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    Top Smart City Software Development Companies

    As the world is evolving, there’s an increasing demand for smart solutions to make life better and more convenient.

    These range from AI-driven kiosks to IoT-powered parking solutions. Singapore and Dubai are some of the most well-known names with smart city solutions in place. 

    Some impactful stats on the smart city software market:

    • In 2023, smart city projects amounted to about $89.49 billion.
    • The IoT market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.7% between the year 2023-30.
    • A number of businesses using AI grew by 300% in a matter of 5 years. 

    As more countries and cities are moving towards advancement, the need for smart city software is becoming evident. The need varies from catering to a small home to an entire city. For this reason, we have narrowed down the top smart city software development companies that excel in AI, IoT, cloud, and other technologies and are able to build the best technological solutions for all sorts of needs.

    The Best Smart City Software Development Service Providers For Next-Gen Solutions

    1. Suffescom Solutions Inc.  

    Top Smart City Software Development Companies

    Founded in 2013, Suffescom is a top-rated smart city software development company providing cutting-edge solutions to its clients globally. The company has expertise in providing and building smart city software platforms for every domain, including infrastructure, buildings, energy use, environment, waste management, traffic management, public safety, and video security. 

    Their experts are capable of implementing advanced smart city software solutions such as smart sensors for waste overflow, smart public safety systems, AI-powered digital screening, and smart building management systems. The company has a team of 750+ developers who leverage the latest technologies, such as AI, IoT, deep learning, edge networking, and blockchain.

    Suffescom has an impressive portfolio with 1200+ clients served and 300+ projects delivered successfully. 

    2. RisingMax Inc

    Top Smart City Software Development Companies

    RisingMax Inc. is an NYC-based IT consulting company offering smart city software development services. Since its inception, the team has been working with innovative technologies that assist in developing a smart and tech-friendly world. The company offers smart city software solutions such as smart light solutions, smart parking, smart waste management, smart traffic management, and smart decision-making tools.

    RisingMax Inc. has been involved in building smart city softwares that enhances efficiency, improves communication, and provides data-driven insights. Besides smart city solutions, they provide blockchain consultation, Web3/Metaverse solutions, IT consulting services, cryptocurrency exchange solutions, game development, mobile apps, and custom software development services.

    Proven domain experience and agile development give them an edge over other smart city software development service providers. A five-star rating on Clutch and a 4.7-star rating on Google make them a truly worthy option.

    3. Softeq

    Top Smart City Software Development Companies

    Softeq, a prominent smart city software development company, stands at the forefront of urban innovation. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Softeq is dedicated to crafting software solutions that transform cities into intelligent, efficient, and sustainable urban centers.

    Their smart city solutions encompass a broad spectrum of the latest technologies, including Internet of Things (IoT) integration, data analytics, and robust software applications. Through these innovations, they empower city planners, administrators, and businesses to make data-driven decisions that enhance city management, resource allocation, and citizen services.

    They believe in a smarter, more connected world. By embracing emerging technologies, their products are driving the evolution of urban living towards a more sustainable, efficient, and technologically advanced future. 

    4. ScienceSoft

    Top Smart City Software Development Companies

    ScienceSoft is a reputed smart city software development company that provides IoT solutions in a cost-effective manner. They have successfully delivered smart software apps for road traffic, waste management, safety, lighting, utilities, public transport, etc.

    Established back in 1989, this leading software consulting and development company has helped businesses unlock massive opportunities and adopt digital solutions. They are a team of 750+ professionals who have served 1200+ customers within 30+ industries across 75+ countries.

    ScienceSoft even received the North American Enabling Technology Leadership Award 2023 in medical devices and has also grabbed a place in Global Outsourcing 100 by IAOP for the second time in a row. Their IoT-based smart city development solutions powered with smart decision-making have helped in improving the city infrastructure, water/energy consumption, streamlined waste collection, reduced carbon footprint, etc.

