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    Top SEO Companies And Consulting Experts

    While 68% of people start their search for some goods or services on Google and search engines take 93% of all web traffic, SEO (search engine optimization) plays a crucial role in your company’s success, whether you run an online or local business.

    However, trying to achieve increased search engine visibility and more qualified leads is an incredibly complex task, especially if you possess no special knowledge and skills. 

    So, it becomes essential to hire top SEO companies and consultants to organically pull in more site traffic along with better conversion rates.

    ReVerb is the leading SEO agency with in-depth expertise in SEO-based content writing, quick-win keyword research, technical site audit, link building, and other organic growth services aimed at enhancing your Domain Rating and site’s rankings. 

    With the rising demand for professional SEO assistance, there are a plethora of agencies offering SEO services as well. Our industry-leading experts thoroughly researched the market and picked out some of the best SEO companies serving clients globally and locally. 

    Work with the best ones!

    Why Hire A Professional SEO Agency?

    Hiring SEO experts might be the best business decision if you strive to achieve the following goals:

    • Improve your site’s search visibility, thereby significantly boosting your organic traffic and generating more qualified leads.
    • Identify and fill any content and keyword gaps on your site that are causing your business to lag behind competitors.
    • Examine and improve your website’s performance by using technical search engine optimization services; SEO experts will help you fix issues such as missing links, toxic inbound links, 404 errors, load speed, etc.
    • Track advanced SEO metrics to determine your website’s traction rate.

    ReVerb will help you cover all these areas and do SEO magic for you while you can focus solely on your core business. And you can always consider using SEO consulting services from other companies to try different approaches and double the results.

    The Best SEO Companies For Driving Your Organic Business Growth

    1. Ottawa SEO

    Top SEO companies

    With over a decade-long industry experience and a forward-thinking team of SEO experts, Ottawa SEO steers businesses of all sizes towards the path of higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). It offers a dynamic array of SEO and digital marketing services for increasing organic traffic to its clients’ websites and holistically boosting growth for businesses in Ottawa and beyond.

    Being one of the best SEO companies with a proven track record of 100+ Google Reviews 5-Star Rating, Ottawa SEO delivers outstanding results and impactful ROIs for its clients. Blended with significant multiindustrial expertise and a one-of-its-kind data-driven approach, it helps to grow the clients’ online presence and lead them to glory.

    Regardless of your firm’s size, the cutting-edge search engine optimization strategies employed by Ottawa SEO will help you realize your online marketing ambitions.

    • Founding year: 2012
    • Headquarters: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    • Services and expertise: on-page optimization, link building, local SEO, mobile optimization, DevOps services, SEO consulting, reputation management, content optimization, web design, social media marketing
    • Industries: Advertising & Marketing, IT, eCommerce, Business Services
    • Team size: up to 10 experts
    • Portfolio: Canada Post, BMO, Canadian Tire Corporation, Government Of Canada

    2. Titan Growth 

    Top SEO companies

    Globally reputed for its ROI-driven SEO work for leading brands, Titan Growth is one of the best SEO firms out there. 

    Its proprietary software tool, TitanBOT, gives its clients a competitive edge with next-gen SEO strategies. Since each of the Titan Growth team members is triple certified, their customers receive highly impactful state-of-the-art research and analysis.

    Titan Growth will use its own SEO tools to acutely examine competitive data, keyword strengths, and site coding issues for creating an overall revenue improvement plan for your business. 

    • Founding year: 2004
    • Headquarters: San Diego, California, USA
    • Services and expertise: SEO, email prospecting, content marketing, web design, Amazon Marketing, link acquisition
    • Industries: Travel & Lifestyle, eCommerce, Consumer Products & Services, IT
    • Team size: 10-49 experts
    • Portfolio: National Geographic, Sitecore, Yahoo, Bing

    3. WebFX 

    Top SEO companies

    A leading tech-enabled eCommerce SEO company, WebFX offers the latest digital marketing solutions and consulting services per its clients’ specific needs and goals. 

    Using its top-rated ROI tracking platform, MarketingCloudFX, the WebFX team efficiently tracks and reports clients’ site analysis results.

