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    Top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software For SMBs

    According to a report by Nucleus Research, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can bring you an ROI of $8.71 for every $1 spent.

    Customer relationship management software is an application that streamlines an organization’s management process. It manages and stores all sorts of data from texts and emails to form submissions and documents in a single place, making it easy to look upon whenever required.

    CRMs also provide a common space for business owners, project managers, sales representatives, and clients to interact virtually, saving time and resources and enhancing workflow efficiency.

    There are different types of customer relationship management systems for companies of all sizes, including enterprise CRM systems and CRMs for small businesses. Enterprise CRM systems are used by big firms with a larger workforce and extensive customer base, while the latter provides a similar range of features but for smaller team sizes and sales volumes. However, most modern CRMs have common features like project management, sales tracking and analysis, email marketing, and more. 

    Today, the market offers numerous customer relationship management vendors, and choosing one that meets your business’s requirements may become quite overwhelming. Therefore, to help you out, we have compiled a list of the top CRM software for small businesses and larger companies, comprehensively covering their key info, features, use cases, and pricing. 

    The Best CRM Software For Small Businesses, Applicable For Enterprises

    1. Zoho CRM

    Top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

    Zoho CRM is the first choice of many startups and SMBs due to its impressive features and interactive UI, which makes it easy to use for beginners. 

    It offers a wide range of features, starting with Sales Force Automation to generate website leads and manage workflows. Another top-tier feature is Omnichannel, which lets you contact your leads through email, phone, social media, and other channels. Finally, its comprehensive AI support allows businesses to forecast sales and develop strategies to drive more growth. 

    Key features: 

    • Workflow Automation
    • Analytic and Reports
    • Canvas Design Studio
    • Predictive Sales
    • Marketing Automation
    • 800+ Integrations


    Zoho offers a free plan for up to 3 users with limited features but enough to get started. Other plans include:

    • Standard: It costs $14 per user.
    • Professional: It costs $23 per user.
    • Enterprise: It costs $40 per user.
    • Ultimate: It costs $52 per user.

    So, what are you waiting for? Accelerate your sales with Zoho CRM, one of the top CRM companies on the market.

    2. Salesforce

    Top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

    Salesforce is among the most popular CRM systems in industries like Automotive, Communications, Retail, Finance, Education, Healthcare, and Public Sector. While Salesforce is widely used by enterprises, it also offers CRM solutions for small businesses.

    Salesforce offers Contact Management as well as Lead Management, which helps to generate lists of contacts and hence provides proper insight strategies. It also provides a guided tour for small businesses to help them learn and grow.

    Key features: 

    • Process Automation
    • Quote Management
    • Opportunity Management
    • Reports & Analytics 
    • Sales Cloud
    • Dynamic Dashboards
    • Email Services


    Salesforce offers a 14-day free trial to get started. The paid plans are as follows:

    • Essentials: It costs $25/user/month (billed annually).
    • Professional: A complete CRM plan for any team size. It costs $75/user/month (billed annually).
    • Enterprise: It costs $150/user/month if billed annually.
    • Unlimited: It costs $300/user/month if billed annually.

    3. Pipedrive

    Top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

    Pipedrive is another go-to customer relationship management application for sales and marketing professionals. The reasons that contribute to its excessive client base are its seamless and clean interface and excellent pipeline management. 

    Its top-tier plan provides alerts about suspicious logins and data leaks on the website, making it security-focused. In addition, as a sales CRM, it offers functionalities such as contact management and communication data unification. What’s more, Pipedrive offers 300+ integrations for your ease.

    Key features:

    • Robust customization
    • ML-powered Sales Automation
    • Workflow Automation
    • Visual Sales Pipelines
    • Activity Reminders
    • Reporting & Dashboards
    • Revenue Forecasting


    Pipedrive offers an affordable starting plan along with a 14-day free trial. This is what makes Pipedrive a popular choice among small businesses. The paid plans include the following:

    • Essential: It costs $9.90/month per user.
    • Advanced: It costs $19.90/month per user.
    • Professional: It costs $39.90/month per user.
    • Enterprise: It costs $59.90/month per user.

