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    Top Software Consulting Firms To Hire In 2024

    With the ongoing increase in the complexity of technology and software solutions, there is a high demand for experienced IT consulting firms.

    Software consulting firms specialize in providing expert advice and services aimed at achieving high-quality software design and development, product maintenance, and optimization. Thus, hiring IT consulting experts is a smart approach when you plan a brand-new application or website or you want to identify potential gaps and areas for improvement of your existing systems, along with streamlining processes to boost your organization’s overall efficiency.

    In this article, we overview the top software consulting companies in 2024 to help you find the best-fit technical partner. Whether you’re the owner of a startup, SMB, or enterprise, these seasoned experts possess decades of experience and are ready to share their best practices to help you adapt to new technologies, ensuring your software infrastructure operates flawlessly and remains up-to-date.

    The Best Software Consulting Companies For Efficient Digital Transformation

    1. SovTech 

    Top Software Development CompaniesOne of the best software development companies in South Africa and beyond, SovTech has also earned its reputation as the top software consulting firm offering subscription-based access to 8,000+ top-tier tech experts. SovTech is an excellent partner for clients seeking reliable IT assistance, whether in mobile and web app development, software creation, or product maintenance.

    With fixed monthly fees, clients benefit from cost-effective packages that can be easily adjusted to match project requirements at any point of the cooperation. Such an exclusive approach allows SovTech to kick off projects 3x faster than the global average, starting from just 21 days compared to the usual 9 weeks.

    In addition, SovTech’s team of top engineers, designers, QA testers, and business analysts has earned countless awards from Clutch, GoodFirms, and TechBehemoths. So, if you’re searching for leaders in the industry who will help you solve real problems with a unique, professional, and proven approach, SovTech should be your top choice in 2024. You can learn more about their services by booking a free demo.

    • Services & expertise: software development, app development, web development, software maintenance 
    • Tech stack: Javascript, Node.js, C#, Python, .NET, React, Java, and others
    • Team size: 8,000+ professionals
    • Industries they serve: FinTech, eCommerce, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Logistics, Automotive, and others
    • Clients: Canon, Huawei, Deloitte, Wolksvagen, Vector, and others

    2. Scalo

    Scalo ConsultingBased in Poland, Scalo is one of the best software consulting firms in 2024. During 15 years of experience in the tech sector,  they’ve gathered a ton of unique insights from numerous projects and accomplishments. 

    If you’re about to launch a new SaaS venture or build a business website and need expert advice – Scalo is a reliable partner! Moreover, Scalo can assist you in acquiring elusive software skills, optimizing software development processes within your organization, and overcoming technological roadblocks.

    Scalo’s software consulting services cover business analysis, software assessment, software design and technology, and UI/X consulting. Enlist the support of this award-winning software house to bridge the gap between your vision and ideal software solutions! 

    • Services & expertise: web and mobile app development, UI/UX design, modernization and migration, QA and testing, cloud services, embedded solutions, IT staff augmentation, and software consulting
    • Tech stack: .NET, Java, Python, C#, PHP, C/C++, NodeJS, JavaScript, Angular, React
    • Team size: 600+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Finance and Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Aviation, Media and Entertainment, eCommerce
    • Clients: Discovery, Interia, BNP Paribas, Santander, ING, Asseco

    3. Future Processing

    Future Processing Consulting

    With 23+ years of experience, Future Processing provides comprehensive IT consulting services from A to Z, enhancing clients’ business operations and optimizing costs. Their 100+ software consultants can become your reliable advisors on effective product strategy, software engineering, and system audit.

    Future Processing has partnered with over 250 clients worldwide, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, completing 700+ projects in total. Recognized as one of the top European software companies by Clutch and TechReviewer, Future Processing is your trustworthy partner for delivering innovative, best-in-class digital products.

    • Services & expertise: software development, software consulting, cybersecurity, cloud engineering, AI/ML, digital product discovery and design
    • Tech stack: .NET, Java, React, Angular, C++, PHP, Python, NodeJS
    • Team size: 1000+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, Automotive, IT, Marketing, Media, Nonprofit, Transportation, Utilities
    • Clients: Steamship Mutual, Pulsion, Demica, Flowbird, Autostrady

    4. Globaldev Group

    Globaldev Group software consulting companiesGlobaldev Group is a progressive software development company focused on implementing innovative digital trends across industries and geographies. With their strong devotion to high standards of documentation, design, and code and a lust for moving the boundaries, their development crew goes into providing leading-edge software to allow startups, product companies, and enterprises to succeed in the fast-changing digital arena.

    Through its fundamental business units of Team Extension and Project Engineering, the company delivers a full complement of digital services aligned to address the varied requirements of its partners. Today, their teams in Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and Israel are bringing together expertise in web & intranet solutions, mobile solutions, cloud migration, data & analytics, data annotation, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, DevOps & high-load systems. 