    5. KiwiTech

    Top Smart City Software Development Companies

    One of the top US developers of smart city software, KiwiTech offers top-notch end-to-end smart city software services. To provide organizations with the best-in-class solutions, their experts leverage their rich experience and skills in various innovative technologies. 

    They have worked with more than 600 startups, including Fingerprint, Safe, Abode, Big Music, Marketplace Valet, Array, etc. Their software engineers always ensure the client’s expectations are fulfilled at the highest level. KiwiTech’s team of more than 500 seasoned specialists create IoT powered apps for smart homes and smart cities. 

    6. Chetu

    Top Smart City Software Developers

    Chetu is a prominent software development company in the US. that empowers businesses globally with custom technology solutions. Since its foundation in 2000, Chetu’s experts have converted ideas into high-performing software systems that optimize business performance. 

    As a top smart city software development company with over 2,800 skilled software developers on board, Chetu has added ultimate feathers to its hat. It has won the 2023 Silver IBA Company of the Year Award in the Large Computer Software Category, received Bronze Stevie® Award at the 2023 American Business Awards, named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America for the 7th time, and more.

    7. Emerline 

    Top Smart City Software Developers

    Emerline is a well-known smart city software development firm that provides next-gen development solutions to clients worldwide. The company develops smart city software solutions by leveraging emerging technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

    Emerline serves literally every sector, including government, healthcare, education, retail, and more, by delivering powerful smart software solutions to businesses of all kinds. The company has worked with more than 240 clients so far and has completed 250+ projects. 

    8. Keenethics

    Top Smart City Software Developers

    Founded in 2015, Keenethics is another promising smart city software development company focusing on enhancing tech startups with custom-fit solutions. They have expertise in developing IoT applications, including environmental monitoring systems, smart buildings, fitness trackers, connected vehicles, smart speakers, etc. They have around 100+ specialists who are proficient in developing web/mobile apps across diversified industry verticals. 

    The company delivers fantastic software solutions to its clients to help them achieve their business goals quickly and effectively. They specialize in progressive web/mobile apps, web development, machine learning & AI, cloud, chatbots, etc. They use  technologies like Angular, React JS, and Node.JS to build highly responsive and scalable applications. All in all, Keenethics has assisted over 40 companies in transforming their dream ideas into reality.

    9. Cognizant

    Top Smart City Software Developers

    With over 25 years of experience, Cognizant has established its expertise in solutions for smart cities, IoT, technology consulting, quality engineering and assurance, and more. Their experts help businesses deliver maximum digital value and express an unbeatable competitive advantage.

    The company has around 345,600 employees worldwide, earned $19.4B in total revenue, and is positioned on #19 Fortune Modern Board 25. Further, it’s ranked 7 of the top 10 internet companies. As a reputable smart city software development company, it will help you get ahead of challenges, sense opportunities quickly, and outdo change.

    10. Belitsoft

    Top Smart City Software Developers

    Belitsoft is a leading smart city solution provider, empowering municipalities to embrace the future of urban living. Their expertise lies in creating innovative software solutions that transform urban landscapes. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, from IoT development and data analytics to mobile applications and cloud platforms, all geared toward enhancing city efficiency, sustainability, and citizen satisfaction.

    Belitsoft collaborates with local governments to implement intelligent solutions such as smart parking systems, waste management optimization, and energy-efficient street lighting. Their team’s proficiency in cutting-edge technologies ensures seamless connectivity, real-time data insights, and a more responsive urban environment.

    Belitsoft has 17+ years of experience, and they have pioneered 70+ large projects for worldwide clients. Their 400+ professional developers can help you achieve a full-stack smart city solution. To get a high-end smart city software solution with a symmetric structure, unique design, and bug-free functions, Belitsoft is a trusted IT firm.


    Technology is making urban life smarter and advanced. With technologies like AI, IoT and cloud computing, every sphere of civilization is embedded with smart city software.

    Now, you can join the growing trend of smart city software by making one based on your needs. Choose the company that best suits your requirements, have a consultation and build your smart city software today. 

    If you want to add your company to this list, email us with your request. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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