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    Top Healthcare Software Development Companies

    With constant tech transformations revolutionizing operations, products, and services across various business domains, healthcare is one of the leading industries that relies heavily on technological advancements.

    The HealthTech market is forecasted to reach $379.05 Billion by 2024, showing a remarkable annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 18%. Innovative solutions like telemedicine, electronic health records, and AI-driven diagnostics open a new era of healthcare with enhanced efficiency for both patients and medical service providers. 

    Patients can now enjoy the convenience of scheduling online appointments with licensed professionals, remote health monitoring, constant access to medical records, and personalized health recommendations—all from their smartphones.

    There are numerous benefits for medical companies as well: HealthTech technologies improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enable data-driven decision-making, ultimately leading to better patient care and a more competitive position in the highly competitive market.

    If you want to carry out a digital transformation of your medical organization to optimize work processes and provide the best possible medical care, the most critical decision you have to make is selecting a reliable and skillful tech partner with in-depth experience in the healthcare sector. 

    Here we are to help you make the right choice. In this article, we list the top healthcare software development companies trusted by organizations of all sizes, from ambitious startups to market leaders. By showcasing their range of services, portfolio, and offerings, we’ll help you select the most appropriate experts based on your unique needs, goals, and budget.

    The Best Healthcare Software Development Companies For Next-Gen Medical Services

    1. MEV 

    MEV Healthcare Software development companyMEV is a top-notch tech partner for fast-growing companies searching for custom healthcare software development services. They specialize in building world-class digital products, combining exclusive expertise in design, development, and strategy under one roof. 

    MEV’s clients rely on this supreme engineering team to develop technical solutions tailored to their specific requirements, customize existing software and infrastructure, and augment their teams with the necessary talents. Their services include end-to-end software development, DevOps, site reliability engineering, digital and cloud transformation, and staff augmentation.

    Headquartered in the US with offices in Europe, the firm has been committed to high-quality, energy-driven development, a nod to its name inspired by the mega-electron-volt. Since 2006, MEV has successfully delivered hundreds of projects of various types and complexity, from patient management systems to advanced health data analytics platforms, making a remarkable contribution to the booming healthtech sector.

    • Services and expertise: enterprise software development, software product development, staffing and team augmentation, support and maintenance
    • Tech stack: Python, NodeJS, C/C++, Java, JavaScript
    • Location: Walnut Creek, CA, USA
    • Team size: 100+ experts
    • Portfolio: Novo Nordisk, Quantuvis, Daiichi Sankyo, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Alveo Technologies, and others

    2. CleverDev Software 

    CleverDev Software Healthcare Development CompaniesWith offices in Austin, Texas, and Warsaw, Poland, CleverDev Software is a leader in healthcare software development and consulting. Specializing in crafting technology solutions that enhance clinical pathways and patient experiences, their expertise includes digital records software, AI/ML solutions, mental health apps, remote patient monitoring platforms, and others.

    Whether you require building custom healthcare tech solutions from scratch, modernizing and enhancing existing systems, integrating enterprise-grade systems, or providing expert health tech consulting, CleverDev Software can help you from software ideation to delivery. Their team of health tech experts and professional developers is committed to building secure, compliant, and user-focused solutions that meet the rigorous demands of the healthcare industry.

    Acknowledged by notable sources like DesignRush, Techreviewer, and TopDevelopers for their excellence, CleverDev Software sets new standards for patient care based on automated workflows and cost reduction.

    • Services & expertise: healthcare software development and consulting, custom software development, web app development, cloud app development, cloud migration services & solutions, system integration services, business process automation, hybrid app development, logistics app development, IT consulting, IT outsourcing, AWS consulting, IoT for manufacturing, API development services
    • Tech stack: Java, React.JS, Vue.JS, Angular, and Hibernate
    • Team size: 50+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Healthcare, Logistics, Insurance, Manufacturing, Construction, Real Estate, Retail

    3. Codelevate 

    best healthcare software development company

    Top Software Developers in Netherlands by Clutch, Top Rated Agency by Shortlist, Most Reviewed Web Design Company in Netherlands by The Manifest — this is all about Codelevate, a leading software development company that helps deliver outstanding healthcare digital solutions. They have built a photo system integration for GPs and healthcare providers in the Netherlands that is used by thousands of people. In addition, their success stories include custom healthcare management systems for patients and patient portals.

