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    Top Webflow Websites For Your Design Inspiration

    Finding inspiration for your next web design is not such a challenging quest, with so many exciting projects existing today. 

    If you’re currently looking for some cool ideas for your new Webflow website, you’ve come to the right place. We have created a list of top Webflow websites with amazing design solutions, be it trendy fonts, mind-blowing colors, or killer animations. Every click and scroll will leave you in awe.

    Enjoy the best Webflow website examples with us!

    WOW-Inspiring Websites Built With Webflow

    1. SVZ Design

    Top Webflow Websites

    Let’s start our list with a renowned Webflow development company, SVZ Design. From the first look at their homepage, you can instantly tell – they know what they’re doing. What’s more, SVZ Design is a 2022 & 2023 Webflow Awards finalist in the Agency Partner — Enterprise Partner of The Year category, proving they’re capable of creating the best Webflow websites for clients (and themselves).

    The black background paired with white text is the eternal trend, ensuring perfect readability. The main animation on the homepage features various shapes dynamically interacting with a small ball – a mesmerizing spectacle that holds your attention. The combination of Nunito Sans and Noto Serif JP fonts not only enhances legibility but also adds a distinctive charm to the website.

    Despite the absence of an overwhelming array of design features, the webpage boasts a clean UI that spotlights essential information and call-to-actions. This San Francisco-based agency has accumulated exclusive web design expertise over 10 years to create visually stunning, customized websites with Webflow.

    Things we love about this Webflow web design:

    • Solid color contrast
    • Engaging animation
    • Font harmony

    2. Jrny

    Top Webflow Websites

    Jrny is a next-gen UK platform that empowers renters to build fractional ownership in their homes, allowing them to move in immediately while simultaneously building wealth. But let’s talk about its fantastic website design.

    Jrny’s website is all about seamless navigation. A creamy backdrop, paired with the Desmon and Inter fonts, creates effortlessly stylish appeal. The UX is enhanced by cozy-colored buttons, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly interface.

    And with delightful drawings and art, the site offers a visually engaging and pleasant environment. Notably, the entire strategy, brand, and design of Jrny were skillfully created by SVZ Design, a leader in Webflow development. 

    With the “Own Sweet Home” tagline, Jrny’s website not only boasts a cozy design but also resonates with concise copy, substantiating its commitment to providing a warm and inviting digital experience.

    Things we love about this Webflow web design:

    • Incredibly cute color scheme translating the brand’s mission
    • Engaging heading
    • Easy navigation
    • Combination of photos with custom infographics
    • Built-in calculator

    3. Instead

    Top Webflow Websites

    Instead is an AI-driven platform that helps companies identify and document qualified projects for R&D tax credits. So, of course, the design is appropriate – crisp UI with a white background.

    The text on Instead’s platform is elegantly showcased using the refined Lato font in a timeless black, complemented by strategically placed touches of vibrant green. This isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a deliberate choice to ensure optimal readability and skillfully guide the user’s focus to essential information, encouraging decisive actions.

    If your FinTech, IT, real estate, legal, or consulting business is on the lookout for website inspiration, Instead stands out as a prime example of seamless functionality and discreet aesthetics. Instead is another brilliant Webflow example that was curated from start to finish by SVZ Design. 

    Things we love about this Webflow web design:

    • Fresh and modern UI
    • Easy-to-navigate interface
    • Skillful use of fonts
    • Engaging animations
    • Explanation of complex topics in a simple way

    4. Creative Corner Studio 

    webflow agency

    Creative Corner Studio brings you exactly what its name suggests — the moment you land on their website, you’ll be inspired. A carefully chosen tagline welcomes you, setting the stage for the visual journey.

    With a soothing creamy background, the elegant black text allows users to instantly find the necessary information. The choice of the fancy and catchy Craftwork Grotest font not only maintains but also elevates a sophisticated mood in design. Creative Corner Studio has a subtle yet impactful detail — dashed lines to outline the most important information, adding a nice touch to the overall composition.

    The agency specializes in delivering top-notch Webflow web design services to clients worldwide, so it’s no surprise they’ve crafted an impressive website for themselves. 

    Things we love about this Webflow web design:

    • Sophisticated font choice
    • Visual harmony of the colors
    • Attention to detail
    • Eye-pleasing animations

    5. Belchoice

    Top Webflow Websites

    A leader in the field of Webflow development, the Belchoice website is another great Webflow example of the highest quality.

    With the “less is more” approach, this website employs a thoughtful combination of minimal copy, non-obtrusive images, and playful animations, creating an impactful, user-centric experience. This intentional simplicity ensures that every element serves a purpose, making the user journey both streamlined and memorable.

    The design palette of the Belchoice website is a study in sophistication. Set against a sleek black background, the main colors of the text—light blue, green, yellow, and red—contribute to a visually striking and harmonious aesthetic. Each color is thoughtfully chosen to evoke specific emotions, fostering a connection between the user and the content.

    Typography plays a pivotal role in the visual identity of Belchoice, with the Unbounded and DM Sans fonts lending a modern and clean elegance to the overall presentation. These fonts not only enhance readability but also contribute to the website’s clean and professional appearance.

    Things we love about this Webflow web design:

    • Minimalistic design
    • Great use of geometric figures
    • Intuitive navigation
    • Non-obtrusive animations

    6. Unico Connect

    Top Webflow Websites

    Next in line for your website design inspiration is Unico Connect. This forward-thinking design & development team leverages the power of Webflow to transform clients’ ideas into stunning products. And you can get a sneak peek of their work and expertise directly on their website.

