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    Top Internet Service Providers In The USA

    Picking the right internet service provider (ISP) means finding a balance between cost, speed, what type of connection suits your needs, and which providers cover your area.

    Price is crucial, but you also need to consider how you use the internet, the speeds required, and the available options in your location. For instance, a family of five might need different features compared to a serious gamer. When you choose an internet service provider, performing a speed test can give you a clear understanding of the actual download and upload speeds you’ll experience in your specific location.

    In the USA, there are loads of ISPs to choose from, ranging from big nationwide ones to smaller local providers (some of which are subsidiaries of larger companies). We’ve made a list of the top internet service providers for you to consider.

    The Best Internet Service Providers In The United States

    1. Comcast

    Top Internet Service Providers

    Comcast, traded on the NASDAQ as CMCSA and based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a company that offers cable and internet services known as Xfinity. It’s the biggest internet service provider in the United States, serving around 32.2 million broadband customers.

    Comcast uses a mix of fiber-optic and coaxial cables (known as an HFC network) to send data. They mainly rely on the DOCSIS 3.1 standard to transmit data, allowing customers to get download speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) and upload speeds between 1 to 2 Gbps. In the latter part of 2023, Comcast plans to introduce DOCSIS 4.0 technology. This upgrade will enable them to provide customers with download speeds of 10 Gbps and upload speeds of 6 Gbps over their existing connections.

    2. AT&T

    Top Internet Service Providers

    Based in Dallas, Texas, AT&T is a telecommunications company that provides internet services through its AT&T Fiber brand, focusing on fiber optic broadband. They serve around 15.4 million broadband subscribers, offering both fiber and DSL (digital subscriber line) connections.

    AT&T has plans to expand its fiber network to more than 30 million homes and businesses by the end of 2025. Presently, their fiber network covers about 24 million locations, with approximately 22.3 million available for subscription. This strategy indicates an aim to add around 2 to 2.5 million new locations each year until 2025. AT&T Fiber ensures customers receive symmetrical speeds for both downloads and uploads, with options of 2 Gbps and 5 Gbps, making them equally fast in both directions.

    3. Verizon

    Top Internet Service Providers

    Based in New York City, New York, Verizon is a telecommunications company known for its internet services provided through Verizon Fios, offering 100% fiber optic broadband. Fios is accessible in nine states across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S., including Washington, D.C. Verizon serves about 7.5 million wireline broadband customers, catering to both households and businesses through Fios internet and DSL connections. For inquiries about their services or assistance with connectivity, customers can learn how to contact Verizon directly through their website or by calling their customer service hotline.

    Currently, Verizon’s Fios Internet is available for purchase by over 17 million households. Their goal by the close of 2025 is to expand its coverage to around 18 million households, aiming to acquire approximately 8 million subscribers. This expansion plan indicates Verizon anticipates reaching a 44% adoption rate for its Fios Internet service. 

    4. Cox Communications

    best Internet Service Providers

    Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Cox Communications is a cable and internet service provider known for its Cox Internet brand. With around 5.6 million broadband subscribers, it stands as the leading private broadband internet service provider in the U.S.

    Cox operates its own nationwide Internet Protocol (I.P.) network, delivering high-speed internet services to customers in 18 states. They use a hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) infrastructure to link subscribers to the internet. Looking ahead, Cox plans substantial yearly investments, amounting to billions of dollars, in expanding fiber to the premise (FTTP) and adopting DOCSIS 4.0 technology.

    Cox Communications is a privately owned company under Cox Enterprises, owned by descendants of the Cox Family. This includes individuals like Jim Kennedy, who serves as Chairman, and Alex Taylor, the CEO.

    5. Mediacom Communications

    best internet services in the United States

    Based in Blooming Grove, New York, Mediacom Communications is a cable and internet service provider operating across the Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States. They offer services under the Xtream brand and serve approximately 1.5 million broadband subscribers.

