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    Top Software Testing Companies And QA Service Providers

    According to a report by the Consortium for Information and Software Quality (CISQ), the cost of poor software quality was over $2.41 Trillion in the US in 2022, let alone globally. 

    Compromising software quality can have a devastating impact on a company’s financials, not to mention the lifelong reputation. 

    Moreover, poor software quality and operational failures cause customer dissatisfaction, increasing the chances of project drop-outs.

    Therefore, integrating robust software testing and quality assurance measures is crucial for improving product quality and performance. 

    Who Should You Hire A Software Testing And Quality Assurance Company?

    Software testing and QA are integral parts of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and essential for building fine-grade applications. The key advantages of software testing services are: 

    • Early identification of app bugs and errors: A proper software testing setup helps identify app imperfections before the final delivery of the product.
    • Optimized product quality: Rigorous testing ensures minimized errors and bugs, resulting in improved product quality.
    • Enhanced user experience and satisfaction: An extensively tested app offers a seamless user experience and increases customer satisfaction.
    • Cost-effectiveness: With minimized faults, increased customer satisfaction, and improved product quality, there are fewer chances of malfunction and ultimately less expense on maintenance. 

    Whether a startup or an enterprise, hiring software testers and QA experts is crucial for ensuring the seamless performance of your application. We’ve created a list of top software testing companies and QA companies that provide best-in-class offshore testing services to help you find a reliable tech partner.

    The Best Software Testing Companies & QA Agencies

    1. QualityLogic

    Top Software Testing Companies

    Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, QualityLogic is one of the most trusted and experienced software and QA testing companies in the USA. Founded in 1986, the firm has successfully delivered over 6,000+ high-performing projects and established itself as a go-to provider of software testing and quality assurance services. 

    The company offers complete offshore software testing and QA services along with a dedicated onshore team based in the United States. They’ve worked with renowned names like Disney, Tesla, HP, Lexicon, eharmony, Verizon, and Explorance. 

    So, if you are looking for a top-rated testing agency that promises scalability and flexibility along with affordability, QualityLogic is the best choice.

    • Services and expertise: full-service software & QA testing, digital accessibility testing, regression testing, WCAG testing and certification, DevOps services, smart energy training and solutions
    • Industries: Imaging and 3D printing, FinTech, eCommerce, Smart Energy, Media & Entertainment, Marketing & Design
    • Location: Idaho US, California US, Oklahoma US
    • Team size: 200+ experts

    2. TestCrew 

    TestCrew QA and testing

    TestCrew has been delivering outstanding QA and software testing services since 2015. With a commitment to resolving quality challenges, they excel in reducing risks, optimizing efficiency, and improving businesses. From quality assurance consulting and bug testing to next-gen testing, performance engineering, and more, this agency understands the industry-specific challenges and ensures your product stands out.

    Founded with a mission to promote quality standards, TestCrew has completed 50+ projects with over 200,000 test hours. Recognized as one of the Top 5 Software Testing Firms by Clutch, as well as having received numerous recognitions by Glassdoor, GoodFirms, and Forbes, their certified professionals are famous worldwide for their results.

    The agency keeps pace with the latest software testing methodologies and tools advancements, guaranteeing their clients receive cutting-edge solutions. With a passionate team of experts, TestCrew provides innovative QA and software testing services that help businesses in Government, Banking, Sports, Healthcare, Transport, Insurance, and other industries succeed.

    • Services and expertise: test advisory & consulting services, performance testing, functional testing, cybersecurity testing, non-functional testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), automation testing, integration testing, integration testing for web services and APIs
    • Industries: Government, Banking, Sports, Healthcare, Transport, Telecom, E-Commerce, Education, Insurance
    • Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    • Team size: 200+ experts

    3. AppSierra

    Top Software Testing Companies

    Founded in 2015, AppSierra is a top-rated company based in India specializing in software testing and QA services. The firm has garnered a great reputation in the international market by delivering over 1500+ projects to clients from more than 15 countries. Their talented pool of 150+ software testing consultants and QA experts has successfully carried out 470+ tests for web and mobile applications. 

    AppSierra claims that 70% of its customers come from referrals depicting the quality of their work. Moreover, the company has served over 50+ clients, including Swiggy, MoneyView, Blackswan, Leap Finance, Dhani, and many more.

