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    Top Crypto Listing Agencies And Services

    Crypto listing services are crucial for the success of new crypto projects as they give founders the unparalleled opportunity to put their tokens or coins in front of a massive audience of potential investors and improve market liquidity.

    However, a crypto listing may be a very complex and time-consuming process, requiring expertise in the application process and an understanding of listing requirements. 

    When it comes to the fast-track crypto project listing, ReVerb has you covered!

    Being the leading ICO marketing agency, we provide fast-track token listing on Dextools, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, DeFiLlama, and other platforms. Thanks to our rich experience and numerous established partnerships, we’ll increase your project’s chances of success, mitigate risks, and allow your team to focus on core activities. 

    With the growing number of new ambitious crypto projects, the need for competent crypto advisors also increases. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of the top crypto listing agencies to meet the market demand and make sure all prominent crypto assets reach their target audiences.

    The Best Coin Listing Agencies To Take Your Project To The Next Level

    1. Coinbound


    Coinbound is one of the best crypto listing agencies, specializing in assisting cryptocurrency companies to secure their token and coin listings on leading exchanges. With five years of experience in the crypto industry, they boast a network of over 55 crypto exchange partners and have successfully served more than 750 global clients. 

    Some of their core partners are AcendEX, Cointiger, BitMart, LBank, Bitrue, and many more. Thus, with Coinbound’s assistance, brands can boost credibility and awareness and achieve greater liquidity. 

    A fundamental advantage of partnering with Coinbound lies in its pricing structure: you are billed solely for the successful listing of your asset. Schedule a complimentary consultation and receive a proposal tailored for your project from a highly-rated crypto company.

    2. App Factory

    App Factory

    App Factory is a reputable crypto exchange listing agency headquartered in Japan. Leveraging 10 years of expertise in the blockchain industry, App Factory has collaborated with renowned brands such as Polygon, Shell, and McDonald’s, successfully covering over 400 projects.

    The company offers exceptional turnkey listing services, granting you access to an extensive global network of investors—all at competitive and reasonable pricing. Fostering robust connections with key players in the market, App Factory’s team of Web3 experts is poised to transform your concepts into reality, giving substantial exposure to your trading endeavors and projects.

    3. Clarisco


    Meet Clarisco, a top-notch blockchain development and consulting firm providing a comprehensive array of crypto services and showcasing an impressive portfolio. Indeed, Clarisco is one of the best options for reliable coin and token listing services

    The company has already served 200+ clients in over 60 countries around the world, confirming its unbeatable expertise. Having strong partnerships with industry leaders such as Binance, TidEX, Kucoin, Bitstamp, TopBtc, and more, Clarisco is well-equipped to facilitate the listing of your tokens or coins on exchanges of your choice. 

    Clarisco’s team will diligently submit all required information to the respective platforms, guaranteeing a smooth and triumphant listing process.

    4. Ninja.Promo

    Ninja Promo

    Ninja Promo is one of the best crypto companies specializing in coin listing services. Ninja Promo will deal with the complex requirements of different platforms, helping you to navigate through all stages of the crypto listing process. 

    Their crypto listing services encompass consultation, submission preparation, exchange relationships, and post-listing support. Working with a wide range of popular trading platforms, Ninja Promi will provide cost-effective solutions to promote your project. 

    Established in 2017, Ninja Promo has gained numerous awards and is rated as the best crypto marketing agency by CoinCodex, SoftwareWorld, StartupStash, and others. As one of the top crypto listing companies, Ninja Promo boasts of collaborations with notable names like Polygon, IOSG Ventures, Signum Capital, and Techstars, ensuring the ultimate success of every client.

    5. FIN PR Agency

    FIN PR

    Fin PR Agency can assist you with the following crypto exchange listing services: IEO, IDO, and secondary listing. They’ll simplify the listing approval process on leading crypto exchange platforms while mitigating risks and accelerating the submission timeline. All this at the affordable rates.

    As a top crypto listing company, Fin PR Agency connects clients with a variety of exchanges, including Binance, Okex, BitForex, Kucoin, HitBTC, EXMO,, and Contact them to receive a curated list of recommended crypto exchanges tailored to your specific goals.

    6. tncTeams


    ​​tncTeams assists entrepreneurs in attracting potential investors and community members through their comprehensive crypto listing services. They include listing on centralized exchanges, listing on decentralized exchanges, and multi-listing. 

    With a network spanning 100+ cryptocurrency exchanges, tncTeams provides ongoing support, expediting the listing process. Additionally, they prioritize robust security measures to safeguard your sensitive data, ensuring the utmost privacy.

    7. MediaX


    Having worked with world-known brands like Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, USA Today, and others, MediaX has earned recognition as one of the top token listing agencies providing exceptional exchange listing services. MediaX has successfully listed more than 120 projects on 17+ exchange platforms.

    Why opt for MediaX as your partner? Their key advantages include industry expertise, a proactive approach, dedicated support solutions, access to leading exchange platforms, post-listing support, complimentary PR, and media marketing. 

    An astounding achievement: since 2018, their clients have saved a remarkable $1,123,140,200 on listings! Reach out to MediaX to explore the ideal plan for ensuring your project’s success.

    8. Aim2Door


    Aim2Door is another prominent crypto exchange listing agency assisting clients in their continuous growth with 24/7 support. In 2023, Aim2Door was featured as one of the Top 7 Crypto Marketing Agencies, solidifying its reputation through robust achievements and industry recognition.

    Based in India, Aim2Door offers top-tier token and coin listing services tailored to enhance your project’s liquidity, visibility, and usability. In addition, their team is committed to helping clients save on listing costs. Join the ranks of happy clients who have achieved significant savings with Aim2Door’s strategic and cost-effective approach!

    9. Plurance


    Plurance is one of the best crypto listing agencies, helping clients maximize crypto exchange potential. With their token listing services, you get the opportunity to list your token or coin on major crypto exchanges, boosting their popularity, liquidity, trading volume, and market reach.

    The company offers many lucrative advantages, including commission-free accounts, complimentary additional crypto pairs, free promotions, a streamlined priority listing process, effortless communication with exchange managers, and cost-effective solutions.

    Their dedicated team of experts stands ready to become your strategic partner, ensuring a smooth and effortless listing process. Instead of time-consuming procedures, Plurance’s market-winning approach will pave the way for your business’s prosperity and increased ROI.

    10. Zeligs

    top crypto listing agency

    Zeligs is one of the best coin and token listing agencies dedicated to propelling your crypto project to new heights. With a team of top-level cryptocurrency experts, cutting-edge strategies, and a commitment to excellence, the company offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your project gains the visibility and recognition it deserves.

    As Zelig’s client, you will enjoy easy and transparent communication with your dedicated team. They prioritize open and clear-cut communication channels coupled with an innovative approach to ensure you stay well-informed and receive optimal solutions.


    As the crypto market expands and new projects emerge daily, the role of cryptocurrency listing agencies will become even more impactful in guiding project founders toward sound investment decisions. With this article, you can now select a reliable crypto listing agency that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

    If you want to add your coin listing agency to this list, drop us a line with your request. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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