    Offering dedicated and talented development teams that can handle all your digital projects with speed and efficiency, Codelevate is a notable member of several tech associations in Europe, contributing to the development of the tech industry. With a strong portfolio and Weblow certification, the company has proven its ability to tackle diverse challenges and deliver successful solutions. Speaking in numbers, an impressive 80% of their clients return for further collaboration.

    If you’re seeking custom healthcare software development services with transparent pricing, a fully managed team, and a strong track record, Codelevate is the partner you can trust.

    • Services and expertise: custom development, UX/UI design services, dedicated team, Webflow development, marketplace development
    • Tech stack: React, NextJS, Tailwind CSS and Typescript, NodeJS, Typescript, NestJS, AWS and Google Cloud / Firebase
    • Location: headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands; office in Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Team size: up to 15 experts 

    4. Andersen

    Top Healthcare Software Development Companies

    Undoubtedly, Andersen is one of the best healthcare software development companies worldwide. Their exceptional healthcare services are confirmed by a multitude of certifications, an impressive 4.9 rating on Clutch, and a track record of 16 years in the industry.

    Andersen’s team boasts not only 300+ in-house healthcare engineers but also an advisory board featuring more than 30 clinicians, researchers, and experts from Europe and North America, solidifying the company’s leading position in the HealthTech market.

    • Services and expertise: mobile development, web development, custom software development, UI/UX design, project management, quality assurance, business analysis, cloud development, solution architecture, DevOps
    • Tech stack: Angular, React, Vue.JS, Java, .Net, PHP, Python, Node.JS, Ruby, Golang, Rust, Flutter
    • Location: Cologne, Germany; Krakow, Warsaw, Poland; London, UK; New York, Columbus, USA; Budapest, Hungary; Dublin, Ireland; Limassol, Cyprus
    • Team size: 3,500+ experts
    • Portfolio: Nyxoah, TaskDent, UniverSkin, Emfit, Toger Connect

    5. Yojji

    YojjiCommitted to delivering impactful digital solutions, Yojji stands out as a leading software development company on the global market. Specializing in healthcare applications, Yojji’s dedicated teams excel in transforming personal healthcare management through innovative technologies. Their applications streamline the company’s operations, boost efficiency, and elevate customer service, revolutionizing the healthcare sector.

    Based in London with offices in Ukraine, Yojji is a team of 60+ senior tech experts with years of expertise and strong skills in mobile & web development, microservices, and cloud solutions. This versatility allows them to develop customized solutions that perfectly meet their client’s needs and budgets.

    With over 7 years in the industry, Yojji boasts a 5-star rating on Clutch and an impressive portfolio of over 200 prominent projects. Recognized for their transparent and results-driven approach, Yojji offers not just temporary solutions for various business challenges but long-lasting partnerships and the ultimate digital transformation. 

    • Services and expertise: custom development, web development, mobile development, software testing, UI/UX, DevOps, cloud computing
    • Tech stack: NodeJS, Vue.js, React, TypeScript, Angular, React Native, Flutter
    • Location: London, UK; Ukraine
    • Team size: 60+ experts
    • Portfolio: Smart Health, Covid-19 Symptom Screening & Tracking for Schools, Time Machine, Payroll

    6. Cleveroad

    Top Healthcare Software Development Companies

    Cleveroad is among the most trusted healthcare software companies that offer on-demand technical services and consultancy for medical businesses at every phase of the project development cycle. By establishing a unique approach to each client, Cleveroad guarantees they’ll deliver custom healthcare solutions on time and within budget. 

    The company provides an extensive range of healthcare software development services, such as medical software for internal operations, hospital management software, health tracking applications, EHR and EMR software, telemedicine apps, healthcare CRMs, and various other solutions related to patient support.

    • Services and expertise: mobile and web app development, UI/UX design, DevOps services, quality assurance, dedicated teams
    • Tech stack: React, .Net, Flutter, Node.JS, JavaScript, Swift, TypeScript
    • Location: Kharkiv, Dnipro, Ukraine; Claymont, USA; Oslo, Norway
    • Team size: 280+ experts
    • Portfolio: Prime Path Medtech, DeltaSport, Nedley Health Solutions, Nursing

    7. Vention

    Top Healthcare Software Development Companies

    As one of the best healthcare software development companies, Vention delivers breakthrough solutions for medical organizations all around the world, shaping the healthcare of tomorrow. Health app development, medical device development, telemedicine system development, and EHR/EMR development are their core healthcare software services.