    Mediacom’s network relies on a hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) system, mainly using the DOCSIS 3.1 standard to handle data traffic. This network allows customers to access download speeds of up to 10 Gbps and upload speeds ranging from 1 to 2 Gbps. In the year 2023, Mediacom plans to start life-testing its HFC network with DOCSIS 4.0 technology. This advancement is expected to boost download speeds to 10 Gbps and upload speeds to 6 Gbps for customers.

    6. Windstream Holdings

    best ISP in the USA

    Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, Windstream Holdings is a telecommunications company offering residential fiber internet services branded as Kinetic. Among its 1.17 million high-speed internet customers, 265,000 utilize fiber internet, while 910,000 rely on DSL (digital subscriber line) connections.

    Windstream’s services span broadband, entertainment, and security, focusing primarily on rural areas. Their reach extends to 18 states through a fiber network, catering to consumers and small to midsize businesses. As a privately held entity, Windstream Holdings is owned by various entities, including Elliott Management, PIMCO, and Brigade Capital Management.

    7. Lumen Technologies

    Top Internet Service Providers

    Headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana, Lumen Technologies is a telecommunications company offering internet services through two distinct brands: Quantum Fiber and CenturyLink.

    Under the Quantum Fiber brand, Lumen provides fiber-based services to residential and small business customers. CenturyLink, on the other hand, represents Lumen’s longstanding brand, offering legacy copper-based services like DSL.

    Lumen caters to a total of 3.0 million broadband subscribers. Among these, over 830,000 subscribers use the Quantum Fiber broadband service, while 2.2 million rely on lower-speed copper-based broadband services provided under the CenturyLink brand.

    The potential reach for Quantum Fiber spans from 8 million to 10 million locations. Currently, Lumen’s infrastructure covers about 3.1 million premises. Their plan for 2023 includes expanding to an additional 500,000 fiber locations.

    8. Frontier Communications

    best internet service provider in the USA

    Frontier Communications, based in Norwalk, Connecticut, provides internet services through its Frontier brand, serving 2.8 million broadband subscribers across 25 states. Within this count, 1.68 million subscribers use fiber broadband, while 1.16 million opt for copper broadband connections.

    Frontier offers fiber optic connections and convenient bundles, allowing customers to combine home phone and Dish satellite service, creating a streamlined, all-in-one solution.

    The company shines in areas where its fiber optic internet is available. Their 1 Gig plan offers impressive speeds, reaching up to 1,000 Mbps for both downloads and uploads, often outperforming competitors. Moreover, for heavier internet users, Frontier provides 2 Gig and 5 Gig plans, offering speeds ranging from 500 Mbps to 5,000 Mbps.

    With competitive pricing starting at $50 for its lowest-tier plan, Frontier remains a viable choice for many customers despite some drawbacks. Looking ahead, Frontier aims to expand its fiber coverage significantly, with plans to reach 10 million total fiber passings by the end of 2025.

    9. TDS Telecom

    best ISP in the United States

    Telephone and Data Systems, based in Chicago, Illinois, offers communication services via its subsidiary, TDS Telecom, serving 1.2 million connections across 32 states. Within this network, they cater to 510,000 residential broadband subscribers.

    TDS Telecom is actively rolling out fiber in specific areas like Wisconsin and the Pacific Northwest, delivering lightning-fast internet speeds of up to 8 Gbps. In regions without fiber, the company employs fiber to the node (FTTN) alongside copper-based vectoring/pair bonding technology. This combination enables data speeds to reach up to 100 Mbps. For their cable markets, TDS utilizes DOCSIS 3.1 technology, providing speeds of up to 1 Gbps in nearly all those areas.


    Selecting an internet service provider (ISP) involves considering factors like price, speed, and the type of connection that suits your needs.

    With numerous options available in the U.S., including the big nationwide providers mentioned above, finding the right fit is crucial. Each ISP offers distinct services, such as fiber-based internet, cable, or DSL connections, catering to varying preferences and locations. Consider your internet usage, required speeds, and the ISPs available in your area to make an informed decision.

    If you want to add your company to this list, email us with your request. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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