    4. Salesmate

    Top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

    Salesmate is a top-rated CRM & automation software with a pretty-appealing interface. This CRM solution is best for small businesses looking to drive growth via SMS and phone marketing.

    The application provides impressive engagement tools like smart emails, built-in calling, and a drag-and-drop email builder. Along with that, it offers extensive sales tracking mechanisms and tools.

    The list of its features is long and probably comprises every tool you may need to drive growth for your business.

    Key features:

    • Lead & Prospect Management
    • Sales Pipeline Tracking
    • Meeting & Emails Scheduler
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Sales Automation
    • Sales Intelligence & Reports
    • 700+ Integrations


    Salesmate offers 15-day free access and up to 20% savings on its annual billings. The paid plans are the following:

    • Starter: This basic plan costs $12 per user/month.
    • Growth: This plan costs $24 per user/month.
    • Boost: Their most popular plan costs $40 per user/month.
    • Enterprise: This plan has custom pricing. Contact their sales team to get a quote.

    5. CRM

    Top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

    Monday Sales CRM is one of the top CRM enterprise software offered by the famous project management platform It offers a Kanban-style board that lets you view all your tasks and collaborate with your teammates and clients in a single place. 

    This all-in-one sales CRM provides a full-service approach for sales and marketing with killer features like Sales Pipeline, Contact Management, and Activity Management. It also offers ready-made personalized email templates that autofill based on contacts’ details.

    Key features:

    • Email Sync & Tracking
    • Dashboards
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Goals Tracking
    • Lead Capturing
    • Workflow Automation
    • 150+ Apps Integrations

    Pricing: CRM offers the following plans:

    • Basic: It costs $10/seat per month.
    • Standard: It costs $14/seat per month.
    • Pro: It costs $24/seat per month.
    • Enterprise: Contact sales to get pricing details.

    6. Freshworks CRM

    Top CRM Software

    Freshsales is a CRM enterprise system offered by Freshworks, one of India’s leading cloud-based SaaS companies. It offers a simple yet productive interface, helping even novices to adapt to the CRM software. 

    It offers impressive features like AI-powered deal insights, which help you close deals faster and shorten your sales cycle. It also provides email and SMS integrations to send customized emails and messages to your prospects.

    In addition, Freshsales offers Contact Scoring, which helps you identify the most sales-ready prospects with the help of Freddy AI.

    Key features:

    • Sales Forecasting
    • Workflow Automation
    • Multiple Sales Pipelines
    • Configure Price Quotes
    • Product Catalogues
    • Multi-currency and Multi-language 
    • API access for customization 


    Freshsales offers free access for up to 3 users. However, to get more seats, you need to choose one of the paid plans, starting from Growth, which costs $15 per user/month, and going to Enterprise, which costs $69 per user/month if billed annually.

    7. Zendesk Sell

    Top CRM Software

    Zendesk Sell is one of the best CRM software allowing users to maximize productivity and drive growth and revenue. The program enables users to take data-driven actions with the help of its visible sales pipelines. 

    Not just that, Zendesk Sell offers integrated support and ticketing mechanisms to address your customers’ queries seamlessly. It also allows full API integrations for customization and a Zendesk app framework where one can build their apps. 

    Key features:

    • Email Integration
    • Sales Engagement Tools
    • Activity Tracker
    • Smart lists and templates
    • Workflow Automation
    • Custom dashboards


    Zendesk Sell majorly offers four plans:

    • Team: It costs $19/per month per user.
    • Growth: It costs $49/per month per user.
    • Professional: It costs $99/month per user.
    • Enterprise: It costs $150/month per user.

    8. Oracle NetSuite

    Top CRM Software

    NetSuite by Oracle is among the most popular enterprise CRM solutions helping businesses engage with clients and leads, partners and suppliers in a single place.

    The program provides uninterrupted customer relationship management services with its top-edge features – Sales Force Automation (SFA), Workflow Automation, and Quote Management.

