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    Top Power BI Consulting Companies And Services

    Microsoft Power BI is the key data visualization tool in the arsenal of data analysts, holding 14,7% of the software market share in the BI category. 

    Power BI is massively preferred for its convenient, user-friendly interface, seamless integration within the Microsoft ecosystem, extensive data source compatibility, diverse visualization options, and numerous advanced analytics features, including AI-powered ones. 

    However, to unlock the full potential of this robust platform, you might need expert guidance and technical support. That’s where professional Power BI consultants come in.

    To help you find a top-notch assistant, we’ve compiled a list of top Power BI consulting companies that offer best-in-class Microsoft Power BI services and innovative solutions to boost your operational efficiency and empower your decision-making strategy with actionable insights.

    The Best Power BI Consulting & Development Companies 

    1. Hire Dynamics Developers

    Hire Dynamic DevelopersHire Dynamics Developers, known for their prowess in MS Dynamics consulting, also excel in Power BI consulting, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to hire Power BI developers. With over a decade in the industry, they specialize in delivering innovative ERP and CRM solutions, focusing on Dynamics 365 and harnessing the full potential of data analytics through Power BI.

    Their unique 3Rs model – Recruitment, Relationships, and Retention – is central to their strategy of forming dedicated teams that meet specific client operational requirements. This approach has resulted in the creation of over 40 specialized teams and the successful completion of more than 100 global projects.

    Combining technical expertise with a keen understanding of various industry demands, Hire Dynamics Developers is a trusted partner for comprehensive Power BI consulting and Dynamics 365 development.

    • Services & expertise: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services; Microsoft Dynamics ERP Services; Microsoft Dynamics Consulting Services
    • Location: Ukraine
    • Company size: 200+ experts

    2. Unico Connect 

    Unico Connect Power BI

    Founded in 2014, Unico Connect has quickly become a leader in delivering Power BI services and transforming data into actionable insights. Committed to excellence in everything they do, Unico Connect uses ​​Microsoft Power BI services to help businesses leverage data analytics for competitive advantage.

    With a team of seasoned Power BI professionals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise, Unico Connect can deploy, configure, and customize Power BI solutions to fit the requirements of various industries. From planning to transparent communication and tailored support, the agency offers a client-centric approach.

    From streamlining operations and enhancing productivity to uncovering new revenue streams and optimizing resource allocation, Unico Connect has helped numerous companies worldwide. 

    • Services & expertise: Power BI, web and mobile app development, AI development, UI/UX design, tech consulting, no-code development
    • Location: Mumbai, India
    • Company size: 30+ experts

    3. InDataLabs

    Top Power BI Consulting CompaniesInDataLabs has earned a reputation as a leading data science and AI-powered firm with a dedicated research and development center. The company covers various BI implementation areas, including BI consultation, BI complete solution development, and Microsoft Power BI services.

    Hiring Power BI experts from InDataLabs will bring cost reduction, increased profitability, enhanced efficiency, and improved business decision-making to your organization. Their adept guidance takes you through a complex process of five business intelligence implementation steps: discovery, project planning, design and development, launch, and maintenance.

    • Services & expertise: artificial intelligence, machine learning, generative AI and GPT, big data, business intelligence, data visualization, software development, cloud services
    • Location: Miami, USA
    • Company size: 80+ experts

    4. Collectiv 

    best Power BI servicesCollective is the best Power BI consulting company, providing end-to-end data analytics implementation and management. Their professionals possess all the know-how across the entire Microsoft data stack, empowering top enterprise teams such as DAI, Redwood Credit, Aker, JBT, and many others.

    Hire Power BI experts from Collective if you want qualified assistance with your data strategy and infrastructure, data planning, and forecasting. Furthermore, the company offers Power BI training services tailored to employees with any experience level, enhancing the skills of your existing team.

    • Services & expertise: data strategy, data stack implementation, data infrastructure, planning and forecasting, Power BI consulting, staff augmentation, visioning program, launchpad program, Power BI training
    • Location: Chicago, USA 
    • Company size: 25+ experts

    5. Effective Soft

    Top Power BI Consulting Companies

    Effective Soft is one of the leading software companies, boasting 20+ years of experience in diverse services, including Microsoft Power BI consulting and development. Their data visualization solutions are available for domains such as Healthcare, Trading, Cybersecurity, Retail, Manufacturing, and Logistics.

    Whether you need personalized dashboards featuring bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, heat maps, scatter plots, or funnel charts, Effective Soft has got you covered! They firmly believe that an effective dashboard is never chosen randomly. After a comprehensive analysis of your current data and objectives, the company will provide the most optimal Power BI data analytics solutions.

    • Services & expertise: data visualization, data analytics, machine learning, software testing, quality assurance, software development, UI/UX design
    • Location: San Diego, USA; Wroclaw, Poland; San Jose, Costa Rica
    • Company size: 300+ experts

    6. Liquid Technologies 

    Top Power BI Consulting Companies

    Liquid Technologies knows everything about business intelligence solutions and tools, offering outstanding Power BI consulting services. With a 5-star Google Customer Rating, Liquid Technologies is trusted by global giants such as Garner, PreCheck, IntentoMatic, and many others. They have the capability to create unique and effective dashboards across more than 15 business domains.

    In their work, Liquid Technologies’ experts employ a four-step methodology: data collection, the process and assessment of data modeling, the release of data visualization, and finally, monitoring and management. The team prioritizes transparency, impact-driven solutions, and efficiency, ensuring that you receive the best results and up-to-the-minute analytics.