    Vention recognizes the growing demand for telehealth and, as a result, concentrates on the development of telehealth solutions, user-friendly nursing apps, physical therapy applications, acute care solutions, and speech therapy programs.

    • Services and expertise: web and mobile app development, QA and testing, cloud development, UI/UX design, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR, IoT development, blockchain development
    • Tech stack: JavaScript, React, Angular, jQuery, CSS, .Net, PHP, Golang, Django, Python, Elixir, Scala, Spring, Express.JS, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Objective-C, Swift
    • Location: New York, San Francisco, USA; London, UK; Vienna, Austria
    • Team size: 3,000+ experts
    • Portfolio: Healthera, Thirty Madison, Dialogue, Juice Plus

    8. Fulcrum

    Top Healthcare Software Developers

    Fulcrum specializes in providing healthcare software development services for startups. This Ukraine-based agency primarily develops applications for the FemTech sector, healthcare platforms facilitating virtual doctor-patient communication, medical research databases, and diversified tools designed to empower healthcare professionals.

    Want to know how to deliver your product 40% faster and with 4X less price? Contact Fulcrum’s best healthcare software developers to get a top-notch HealthTech MVP developed in a short time.

    • Services and expertise: product discovery, web and mobile app development, MVP development, UI/UX design, website audit
    • Tech stack: WordPress, React Native, Flutter, Swift, C++, Java
    • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Team size: 100+ experts
    • Portfolio: Flip MD, Plannly Health, NextStop, HealthX

    9. EL Passion

    Top Healthcare Software Developers

    EL Passion is a top healthcare software development agency proficient in building telehealth applications, fitness apps, private clinic solutions, mental health apps, platforms for remote patient monitoring, and appointment scheduling apps. From UX strategy to product delivery and maintenance and further growth, its team will assist you through every phase of the development process, leveraging key elements necessary for the success of digital products. 

    When you hire healthcare software developers from EL Passion, you can rely on their 11 years of expertise in the industry and be sure they are capable of solving the most complex problems.

    • Services and expertise: product design, mobile development, web development, Webflow development, agile project management, DevOps
    • Tech stack: React, JavaScript, TypeScript, React Testing, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, React Native, Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, rxJava, PWA, Webflow
    • Location: Warsaw, Poland
    • Team size: 60+ experts
    • Portfolio: Docplanner, Lifeness, Mednavi

    10. Binary Studio

    Top Healthcare Software Developers

    Being a prominent healthcare software development service provider, Binary Studio has been building award-winning products for startups and SMBs since 2012. 

    One of their remarkable success stories is a software project for SnapNurse, America’s rapidly growing leader in healthcare staffing. Binary Studio played a crucial role in elevating this promising startup from its MVP stage to a remarkable achievement of $1.8 billion in revenue within 4 years. Apart from healthcare staffing software, Binary Studio offers wellness software solutions, medical device development, AI-based medical imaging solutions, telemedicine apps, and medical cannabis software. 

    Get a 1-hour free consultation with the best healthcare software development company to discuss your project vision and potential. 

    • Services and expertise: custom software development, dedicated development teams, project management, web development, mobile development, quality assurance, artificial intelligence, machine learning
    • Tech stack: Node.JS, .Net, React Native, Flutter, PHP, Java, Xamarin, Redux, Laravel, Symphony
    • Location: Lviv, Ukraine; Dubai, UAE; Winchester, UK
    • Team size: 50+ experts
    • Portfolio: SnapNurse, Massage Book, Perform

    11. Appinventiv

    Top Healthcare Software Developers

    Possessing proven expertise and years of experience, Appinventiv can flawlessly deliver world-class healthcare apps to enable the best medical care for patients, medical facilities, and their staff. Since 2014, the company has completed over 250 successful healthcare projects for clients worldwide. 

    Appinventiv builds the following types of applications: appointment scheduling apps, fitness apps, symptom checkers, telemedicine apps, remote patient monitoring apps, medical research apps, clinical assistance apps, billing apps, and population health management software. 

    • Services and expertise: web and mobile app development, blockchain development, cloud services, AR/VR, IoT development, dedicated team, DevOps, artificial intelligence, machine learning, business intelligence, data science, NFT development, IT consulting services
    • Tech stack: PHP, HTML, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP Code, Flutter, Objective-C, Swift, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Python, Golang
    • Location: Delhi, India; New York, USA; London, UK; Dubai, UAE
    • Team size: 1,000+ experts
    • Portfolio: YouCOMM, Soniphi, IKEA, KFC, Adidas

    12. Scopic 

    Top Healthcare Software Developers

    Scopic serves as your all-in-one agency for healthcare software development and marketing needs. Apart from high-quality services at competitive prices, they also offer assistance in educating your medical staff on effectively using delivered software in their workflow. 