    • Services and expertise: agile software testing, compatibility testing, functional testing, performance testing, QA consulting, web and mobile app testing, blockchain testing, CRM testing
    • Industries: Information Technology, eCommerce, Financial Services, Blockchain, Marketing and Advertising
    • Location: Noida, India; Addison, US; London, UK
    • Team size: 150+ experts

    4. QAlified

    Top Software Testing Companies

    QAlified is a leading software testing and quality assurance services company aimed at strengthening organizations by minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency. It was formed out of Genexus Consulting in 1992 to take the company’s testing and quality assurance division to the next level. 

    During its 30+ years of operation, QAlified’s client base has grown to over 100+ customers with more than 900+ successful projects. 

    With a 4.8 star rating on Clutch, QAlified holds the title of top software testing company in Uruguay. Moreover, they’ve served such prominent corporations as NASA, the Gemological Institute of America(GIA), and BlueCross & BlueShield.

    • Services and expertise: application testing, performance testing, test automation, usability testing, accessibility testing, security testing
    • Industries: Information and Technology, Software Development, Financial Services, Healthcare, Government
    • Location: Montevideo, Uruguay; Santa Rosa, CA, USA
    • Team size: up to 50 experts

    5. DeviQA

    Top Software Testing Companies

    DeviQA is among the best software testing companies across the globe, offering top-notch quality assurance and software testing services. Along with offshore testing services, DeviQA helps you hire software testers and QA experts with their staff augmentation model. Their skilled engineers have reported more than 500,000 bugs so far. 

    Headquartered in 6 locations, including London and New York, the firm has served more than 500 clients globally. Some of its popular clients are Mimecast, Sprinklr, Biznessapps, SoftNAS, and Connexient. So, if your need is enhanced product quality with minimized bugs and errors, DeviQA is here to help you.

    • Services and expertise: agile testing, web and mobile testing, manual testing, automated testing, functional testing, API testing, QA outsourcing, performance testing
    • Industries: Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Business, eLearning, Real Estate, FinTech, ERP, Blockchain, Cybersecurity
    • Location: Warsaw, Poland; New York; Munchen, Germany; London, UK; Bratislava, Slovakia; Porto, Portugal
    • Team size: 200+ experts

    6. Abstracta

    Top Software Testing Companies

    Abstracta is a US-based pure-play software testing services company founded in 2008 to provide first-class, holistic software testing and QA solutions. Featured as the top software testing company for 2023 on Clutch, Abstracta also holds the badge for the top 1000 companies in 2022. 

    With offices in Latin America and the UK, the firm has successfully delivered 400+ projects to more than 100 clients ranging from consumer products and financial services to health and medical. Some of their notable customers are Pernod Ricard, AbsenceSoft, Accuv, Acqua di Parma, and Scotiabank. 

    • Services and expertise: testing strategy, test automation, functional testing, performance testing, testing tool development, accessibility testing, security testing, DevOps services
    • Industries: IT, Finance, E-commerce, Medical, Education, Government
    • Location: San Francisco, USA; Montevideo, Uruguay; London, UK; Santiago, Chile
    • Team size: 200+ experts

    7. ZappleTech

    QA Service Providers

    ZappleTech is among the leading software testing and QA companies in the market. Founded in 2015, the firm has managed to gain the trust of its clients with the completion of 40+ test automation projects. ZappleTech offers a dedicated QA team and staff augmentation services to help clients hire QA experts faster.

    The company’s 4.9-star rating on Clutch is a result of its focus on frameworks and solutions that reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the software product, helping enterprises and startups to scale.

    • Services and expertise: test automation strategy, functional testing, performance testing, regression testing, security testing, server-side testing, QA audit
    • Industries: Health, Travel and Accommodation, E-commerce, Financial
    • Location: Dublin, Ireland
    • Team size: 30+ experts

    8. QASource

    QA Service Providers

    QASource is among the best software testing services companies, delivering thoroughly tested apps under budget and time. Established in 2002, this team has built a proven testing approach with the combination of highly trained quality engineers and optimized communication protocols.  

    The skillful quality engineers at QASource leverage the latest technologies and practices to deliver top-quality products faster. The company is committed to providing highly tested and bug-free software to ensure client satisfaction. 

    Talking of their clientele, impressive names like Oracle, Meta(formerly Facebook), Luxxotica,, and TechSmith come at the top.

