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    Top Legal AI Tools For Lawyers And Attorneys

    AI plays a crucial role in driving transformative changes across various industries, and the legal sector is no exception.

    So, what advantages does the legal industry gain from the adoption of AI tools for attorneys and lawyers?

    AI is revolutionizing the legal landscape by automating tasks such as document review, contract analysis, and legal research, freeing up time for lawyers to focus on high-value activities. AI tools also offer decision support to identify potential risks, ensure adherence to regulations, and refine case strategies, leading to more successful outcomes and reduced legal exposure for firms and their clients.

    Additionally, artificial intelligence improves business efficiency and scalability by streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration among legal teams, and enabling companies to handle larger caseloads with fewer resources.

    Good enough reasons to consider introducing AI technology into your legal practice right away? Read on.

    In this article, we list the top legal AI tools that offer a broad range of features designed to address the unique needs and solve the challenges of legal professionals.

    The Best AI Tools For Empowering Law Firms

    1. AI Lawyer

    AI Lawyer Top Legal AI Tools For Layers And Attorneys

    AI Lawyer is one of the best legal AI tools in the market. It grants lawyers more free time by streamlining daily tasks such as research and documentation, allowing them to focus on strategic activities. In January 2024, AI Lawyer achieved the esteemed recognition of “Product of the Day,” highlighting its high customer demand.

    With over 250 5-star reviews, AI Lawyer provides significant benefits for users, such as cost reduction, a 75% reduction in time spent on routine tasks, and lightning-fast services. Additionally, they guarantee 24/7 customer support to make sure all your concerns are covered immediately. 

    AI Lawyer is the ultimate solution for law students, law firms, and individuals needing legal assistance. Its core features encompass AI-powered legal research, document management, versatile multi-platform accessibility, and customizable options tailored to your preferences, ensuring maximum convenience and flexibility.

    Key features of AI Lawyer: 

    • Ask AI lawyer
    • AI document handling
    • Internet-powred tool
    • Multi-platform
    • Personalization


    AI Lawyer offers three fixed plans along with custom options:

    • Just ask: $5.99 per week
    • Golden Choice: $11.99 per month 
    • Big Case: $59.99 per year
    • Enterprise: contact sales to find out the custom price for your organization

    2. LexisNexis

    LexisNexis Top Legal AI Tools For Layers And Attorneys

    LexisNexis is the most robust legal AI software designed to enhance productivity and elevate work quality. It comes with a plethora of features, including summarization, search capabilities, drafting assistance, and seamless document uploading. LexisNexis’s legal AI assistant is a go-to choice for small and large law firms, big corporate teams, in-house counsel, government, and nonprofit and academic sections. 

    This prominent AI tool for lawyers stands out not only for its advanced features but also for its extensive safety measures. For your legal practices, you’ll be offered the most suitable and secure AI solutions available.

    Key features of LexisNexis:

    • Conversational search 
    • Drafts in moments
    • Accurate and complete summarization
    • Uploading and analyzing documents 


    You can sign up for your Lexis + AI tools for a 2-day free trial. For more information about pricing, contact LexisNexis directly.

    3. Latch

    Latch Top Legal AI Tools For Layers And Attorneys

    Next up is Latch, a highly favored AI lawyer app that streamlines the process of contract review. With Latch, you can effortlessly review contracts, generate instant summaries, and access compromise language from your Clause Library, making legal tasks more efficient and manageable.

    Latch has earned the trust of globally recognized companies such as WordPress, Spreetail, Kaplan, Stealth, McCollister’s, and many more. If you’re looking to streamline your legal work by saving time, effort, and costs in your organization, schedule a demo of Latch today and experience the benefits of the best AI legal document assistant out there.

    Key features of Latch:

    • Review contracts
    • Modify language
    • Summarize agreements 
    • Question-based search


    Contact Latch to find out more about its pricing plans or request a demo.


    best AI legal tool is an innovative AI platform built from the ground up to empower legal professionals and the clients they serve. Leveraging the power of extensively trained databases and a meticulously crafted AI legal assistant, is committed to revolutionizing the practice of law.

