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    Top DevOps As A Service Companies In 2024

    The global DevOps services market is expected to reach over $57 billion by 2030 from $6.78 billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 24.2% during the forecast period. And such fantastic industry growth doesn’t come as a surprise.

    DevOps empowers modern organizations, especially in the IT and cloud technology sector, to meet their business objectives with a set of benefits – automated development processes, robust code infrastructure, optimized delivery costs, improved efficiency, and greater scalability.

    With the increasing requirement for faster development processes and enhanced performance, the demand for top DevOps-as-a-Service companies is also soaring. These firms offer DevOps experts who are adept at the latest DevOps tools and have an understanding of the evolving trends in the market. 

    So, to help you find the best-fit partner to assist in your digital revolution, we’ve prepared a list of the top DevOps as a Service companies in 2024 that offer a wide range of DevOps consulting and implementation services—infrastructure as code (IaC), DevSecOps, integration, CI/CD, cloud consulting, and much more. 

    The Best DevOps Service Providers In 2024 

    1. Quema 

    Top DevOps As A Service Companies

    With a 5-star rating and awards like Top DevOps Services Provider and Top B2B Company on Clutch and GoodFirms, Quema is one of the top DevOps as a Service companies in 2024. Founded in 2020 by Serhii Antoniuk, the firm focuses on turnkey DevOps and cloud consulting solutions for IT companies of all sizes across the USA and Europe. 

    During the last 13+ years, Quema has helped hundreds of clients build scalable and secure IT infrastructures and streamline their workflows. Their accomplished team of 20+ DevOps specialists, managers, and architects is capable of delivering full-cycle DevOps services to leading industries like finance, eCommerce, big data, and IoT. 

    Attention to detail, clear communication, transparency, and dedication to DevOps science are the prominent reasons for their high customer satisfaction rate. Therefore, if you’re planning to start your DevOps journey with the best DevOps service providers in 2024, don’t waste a minute and contact Quema today!

    • Services and expertise: DevOps as a service, cloud consulting and implementation services, cybersecurity, IT managed services, big data
    • Location: Tallinn, Estonia (HQ); London, UK
    • Team size: 20+ experts
    • Industries: FinTech, eCommerce, Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare
    • Clients: Blyp, Belle AI, ParkBird, LingoPie, MyContainer, Bittax

    2. Ventive 

    Ventive DevOps as a service companies

    Founded in 2014, Ventive has been delivering next-gen DevOps as a Service solutions for 10 years now. By combining human creativity and AI-enhanced product development and research, Ventive was recognized by Forbes and five times by Inc.500 and Inc. 5000. Collaborating with visionary founders, innovative thinkers, and savvy investors, Ventive leverages AI-driven and cloud-based technologies to streamline and automate business processes, prioritizing an exceptional user experience.

    Ventive offers three pivotal advantages: accelerating go-live timelines, optimizing financial resources, and delivering invaluable insights thanks to their extensive product development experience. By harnessing artificial intelligence, they unlock new market opportunities, enhance decision-making processes, and ensure their clients achieve faster market entry, access to the latest technologies, and cost-effective solutions.

    The company stands out with a flawless 100% success rate in client digital transformations, promising to guarantee your business’s success. Ventive’s expertise spans diversified sectors with a special focus on workflow management and automation. Their mission is to empower businesses by adopting cutting-edge technology without the burden of significant capital expenditures, offering a scalable, flexible path to digital transformation.

    • Services and expertise: DevOps, AI product development, research & design, digital marketing, quality assurance, custom app development, cybersecurity, project rescue, migrations
    • Location: Boise, Idaho, USA
    • Team size: up to 50 experts
    • Industries: Fintech, Blockchain, Healthcare, Real Estate, Travel & Tourism
    • Clients: WellPrept, ReaderZone, PracticePal, PIYP, Triumph Dental, CRED

    3. Innowise

    Top DevOps As A Service Companies

    Being in the market since 2007, Innowise has helped thousands of businesses improve their customer experience, enhance efficiency, and increase ROI by implementing impeccable digital engineering solutions. Over the last 16+ years, Innowise delivered over 1100 unique projects in 40+ domains. 

