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    Top Online Quiz Maker Software For Enhancing User Engagement

    Online quizzes are an essential element in the digital world, where continuous learning and engagement are key drivers of success in various business domains.

    Whether you’re a teacher looking to interact with students engagingly, a coach who wants to assess trainees’ knowledge and skills effectively, or a marketer aiming to gather valuable customer data and insights, online quiz software might become a real game-changer for you.

    Nowadays, quizzes are not just about a fun pastime; it’s about leveraging the power of technology to enhance user engagement, improve learning outcomes, generate leads, and promote your brand. 

    Quiz makers serve as valuable, ready-to-use tools for crafting advanced examining experiences. They empower users with a simple drag-and-drop editor, broad customization features, analytics capabilities, and various integrations. Furthermore, the best online quiz software makes it possible to produce personalized, interactive tests and get immediate results and feedback.

    To help you choose the most suitable program according to your requirements and budget, we’ve compiled this list of the top online quiz maker software available in the market, each offering unique features and pricing models. 

    Best Quiz Maker Software For Fast And Simple Assessment Process

    1. Form Designer 

     Top Online Quiz Maker Software

    Being one of the best online quiz maker software, Form Designer enables you to create interactive tests of any complexity effortlessly. Using this powerful tool, you can personalize a quiz to match your specific needs and website without a designer or programmer’s assistance. 

    No worries if you lack the time to navigate through all the quiz creation settings on your own. Form Designer provides turnkey form development services, handling all the configurations for you.

    The tool provides a multitude of benefits, including advanced features like an online payment module, automatic retention of all UTM tags, autosave functionality, a variety of ready themes and designs, logical rules, and branching, making it the #1 quiz builder in the market. 

    What’s more, Form Designer offers a selection of over 100 unique form templates covering a wide range of topics. These templates can be easily customized and edited to suit your specific requirements, all through a user-friendly quiz constructor tool.

    Just imagine, with the help of the Form Designer builder, 148,000+ forms have already been created. Now, it’s your turn to take your quiz creation process to the next level!

    Key features: 

    • Web form designer 
    • Design themes and templates
    • Email and SMS notifications
    • 100% security
    • Logical rules and branches 
    • Reports and charts 
    • Guest access 
    • Multilingualism 
    • Analytics system


    Form Designer offers four subscription plans with up to 20% savings if you pay annually:

    • Free: It is totally free. 
    • Basic: It costs $5.45 per month.
    • Gold: It costs $7.99 per month.
    • Platinum: It costs $10.99 per month. 

    2. Typeform 

     Top Online Quiz Maker Software

    Trusted by Airbnb, Hermes, and Hubspot, Typeform is a fully customizable, feature-set online quiz builder designed to drive engagement, generate qualified leads, and boost brand visibility. You’ll receive all the essential tools and step-by-step expert tips on how to create stunning and mobile-responsive tests.

    To create unique quiz concepts and visuals, you can utilize Typerofm’s premium themes or choose from a wide selection of ready-to-go templates. Kickstart your project with a free plan and craft your first attractive form within minutes! 

    Key features: 

    • Premium themes 
    • Premium themes and templates 
    • Brand kit 
    • Custom meta description 
    • Custom links 
    • Email notifications 
    • Advanced embedded options 
    • Embedded type forms 
    • Third-party integrations 
    • Dev tools
    • Live chat support 
    • Insights and analytics 


    Typeform offers four paid plans with up to 16% savings on its annual billing. Also, you can try the tool for free. 

    • Basic: It costs $29 per month.
    • Plus: it costs $59 per month.
    • Business: It costs $99 per month.
    • Enterprise: Custom price.

    3. Outgrow

     Top Online Quiz Maker Software

    Outgrow provides comprehensive AI features and pre-designed templates that empower you to craft a highly personalized quiz within minutes. Using the Outgrow quiz builder, you have the flexibility to design various types of tests, including Trivia quizzes, Kahoot quizzes, product recommendation quizzes, personality assessments, Buzzfeed-style quizzes, scored quizzes, and more. 

    What’s more, Outgrow gives you access to a library of over 1,000,000 free stock images and enables you to incorporate GIFs and videos into your questions and results. 

