything from the Individual plan plus simple license management, organization-wide policy management, industry-leading privacy, and corporate proxy support.

    2. Amazon CodeWhisperer

    best AI tool for developers

    Amazon CodeWhisperer is another popular AI coding tool designed to enhance developers’ productivity. The program has been trained on massive amounts of Amazon and publicly available code, which enables it to generate relevant code suggestions based on natural language comments — everything in real-time.

    What’s more, it suggests entire functions and logical blocks of code directly in the integrated development environments (IDE) code editor. The generated code matches the developer’s style and naming conventions, with suggestions available for a number of programming languages, including C, C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Shell scripting, SQL, and TypeScript.

    Key features:

    • Beyond supporting multiple programming languages, Amazon CodeWhisperer is available in various IDEs, including JetBrains IDEs (IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm, and Rider), Visual Studio (VS) Code, AWS Cloud9, and the AWS Lambda console.
    • This AI code generator can be used with AWS services and provides code suggestions optimized for AWS APIs, including Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3.
    • CodeWhisperer provides a reference tracker to spot whether a suggestion resembles open-source training data and flags such suggestions.


    CodeWhisperer offers two tiers:

    • Individual Tier ($0) includes code suggestions, reference tracking, and security scans.
    • Professional Tier ($19 per user monthly) offers everything included in the Individual Tier and additionally provides administrative capabilities to organizations (license and organizational policy management).

    3. Tabnine

    Top AI Tools For Developers

    Tabnine is a top AI tool for developers designed to streamline their coding routines. Featuring advanced functionalities and a user-friendly interface, Tabnine offers a more intelligent and productive approach to coding, making it the go-to choice for millions of software developers worldwide.

    With Tabnine, engineers can easily save time and master their coding skills while unleashing their creativity to the fullest.

    Key features:

    • Tabnine employs generative AI technology to predict and suggest lines of code relying on context and syntax, with whole-line code completions, full-function code completions, and natural language-to-code transformation available.
    • This high-performing AI programming tool supports various programming languages, including popular ones like JavaScript, Python, and TypeScript, and niche languages such as Rust, Go, and Bash.
    • Tabnine’s AI code assistant trains your own model with the help of your specific code patterns.


    You can try Tabnine by choosing one of these three plans:

    • Starter ($0) includes only short code completions.
    • Pro ($12 per user monthly) offers whole-line and full-function code completions, natural language to code completions, and learning your coding patterns and style.
    • Enterprise is a tailored plan for an unlimited number of users. You need to contact the Tabnine team to discuss the custom pricing.

    4.  IntelliCode

    best AI tool for developers

    Visual Studio’s IntelliCode is an AI coding engine that seamlessly integrates into your personal development workflow to help you code more while typing less. This next-gen AI coding assistant uses machine learning to deliver actionable ideas and refactoring recommendations that save programmers’ time, reduce errors and increase efficiency. 

    Key features:

    • IntelliCode lets developers share code with other contributors.
    • It can detect typical coding tasks and suggest the right quick action.
    • This AI tool recognizes code context, i. e. variable names, functions, and languages.
    • IntelliCode can identify repetition in the code when you make a local edit.
    • It can quickly complete lines of code, ensuring accuracy and consistency.


    The best part of IntelliCode — you can use it absolutely for free.

    5. Replit Ghostwriter

    Top AI Tools For Developers

    Meet our next leader on the top AI programming tools list — Replit Ghostwriter. This software harnesses the power of machine learning to provide developers with advanced code completion, generation, transformation, and in-editor search capabilities.

    Ghostwriter offers a suite of four main components to boost your productivity, including Complete Code (suggestions for code completion), Generate Code (new code based on your inputs), Transform Code (assistance in modernizing code to meet standards), and Explain Code (natural language explanations of code functions).

    Key features:

    • Ghostwriter analyzes context to provide code suggestions as a programmer is typing — you just need to hit the Tab button to accept suggestions.
    • The tool can explain highlighted code in simple English.
    • Ghostwriter’s Semantic Search feature allows developers to search for relevant code snippets quickly, reducing the time they spend on external code examples or forums.
    • The tool can rewrite a code block and generate code based on natural language prompts.
    • Its embedded AI assistant allows users to get instant answers to their coding-related questions without leaving the page.


    Ghostwriter costs 1,000 Cycles (Replit’s virtual tokens) per month, which equals $10.

    6. CodeWP

    Top AI Tools For Development Companies

    One of the best AI programming tools, CodeWP is a WordPress code generator developed by Isotropic. This robust AI coding software supports JS and PHP, including modes tailored to popular plugins such as WooCommerce.

    Its user-friendly interface and unique features — live collaboration and real-time feedback — make it the favorite choice of teams seeking an easy and seamless code editing experience. Moreover, CodeWP integrates with GitHub for efficient version control and project collaboration.

    Key features:

    • The tool supports 11+ programming languages.
    • It generates functions of all types and complex workflows based on ACF values.
    • CodeWP allows developers to save all generations, export them in JSON format, and share them publicly or with specific users.


    CodeWP offers three essential plans:

    • Free ($0) includes 10 generations per month, general WordPress AI, code explanation, and community support.
    • Pro ($12 monthly) covers all free features plus unlimited generations, 12+ specially trained AI modes, and Edit & Explain Snippet features.
    • Agency ($36 monthly) offers advanced collaboration, custom AI, and premium support.

    7. PyCharm

    Top AI Tools For Development Companies

    Pycharm is a tool that provides an integrated development environment designed specifically for Python developers. PyCharm’s AI Code Completion feature can help you code smarter and faster, while its keyboard-centric approach saves time and keeps you focused on the task.

    With error checking on the go, seamless project navigation, and quick fixes, PyCharm provides rewarding development experiences to help programmers work more effectively.

    Key features:

    • PyCharm’s smart code editor offers code completion for Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, CSS, and other languages.
    • The tool provides a robust debugger with a graphical UI for Python and JavaScript, allowing developers to create and run tests with coding assistance.
    • You can access Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other databases directly from the IDE.


    PyCharm is available in only one plan — $24.90 per user monthly or $249.00 annually.

    8. AskCodi

    Top AI Tools For Development Companies

    AskCodi is the ultimate AI writing code toolbox for developers to skyrocket their productivity. With its comprehensive suite of AI coding tools, AskCodi offers code generation in multiple languages and the creation of documentation.

    The program allows for easily creating SQL queries from scratch and generating tests in a matter of seconds.

    Key features:

    • AskCodi offers applications for frontend and backend development, documentation, and test creators.
    • It works with 50+ popular languages and frameworks and is constantly adding support for more languages.
    • This AI writing code tool supports many natural languages besides English.


    AskCodi has three plans; all of them include 15+ advanced AI development tools:

    • Taster ($0) gives access to select applications, 100 monthly credits, and access to the community codebase.
    • A la Carte ($7.99 per app monthly) gives access to 200 credits per app monthly plus custom workspaces and community codebase.
    • Enterprise (custom pricing) provides access to any application; the number of monthly credits is discussed with the client.


    It’s hard to underestimate the role of artificial intelligence in software development — AI tools have been fundamentally transforming the way developers work, making the process more efficient, accurate, and enjoyable.

    And no doubt that’s not the end. As AI technology keeps evolving, we can expect even more sensational software for developers to help them push the boundaries of the programming world.

    Do you want to feature your groundbreaking AI coding software in this post? Email us with your request. After a quick review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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