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    Top Cloud Consulting Companies And Services

    Cloud computing is essential for scalable, cost-efficient, and accessible IT infrastructure, fostering business innovation, agility, and sustainable growth.

    However, cloud computing is a complex area of expertise that involves various concepts, such as virtualization, networking, storage, security, and scalability.

    Furthermore, cloud computing platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), offer a vast array of services and features, each with its own set of configurations, capabilities, and best practices. All this requires specialized knowledge and skills to implement effectively.

    Therefore, if you aim to harness the full potential of cloud computing and apply the most optimal cloud solutions for your business, there’s no better decision than hiring professional cloud consultants

    In this article, you’ll find a list of the top cloud consulting companies that have established themselves as trusted partners and the go-to choices for organizations seeking transformative cloud consulting services

    The Best Cloud Consulting Firms For Driving Digital Transformation

    1. ScienceSoft 

    Cloud Consulting ScienceSoft

    ScienceSoft leads the charge in cloud consulting, backed by over a decade of hands-on experience. The company was established in 1989, offering wide-ranging services from software development to IT consulting.

    Today, they handle everything cloud-related, from planning strategies to migrating legacy systems. With a proven track record and ISO certifications, they ensure data quality and security on the cloud. They offer tailored solutions for major cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

    With 10+ years in cloud development and 15+ years in ITSM, ScienceSoft brings unparalleled expertise. Their end-to-end cloud services include consulting, migration, development, and optimization. Their vendor-neutral approach helps clients choose the right cloud options for their needs.

    • Services: cloud consulting, cloud migration, cloud development, cloud optimization, custom software development, bid data, blockchain, IoT, AI/ML, computer vision
    • Location: McKinney, TX, USA
    • Team size: 750+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Healthcare, Retail, Training and Education, Real Estate, Interior Design, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics, Marketing and Advertising, Tourism and Culture, Automotive, Entertainment
    • Clients: Paramount Workplace, 3Steps2Web, Validation Compliance, Lixar, Upstream Works Software, Odyssey Validation Compliance

    2. Innowise

    Innowise Cloud consulting

    With an impressive experience of 17+ years, a robust team of over 1,600 IT experts, and a remarkable 100% satisfaction rate, Innowise stands out as the top cloud consulting company. Helping clients reduce operational expenses, enhance scalability, and ensure top-tier performance, the firm offers full-stack cloud application development and consulting services.

    Their journey with clients begins with a detailed assessment of their current business state, followed by crafting a tailored cloud implementation strategy. Whether you require custom solution development from scratch, testing, security, integration with other cloud and on-premises applications, or cloud application infrastructure management, Innowise has got you covered.

    They provide consulting services during every phase of the cloud app production process – design, development, deployment – allowing you to unlock competitive advantages and profit from business expansion.

    • Services & expertise: cloud consulting, DevOps services, custom software development, web and mobile app development, UI/UX, business analysis, software testing & QA, IT staff augmentation, blockchain, AR/VR
    • Location: Warsaw, Poland (HQ); St. Petersburg, USA; Berlin, Germany; Norwich, UK; Orebro, Sweden; Pescara, Italy; Paris, France; Vilnius, Lithuania
    • Team size: 1,600+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Healthcare, BFSI, eCommerce, Education, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, Energy, Marketing & Advertising, Manufacturing 
    • Clients: BMW, Topcon, CoreLedger, Deloitte, Web3 Pro, Accenture, Definely

    3. Trigma

    Trigma Cloud Consulting Companies

    Meet one of the most experienced and leading cloud consulting firms – Trigma. The company sets itself apart with a fantastic track record of 215+ reviews on platforms such as Clutch and GoodFirms, consistently maintaining a stellar 4.9-star rating.

    Being a certified cloud expert, Trigma empowers businesses to optimize costs, enhance delivery processes, and achieve peak performance levels. They harness an ideal fusion of cloud and DevOps technologies to deliver cloud services that go above and beyond clients’ expectations.

    • Services & expertise: cloud services, MVP development, custom software development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, AI/ML, AR/VR
    • Location: Mohali, India; Las Vegas, USA
    • Team size: 100+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Automotive, Media and Entertainment, Electronics, Government, Transportation, Travel, Healthcare, Real Estate, eCommerce, Events
    • Clients: Samsung, Suzuki, Disney, British Council, Whirlpool, Alere, Shell

    4. Quema 

    Quema Cloud Consulting companies

    Quema is a leading cloud consulting company in Europe. With over 10 years of experience, this prominent company specializes in guiding businesses through the complexities of cloud migrations and crafting custom strategies that ensure a smooth transition to cloud infrastructure. Their approach is meticulous, diving deep into each client’s IT setup to develop a customized implementation plan that minimizes disruption and maximizes efficiency.

    Whether you require cloud migration, building a cloud infrastructure, or performing a cloud security audit, Quema’s seasoned engineers can help you with a fully scalable, secure, and fully automated system adjusted to your specific business needs. Moreover, the company offers cost optimization and management services, with recommendations proven to reduce annual expenses by up to 30%-40%.