    WebFX uses the acronym “R-O-C-K-E-T” to describe its six-step approach for creating a personalized SEO roadmap for your website: 

    “R” stands for research,

    “O” for optimization, 

    “C” for content, 

    “K” for keywords, 

    “E” for earned media and links, and 

    “T” for testing.

    • Founding year: 1995
    • Headquarters: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
    • Services and expertise: SEO, pay-per-click ads, social media marketing, web design, eCommerce development
    • Industries: Business Services, Manufacturing, Medical, Financial Services
    • Team size: 250-999 experts
    • Portfolio: Kent County Tourism Corporation, Cleveland Brothers, Resource Furniture

    4. Straight North 

    Top SEO companies

    Straight North is one of the best full-service SEO firms for creating both offline collateral materials as well as online marketing campaigns. Its adept team of industry experts amalgamated with its one-of-its-kind AI-driven budget management technology, will make your business stand apart from the rest.

    Straight North supervises not only complex search engine optimization campaigns for large clients but also offers first-rate, tailor-made internet marketing campaigns and websites to cater to small businesses.

    • Founding year: 1997
    • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, USA
    • Services and expertise: SEO, web development, web design (UI/UX), advertising, link earning & development
    • Industries: Automotive, Education, Financial Services, Hospitality & leisure
    • Team size: 50-249 experts
    • Portfolio: Hub Group, UPS, HomeAdvisor, Clover, Harvard, Conduent Inc.

    5. IndeedSEO 

    Top SEO companies

    IndeedSEO is represented by the most stellar SEO consultants assisting domestic as well as global clients in promoting and expanding their businesses through groundbreaking SEO strategies. It has been consistently serving brands across a wide range of industries, fostering their marketing campaigns and giving them a competitive edge by applying result-driven digital marketing solutions.

    A leading SEO consulting services provider, IndeedSEO has carved out its brand name over the decade as a highly dependable and trustworthy partner.

    • Founding year: 2012
    • Headquarters: Mohali, Punjab, India
    • Services and expertise: SEO, pay-per-click ads, social media marketing, link earning, website development
    • Industries: Real Estate, Advertising & Marketing, Arts, Entertainment & Music, Business Services, Consumer Products & Services
    • Team size: 50-249 experts
    • Portfolio: Mazda, Nissan, Baker Collins, Dumont Paris, Belvidere Vodka

    6. Big Leap 

    best set experts

    Established with the primary motive of presenting its clients with a reliable source of sustainable and organic online growth, Big Leap is widely known for its search engine optimization services, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and online marketing.

    Employing a perfect blend of tactics for enhancing clients’ online footprint, Big Leap firmly believes in trustful relationships and long-term success to increase your revenue and generate more leads.

    • Founding year: 2008
    • Headquarters: Lehi, Utah, USA
    • Services and expertise: SEO, content development, local search, link earning, on-site optimization, reputation management
    • Industries: Business Services, IT, Medical, eCommerce, Education, Consumer Products & Services
    • Team size: 50-249 experts
    • Portfolio: Avis Budget Car Rental, Visionworks, Nu Skin Enterprises, Empire Today, Alphagraphics

    7. Delante 

    Top SEO organizations

    Delante is one of the most sought-after international SEO agencies that execute hands-on SEO strategies for kick-starting clients’ digital operations. Using a KPI-oriented approach, Delante promises to deliver consistently noteworthy SEO results for your businesses by applying modern techniques.

    Their SEO activities involve direct cooperation with clients to personalize their user experience and help them fulfill their business goals. Delante takes pride in offering foreseeable growth in organic traffic generation and brand visibility of the global brands.

    • Founding year: 2014
    • Headquarters: Krakow, Malopolskie, Poland
    • Services and expertise: on-site optimization, link building, content development, local SEO services, SEO consulting, pay-per-click ads
    • Industries: eCommerce, Business services, IT, Manufacturing, Financial Services
    • Team size: 10-49 experts
    • Portfolio: SoLovelyBox, Dr. Irena Eris, Best Western, Notino, Paul Rich

    8. Exaalgia
    best seo company

    Exaalgia is one of the top-rated SEO companies in the USA. Their team recognizes the individuality of every business to customize SEO and web development services according to each client’s specific needs. They go above and beyond to create a visually stunning website that is optimized according to over 200 known variables from Google’s algorithms.