    Along with captivating visuals, Outgrow equips you with essential tools for data segmentation and visualization, seamless integration of social media widgets, 24/7 customer support, and embedded capabilities. Furthermore, you can adjust your quiz content for SEO and configure email notifications to maximize your test’s impact.

    Key features: 

    • 1000+ integrations 
    • Over 1,000,000 free stock images and GIFs
    • Great variety of in-built marketing tools 
    • Optimized layouts 
    • Powerful funnel analytics 
    • Smart quiz builder 
    • Formula builder 
    • Graphs and charts 
    • Ready-to-use templates 
    • Multiple customization options


    Outgrow offers six paid subscription plans with 44% savings on its yearly billing: 

    • Freelancer: It costs $22 per month.
    • Freelancer Pro: It costs $45 per month.
    • Essentials: It costs $115 per month.
    • Business: It costs $720 per month. 
    • Startup Special: It costs $55 per month.
    • Enterprise: Custom price. 

    Also, you can try a Basic custom plan for free, which allows you to create simple forms and surveys.

    4. Woorise

     Top Online Quiz Maker Software

    Woorise is indeed one of the best quiz funnel software that helps businesses create and implement quiz-based marketing funnels. In a single dashboard, you can create highly customizable tests, generate and segment leads, monitor user engagement and conversion rates, and integrate your quizzes with email marketing platforms and CRM systems.

    With Woorise, you can effortlessly build personality quizzes, score quizzes, as well as assessment quizzes. Join the devoted community of 80,000+ brands that chose Woorise, including ASOS, Unicef, IKEA, and create truly exceptional quizzes to captivate and engage your end users.

    Key features: 

    • Hundreds of ready-to-use templates 
    • Drag-and-drop quiz builder 
    • Personalized email notifications 
    • Multiple languages 
    • Interactive calculators 
    • Data export
    • Mobile responsiveness
    • Analytics
    • Publish anywhere 
    • Geo-targeting 
    • Workspaces
    • Fraud detection
    • CSS customization


    You can pay monthly or save up to 20% on its annual billing: 

    • Free Plan includes unlimited campaigns and email support.
    • Basic: It costs $29 per month. 
    • Grow: It costs $49 per month.
    • Pro: It costs $99 per month.

    5. Interact

     Top Online Quiz Maker Software

    This US-based company is among the best online quiz makers following a mission to empower entrepreneurs, creators, and brands in their quest for business growth. The number of Interact’s achievements is amazing: 9 million completed quizzes in just a month, 42,000+ leads generated daily, and an impressive 80% quiz completion rate. 

    Interact will guide you through a simple five-step process, helping you create compelling and captivating quizzes to achieve your goals. There are three types of tests you can build with Interact: personality, assessment, and scored quizzes, with the possibility to add images and GIFs to keep them easy and fun. 

    What else makes Interact different? First of all, the company is GDPR compliant, so they take privacy and security seriously. In addition, they provide a great set of quiz maker tools for hosting, integration, data collection, and performance analysis of your tests. As a bonus, you can access their free quiz courses to enhance your skill set.

    Want to experience all these fantastic benefits? Then Interact is what you need! 

    Key features: 

    • Survey analytics
    • Live chat and email support 
    • Extensive help doc library
    • Various integrations 
    • Conversion-focused templates 
    • Mobile responsive custom design themes
    • Drag-and-drop branching logic 


    You can start with a 14-day risk-free trial to test the potential of the Interact quiz maker. Later, you can choose from 3 paid plans and save up to 40% if you pay annually. 

    • Lite: It costs $39 per month. 
    • Growth: It costs $89 per month.
    • Pro: It costs $209 per month.

    6. ProProfs Quiz Maker 

    Top Online Quiz Maker Platform

    ProProfs Quiz Maker is a powerful online tool that allows users to create interactive quizzes and assessments. With its user-friendly interface and versatile features, it provides an easy and efficient way to create engaging quizzes for various purposes, such as educational assessments, training sessions, employee evaluations, and online competitions.

    One of the standout features of ProProfs Quiz Maker is its AI quiz maker. This unique feature uses artificial intelligence to instantly generate questions based on the provided topic and details. This saves time and effort for users by minimizing the need for manual question creation.

    Besides AI quiz generation, ProProfs Quiz Maker offers a range of other in-demand features. It supports 15+ question types, including multiple-choice, checkbox, fill-in-the-blanks, video response, drag & drop, hotspot, matching, and more. This enables users to create quizzes that cater to different learning styles and objectives. It also allows users to include images, videos, and audio files to enhance the quizzes.

