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    Top UX/UI Designers To Hire In 2024

    Creating a perfect user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) is a comprehensive task that can lay the red carpet for your app or website to get visitors.


    It’s all because the first impression matters. And today, with 1.13 billion websites and 7.5 million apps on Google Play and App Store, you need your project to stand out from the crowd. But still, although the success of your product does not solely rely on its aesthetics but also on functionality and seamless navigation. UI/UX design can make a real difference.

    While some companies choose to work in-house, others decide to use outsourcing UX/UI design services offered by a dedicated digital agency like ReVerb. Our top-notch design experts will help you transform your website or application to ensure that your customers remember you, tell others, and keep coming back for more.

    Also, for those who prefer the outsourcing approach, we’ve prepared the crème de la crème of UX/UI design firms globally. Read on to discover the companies that have proven themselves as creative leaders in various industries by delivering outstanding UX/UI solutions and building an impressive portfolio.

    So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top UX/UI designers in 2024.

    The Best UX/UI Design Agencies In 2024

    1. DIGITECH Web Design


    DIGITECH Web Design is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2011, they specialize in crafting visually stunning websites backed by robust UX/UI design, search engine optimization, and marketing strategies to drive online visibility and engagement for the world’s largest corporations and growing brands. 

    What sets DIGITECH apart is its future-focused approach to user experience and user interface design. Their art wizards utilize the latest web design tools and tactics to ensure clients’ sites are future-proofed against dynamically changing users’ preferences, industry trends, and algorithm updates.

    They create stellar UX/UI designs with SEO in mind to help clients build not only memorable but organically attractive digital presence. DIGITECH’s team has mastered the art of acquiring high domain authority backlinks from Forbes, Healthline, Yahoo, and other respected publishers, a testament to its advanced SEO services

    Voted a Top 1% Digital Marketing Agency in North America for 3 years running, DIGITECH meticulously tailors web designs and marketing strategies to exceed each client’s unique goals. Their work has earned them recognition from companies like Clutch and GotchSEO and numerous noteworthy accolades from publications like Entrepreneur and Moz.

    • Services & expertise: UX/UI design, web design and development, search engine optimization, branding, link building 
    • Team size: 10+ experts
    • Location: Austin, TX, United States
    • Industries: Information Technology, Consumer Products & Services, Medical, Advertising & Marketing, Energy & Natural Resources
    • Clients: Universal Music Group, Waste Management, HotSchedules, The University of Texas, Himalaya USA, American Heart Association, Brookfield Residential, SpectrumVoIP

    2. Clay

    Top UX/UI Designers

    Based in San Francisco, Clay is the best user interface design company in 2024 recognized worldwide for its innovative and human-centered UX/UI design approach. Clay’s team of designers, strategists, and technologists work harmoniously to produce designs that are not just appealing but also functional and transformative.

    With a research-driven guideline and a deep focus on understanding the end users’ needs, behaviors, and motivations, the agency can tailor their solutions perfectly to hit the right spot in the market. This user-centric philosophy ensures that every design decision is made with the user’s interest in mind, resulting in intuitive and empowering products.

    Clay literally goes above and beyond to create memorable designs. Meta, Google, Slack, Snapchat, Amazon, and other global giants can confirm this. While having rich experience working with renowned brands, this leading UX/UI design studio in 2024 also works with startups and medium businesses seeking to elevate their digital presence.

    • Services & expertise: product and brand strategy, UI/UX design, marketing websites, web and mobile development, innovation, consulting
    • Team size: 10+ experts
    • Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
    • Industries: Food & Beverage, eCommerce, Tech, Logistics & Transportation
    • Clients: Meta, Google, Stripe, Slack, Coinbase, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Snapchat, Credit Karma, Stripe, Cisco, Sony, ADP, and others

    3. Excited

    Top UX/UI Designers

    Excited, based in the vibrant city of Lviv, Ukraine, is a prominent team of top UX/UI designers who combine strategy and creativity to offer the best digital experiences. With countless rewards from RedDot, CSS Design Awards, The Lovie Awards, Awards, w3 Awards, and Clutch, Excited proves its spot among the best UI/UX design agencies over and over.

    This company places a strong emphasis on storytelling, using design as a tool to tell compelling stories that captivate and inspire. Their projects blend art and technology, pushing the boundaries of what digital experiences can be. From research and product concept to prototype and complete design, and further testing, Excited’s team uses the best technologies and trends, ensuring their designs are always at the cutting edge.

    Whether you need to create design for a new project or redesign an existing one, Excited will be excited to help you. Their approach is deeply collaborative; they work closely with clients to understand their vision and objectives. This partnership ethos ensures that every project is a true co-creation, resulting in digital products that perfectly align with the brand’s identity and goals.