    At the core of’s mission is the democratization of access to justice. Crafted by a dedicated team of experts, the AI legal assistant harnesses cutting-edge technology to enhance legal workflows, streamline processes, and deliver unparalleled efficiency. From automated document analysis to predictive legal research,’s suite of digital transformation services equips lawyers with the tools and free legal templates they need to navigate an increasingly complex legal landscape.

    Ensuring the utmost security of GPT API calls hosted on AWS, is backed by Amazon Web Services’s robust infrastructure. All API communications are encrypted using industry-standard protocols, safeguarding confidential legal data from unauthorized access. 

    With a steadfast commitment to results-based digital transformation, is revolutionizing the practice of law, empowering legal professionals to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional service to their clients.

    Key features of AI Lawyer: 

    • AI contract drafting
    • Legal research
    • Contract review automation
    • Semantic search
    • Legal case database
    • Free contract templates


    • Student (Free) – $0 (edu email required)
    • Free – $0 Email Registered (corp email required)
    • AI Counsel – $49 /user/month, $25/month for sub-users
    • GPT Contract Drafter – $99 /user/month

    5. Relativity

    Relativity Top Legal AI ToolsWelcome to Relatively, a company providing advanced eDiscovery and AI legal research tools powered by smart technologies, robust security, and 24/7 support. Relatively effectively supports 198 out of the top 200 firms listed in the AmLaw 200, demonstrating its proficiency and success in the market.

    Their extensive capabilities span across eDiscovery, case strategy, ECA & investigations, privilege review, and contract review. If you’re looking to expand your practice with confidence, save time with AI, and operate more efficiently, Relatively’s AI for lawyers is the ideal solution.

    Key features of Relativity:

    • Legal document review
    • eDiscovery support
    • Case prediction
    • Contract analysis and management
    • Legal research assistance 
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Integration with legal software 


    Contact Relatively for its flexible pricing plans.

    6. CoCounsel by Casetext

    Casetext Top Legal AI Tools

    Powered by GPT-4, CoCounsel is one of the most reliable legal AI assistants. It can help you with document review, deposition preparation, contract analysis, and quick timeline creation. 

    Since 2013, Casetext has been offering its AI software to law firms, transactional attorneys, and in-house legal departments, earning the trust of Am Law 100 firms. As a pioneering company at the forefront of legal tech innovation, Casetext provides exclusive access to its top-tier AI solutions to achieve tangible results.

    Key features of Casetext:

    • Fast-track legal research
    • Document review
    • Automate contract revision 
    • Legal research 


    Contact Casetext to find out more about its pricing plans or request a demo.

    7. Westlaw Edge

    Westlaw Edge Top Legal AI Tools

    Westlaw Edge is indeed one of the best AI for lawyers and attorneys. It helps you serve clients better than ever before by leveraging AI legal research tools, litigation analytics, KeyCite overruling risk, and legal AI chatbots. Westlaw Edge provides comprehensive pricing options tailored to the specific requirements of law firms, general counsel, and government entities.

    What’s more, Westlaw Edge has received numerous awards and accolades, including being recognized as the #1 Online Legal Research Provider by The National Law Journal, The Legal Intelligencer, and The Recorder.

    Key features of Westlaw Edge:

    • WestSearch Plus 
    • Quick check 
    • Litigation analytics 
    • KeyCite overruling risk


    The company offers three paid plans:

    • Westlaw Edge Single State Primary Law: $194.40 per month 
    • Westlaw Edge All States Primary Law: $264.80 per month 
    • Westlaw Edge Single State And Federal Primary Law: $334.40 per month 

    Additionally, you can add some extra features or request a free trial to explore Westlaw Edge AI assistant.