    Under the DevOps as a Service model, the company offers CI/CD, environment configuration, infrastructure as code, platform as a service (PaaS), DevSecOps, cloud management, and site reliability engineering (SRE) services. Therefore, by combining extensive technical skills and business expertise, the experts at Innowise can help you overcome challenges of any complexity and scale. 

    • Services and expertise: DevOps services, cloud consulting, custom software development, web and mobile app development, UI/UX, business analysis, software testing & QA, IT staff augmentation, blockchain, AR/VR
    • Location: Warsaw, Poland (HQ); St. Petersburg, USA; Berlin, Germany; Norwich, UK; Orebro, Sweden; Pescara, Italy; Paris, France; Vilnius, Lithuania
    • Team size: 1,600+ experts
    • Industries: Healthcare, BFSI, eCommerce, Education, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate, Energy, Marketing & Advertising, Manufacturing 
    • Clients: BMW, Topcon, CoreLedger, Deloitte, Web3 Pro, Accenture, Definely

    4. N-iX 

    Top DevOps As A Service Companies

    With a market presence of over 22 years, N-iX is a world-renowned software development firm with a special focus on DevOps and the cloud sector. The firm offers a variety of DevOps services, ranging from monitoring, alerting, and consulting to CI/CD and infrastructure as code. 

    With a global presence across 25+ locations across Europe and America and more than 2,200+ experts on board, the company has served thousands of startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies in 20+ industries.

    Moreover, the engineers at N-iX work with cutting-edge tools and technologies like AWS, SAP, Azure, Docker, Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes, which enables them to serve the varying technological requirements of their clients.  

    • Services and expertise: DevOps services, cloud consulting, mobile app development, UI/UX, software testing, AI/ML, data analytics, IoT, cybersecurity, AR/VR
    • Location: Valletta, Malta (HQ); USA; Poland; Ukraine; UK; Sweden; Colombia; Bulgaria
    • Team size: 2,200+ experts
    • Industries: Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Energy & Utilities, Supply Chain & Logistics, Healthcare, Automotive, Agritech
    • Clients: Bosch, Siemens, QuesTrade, eBay, AVL, Messer, Gogo 

    5. DevOpsProdigy

    Top DevOps As A Service Companies

    Based in Sunnyvale, California, DevOpsProdigy is one of the best DevOps companies in the USA in 2024. The firm has 100+ DevOps specialists who’ve served over 400 clients in industries like airlines, banking, eCommerce, entertainment, and many more. 

    Known for its strategic and individually tailored approach to complex projects, DevOpsProdigy helps global brands enhance efficiency by taking DevOps off their shoulders. The company provides infrastructure as code (IaC) and continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment (CI/CD) services. So, whether you need an audit or an ad-hoc consultation, their experts can help you with all sorts of tasks. 

    • Services and expertise: DevOps services, performance testing, big data, IT services, cloud computing services
    • Location: Sunnyvale, CA, USA 
    • Team size: 100+ experts
    • Industries: Banking, Retail, Aviation, Transportation, Entertainment, Telecommunications
    • Clients: The Bell, AnyChart, Ural Airlines, GeoZilla, Lingualeo, Findo

    6. Atlasiko

    Top DevOps As A Service Companies

    Atlasiko is among the best DevOps service providers, offering comprehensive DevOps services to businesses and startups of all sizes. Since its inception in 2015, the company has delivered 30+ successful DevOps projects and, in total, has assisted over 500 clients with DevOps, cloud, AI/ML, software development, and IoT. 

    Partnering with Atlasiko ensures not only quality-rich DevOps and IT services but also a 20% increase in development efficiency and a 50% faster deployment. 

