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    Top Node.js Developers To Hire In 2024

    Among the plethora of software development technologies, Node.js has been a go-to solution for over a decade, with many companies still looking to hire Node.js developers in 2024.

    According to a recent survey, Node.js was the most used web framework in 2023, with 42.7% percent of respondents reporting using it. Actually, such extensive popularity isn’t surprising — Node.js allows developers to build fast and scalable web applications more easily than other backend technologies.

    In addition, Node.js excels at handling multiple requests simultaneously, which makes it an ideal choice for real-time applications like games, chatbots, collaborative tools, streaming apps, and even IoT applications.

    If you’re looking for a reliable dev team to help you implement your Node.js project, you’re in the right place. This article features the top Node.js developers to consider hiring in 2024 based on their services and expertise, portfolios, and focus industries.

    The Best Node.js Development Companies In 2024

    1. Code & Pepper

    Top Node.js Developers

    With almost two decades of experience and 500+ projects delivered globally, Code & Pepper is a top Node.js development services provider you should consider in 2024. Although the company is based in Poland, most of its clients come from the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Austria, and the UAE.

    The team primarily serves fintech and healthtech businesses, focusing on building top-quality domain-specific solutions. Another factor greatly contributing to the exceptional quality of their solutions is their tried-and-true talent-identification process. Recruiters at Code & Pepper thoroughly examine over 70 candidates’ attributes to hire the top 1.6% of talent.

    By hiring Code & Pepper you’ll get more than just code; you’ll work with the best Node.js engineers who combine human talent with the latest AI tools to develop next-gen software solutions.

    • Services & expertise: web development, custom software development, mobile app development, UX/UI design, AI engineering
    • Tech stack: Node.js, React, Ruby on Rails, Angular, React Native, JavaScript, Typescript
    • Team size: 70+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Insurance, Banking, Fintech, Financial Services, Healthtech
    • Clients: Blanket, SureIn, Incard, Smart Pension, CoverTree, LUSID, Nimbla, Moojo, QuitGenius, Patchwork, Nate, Rezolve, Aspen, Monet, United4, Monkee, Pluto, Global Trade Alert, Flink

    2. Keenethics

    Top Node.js Developers

    The forerunner on our list of the best Node.js developers in 2024, Keenethics, focuses on full-cycle web development based on agile principles. Headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine, the company also has offices in the USA, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain. Since 2015, they’ve worked with over 50 clients worldwide, including notable enterprises like Epson and startups like Ruuster.

    Their team of over 100 seasoned specialists boasts diverse expertise and a comprehensive tech stack, allowing them to deliver an impressive range of solutions, from MVPs and low-code projects to cloud-based and AI-powered applications. 

    • Services & expertise: web development, custom software development, mobile app development, UX/UI design, AI & ML, business analysis, IoT, cloud computing
    • Tech stack: Node.js, React, Next.js, Phoenix, Vue.js, Typescript, JavaScript, Elixir, Rust, Bubble, Flutter, React Native
    • Team size: 100+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Education, Manufacturing, Real Estate, eCommerce, Nonprofit, Agriculture, Logistics, Retail
    • Clients: Epson, Self Leaders, WorldLabs, BankerAdvisor, Ruuster, Brainable, OneRemission, CryptoMarketCap, Cordian, uMore, ParkQX

    3. Plego Technologies

    Top Node.js Developers

    The US-based Plego Technologies is a top Node.js development firm with offices in Chicago, Houston, and New York Metropolitan Areas. Since 2002, their team has delivered over a thousand web and mobile app development projects. They’ve been working with clients of various types and sizes, with midmarket businesses dominating their impressive portfolio.

    According to Plego Technologies, they focus on providing clients with expertise and intelligent solutions that lead to success. The company is also renowned for its client-centric approach that prioritizes open communication to ensure its customers’ goals are met and exceeded.

    • Services & expertise: web development, custom software development, mobile app development, DevOps, data analytics, AI & ML
    • Tech stack: Node.js, .NET, Angular, Flutter, Joomla, Laravel, ASP.NET, Ruby, PHP, ASP, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, Swift, XML
    • Team size: 20+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Information Technology, Real Estate, Media, Retail, eCommerce, Manufacturing
    • Clients: Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, Motorola Mobility, Ashley Homestore, Chicago Park District, Crate & Barrel, Wausau Homes, Schneider Electric, Sara Lee, Jessup Manufacturing, RXeed, Kensington School

    4. Innowise

    Top Node.js Developers

    There’s little surprise that Innowise has got into the list of the best Node.js development companies in 2024. Over a thousand IT experts at Innowise have delivered 1,100+ projects so far, with a whopping 93% of recurring customers.