    • Services & expertise: UI/UX design, web design, Webflow development, mobile app design, SaaS design, user research, usability testing, system design
    • Team size: up to 50 experts
    • Location: Lviv, Ukraine
    • Industries: Blockchain, Sports & Wellness, Hospitality, InsurTech, SaaS, 
    • Clients: Verida, Count’s, XILO, Club Ready, and others

    4. Dreamten

    Top UX/UI Designers

    As one of Clutch World’s Top UX Design Agencies, Dreamten prides itself on its minimalist design philosophy, believing that simplicity is the key to creating powerful and memorable user experiences. Their work is characterized by clean lines, harmonious color palettes, and a keen attention to detail, which together create a sense of clarity and ease for the user.

    Partnering with clients of all sizes — from startups to enterprises in various industries, Dreamten takes a holistic approach to design, considering every element of the user’s journey to ensure that each interaction is meaningful and impactful.

    Their commitment to excellence extends beyond the visual aspects of design to include performance and functionality, ensuring that their products are not only beautiful but also robust and reliable. If you already have an in-house team but want an extra professional to help you guide with your UX/UI design journey, Dreamten is the best UX/UI design agency in 2024 for businesses looking to make a strong, refined statement online.

    • Services & expertise: UX/UI design, website design, illustration & icons, animation & video, branding & logos, marketing collateral, 
    • Team size: up to 10 experts
    • Location: Raleigh, NC, USA
    • Industries: Legal, Nonprofit, Food & Beverage, FinTech, InsurTech, Healthcare
    • Clients: Apple, AARP, Microsoft, Red Bull, Intuit, Craft CMS, and others

    5. Tonik

    Top UX/UI Designers

    Like gin & tonic, which is a perfect combo, Tonik & UX/UI design go hand in hand. This is one of the best UX/UI design agencies in 2024 for brands looking for design solutions characterized by vibrant colors, dynamic shapes, and innovative layouts that break the mold and catch the eye. This company believes design should be fun and engaging, and this philosophy shines through all their work.

    Despite their quite playful approach, Tonik is serious about usability and functionality. They skillfully balance creativity with clarity, ensuring users can easily navigate the websites and apps with their design. 

    Working primarily with early-stage startups, the Tonik team helps novice founders get from ground zero to success. They’re creative thinkers and problem solvers dedicated to delivering exceptional results for their clients. They can also act as an extension of in-house design teams for larger organizations, including A-list unicorns. Their collaborative process ensures that each project is a true partnership, with client feedback and insights integrated every step of the way.

    • Services & expertise: UX/UI design, web design, no code development, branding, frontend development
    • Team size: 50+ experts
    • Location: Poznań, Poland
    • Industries: Blockchain, FinTech, Logistics & Transportation, Nonprofit, Tech, eCommerce
    • Clients: LangChain, Twilio, Zabka, OpenInvest, Februar, Segment, Liefergrun,, Hydra, Wildfires, and others

    6. Orizon Design

    Top UX/UI Designers

    Next up on our list is Orizon Design. This leading digital agency helps startups and Fortune 500 get a sleek UI/UX design that blends aesthetics with usability. Their work is a testament to their belief that great design can transform the way we interact with technology, making digital experiences more intuitive, engaging, and enjoyable. Throughout their journey, they have designed products that earned from $0 to $120,000,000 in revenue.

    Offering flexibility, Orizon Design provides speedy development – they can work 2-3x faster than your in-house team while delivering the best UX/UI design services in 2024. Whether you require help with website or app design, they will provide a commitment to detail and precision, resulting in cutting-edge interfaces with flawless functionality.

    Orizon Design values collaboration and transparency. Their process is iterative and user-focused, incorporating feedback at every stage to ensure that the final product not only meets but exceeds expectations.

    • Services & expertise: UX/UI design, branding, visual identity, mobile app and web design, web development, app development
    • Team size: 10+ experts
    • Location: Montréal, Canada
    • Industries: Blockchain, Logistics & Transportation, Food & Beverage, Apparel, eCommerce, SaaS
    • Clients: Apple, RedBull, Uber Eats, Tinder, Zara, and others

    7. Neuron

    Top UX/UI Designers

    Neuron is an innovation-driven design agency specializing in creating user-friendly digital products incorporating advanced features. It was recognized as the Top UX Design Agency in San Francisco in 2024 and for a good reason. Their work is distinguished by its emphasis on user behavior and psychology, ensuring that every design decision is grounded in a deep understanding of how people interact with technology.

    Wireframes and workflows, visual design, interaction design, user testing, delivery, and handout – Neuron approaches each step of the design journey with precision, designing world-class business and enterprise tools. Neuron’s team is adept at identifying and solving complex user experience challenges, making them a valuable partner for businesses looking to overcome digital hurdles.

    The company works closely with clients to ensure every project reflects the brand’s identity and meets its strategic objectives. Working with several industries, Neuron’s commitment to partnership and excellence makes it a standout choice in the UI/UX design field.