    • Services and expertise: DevOps managed services, IT consulting, custom software development, IoT, augmented reality, IT staff augmentation, UX/UI design, SEO 
    • Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA; London, UK; Vinnytsia, Ukraine
    • Team size: 50+ experts
    • Industries: eCommerce, Retail, Real Estate, Manufacturing, IT
    • Clients: LG, Formica, Easy Stone Shop, GudHub, Onnon Building 

    7. Appinventiv

    Top DevOps As A Service Companies

    Appinventiv is an internationally recognized software development agency offering dedicated DevOps consulting services to companies across the USA, Europe, MENA, and India. Their team of 100+ DevOps and cloud experts has executed 250+ DevOps implementations and built 200+ cloud architectures. 

    Ranging from DevOps automation & CI/CD to DevOps audit and management, the firm offers custom DevOps solutions for scaling your business. Moreover, partnering with Appinventiv for your DevOps needs ensures a 50% faster go-to-market timeline and 45% higher business agility. 

    • Services and expertise: DevOps services, DevSecOps, DevOps consulting, IT consulting, custom software development, IoT, UI/UX, blockchain, AI
    • Location: Noida, India (HQ); New York, USA; London, UK; Brisbane, Australia; Sharjah, UAE
    • Team size: 1000+ experts 
    • Industries: Healthcare, Education, Finance, Entertainment, SaaS, eCommerce, Real Estate, Logistics
    • Clients: KFC, KPMG, BCG, Google, Americana, Adidas, IKEA, Hukoomi, YouCOMM

    8. STX Next

    Top DevOps As A Service Companies

    STX Next is a Poland-based DevOps consulting and services company that helps CEOs, CTOs, and engineering heads at leading brands with external software development services. The agency offers on-premise and cloud-based DevOps services, including CI/CD, infrastructure automation, and environment configuration. 

    With over 18 years of market experience in the global IT market, they’ve delivered 800+ projects for more than 300 clients. In addition, their DevOps experts also have an average experience of 8 years of helping businesses improve their efficiency and scale ROI. 

    • Services and expertise: DevOps services, cloud consulting, custom software development, web development, AI/ML, data engineering, UX/UI design
    • Location: Poznan, Poland (HQ); Merida, Mexico; London, UK; Frankfurt, Germany; Houston, TX, USA
    • Team size: 500+ experts
    • Industries: FinTech, EdTech, eCommerce, Advertising, Medical, Transport & Logistics, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Government Service, Energy
    • Clients: Mastercard, Decathlon, Unity, Verisk, Nestle, Pixomondo, Man Group, Granicus

    8. Vention 

    Top DevOps As A Service Companies

    Housing 3,000+ tech experts, Vention is a globally recognized software development company and one of the top DevOps consulting firms in 2024. Since 2002, they’ve been helping startups and enterprises transform their development processes by implementing top-edge DevOps practices, including infrastructure management, CI/CD, DevSecOps, and more. 

    Apart from DevOps as a Service, the experts at Vention offer a full range of custom software development solutions, including AR/VR development, IoT development, and blockchain, serving clients in industries like Healthcare, EdTech, Real Estate, Marketing, and eCommerce. 

    • Services and expertise: DevOps consulting services, DevSecOps, web and mobile app development, IT services, cloud consulting, AR/VR, IoT, blockchain, big data, cybersecurity
    • Location: USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Slovakia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Cyprus
    • Team size: 3,000+ experts 
    • Industries: FinTech, Healthcare, EdTech, Real Estate, eCommerce, Marketing, Gaming
    • Clients: PayPal, IBM, PwC, Dialogue, Freshly, Merkle, DealCloud, Wagmo

    10. CONTUS Tech

    Top DevOps As A Service Companies

    If you’re planning to hire DevOps professionals from India, CONTUS Tech is the right company. Their 300+ skilled DevOps engineers are capable of taking your business to the next level through supreme DevOps services, including DevOps container management, DevOps infrastructure management, CI/CD, DevOps consulting, and security & monitoring services. 

