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    Top Software Development Companies In The USA

    Software development is one of the world’s most dynamic and rapidly growing industries aimed at helping businesses grow, enhance online presence and customer experience, boost productivity, and promote innovations. 

    The United States is the leading player in the global tech sector with over 4,3M top-notch IT engineers and is home to the top software development companies. Working with the US firm means you get access to an exclusive talent pool and cutting-edge digital solutions tailored to your business niche and requirements quickly and with strict control of development costs. 

    With over 8,000 IT outsourcing houses present on the local market, finding and hiring the best software development company in the USA might be challenging. To help you with your search, we’ve compiled a list of the most prominent and reliable US software development services providers setting the bar high in terms of job quality, timing, and overall efficiency. 

    Whether you are looking for a custom software solution, mobile app, website, or any other IT-related service, these companies will meet all your requirements and turn your ideas into a top-rated product.

    The Best Software Development Companies And Developers In The United States

    1. Idea Maker 

    the best US software development company

    Despite being quite a young US custom software development company founded in 2016, Idea Maker is a prominent IT services provider offering boutique development solutions for startups, growing businesses, and enterprises in Orange County and the greater Californian areas. With over 40 successful projects under its belt, Idea Maker has established itself as a reliable creator of top-rated mobile apps, websites, and complex SAAS projects.

    The experts at Idea Maker value your future software’s user experience, scalability, and security as top priorities. They build modern software programs that are user-friendly, high-performing, and adhere to the highest tech standards, streamlining business operations and increasing productivity.

    Each client has different technical requirements, so Idea Maker develops custom applications to meet your needs perfectly and help you overcome crucial business challenges. From MVP and feature-rich software to ongoing product maintenance and support, this ingenious Californian team does its best to ensure customers get the best-fit solutions they need to succeed.

    • Services and expertise: custom software development, crypto development, database development, ChatGPT integrations, graphic design, mobile app development, SEO, SaaS development, small business, UI/UX, web development
    • Tech stack: Django, Vue, React, React Native, Flutter, and others
    • Industries: eLearning, FinTech, Professional Services, General Business
    • Team size: up to 10 experts but extending rapidly
    • Portfolio: Qck12, Lincoln, Planefax, ExcelX, Smart, NewView Eyewear, KTO, TruAcademy

    2. Selland Technologies 

    best software developers in the USA

    Selland Technologies is a leading product development and digital marketing agency in the United States. Based on three whales: Design, Build, and Grow, this superior firm is dedicated to helping businesses overcome challenges and initiate remarkable growth with full-service digital capabilities.

    Selland Technologies’ fully distributed team spanning North America, Europe, and Asia achieves product development cost-efficiency without compromising quality. Their clients benefit from faster project completion and significantly lower costs compared to other vendors.

    The company boasts an impressive portfolio, having created outstanding digital experiences for renowned brands throughout North America, including startups and major sports leagues. With extensive experience within various industries, Selland Technologies prides itself on delivering unrivaled service characterized by unwavering quality, professionalism, and efficiency. From the initial stages of research and discovery to the final phases of development and maintenance, they’ll guide you in creating flawless digital platforms that fuel business growth and success.

    • Services and expertise: software architecture, software engineering, digital marketing, SEO, SEM, product design, product strategy, maintenance & support
    • Tech stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, NodeJS, etc.
    • Industries: eCommerce, Finance, Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Sports, Hospitality, and many other
    • Team size: 10-49 experts distributed across North America
    • Portfolio: NASCAR, The Local Palate, ATP Tour, Carewell, K-64, Getting to We

    3. Anmel

    top banking app development company

    Established in 2021, Anmel has already become a leading software development company in the United States and beyond, helping startups and enterprises increase efficiency by 60%. 

    Specializing in full-cycle software development, Anmel assists clients through every phase of the development process, from planning and design to integration, testing, and management. They cater to startups, software firms, and enterprises across various industries, offering comprehensive development, software updates, and specialized IT professionals.

    Anmel’s impact on businesses is indeed impressive, with achievements like improving customer satisfaction by an average of 35%, reducing time-to-market by up to 20%, increasing user engagement by up to 25%, and saving up to 30% in development costs. Moreover, the company offers one-year free maintenance and bug fixes for every business that works with them.

    Whether you require custom software development, software support, and maintenance, or team augmentation services, Anmel’s professional team will deliver high-quality, reliable solutions. Committed to transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction, Anmel fosters innovation and enhances operational efficiency, delivering successful software solutions.