    Keeping the website straightforward yet highly effective, Unico lets the visitors focus on the main thing – information. Utilizing a single font, Inter, but playing with its variations, such as Inter Bold, Inter Medium, Inter Light, or Inter Regular, Unico achieves complete web design consistency.

    With pops of green, blue, yellow, and red, the team introduces a vibrant touch to the overall aesthetic. This strategic use of colors adds dynamism and visual interest to the design without overwhelming the user. Another noteworthy part of this innovative website is the exciting scrolling effects on one screen.

    Things we love about this Webflow web design:

    • Great color schemes with vibrant accents
    • Consistent design
    • Exciting scrolling effects
    • Excellent website structure with dedicated service landing pages

    7. HighFlyers 

    Top Webflow Resources

    Developed by Unico Connect, HighFlyers embodies a design that speaks in metaphors.

    Light blue, in this context, can symbolize trust, reliability, and professionalism. It aligns with the idea that HighFlyers is a reliable source for industry insights and reviews. Yellow is associated with energy, positivity, and optimism, which are vital for successful career growth. This color also represents the vibrant community and positive networking experiences that HighFlyers aims to offer.

    For the typography, Montserrat font takes the lead, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication to HighFlyers’ visual narrative. 

    Things we love about this Webflow web design:

    • Color symbolism
    • A logo reflecting the brand idea
    • Strategic use of imagery to complement brand identity
    • Great CTAs

    8. Base Camp

    Top Webflow Resources

    You certainly wouldn’t wanna miss this one of the best Webflow sites to get your portion of inspiration. Being Singapore’s IT recruitment agency, Base Camp brings the adventure of trekking into its services.

    Just like badges earned in scouting, the agency showcases its core values on the page. The color palette, featuring purple and dark colors, gives off the sophistication of their services. The website uses the elegant Raleway and the geometric Tomorrow fonts, creating a visually pleasing appeal.

    Highlighting its IT services, the Base Camp header turns into a code symphony—pretty cool, right? In the Base Camp landscape, clear CTAs guide users seamlessly through their exploration. Rich in illustrations, Base Camp is not only a beautiful website but also an immersive experience designed to enhance user engagement and project understanding.

    Things we love about this Webflow web design:

    • Rich illustrations
    • Immersive storytelling
    • Engaging microinteractions

    9. Emma

    Top Webflow Resources

    Emma, the life insurance company, represents its services through an appealing Webflow website. 

    With soft colors, this website welcomes you into a cozy world of warmth and reassurance. Through carefully crafted illustrations featuring families with children, the agency has woven a narrative that resonates with trust from the very first glance.

    As for fonts – simple and sleek Mark-OT-Heavy font, Apercu Pro, combined with the graceful lines of Sofia Pro, creates a stylish and trusty online presence. Highlighted CTA buttons guide your journey, ensuring that the website isn’t just visually pleasing but also effortlessly navigable. 

    Things we love about this Webflow web design:

    • Cozy colors 
    • Family-centric narrative
    • Simple fonts and highlighted CTAs

    10. Roast Like Sherlock

    Top Webflow Resources

    Roast Like Sherlock is one of the most original, interactive, and downright fun websites made with Webflow that we’ve seen. Just as the name suggests, the website sends you straight to Sherlock and Watson, introducing two professional UX detectives ready to help you fix your UX design.

    Using FK Screamer and Bookmania fonts, the website’s visual design goes beyond the ordinary. As you navigate, prepare to be captivated by the limitless scrolling capabilities – watch as the old typewriter appears and types an entire sheet of paper filled with classified information that can be revealed with a text reveal function. 

    But the excitement doesn’t stop there. For those who manage to scroll to the very end, a bit of detective work awaits – if you uncover a hidden clue, you’ll be rewarded with a generous 10% off their services. The whole website is packed with enticing features, offering a delightful exploration that can easily keep you engaged for hours.

    Things we love about this Webflow web design:

    • Interactive design
    • Incentivizing engagement
    • Vintage element for a nostalgic tough
    • Killer animations and scrolling effects

    11. Superlist

    Top Webflow Resources

    Superlist is a task manager app that allows teams to streamline their productivity and effectively organize their personal activities. Navigating this website is as intuitive as using the app, underscoring the simplicity that awaits when you choose Superlist for your task management needs.

    The website itself is a visual delight. Dark backgrounds transition to a white tagline before quickly turning into a vibrant red backdrop with sleek black typography. This intentional play of color grabs your attention the moment you open the website, setting the stage for an engaging visual journey.

    As you scroll down, various dynamic animations pop up, showing you little sneak peeks of the Superlist’s cool features. Different arrows, pointers, and other highlights guide you through this interactive showcase, keeping you engaged and eager to explore more. 

    Things we love about this Webflow web design:

    • Feature showcase
    • Effortless navigation
    • Unique and modern typography
    • Bold colors


    Now, let your inspiration overflow. These Webflow website examples are just a glimpse into the design landscape. Your creativity has no limits! So, take these insights and create your own Webflow site that resonates with your goals, mission, and vision.

    Do you think we missed some fantastic site that deserves a spot in our list of the best Webflow websites? Email us with your suggestion; our team will analyze it and decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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