    With 16 years of experience in the HealthTech industry, the team of Scopic perfectly knows how to build the best-fit software for medical institutions of all sizes and types. 

    • Services and expertise: web and mobile app development, UI/UX design, SEO services, paid Google ads, SMM, lead generation, hosting services, staff augmentation
    • Tech stack: React, Angular, Node.js, PHP, Laravel, Magento, .Net, Java, C++, .Net, Java, Ruby, ReactNative, Ionic, Xamarin
    • Location: Marlborough, USA
    • Team size: 280+ experts
    • Portfolio: Mediphany, ECS Clinical, GPS Pharmacy

    13. Innowise Group

    Top Healthcare Software Development Companies

    Innowise Group is deservedly the best company for building healthcare software solutions. Their clients are healthcare organizations, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and digital health startups, primarily across Europe and the United States. Since 2007, the firm has successfully delivered 850+ notable healthcare projects.

    Innowise Group’s primary advantage is the ability to build medical applications of all types for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pharmacies, and numerous other medical facilities. Additionally, they possess robust cybersecurity expertise and adhere to regulatory standards for healthcare software compliance, including HIPAA, the HITECH Act, GDPR, ISO 13485, and others, to ensure their programs are 100% safe and reliable for all end users.

    • Services and expertise: web and mobile development, IT consulting, IoT development, custom software development, cloud development, database administration, legacy modernization, UI/UX design, 3D design, QA and testing, business analysis, DevOps, staff augmentation
    • Tech stack: React, Angular, Vue.JS, JavaScript, Java, .Net, Python, PHP, Rust, C++, C, Unity, Golang, Ruby on Rails, Cobol, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, Xamarin, React Native, AWS, Azure, SAP, Salesforce
    • Location: Warsaw, Poland; Brussels, Belgium; Geneve, Switzerland; Kyiv, Paris, France; Ukraine; Lisboa, Portugal; Tbilisi, Georgia; Barcelona, Spain; Frankfurt, Munich, Germany; Tampere, Finland; Norwich, UK; Francavilla, Italy; Orebro, Sweden
    • Team size: 1500+ experts
    • Portfolio: VOCA Pathology, Naip, Trumpet, Topcon, Switchbackr Worldwide 

    14. Yalantis

    Top Healthcare Software Development Companies

    Yalantis, a top healthcare software development services provider, delivers efficient and future-rich digital healthcare solutions with a user-oriented design. With over 10 years of medical development background, their team of experts is capable of implementing ideas of any complexity within your budget on time, providing a smooth and transparent production process.

    Apart from EHR (electronic health record), EMR (electronic medical record), telemedicine app, and medical device development, their services also cover IT consulting, IoT, and business intelligence solutions for healthcare. 

    • Services and expertise: web and mobile app development, IoT development, data science, UI/UX design, blockchain development, cybersecurity, dedicated teams, IT consulting
    • Tech stack: React, Angular, Vue.JS, React Native, Flutter, HTML5, Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, Java, TypeScript. 
    • Location: Warsaw, Poland; Lviv, Dnipro, Kyiv, Ukraine; Larnaca, Cyprus; Tallinn, Estonia
    • Team size: 500+ experts
    • Portfolio: Healthfully, Lifeworks, Astraeus Health Corporation, GrowFit


    Whether you are a healthcare corporation, a private medical institution, or a HealthTech startup, partnering with these healthcare tech companies will significantly contribute to the future of your business and the healthcare industry as a whole. 

    In particular, look for partners utilizing innovative standards like the FHIR model for secure healthcare data exchange. The FHIR model enables different health IT systems to communicate through APIs, improving interoperability. Partnering with companies leveraging FHIR facilitates real-time data access and collaboration, advancing connected, efficient care.

    These firms can handle the most complex projects and build a wide range of healthcare solutions, from universal EHR systems and online appointment apps to remote patient monitoring programs and AI systems for innovative diagnostics. By successfully adopting and implementing the latest technologies, they’ll help you make patient care more efficient and accessible. 

    Additionally, their strong reputation in the industry makes them a trustworthy choice for entrusting your next project. Select the best partner based on your unique business objectives and preferences.

    If you want to feature your healthcare software development company on this list, email us with your request. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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