    Key features:

    • Order Management & Fulfillment
    • Marketing Automation
    • Customer Service Management
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Partner Relationship Management


    NetSuite offers a custom price model for its CRM services depending on your team size and feature requirements. Contact them today to get pricing details. 

    9. HubSpot Sales Hub

    Top CRM Software

    HubSpot CRM is known as one of the best CRM tools for small businesses and startups. It offers a free CRM tool for companies just getting started with limited yet enough features to master the art of customer relationship management. 

    Additional HubSpot’s features are Contact Management, Quote Management, Meeting Scheduler, and much more in the basic plan itself.

    Key features:

    • Sales Automation
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Multiple Currencies
    • Sales Sequences
    • Custom Email & SMS Templates
    • Performance Metrics
    • Reporting Dashboard


    Apart from the free plan, it offers 3 paid plans:

    • Starter: It starts at $45/month (billed annually and covers min. 5 paid users).
    • Professional: It starts at $450/month (billed annually and covers min. 5 paid users)
    • Enterprise: It starts at $1200/month (billed annually and covers min. 10 paid users).

    10. Vtiger

    Top CRM Software

    Vtiger is the top CRM software for selecting a value-for-money customer relationship management system. It offers class-apart CRM features for not just sales and marketing but for industries such as Real Estate, Pharma, SaaS, and Legal. 

    It provides all sorts of services ranging from Sales Automation and Enablement to Sales Analytics and Engagement. Along with all the on-platform features, it allows you to integrate with more than 500 business applications to help you convert your leads to your customers.

    Key features:

    • Drag-n-drop Email Templates
    • Pipeline Management
    • Performance Insights
    • Communication & Collaborations
    • Helpdesk Automation
    • Marketing Automation


    Vtiger offers a free (One Pilot) plan for businesses just getting started, limited to 10 users and 3000 records. It also provides One Professional Single App and Standard Plan, which cost $20/user/month and $30/user/month.

    11. Apptivo CRM

    best CRM

    When it comes to choosing the right CRM solution for your business, Apptivo CRM stands out as a reliable and powerful option that caters to the needs of startups and SMBs alike. With its extensive range of features and user-friendly interface, it’s no wonder that many businesses turn to Apptivo as their go-to CRM solution.

    One of the standout features of Apptivo CRM is its comprehensive sales force automation capabilities. From lead generation to managing workflows, this feature empowers businesses to streamline their sales processes and boost productivity. The CRM’s omnichannel functionality is another crucial aspect, allowing you to communicate effortlessly with leads via email, phone, social media, and various other channels.

    Apptivo CRM also excels at providing valuable insights and analytics to drive informed decision-making. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, businesses can forecast sales trends, identify opportunities, and develop winning strategies to fuel growth and success.

    Key features: 

    • Marketing automation capabilities
    • 100+ integrations
    • Robust workflow automation
    • Seamless customization
    • Smooth sales and lead tracking system
    • Intuitive dashboard with multiple app access


    Apptivo CRM offers a range of plans to suit different business needs. The free plan is a great starting point, offering limited features for up to three users. For more comprehensive functionality, you can consider the following plans:

    • Starter: Priced at $10 per user per month
    • Premium: At $15 per user per month
    • Ultimate: Designed for enterprises, priced at $25 per user per month

    Apptivo CRM is the solution you need to supercharge your sales efforts. Remember, the success of your business relies on efficient customer relationship management, so choose Apptivo CRM today and unlock your sales potential.


    Proper management and record of data of their clients and partners are essential for businesses. This helps them track their sales and revenue and ultimately figure out strategies to bring more growth. And an appropriate sales-centric CRM can help you achieve right that. 

    Therefore, choosing a proven and scalable customer relationship management tool is vital to improve sales and drive more business growth. We hope this list comprising some of the best CRM systems helps you find one. 

    If you want us to feature your CRM software in this list, submit your request via email. After a thorough evaluation, we’ll decide whether it’s an appropriate addition. 

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