    8. Everlaw

    Everlaw Top Legal AI Tools

    Being one of the top AI lawyer apps, Everlaw helps resolve legal issues 10 times faster. The company specializes in the following use cases: eDiscovery, early case assessment, legal holds, trial preparation, data privacy, internal investigations, FOIA, and public records. 

    Whether you require rapid AI document summaries, robust initial drafts, or document review, Everlaw’s advanced suite of legal AI tools and chatbots can fulfill all these requirements. Its customer beta is currently accessible, allowing you to experience Everlaw firsthand!

    Key features of Everlaw:

    • Summaries and metrics 
    • Drafts in seconds 
    • Documents review 


    When choosing Everlaw as your AI assistant, you’ll get transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Contact Everlaw to find out more. 

    9. Leah

    Leah Top Legal AI Tools

    Leah by ContractPodAi offers powerful AI tools for lawyers that are designed exclusively for legal and compliance use cases. It’s user-friendly, high-quality, and accurate software that greatly assists law firms, divorce mediators, and corporate legal teams in saving time while managing multiple projects.

    Leah’s services encompass AI legal document summarization, generating initial drafts, redlining, extracting information, synthesizing data, and uncovering connections that might be overlooked by a human. Crafted to drive efficiency, the tool boosts productivity and offers guidance through its built-in legal helpdesk, streamlining claims processing and optimizing workflows.

    Key features of Leah:

    • Quick drafting
    • Dynamic extraction library 
    • Documents analysis 
    • AI-powered legal helpdesk
    • Playbooks
    • Redline 
    • Simple analytics and management 


    Contact ContractPodAi to find out more about its pricing plans or request a demo.

    10. ROSS Intelligence

    ROSS Intelligence Top Legal AI Tools For Layers And Attorneys

    ROSS Intelligence is a leading AI legal software that provides lawyers with a comprehensive suite of intelligent tools. Renowned as the go-to resource for legal news, updates on the law, and advancements in legal technology, it offers exclusive insights and support for legal professionals.

    All ROSS Intelligence subscriptions cover federal and state case law, specialty court, tribunal, and administrative decisions. With ROSS’s AI tools for lawyers, you gain the capability to analyze legal documents, seek answers to your legal queries, automatically summarize complex legal texts, and delve into past cases that have faced criticism or been overturned.

    Key features of ROSS Intelligence:

    • Question-based search
    • Find similar language
    • Document analysis 
    • Question-focused documents overview 
    • Case treatments
    • Internet coverage


    ROSS Intelligence offers three paid pricing plans for $89.00, $79.00, and $69.00 per month or billed annually. You can also start with a 14-day free trial to try ROSS Intelligent Legal Assistant in action. 

    11. Lawgeex

    Lawgeex Top Legal AI Tools

    Trusted by eBay, Pepsi, UBS, Credit Agricole, and other giant companies, Lawgeexis is indeed one of the best legal AI tools for lawyers and attorneys. With Lawgeex’s contract automation solutions, you can achieve up to 80% time and cost savings without any need for management adjustments.

    Moreover, Lawgeex distinguishes itself from competitors by comprehensively understanding both the contractual context and your specific position, going beyond simply flagging unacceptable clauses. Employing this legal AI software is just like having the support of a seasoned attorney, operating swiftly and accurately.

    Key features of Lawgeex:

    • Contract review automation 
    • AI-powered platform 
    • Analytics
    • Digital playbook 


    Contact Lawgeex to find out more about its pricing plans or request a demo.


    With AI-driven technology support, you can focus on delivering top-notch legal services to your clients while minimizing risks and maximizing outcomes. So why wait? 

    Incorporate the best AI tools for attorneys and lawyers today and take your legal practice to the next level. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a larger firm, the listed AI legal software can help you stay organized, compliant, and competitive in today’s fast-paced legal landscape.

    If you want to add your AI legal software to this list, contact us by email with your request or submit a form in the Top Choices section. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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