    • Services and expertise: automation testing, manual testing, mobile testing, performance testing, API testing, security testing, localization testing, AI and ML, blockchain testing, SAP testing
    • Industries: Retail, SaaS, Cybersecurity, Financial, Healthcare, eLearning, Legal, Trading
    • Location: California, USA; Chandigarh, India; Aguascalientes, Mexico
    • Team size: 1000+ experts

    9. A1QA

    QA Service Providers

    A1QA, as the name suggests, is a top-rated software testing firm providing exceptional software testing services. Founded in 2002, the company boasts experience of 20+ years in the software testing market and has worked on 1500+ testing projects in different domains like IT, Healthcare, and Financial Services. Some famous names in their portfolio include Fortune 500 companies like Adidas, SAP, Pearson, and the National Bank of Jamaica. 

    As a result of its top-class testing solutions that benefit its customers heavily, Gartner named A1QA as a pure-play testing services provider. Their offerings include full-cycle testing services, QA consulting, quality engineering, and systems and platform testing. 

    Having more than 1100 engineers and QA experts on board, A1QA promises maximum efficiency and quality.

    • Services and expertise: QA consulting, agile testing, test automation, functional testing, performance testing, localization testing, API testing
    • Industries: IT, Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, Gaming
    • Location: Lakewood, USA; London, UK; Warsaw, Poland; T’bilisi, Georgia
    • Team size: 1100+ QA experts 

    10. Cigniti

    QA Service Providers

    Cigniti is an industry-leader software testing agency headquartered in Hyderabad, India. Founded in 1998, the firm offers end-to-end digital engineering and quality engineering solutions to its clients in industries like Banking, Healthcare, Airlines, Energy, etc. Since 25 years of its establishment, the company has expanded its presence across the USA, UK, UAE, South Africa, Australia, Czech Republic and Singapore.

    With a large pool of 4100+ employees, Cigniti has been delivering exceptional services to its clientele, including Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises.  

    • Services and expertise: agile testing, compatibility testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, IoT testing, AI/ML testing, big data and analytics
    • Industries: Airlines, Banking, Energy and Utilities, Financial, Healthcare, Insurance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, eCcommerce, Media
    • Location: Hyderabad, India; Texas, US; London, UK; Mississauga, Canada; Sydney, Australia; Prague, Czech Republic 
    • Team size: 4100+ experts

    11. QA Mentor

    QA Service Providers

    QA Mentor, Inc. is a multi-award-winning software testing and quality assurance company founded in 2010. With its headquarters in New York, USA, and test centers in Ukraine and India, the firm provides first-class testing services to its global clients, ranging from budding startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

    QA Mentor has a talented pool of 350+ experts who deliver cutting-edge testing solutions quickly and effectively. So, whether you need a QA audit or full-service software testing, QA Mentor is the company you must refer to. 

    • Services and expertise: functional testing, performance testing, security testing, manual testing, automation testing, data warehouse and ETL testing 
    • Industries: eCommerce, Finance & Banking, Media, Healthcare, Gaming, Elearning
    • Location: New York, USA; Toulouse, France; Cherkasy, Ukraine
    • Team size: 350+ experts

    12. TestMatick

    QA Service Providers

    TestMatick stands as a global leader in the field of software testing, renowned for its commitment to ensuring the highest quality and reliability of software products. With a team of seasoned testing professionals and cutting-edge testing methodologies, the company excels in delivering comprehensive testing services across diverse industries.

    Central to TestMatick’s ethos is a client-centric approach that prioritizes open communication, transparency, and collaboration. The company views its clients as partners, aiming not just to meet expectations but to exceed them. This dedication to fostering long-term partnerships is reflected in the satisfaction and success of clients, ranging from ambitious startups to the large high-ranked corporations.

    • Services and expertise: Mobile testing, Web Application testing, Functional testing, Automated testing, Usability testing, Load testing, Performance testing, Security testing, Regression testing, Cross browser testing, Game testing, Ecommerce testing, etc.
    • Industries: finance, banking, e-commerce, education, healthcare, entertainment, telecom, travel, aviation, natural resources and others
    • Location: Ukraine, USA (New York), and Israel (Tel Aviv).
    • Team size: 200+ experts


    Integrating proper testing mechanisms becomes a matter of paramount importance for tech projects. Therefore, companies should perform thorough testing before launching the software product and hire QA experts who possess in-depth expertise and experience in this field. 

    We hope this list of the top software testing companies helps you find the best-fit QA service provider for your next project.

    If you want us to feature your software testing agency here, email us with your request. And we would love to add it to the list if it matches our guidelines.

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