    Since 2011, Globaldev Group has been more than just a tech partner. The company is a strategic companion engaged in helping others accomplish their business objectives. Whether you’re looking for a team to swiftly and painlessly close your capacity and technology gaps or a full-cycle development crew to design custom software, Globaldev Group has the expertise and dedication you need.

    • Services & expertise: web app development, mobile app development (native, cross-platform), business analysis, quality assurance, UX/UI design, project management, cloud migration, data & analytics, data annotation, ML & AI, DevOps & high-load systems
    • Tech stack: Python, Node.JS, GO, Ruby, Java, React, Angular Javascript, Typescript, C#, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, Objective C, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, Amazon RDS, AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku, Docker, Dokku
    • Team size: 350+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Healthcare & pharmaceutical, Fintech & banking, Energy & utility, Retail & eCommerce, eLearning
    • Clients: Teva, BudgetThuis, Gentrack, Tarya, Pliant, Tyler Technologies, ECIT, YOC, endios, Axonlab,, LEM, Hoopit, eLoan Warehouse, Mesh, Atruchecks, Healthtech Ventures

    5. Digis

    Digis Consulting

    Holding numerous awards and accolades, Digis is the best software development consulting firm founded in 2015. Their IT consultancy offerings include technical due diligence, project management, data analytics, business intelligence, discovery phase, and digital transformation.

    As Digis hires highly experienced and skilled specialists, you’ll be provided with the top candidates within 24 hours. Moreover, the company offers a two-week trial period for its clients, demonstrating the complete confidence in the quality of their services and solutions.

    • Services & expertise: software consulting, web and mobile app development, eCommerce development, UI/UX design, AI/ML, blockchain development, chatbot development, cloud and DevOps services, IT staff augmentation
    • Tech stack: Agular, React, VueJS, .NET, Java, Laravel, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Scala, Flutter, React Native
    • Team size: 200+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Fintech, Automotive, Healthcare, eCommerce, Media and Entertainment, Education, GIS
    • Clients: BlaBlaCar, HubSpot, Humo, Dario, Connectbase, Kargo, Gemlightbox

    6. Sombra

    Sombra software consulting

    The best software consultants from Sombra help clients overcome technical challenges ranging from the lack of clear product vision and software development expertise to software malfunction and bad user experience. 

    Started 10 years ago in Ukraine, Sombra has grown to 270+ employees, offering bespoke software development solutions for businesses worldwide. Through their strategic IT consultancy, you’ll receive a comprehensive action plan, complete software support, reduced time to market, and, importantly, cost optimization for your business.

    • Services & expertise: software development, software modernization, software consulting, dedicated teams, product design, DevOps and cloud, business analysis, QA and testing
    • Tech stack: Java, NodeJS, .NET, Python, Angular, ReactJS, Cordova, Ionic, Kotlin, Swift, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
    • Team size: 270+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Banking and Finance, Logistics, Energy, Telecommunications, Healthcare, eCommerce
    • Clients: Wifinity, Oanda, Womply, Remindee, Vesmir Inc.

    7. Yalantis

    Yalantis IT consulting

    With offices in Poland, Ukraine, Cyprus, and Estonia, Yaantis is one of the best software consulting companies specializing in advanced technologies such as IoT, blockchain, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The company’s 74% annual growth confirms its professionalism and top-quality services.

    With Yalantis, you can effortlessly identify product development bottlenecks, uncover new lucrative revenue streams, pinpoint operational process deficiencies, and receive an exclusive software improvement roadmap.

    • Services & expertise: custom software development, web and mobile app development, software consulting, digital transformation, IoT, data science, blockchain development, AI/ML, cybersecurity, big data
    • Tech stack: React Native, Firebase, Cloudflare, Expo, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, Unity, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Snowflake, Oracle, Salesforce, Python, React, AWS
    • Team size: 500+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Fintech, Healthcare, Automotive, Transportation, Manufacturing, Smart Home, Energy and Resources, Real Estate
    • Clients: KPMG, Bosch, Toyota, Lifeworks, Healthfully, RAKwireless

    8. Science Soft

    Science Soft software consulting

    Science Softs is the top software consultant firm with expertise based on 3,600 success stories around diversified clients’ needs in the tech sector. They offer the following scope of software consulting services: stack assessment, architecture assessment, design, modernization, selection, development, setup of DevOps processes, QA process setup, business process analysis, and SDLC consulting. 

    Science Soft’s portfolio features numerous prominent software consulting projects in different sectors like manufacturing, finance, science, and healthcare. Choosing this forward-thinking company as your digital partner is undoubtedly a winning decision, especially taking into account 34 years of experience under their belt.