    Acknowledged as a top provider in various categories, including Admin Services, B2B Services, DevOps, and IT Services, and with a track record of boosting client growth by up to 1000%, Quema’s reputation is unmatched and globally recognized. 

    • Services & expertise: cloud services, DevOps as a Service, container management and orchestration
    • Location: Tallinn, Estonia; London, UK
    • Team size: 20+ experts
    • Industries they serve: EdTech, eCommerce, Big Data, FinTech, AI, IoT, Healthcare
    • Clients: Bittax, 8allocate, ParkBird, Blyp, MyContainer, Bell AI, Lingo Pie, and others

    5. TechMagic

    TechMagic Cloud Consulting Companies

    In addition to holding ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certificates, TechMagic is proud to obtain Clutch’s Top Google Cloud Company and Top Cloud Consulting Company titles in 2023. When collaborating with clients, their team formulates a comprehensive cloud adoption roadmap with cost analysis and a step-by-step strategy toward system migration and modernization.

    Cloud computing consultants from TechMagic can additionally provide guidance on visualization options and recommendations for transforming your infrastructure into cloud-enabled platforms. Join the ranks of over 120 TechMagic’s happy clients by building a robust and sustainable cloud environment for your business!

    • Services & expertise: cloud services, discovery phase, web and mobile app development, UI/UX design, test automation, data engineering, security, CTO-as-a-service
    • Location: New York, USA; London, UK; Krakow, Poland; Lviv, Ukraine
    • Team size: 300+ experts
    • Industries they serve: HR Tech, MarTech, FinTech, Healthcare
    • Clients: Sociolocal, Scala, DIG Insights, Etergo, PeerPilot, Perfectly Clear, Motiflow

    6. IT Svit

    IT Svit Cloud Consulting Companies IT Svit is a home for the best cloud consultants with in-depth proficiency in Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. With 18 years of experience in the tech industry, including five years dedicated to DevOps, IT Svit has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable provider of IT managed services.

    Their proven approach to cloud transformation includes strategy development and assessment, cloud-provided evaluation, architecture design, security system integration, ongoing support, documentation, and training.

    • Services & expertise: DevOps, cloud computing, cloud consulting services, server services, database services, big data, IT staffing, startup services
    • Location: Tallinn, Estonia
    • Team size: 70+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Finance and Banking, Logistics, Cryptocurrency, Energy, Healthcare, Medical, eCommerce
    • Clients: Zebitex, Staked, Everdapt, YallaBit, ZeBitcoin, PreterioN, Codeta

    7. Simform

    Simform Cloud Consulting Companies

    Simform is one of the best cloud consulting firms that’s here to impress you at first glance! Just imagine Simform boasts a clientele exceeding 900, including Fortune 500 companies such as Marriott, Hilton, Sony Music, ZepInc, and PepsiCo.

    The Simform team is capable of assisting you with cloud migration, cloud optimization, and cloud infrastructure management. As an Advanced AWS Consulting and Microsoft Partner, the firm guarantees clear communication and impactful transformations through its next-gen cloud consulting services.

    • Services & expertise: product engineering and development, cloud and DevOps engineering, BI and big data, software testing
    • Location: San Francisco, Los Angeles, USA; Vancouver, Canada; Ahmedabad, India
    • Team size: 1000+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Information Technology and Software, Marketing, Nonprofit, Healthcare, Construction, Legal, Food and Beverages, Finance, Media and Entertainment, Hospitality and Leisure, Education
    • Clients: Pepsico, Boy Scouts Of America, Georgia-Pacific, Hilton, Marriot, Red Bull

    8. Brainhub

    Brainhub Cloud Consulting Companies

    Cloud strategy consultants from Brainhub believe that cloud technology is your ticket to successful digital transformation in 2024. With 7 years of experience delivering cloud services, their know-how extends to building resilient enterprise applications on the cloud, modernizing data centers, optimizing cloud systems, and engineering agile environments.

    Seeking top-tier cloud-based solutions? The experts at Brainhub are primed to simplify the cloud experience for you, enhancing your business scalability and driving cost reduction.

    • Services & expertise: web and mobile app development, legacy app modernization, cloud engineering and DevOps, cloud consulting services, digital product development, UI/UX design, generative AI development
    • Location: Gliwice, Warsaw, Poland
    • Team size: 80+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Banking, Accounting and Tax, Fintech, Insurance, Regtech, Biotech
    • Clients: PWC, Credit Suisse, Beam, National Geographic, Paradox Interactive

    9. N-iX

    N-iX Cloud Consulting Companies

    N-iX will give you exclusive access to their 400+ best cloud consultants who possess extensive experience in all cloud computing types and services: public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. N-iX is deservedly recognized as a cloud leader, holding the status of an advanced AWS partner, Microsoft Partner, and Snowflake Services partner.