    Established in 2008, the company has grown to 300+ members, serving a clientele of 100+ renowned brands like Coca-Cola, Hyundai, MyGate, and DAIMLER across 40+ countries. Leveraging technologies like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure, the experts at CONTUS also help businesses deploy software products 50% faster than others in the market.  

    • Services and expertise: DevOps as a service, DevOps consulting, cloud consulting, full stack development, UI/UX, SaaS development, IoT
    • Location: Chennai, India
    • Team size: 300+ experts
    • Industries: Media & Entertainment, IoT, Retail & E-commerce, Healthcare, Banking, IT
    • Clients: Dr. Reddy’s, Kansai Nerolac, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Bank of Palestine, Learning Space, MyGate

    11. IT Svit 

    Top DevOps As A Service Companies

    IT Svit is among the leading DevOps service providers in 2024 based in Estonia, offering comprehensive DevOps, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence services. Established in 2005, IT Svit has been delivering reliable, scalable and cost-effective DevOps consulting services to businesses across North America and Europe for the last 18 years. 

    Their team of 70+ DevOps engineers, software developers, and project managers has successfully executed more than 850 projects using technologies like AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, and Google Cloud. As a result, IT Svit has received over 60+ positive reviews and more than 10 notable recognitions and awards.

    The major DevOps services offered by IT Svit are DevOps transformation, DevOps architecture, DevSecOps, CI/CD, container management, and DevOps managed services. Thus, whatever your requirements are, IT Svit has everything covered. 

    • Services and expertise: DevOps services, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, database services, big data, staff augmentation, software product development
    • Location: Tallinn, Estonia (HQ); Lviv, Ukraine
    • Team size: 70+ experts
    • Industries: Finance, Banking, Healthcare, eCommerce, Energy, Blockchain, Telecommunication
    • Clients: SymplyFi, Zebitex, Coinfalcon, Darby, Myrabyte, Inside Outlier, Amcor

    12. Tvisha Technologies

    Top DevOps As A Service Companies

    Tvisha Technologies is a leading mobile app development company renowned for its innovative and high-quality solutions. With a strong focus on client satisfaction and technological excellence, Tvisha Technologies specializes in crafting cutting-edge mobile applications tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across diverse industries. 

    The company offers a wide range of services, including custom software development, mobile app development, web development, cloud solutions, IoT (Internet of Things) development, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) services, and more. They leverage the latest technologies and methodologies to build robust and scalable solutions that meet the specific requirements of their clients. 

    Leveraging the latest technologies and best practices in the industry, Tvisha Technologies excels in delivering bespoke mobile app solutions that drive engagement, streamline processes, and enhance user experiences. Their team of seasoned developers combines creativity, expertise, and attention to detail to create seamless and feature-rich mobile applications for iOS, Android, and cross-platform environments.

    • Services and expertise: Mobile App Development Service , Custom Software Development , Website Design and Development, Devops Service , Cloud Computing , UI & UX Design Service
    • Location: 2nd floor, S.S. Arcade, plot #97 & 98, Guttala Begumpet, Kavuri Hills, Phase 1, Madhapur, Hyd-81 
    • Team size: 50-200 
    • Industries: Software company , Internet marketing service , Website Designer , Customer support and service 
    • Clients: Click2Magic , Geekschip , NCC urban , Troop Messenger , UCCHVAS , Feedbuck , Janasena Asthra , Time Dynamo


    DevOps is a fine combination of software development and IT operations that facilitates IT businesses to transform and expedite their development processes. In addition, it helps organizations unite siloed teams, optimize their processes, and reduce go-to-market time. Therefore, partnering with the best DevOps experts in 2024 is crucial to take your business to new heights.

    We hope our list of the top DevOps as a Service companies in 2024 helps you find the most appropriate vendor for your business.

    If you want to get your DevOps consulting firm featured in this list, contact us by email with your request or submit a form in the Top Choices section. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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