    • Services & expertise: software development, software consulting, web and mobile app development, UI/UX design, infrastructure services, digital transformation, data analytics, managed IT services, outsourcing services, cybersecurity, AL/ML, blockchain 
    • Tech stack: Java, .NET, Python, PHP, Golang, C++, NodeJS, JavaScript, React Native, Microsoft Azure, AWS
    • Team size: 250+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Finance and Banking, Insurance, Landing, Investment, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics and Transportation, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Construction, Travel and Hospitality
    • Clients: Rakuten Viber, Deloitte, Nasa, Nestle, eBay, IBM, AnyDesk

    9. Value Coders

    Value Coders

    Value Coders is known as the best IT consultancy firm in India, boasting 18+ years of tech mastery. Just imagine, the team at Value Coders has completed over 4,200 projects! Their agile approach, streamlined work processes, and continuous commitment to enhanced product quality enable them to provide truly cutting-edge digital solutions.

    Along with the ongoing software consulting, they offer IT strategy, custom software development, digital transformation, QA and testing, maintenance and support, CRM, and data analytics services. Book a free consultation with Value Coders to get project recommendations and estimates.

    • Services & expertise: digital transformation, software consulting, application modernization, custom software development, web and mobile app development, maintenance and support, analytics, DevOps, dedicated teams, outsourcing services, QA and testing, cloud engineering
    • Tech stack: PHP, .NET, Angular, React, Java, VueJS, Flutter, React Native, Python, WordPress
    • Team size: 675+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Healthcare, Travel and Tourism, Banking and Finance, Logistics and Transportation, Retail, eCommerce, Media and Entertainment, Education
    • Clients: Yale University, Dubai Police, Panasonic, Hitachi, Orange Business Services, Infosys

    10. Radix

    Radix web

    Established in 2000, Radix is one of the top software consulting companies worldwide that specializes in delivering innovative solutions for enterprises. Whether you require process automation, the modernization of legacy systems, or the development of sophisticated mobile and web solutions, Radix has the proven expertise to meet all your needs!

    Equipped with the latest tools and following a well-established approach, organizations partnering with Radix achieve significant scalability with minimal investments.

    • Services & expertise: software development, software consulting, digital transformation, maintenance and support, dedicated teams, eCommerce development, web and mobile app development, cloud app development, data analytics, business intelligence, embedded products, DevOps, QA and testing
    • Tech stack: AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, .NET, PHP, Java, C++, C#, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
    • Team size: 250+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Healthcare, eLearning, Fintech, Legaltech, Manufacturing, Retail and eCommerce, Travel and Hospitality
    • Clients: Xerox, Vestiaire Collective, Visiun, APS Marketing Group, Barr Credit Services

    11. Leeway Hertz

    Leeway Hertz

    Leeway Hertz stands as a prominent player among other software consulting firms, showcasing in-depth expertise in Web 3.0, AI, and IoT technologies. They provide distinctive solutions for startups looking to bring their ideas into reality, as well as assist scale-ups and enterprises aiming to maximize ROI.

    In total, Leeway Hertz has 15+ years of experience serving world-famous brands like Hershey’s, 3M, Tezos, ESPN, and others. Employing a 5-step IT consulting process encompassing ideation, analysis, strategy, implementation, and improvements, Leeway Hertz will provide expert insights and incorporate industry best practices to elevate your business to the next level.

    • Services & expertise: software development, software consulting, AI/ML, blockchain development, IoT development, data engineering, IT staff augmentation
    • Tech stack: AngularJS, JavaScript, React, Bootstrap, VueJS, NodeJS, Python, ExpressJS, Java, Golang, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud
    • Team size: 250+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Consumer Electronics, Fintech, Healthcare, Insurance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Education, Travel and Hospitality, On Demand
    • Clients: Hershey’s, Siemens, 3M, Tezos, Filecoin, Klaytn, ESPN

    12. The One Technologies

    The OneTechnologies IT consulting

    The One Technologies is a top software consultant firm with offices in India, Canada, and the USA. Collaborating with TheOne Technologies guarantees access to diverse domain expertise, cost savings, precise analysis, and a significant boost to your business productivity. 

    The company offers a free software development consultation and is ready to deliver comprehensive software consulting services, covering everything from tech stack assessment to setting up the QA process.

    • Services & expertise: software consulting, custom software development, web and mobile app development, eCommerce development, maintenance and support, software testing, IoT, dedicated teams
    • Tech stack: ASP.NET, WordPress, Python, AngularJS, ReactJS, Swift, Ionic, Flutter, Xamarin, React Native, HTML, CSS, WooCommerce, Magento
    • Team size: 250+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Education, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality, Banking and Finance, Retail, Sports, Transportation, Event Management
    • Clients: Posperamo Group, Timberzen, FSI Software, Zontrend, Matchbook, BorderTraffic


    In 2024, making strategic decisions becomes imperative for sustainable business growth. Opting for the support of the best software engineering consulting firms highlighted in this article is undoubtedly a move toward success. 

    Demonstrating their proven track record and expertise, these companies offer an extensive array of software consulting services, aiding organizations across various domains, encompassing top-notch application design, development, and project management.

    If you want to add your company to this list, contact us with your request by email or submit a form in the Top Choices section. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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