    Founded in 2007, this international software development firm has key delivery centers in Europe and offices worldwide. Since 2009, they have specialized in custom and platform-based medical solutions, from patient apps to loMT. So, if you’re looking to hire Node.js developers who can guarantee robust security and regulation compliance of a medical app, reach out to Innowise experts. 

    • Services & expertise: web development, custom software development, mobile app development, AI development, AR/VR development, blockchain, cloud consulting & SI
    • Tech stack: Node.js, .NET, Angular, Django, Flutter, Laravel, JavaScript, ASP.NET, C#, Java, Kotlin, PHP, Python, Swift, Unity, Webflow, Bubble
    • Team size: 1,600+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Education, Financial Services, Medical, eCommerce, Retail, Automotive, Logistics & Transportation
    • Clients: Topcon, BMW, N:aip, OneStop Pro, Tieto, CoreLedger, Web3 Pro, Deloitte, Accenture

    5. Vention

    Top Node.js Developers

    Since its launch in 2002, the team at Vention has been delivering innovative software development services to startups and large enterprises, including industry leaders such as PayPal, IBM, and PwC. Headquartered in New York, this leading Node.js app development firm is also present in 20 other cities worldwide, allowing them to match clients with experts in their time zones to maintain work consistency.

    Their average client relationship exceeds 36 months, with the customers benefiting from $600,000+ annual savings as a result of their collaboration with Vention. Spanning 30+ verticals and 25+ technologies, Vention promises to design and implement top-notch solutions to suit even the most sophisticated needs.

    • Services & expertise: web development, custom software development, mobile app development, AI development, AR/VR development, blockchain
    • Tech stack: Node.js, .NET, Angular, React, Flutter, React Native, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Go, Java, Bubble
    • Team size: 3,000+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Financial Services, Real Estate, Medical, eCommerce, Education, Marketing/Adtech, Gaming
    • Clients: IBM, PayPal, IC Markets, StoneX, PwC, EY, ClassPass, DealCloud, Postman, Bevi, Thirty Madison, Costa Coffee, Mount Sinai, Médecins sans frontières, Motum, Glassdoor, Coca-Cola, Vimeo

    6. DataArt

    Top Node.js Developers

    The New York-based DataArt unites over five thousand IT professionals across multiple locations in the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. More than 25 years on the market and a comprehensive tech stack make DataArt one of the best Node.js development companies in 2024.

    According to DataArt, they’re led by a people-first principle, which enables them to deliver solutions that create immediate and enduring business value. Through 20+ domain-specific labs, they work with their clients as partners, so if you’re looking for top Node.js developers who prioritize friendly communication and reliable relations, consider this firm.

    • Services & expertise: IoT development, custom software development, AI development, eCommerce development, cloud consulting & SI
    • Tech stack: Node.js, .NET, Spring MVC, Angular, React, Drupal, Microsoft SharePoint, Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, WordPress, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, PHP, Perl, Ruby
    • Team size: 5,700+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Financial Services, Medical, eCommerce, Hospitality & Leisure, Retail, Media & Entertainment, Education, Industry 4.0
    • Clients: The Carlyle Group, Nasdaq, Apax Partners, Monex, Credorax, Ocado, METRO Markets, Unilever, Doddle, PSI, Anthony Nolan, Skyscanner, Rappi, GroundScope

    7. Avenga

    Top Node.js Developers

    Avenga is a global IT engineering company boasting over 20 years of operation. During this time, they have successfully delivered software solutions for more than 400 clients around the world. Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, Avenga has an extensive network of delivery centers in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

    Its team of over 4,000 specialists focuses exclusively on four industries, making the company a go-to technology partner for automotive, insurance, financial services, and pharma businesses. The firm is also known for its commitment to sustainability, which is demonstrated through participation in children’s support, education accessibility, humanitarian aid, and greenery planting projects.