    • Services & expertise: business intelligence, Power BI services, data engineering, data warehousing, artificial intelligence, custom software development, web and mobile app development, UI/UX and branding
    • Location: Houston, USA; Dubai, UAE
    • Company size: 50+ experts

    7. Accedia

    Top Power BI Consulting Services

    Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Accedia is a top-tier data analytics company specializing in core areas such as predictive analytics, business intelligence, data management, data visualization, and big data analytics. Their industry expertise extends to the Finance, Manufacturing, Technology, and Energy sectors.

    Accedia offers expert Microsoft Power BI consulting as it’s their key tool for optimizing business analytics. Whether you need assistance at any stage of your data analytics process or want to implement a comprehensive data solution, they’ll utilize agile methodologies and data analytics best practices to meet your needs quickly and effectively.

    • Services & expertise: business intelligence, big data analytics, data management, data visualization, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, software development, DevOps, cloud engineering, software testing, Power BI consulting 
    • Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
    • Company size: up to 100 experts

    8. DataToBiz

    Top Power BI Consulting Companies

    DataToBiz is a Gold Microsoft Partner and Power BI Showcase Partner, offering comprehensive Power BI consulting services for businesses in the USA. 

    DataToBiz has extensive expertise in collaborating with diverse sectors, including Retail, Manufacturing, eCommerce, Oil and Gas, Banking, and Government. Their industry-specific dashboards highlight their diversified competence and demonstrate their in-depth knowledge of data analytics.

    Their team covers a broad spectrum of Power BI consultancy services, including integration, implementation, development, and customization. What’s more, you’ll find the company’s solutions surprisingly cost-effective. Seize the opportunity to grow your business with DataToBiz — the first consultation comes at no charge!

    • Services & expertise: data engineering, artificial intelligence, machine learning, business intelligence
    • Location: Mohali, India; New York, USA; Gaborone, Botswana; Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia
    • Company size: up to 50 experts

    9. BairesDev

    Top Power BI Consulting Services

    BairesDev is among the best Power BI consulting companies headquartered in the USAHaving numerous awards and recognitions, they showcase a remarkable level of expertise and success stories, collaborating with clients globally, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

    Hiring Power BI consultants from BairesDev is a valuable investment that brings a multitude of benefits to your business. Their passion for Power BI allows them to create robust dashboards and reports, providing valuable insights and real-time data visualization.

    • Services & expertise: business intelligence, Power BI consulting and development, data science, web and mobile app development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, quality assurance, data engineering 
    • Location: San Francisco, USA; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bogota, Colombia; Barcelona, Spain
    • Company size: 4000+ experts

    10. ScienceSoft

    Top Power BI Consulting Services

    With 34 years of experience in data science and 7 years of expertise in Power BI data analytics, ScienceSoft has assisted businesses across 30+ industries. They specialize in seamlessly integrating, aggregating, and analyzing diverse data types from multiple sources, meeting the specific needs of enterprises at various levels.

    ScienceSoft, a distinguished owner of numerous awards consistently ranked as a leading Business Intelligence and Analytics provider, ensures delivering promises on time. 

    Collaborating with this firm provides clients with fantastic advantages such as precise data collection, straightforward reports, and expert Power BI consultancy. This partnership will empower you to maximize the potential of your data analytics and leverage time-saving AI solutions.

    • Services & expertise: data analytics, software development, quality assurance, UI/UX design, digital transformation, cyber security, infrastructure services, IT staff augmentation
    • Location: Dallas, USA
    • Company size: 750+ experts

    11. N-iX

    Top Power BI Consulting Services

    Being a renowned software company, N-iX boasts 20+ years of experience in the IT industry with a team of over 2000 talented engineers. Their expertise spans various domains, with a particular focus on data analytics and business intelligence. N-iX excels in utilizing leading BI technologies such as Power BI, Oracle, Tableau, SAP, Looker, and more.

    Regarding its Power BI services, N-iX offers a comprehensive range of solutions covering BI consulting, BI solutions implementation, and system modernization. Leverage their extensive expertise to ensure high-quality data, paving the way for impactful business decisions.

    • Services & expertise: business intelligence, data strategy, big data, data warehouse consulting, IoT, digital transformation, cloud services, software engineering, UI/UX design, artificial intelligence, machine learning, VR and game development, quality assurance and testing
    • Location: Miami, USA; Chester, UK
    • Company size: 2000+ experts

    12. BinaryRepublic

    Top Power BI Consulting Services

    BinaryRepublic is a reputable company specializing in enterprise data management, with in-depth expertise in Microsoft Power BI services, SharePoint and SharePoint migrations, Office365, Business Intelligence, CMS, and application development. 

    Hire Power BI consultants from BinaryRepublic to generate impactful and interactive dashboards and enhance your organization’s productivity. Their services encompass Power BI report development, embedded solutions, report server management, report migration to Power BI, custom visual development, and ETL tool development.

    • Services & expertise: Power BI consulting, SharePoint consulting, AI chat bot development, SharePoint migrations, content management systems development, application development
    • Location: Ahmedabad, India; Atlanta, USA; London, UK; Melbourne, Australia
    • Company size: 50+ experts


    Power BI is the best option for startups looking to establish a solid foundation and established enterprises aiming to streamline complex data analytics. This dynamic platform is not merely a business tool; it’s a strategic ally for companies seeking agility and a competitive edge. 

    We believe that now you’re one step closer to enhancing your data management capabilities with these top Power BI development companies.

    If you want to add your company to this list, email us with your request. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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