    Exaalgia’s Phoenix SEO experts are eager to assist you in creating a personalized digital marketing strategy that will not only capture your target market but also outshine your competitors. They’ll help you dominate the online landscape and increase traffic to your website, which ultimately leads to more sales.

    Reach out to them to discuss your requirements and explore how their tailored services can propel your business to new heights.

    • Founding year: 2012
    • Headquarters: Gilbert, AZ, USA
    • Services and expertise: on-page optimization, link building, local SEO, mobile optimization, Search Engine Marketing, SEO consulting, PPC, content optimization, web design, social media marketing
    • Industries: Advertising & Marketing, IT, eCommerce, Business Services
    • Team size: 10-49 experts
    • Portfolio: Vitasave, Cruisenation, Evetech, Titanrig, Gray

    9. Online Marketing Gurus 

    Top SEO organizations

    One of the most respected SEO consultants in the industry, the team of Online Marketing Gurus dedicatedly works towards improving the SEO rankings of its clientele.

    With an incomparable evidence-based approach, Online Marketing Gurus believes in investing in its own Research and Development departments for formulating and testing its SEO-based strategies. 

    Moreover, it has been compiling its own innovative set of search engine optimization tools to take on prospective online marketing challenges.

    • Founding year: 201
    • Headquarters: Crows Nest, New South Wales, Australia
    • Services and expertise: SEO, advertising, web design, link building, pay-per-click ads, Facebook marketing, marketing analytics, big data
    • Industries: Advertising & marketing, Business services, Consumer products & services, Education, Financial Services, IT
    • Team size: 50-249 experts
    • Portfolio: Calvin Klein, Fujitsu, Winc, Tommy Hilfiger, 2XU, Noni B, Artline

    10. Manta

    best SEO services

    Manta is one of the largest online marketing services providers and, in the truest sense, the trailblazing SEO company for small businesses and the world’s leading enterprises. Its goal is to empower clients’ businesses to accomplish their full potential by:

    • implementing effective SEO techniques
    • improving online visibility and marketability
    • building and strengthening their brand
    • customizing their profile page

    Manta’s SEO-based products and services are not only highly effective but also easy to comprehend, especially for small-scale business owners.

    • Founding year: 1997
    • Headquarters: Lehi, Utah, USA
    • Services and expertise: SEO, web development, web design (UI/UX), advertising
    • Industries: Dental, Law Firms, HVAC, Business services, Construction, Retail
    • Team size: 250-999 experts
    • Portfolio: Ivanti, JD Power, Alegria Shoes, 11th Street Coffee, Decisions Inc.

    11. Victorious 

    Top SEO organizations

    Victorious is the kind of SEO marketing agency that exclusively emphasizes delivering traffic-boosting through the use of conversion-focused SEO services. 

    The firm generates organic traffic for its clients’ websites by working on six SEO discipline areas, including keyword research, SEO audit, SEO strategy and analytics, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and SEO content services.

    What makes Victorious one of the best SEO services is its ability to blend cutting-edge technology and active people participating in breaching the ultra-competitive search channel. Thus, helping its clients achieve a lucrative ROI in a few months that would otherwise take several years.

    • Founding year: 2012
    • Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA
    • Services and expertise: SEO strategies for niche businesses, thorough competitive analysis, sound backlink acquisition strategies
    • Industries: eCommerce, SaaS, Fashion, Travel, Advertising, Real Estate, Law, News Publishers, Art, Entertainment & Music
    • Team size: 50-249 experts
    • Portfolio: Salesforce, GoFundMe, Wayfair, Flipboard, Kilpfolio, Groupon, Topgolf 


    As stated by HubSpot, 60% of marketers claim that inbound marketing (SEO, blog content, etc.) leads to their highest quality of leads. 

    Therefore, hiring SEO experts who are trustworthy, cost-effective, and dedicated to your business’s success is the task of the top priority

    Do you also own a company that offers top-notch SEO professionals and wish to get featured in this list? Contact us by email, and after a quick review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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