    Additionally, the tool provides options to configure time limits, passing scores, and maximum allowed attempts. You also get detailed reports and analytics that give individual and group performance insights. 

    Key Features:

    • 100,000+ ready-to-use quizzes
    • 100+ quiz templates
    • Advanced security & proctoring settings
    • Personality & scored quizzes
    • Auto-grading and scoring
    • 70+ languages support
    • Customizable certificates
    • Customization and white-labeling
    • Quiz availability and time limits 
    • Easy sharing and embedding
    • Question/answer shuffling 
    • Easy third-party integrations
    • Mobile compatibility


    ProProfs Quiz Maker offers 5 subscription plans, and you can get a reasonable discount if you take the yearly subscription.

    • Free Plan: It’s completely free. 
    • ESSENTIALS: $25/month or $20/month (if billed yearly).
    • BUSINESS: $50/month or $40/month (if billed yearly).
    • BUSINESS+: $250/month or $200/month (if billed yearly).
    • For K12 Teachers: $35 per year/per teacher

    7. Thrive Themes 

    Top Online Quiz Maker Platform

    Thrive Themes software goes beyond just quiz creation. With this innovative program, you can build a complete conversion-focused marketing suite for WordPress. The tool empowers you not only to craft entertaining and interactive quizzes but also to use them to drive sales and customers. 

    Thrive Themes quiz maker is perfect for coaches, personal brands, eCommerce businesses, online course creators, local businesses, affiliate marketers, bloggers, and digital agencies. Use it to create exciting quizzes from scratch, expand your email list with leads, increase social sharing, and gain valuable customer insights.

    With Thrive Themes, you have the flexibility to design various types of tests, including numeric, percentage-based, category-based, right/wrong, and survey quizzes.

    Key features: 

    • Ready-to-use templates
    • Drag-and-drop builder
    • Email notifications 
    • Built-in viral mechanics 
    • Analytics 
    • Customer support 


    Thrive Themes provides a single premium plan with flexible payment options, allowing you to choose between quarterly or annual billing subscriptions.

    • Thrive Suite Quarterly: It costs $149.
    • Thrive Suite Yearly: It costs $299.

    8. Riddle 

    Top Online Quiz Maker Platform

    Riddle is undoubtedly one of the best quiz makers, offering a powerful toolbox for faster content creation and better outcomes. Their experts are totally confident in their services, thus, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee and are trusted by giant brands like Manchester United, CNN, Oxfam, and others. Moreover, Riddle is a market leader in privacy, with its quiz platform fully compliant with GDPR/CCPA standards. 

    Riddle’s latest advanced features include lightning-fast support, with an impressive average response time of just 2.1 minutes, as well as over 5,000 integrations ranging from HubSpot and Klaviyo to Salesforce and Google Sheets. Furthermore, this platform boasts the ultimate mobile responsiveness and full accessibility.

    Start your free trial with Riddle today and design a perfect quiz according to your needs, whether it’s a personality quiz, timed quiz, contest, or giveaway. 

    Key features: 

    • Various integrations 
    • Smart quiz builder 
    • Tailor-made templates 
    • Lightning-fast customer support 
    • Mobile-friendly interface
    • Fully accessible content 
    • Publish anywhere 


    You can choose one of four paid plans and save up to 29% on its annual billing: 

    • Essential: It costs $69 per month.
    • Pro: It costs $129 per month.
    • Business: It costs $299 per month.
    • Full-service: Custom price.

    9. LeadQuizzes

    Top Online Quiz Maker Platform

    LeadQuizzes is an ideal quiz maker software for entrepreneurs, agencies, and small businesses. Its key offerings encompass a user-friendly drag-and-drop quiz builder, effective content promotion tools, real-time analytics, and the convenience of hosting quizzes on LeadQuizz’s own URLs. 

    In addition, this software offers access to an exclusive collection of over 75 easily customizable templates, including design and content elements. 

    Currently, LeadQuizzes boasts over 20,000 active users. Use the top quiz maker software to elevate your business and promote your brand!