    • Services & expertise: UX/UI design, product design, digital strategy, UX research, prototyping, system design
    • Team size: 10+ experts
    • Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
    • Industries: Sales, HR, FinTech, Healthcare, Logistics & Transportation
    • Clients: Hootsuite, Vendr, Flo, Vivint, Palo Alto Networks, Uniphore, and others

    8. Frog

    Top UX/UI Designers

    One of the oldest companies on our list, Frog is a global leader in design and strategy with a rich history of innovative solutions. With 50+ years of experience, Frog’s team excels in thinking outside the box, using their diverse expertise to solve complex challenges by creating breakthrough solutions.

    And there’s nothing Frog can’t help you with – from hardware to furniture, the agency is versatile, with over 500+ experts on board. Choosing Frog means engaging with a team dedicated to creating positive change through design. Their unique blend of creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking makes them one of the best UX/UI design companies in 2024 for organizations looking to make a significant impact.

    • Services & expertise: UX/UI design, brand strategy, content management, strategy and performance, sales, marketing
    • Team size: 500+ experts
    • Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
    • Industries: Automotive, Communications, Media, Retail, Fintech, Healthcare
    • Clients: Volvo Group, BNP Paribas, Ikea, Purina, Sesame, MeMed, and others

    9. Halo Lab

    Top UX/UI Designers

    As the #1 team in the world on Dribbble, Halo Lab has established itself as one of the best UX/UI design agencies in 2024, crafting digital experiences that stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Having helped 350+ clients worldwide over the course of 10 years, they create designs with user engagement and conversion in mind.

    With keen attention to detail, the agency ensures that every project it undertakes is a masterpiece in its own right. Halo Lab’s approach is deeply rooted in research and user testing, ensuring that the final design concepts look great and perform exceptionally. Hard work and dedication have resulted in Halo Lab’s clients’ apps getting 10 million views per month and over $370 million in investment.

    From product discovery to wireframes and UI design and further support, Halo Lab will guide you throughout the way to ensure that the final product perfectly aligns with your vision and objectives. By hiring Halo Lab, you can expect to get a partner who has eyes on the goal and is as passionate about your success as you are, delivering designs that captivate and convert.

    • Services & expertise: product research, product design, product development, product growth
    • Team size: 130+ experts
    • Location: Odesa, Ukraine
    • Industries: eCommerce, Technology, Education, Apparel, FinTech
    • Clients: Udemy, JBL, Oppo, Creative Market, Corel, and others

    10. Purrweb

    Top UX/UI Designers

    Founded around 10 years ago, Purrweb is recognized as one of the top design agencies in 2024 for its sleek, user-centered designs and agile approach. They excel in creating digital products that are visually appealing and highly functional, ensuring a seamless user experience from A to Z. With their expertise spanning a wide range of industries, Purrweb is indeed a versatile partner for businesses of all types and sizes.

    Thanks to its commitment to speed, Purrweb can build UI/UX-focused MVPs within 3 months. While they focus on project delivery time, they pay specific attention to quality. From mind maps and wireframes to UI concepts, Figma designs, and clickable prototypes with UI kits, the agency will deliver results that make your app or website stand out.

    Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, Purrweb will deliver outstanding solutions that align with your vision and meet your target audience’s needs and preferences.

    • Services & expertise: MVP development services, UI/UX design, mobile development, web development, project management, software development for startups, PWA development
    • Team size: 50+ experts
    • Location: Al Jazirah Al Hamra, UAE
    • Industries: FinTech, Travel, Sports & Fitness, Events, Marketplaces, Healthcare
    • Clients: Baseballcloud, Appswiz, WRSTBND, Mayuri, and others

    11. MetaLab

    Top UX/UI Designers

    Since 2006, MetaLab has helped companies like Slack, Apple, Uber, and Disney create user experiences that are intuitive and delightful. Based in Vancouver, the firm now has over 150 talented UX/UI designers who can innovate startups and help enterprises with complex projects.

    Setting the bar high, MetaLab’ focuses on what’s essential to deliver beautiful and functional designs. Their approach is deeply collaborative, involving clients in the design process to ensure that the end product truly reflects the brand and its values.

    MetaLab’s team is made up of the industry’s best and brightest talents, all dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital design. Their innovative work and commitment to quality have made them one of the best user experience design firms in 2024 for brands looking to stay ahead in the online space.

    • Services & expertise: UX/UI design, full-stack engineering, product management
    • Team size: 150+ experts
    • Location: Vancouver, Canada
    • Industries: Blockchain, Logistics & Transportation, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, FinTech, Apparel
    • Clients: Slack, Coinbase, TED, Apple, Disney, Google, and others


    And here you have it – the best UX/UI design companies in 2024 to consider for your new or existing project. These experts will help you create a stunning and functional design that will captivate your visitors and leave them wanting more.

    Take your business to the next level with the next-gen design solutions!

    If you want to add your UX/UI design company to this list, contact us by email with your request or submit a form in the Top Choices section. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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