    • Services & expertise: web development, custom software development, AI development, Cloud Consulting & SI
    • Tech stack: Node.js, .NET, Angular, React, React Native, Microsoft SharePoint, Apex, Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, Objective C, PHP, Swift
    • Team size: 4,300+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Financial Services, Medical, Automotive, Insurance
    • Clients: IQVIA, GSK, QPharma, Roche, Credit Suisse, Postbank, ABB, Allianz, SwissLife, Mazda, Volvo, OLO

    8. Pieoneers

    Top Node.js Developers

    The next name on our list of the best Node.js developers in 2024 is Pieoneers, a Vancouver-based firm that started its path in web development back in 2009. Their team specializes in building solutions for several industries; however, they truly excel at delivering applications for the education sector, with world-famous universities choosing this company as their tech partner.

    According to Pieoneers, their clients most appreciate their desire to go beyond the expected project deliverables and ensure that their solutions attract the right audiences, uncovering new business opportunities and revenue streams.

    • Services & expertise: web development, mobile app development, AI development, edtech development
    • Tech stack: Node.js, React, React Native, Django, Gatsby.js, Flutter, JavaScript, Typescript, Go, Python
    • Team size: 15+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Education, Manufacturing, Medical, Information Technology, Consumer Products & Services
    • Clients: University of British Columbia, London School of Economics, Smith College, University of Notre Dame, Bulova, Jevitty Life Science Corp, Simon Fraser University, Bodycomp Imaging Inc, Hootsuite, Seaspan, TEDx, PocketBook International SA, ProSmart Sports, Gamesheet Inc, Provectus

    9. Netguru

    Top Node.js Developers

    One of the most sought-after Node.js development firms in the EU today, Netguru, was founded in 2008 in Poland. Since then, they have successfully delivered over a thousand award-winning projects. The team at Netguru offers a full range of development services, from web app development to generative AI and big data.

    They design, build, and scale digital solutions for businesses of various sizes, from startups to enterprises. Talented experts at Netguru can assist you with a broad range of tasks, from the initial idea and product strategy to the launch and maintenance of the product.

    One of Netguru’s core values is learning from successes and failures. They claim to continuously improve the quality of their work and develop new skills, never resting on their laurels and constantly reinventing themselves.

    • Services & expertise: web development, web design, mobile development, BI & big data consulting & SI, cloud consulting & SI, AI engineering
    • Tech stack: Node.js, React, React Native, Django, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, Kotlin, Swift
    • Team size: 600+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Medical, Real Estate, Financial Services, Retail
    • Clients: UBS, OLX, Volkswagen, Ikea, Careem, Keller Williams, Solaris, Moonfare, Żabka, Spendesk, DAMAC, Joystream

    10. Rootstrap

    Top Node.js Developers

    If you’re looking to hire the best Node.js developers in the USA, consider Rootstrap. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, Rootstarp has delivered over 700 digital products with over 100 million combined downloads since its launch in 2011. 

    Besides building mobile, web, and desktop solutions from scratch, Rootstrap provides team augmentation services, offering to hire talented team members across the USA, Uruguay, Colombia, and Argentina to help your in-house team generate better results. Whether you need a single expert or several dedicated teams, their flexible working structures and extensive talent pool can seamlessly accommodate your unique needs.

    • Services & expertise: web development, custom software development, mobile app development, UX/UI design, AI development
    • Tech stack: Node.js, React, React Native, Django, Ruby on Rails, Gatsby.js, Next.js, JavaScript, Typescript, Python, Ruby, Java, Kotlin, Swift
    • Team size: 250+ experts
    • Industries they serve: Education, Medical, Media, Financial Services, Retail, eCommerce, Nonprofit
    • Clients: MasterClass, Google, Salesforce, Universal Music Group, FanBread, Cash Money Records, Spotify, Snoop Dogg, CES, Disney, Tony Robbins, Microsoft, Epson, Loftey, Ericsson, Die Antwoord, Live Nation, TikTok, Adidas


    We hope you’ve found our list of the best Node.js development companies in 2024 helpful.

    While all listed companies are recognized for providing high-quality Node.js web development services, there are some aspects to consider before making your final choice. We recommend narrowing down the list of your potential Node.js development partners based on industry experience and researching whether they work with businesses of your type. Also, visit the companies’ sites to explore their case studies and core values — this always helps in finding your perfect provider. 

    If you want to add your Node.js development firm to this list, drop us a line with your request or submit your company using this form. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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