    Key features: 

    • Website embedded options
    • Website popup maker
    • Announcement bar 
    • Optimized ad campaigns 
    • Email notifications
    • Numerous design and content templates 
    • Drag-and-drop content builder 
    • Analytics
    • Seamless integrations 
    • LeadQuizzes hosted URL 


    LeadQuizzes offers three paid plans and up to 20% savings on its annual billing. You can start with a 14-day trial. 

    • Standard: It costs $49 per month. 
    • Pro: It costs $99 per month.
    • Premium: It costs $249 per month.

    10. iSpring Quizmaker

    Top Online Quiz Maker Platform

    iSpring is an online training software suite that provides a diverse range of products aimed at making a substantial impact on businesses. iSpring Quizmaker is one of them. With its quiz maker tools, iSpring can assist you in creating fully automated employee assessments, visually appealing quizzes and tests with distinctive designs, and insightful reports.

    iSpring Quizmaker is designed to build effective quizzes and tests tailored to the training needs of employees across various industries, including education, retail, automotive, restaurants, healthcare, and manufacturing. Experience the best quiz builder with a test drive and enjoy access to all its features, along with 24/7 support.

    Key features: 

    • Quiz builder 
    • Ready-to-use templates  
    • Customized styles and colors
    • Themes collection 
    • Custom quiz settings 
    • Quizzes for all devices 
    • Customer support 


    iSpring Quizmaker costs $370 per year but you can start with a free trial.

    11. Quiz Maker

    Top Online Quiz Maker Platform

    Imagine creating a quiz in less than 50 seconds. It’s possible with the world’s first ChatGPT-powered Quiz Maker software.

    Designed for educators, marketers, and large enterprises, it provides the best online quiz tools to help you generate leads, increase sales, and expand your business.

    The program provides step-by-step instructions on how to make a perfect quiz and customize it to your specific needs.

    Key features:

    • Custom themes 
    • Custom branding 
    • User activity tracking 
    • Team accounts 
    • User management 
    • Integrations
    • Dedicated success manager 


    Quiz Maker offers four paid plans and a 7-day trial for all the plans except for Enterprise. Also, you can save up to 20% if you pay annually. 

    • Student: It costs $29 per month. 
    • Professional: It costs $49 per month. 
    • Business: It costs $69 per month. 
    • Enterprise: Contact sales to know about the pricing. 

    12. Jotform Quiz Maker 

    Top Online Quiz Maker Platform

    Jotform Quiz Maker is more than just a quiz creation tool. It allows you to build a comprehensive marketing suite tailored for blog sites, classes, and online courses, focused on driving conversions. Not only can you create engaging and interactive quizzes, but you can also leverage them to boost sales and engage with your audience effectively with its drag-and-drop customization and conditional logic features.

    Perfect for a diverse range of users including coaches, personal brands, eCommerce businesses, online course creators, local businesses, affiliate marketers, bloggers, and digital agencies, Jotform’s Quiz Maker allows you to craft captivating quizzes from scratch or by using one of their many templates. You can grow your email list by capturing leads, enhancing social sharing, and effortlessly gathering valuable customer insights as well. Jotform’s secure quizzes allow you to manage submissions safely with its 256-bit SSL connection.

    With no coding required, you can design various quizzes, including numeric, percentage-based, category-based, right/wrong, and survey quizzes, providing options for engaging with your audience and driving conversions.

    Key Features:

    • Customize & Embed in Your Website
    • Visual Reports by Quiz Report Builder
    • Contactless Kiosk
    • Notifications
    • Drag-and-Drop Customization
    • Track Completion Rate
    • Jotform Mobile App


    All features are included and 24/7 Customer Support available in all following monthly plans

    • Starter (Free) Plan: includes all features with 100 MB available space
    • Bronze Plan: It costs $34 per month.
    • Silver Plan: It costs $39 per month.
    • Golden Plan: It costs $99 per month.


    Quizzes will undoubtedly continue to play an essential role in shaping the way we learn, teach, and interact in our ever-evolving digital world. Therefore, businesses that harness the power of online quiz makers are better equipped to engage customers, gather critical data, and drive growth.

    The quiz maker software featured in this article stand out as the global top choices. These tools offer comprehensive feature sets, empowering users to craft greatly customizable tests that meet diverse needs. From the robust template collections to advanced analytics, they are your go-to solutions for creating top-notch quizzes.

    If you want to add your quiz builder to this list, contact us with your request. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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