    N-iX is here to guide you through the entire cloud transformation journey, including strategy, solution design, implementation, maintenance, and handover.

    • Services & expertise: custom software development, mobile app development, cloud solutions, cloud consultancy, data analytics, AI/ML, data science
    • Location: North Miami Beach, USA; London, UK
    • Team size: 2000+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Energy and Utilities, Logistics and Supply Chain, Automotive, Agritech
    • Clients: Bosch, Siemens, eBay, Gogo, Fluke, Messer, AVL, QuesTrade

    10. Science Soft

    Science Soft Cloud Consulting Companies

    Science Soft is a remarkable cloud service provider, boasting a decade of experience in handling all aspects of cloud computing. They possess in-depth expertise in AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean, evaluating each platform’s pros and cons to recommend the most optimal solution tailored to your specific requirements.

    Science Soft’s cloud strategy consultants will help you apply the best tactics to leverage the cloud’s potential to the fullest, transforming and scaling your business.

    • Services & expertise: software development, UI/UX design, QA and testing, digital transformation, IT outsourcing, IT consulting, cloud services, cybersecurity, data analytics
    • Location: McKinney, USA
    • Team size: 750+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Finance and Banking, Insurance, Lending, Investment, Fintech, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Construction, Travel and Hospitality
    • Clients: Deloitte, eBay, AnyDesk, Nestle, Rakuten Viber, NASA, IBM, Saudi Aramco

    11. DevCom

    DevCom Cloud Consulting Companies

    Established in 2000, DevCom boasts rich experience in delivering cloud services through AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure services. As a client of DevCom, you’ll benefit from the exclusive expertise of the best cloud strategy consultants who craft personalized cloud adoption strategies explicitly tailored to your requirements and business objectives.

    Furthermore, they can equip your team with essential cloud computing and analytics skills and knowledge, assist in building custom cloud applications, and optimize your existing cloud infrastructure.

    • Services & expertise: custom software development, discovery phase and IT consulting, cloud services, web and mobile app development, UI/UX design, QA and testing, software support, software code audit
    • Location: Port Orange, USA; Lviv, Ukraine
    • Team size: 100+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Healthcare, Logistics and Transportation, Fintech, Construction, Retail and eCommerce, Sports, Entertainment, Sales and Marketing
    • Clients: TradeWeb, Broadsoft, Track Systems, RouteWare, WWSC, Gilling, SureTrak, JacksonGas

    12. Future Processing

    Future Processing Cloud Consulting Companies

    Want to get the most out of the cloud technology? Future Processing is a reliable partner to help you achieve this goal by ensuring all your systems and components work together seamlessly. With around 20 years of experience, their best cloud consultants excel in covering a wide range of tasks, including cloud requirements analysis, cloud-native solution design and development, cloud migration strategy, and security risk analysis. 

    Since 2007, Future Processing has been partnering with AWS and Microsoft, thereby unlocking a multitude of benefits for their clients. In addition to its extensive expertise and successful delivery of over 700 projects, Future Processing prioritizes personal and long-term relationships with customers.

    • Services & expertise: cloud services, software development, cybersecurity, data solutions, AI/ML, consulting services
    • Location: Gliwice, Gdynia, Poland; Dusseldorf, Germany; London, UK; Zurich, Switzerland; Plano, USA; Ternopil, Ukraine
    • Team size: 1000+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, Automotive, Information Technology, Marketing, Media, Nonprofit, Transportation, Utilities
    • Clients: Nexteer, Demica, TrustMark, Autostrady, Datapharm, Credit Agricole, Volkswagen

    13. TechAhead

    TechAhead Cloud Consulting Companies

    TechAhead is one of the top cloud consulting companies, helping clients make their businesses more cost-effective, productive, and faster. The world’s leading companies, such as AXA, Allianz, Audi, and American Express, have selected TechAhead as their guide in the world of cloud computing, proving that partnering with them promises many benefits and excellent results. 

    Whether you need assistance with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, analytics and data insights, Google Cloud, cloud app development, or cloud migration, TechAhead has the ultimate expertise and solutions to meet all sorts of your needs.

    • Services & expertise: cloud consulting, cloud engineering, cloud migration, digital product engineering, web and mobile app development, QA and testing, legacy modernization, artificial intelligence, IoT
    • Location: Los Angeles, USA; Dheli, India
    • Team size: 250+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Fitness, Construction, eCommerce, Sports, Insurance, Real Estate, Finance, Travel, Education, Social Media
    • Clients: AXA, Audi, American Express, Disney, Allianz, Ventus, JLL, Leap Frog, University of Toronto


    The best cloud consulting firms highlighted in this article are leaders in the market, helping businesses of all types and industries deliver tailored solutions to navigate the complexities of cloud computing with confidence. They’re the true experts with a robust background and expertise, ready to facilitate your business expansion through comprehensive cloud computing services

    If you want to feature your cloud consulting firm in this list, contact us with your request by email or submit a form in the Top Choices section. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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