    • Services and expertise: custom software development, IT consulting & advisory, AI transformation, web development, mobile development, blockchain development, cloud services, managed services
    • Tech stack: Java, Spring Boot, MongoDB, Azure, NodeJS, SQL, C#, .NET, Monorepo, Rest, Jenkins, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React
    • Industries: Industry Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, Healthcare, Finance & Insurance, Government & Public Services, Retail & CPG, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Travel, Education
    • Team size: 50+ and rapidly expanding
    • Portfolio: startups, software firms, and enterprises

    4. Rootstrap

    Top Software Development Companies

    Being one of the best IT outsourcing companies in the USA, Rootstrap is trusted by the most prominent enterprises in the world, including MasterCard, Google, Globalization Partner, and Tony Robbins. 

    Their ingenious team has launched 750+ impactful products since 2011, proving they know perfectly what software solutions will help achieve your goals and drive better ROI. By combining design, strategy, and technology best practices, they’ll build custom software that amplifies your business’s impact. 

    • Services and expertise: web and mobile development, QA, DevOps, UI/UX design, UCD, staff augmentation, AR & VR systems, blockchain, cryptocurrency, chatbots, ML and AI development
    • Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, Django, NodeJS, NestJS, Python, Flask, ExpressJS, Java, Kotlin, Swift, TypeScript, VueJS, Figma, Photoshop, SQL Server, etc.
    • Industries: Healthcare, Education, Business Service, Manufacturing, Technology, Finance, Retail, Gaming, Media Entertainment
    • Team size: 250+ experts
    • Portfolio: Epson, Google, Sony, Tony Robbins, Master Class, Special Olympics, SalesForce, Madison Reed 

    5. Emergent Software

    Top Software Development Companies

    Emergent Software is not only a top custom software development company but also the best place to work for American software developers. This award-winning firm offers a comprehensive range of services to clients across all industries in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and throughout the US, including custom software development as well as ongoing maintenance and support.

    What distinguishes Emergent Software is its in-depth expertise in the Microsoft ecosystem. Their talented team of full-stack developers, SQL Server DBA’s, UI/UX designers, Azure architects, Office 365 consultants, and project managers will help you tackle the difficult challenges facing your business.

    • Services and expertise: custom software development, website development, database and analytics services, Azure cloud services, SharePoint consulting services, staffing services 
    • Tech stack: React, Blazor, Bootstrap, Angular, VueJS, jQuery, .NetCore, NodeJS, Azure, CloudFlare, Sitecore, WordPress, iOs, Android, Power BI, Snowflake, Xamarin
    • Industries: Gaming, Finance, Agricultural, Technology, Retail, eCommerce, Retail 
    • Team size: 250+ experts
    • Portfolio: Minnesota, Legrand, WSB, Red Wing Shoes, The Tile Shop, Toro, Phillips, CSG

    6. Origami Studios 

    Top Software Developers

    Origami Studios is a premier US software development company represented by well-versed software developers who are reshaping the world through digital innovation. Focused on positive, long-lasting relationships with clients, the firm has successfully delivered over 1000 projects for world-famous brands, significantly boosting their business growth. 

    Origami Studios offers 360-degree solutions and promises speed, quality, and total transparency throughout your entire tech journey with them. 

    • Services and expertise: mobile app and web app development, UI/UX design, staff augmentation, SaaS apps, IoT systems, chatbot development 
    • Tech stack: Firebase, MySQL, MongoDB, Java, ReactJS, Angular 
    • Industries: Manufacturing, Technology, Finance, Retail, Gaming, Media Entertainment
    • Team size: 100+ experts
    • Portfolio: Nestle, ADB, Hubii, Shell, Experian, TCS, Fit Together, Unicef

    7. UpQODE   

    Top Software Developers

    Looking to hire the best software developers in the USA? Discover UPQODE! This Nashville-based award-winning agency provides next-gen web design and SEO services to clients across the US and Europe. Their superior team has been featured in numerous prestigious rankings in the TOP Web Design Companies Worldwide lists.

    Particularly, UPQODE specializes in designing and developing websites and optimizing them for search engines using the best practices and latest tools, catering to the needs of SMBs and large corporations.

    • Services and expertise: website design and development, Shopify web development, responsive websites, SEO, PPC marketing, content writing, website maintenance, SMM, Google Analytics services 
    • Tech stack: WordPress, PHP, Angular, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, VueJS, and more 
    • Industries: eCommerce, Education, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare 
    • Team size: 100+ professionals
    • Portfolio: Hudson, SignalPay, Marcel, Blue Zones, MSW Compliance, NMR, Moffett, Paul Johnston 

    8. Micro1

    Top Software Developers

    Micro1 is the number one web development agency in LA, rated by Clutch, Manifest, and Expertise. The company has been on the market since 2019 and covers a complete product development cycle, from planning and prototyping to design, programming, QA, and launch

    Their ambitious team of professional engineers provides a smooth development process, ensuring the clients are 100% satisfied with the end result. 

    Micro1 promises high-quality product delivery, affordable rates, and friendly support. So choosing them means you will benefit from working with one of the best software development companies in the United States.

    • Services and expertise: custom software development, web design, UI/UX design, QA, product launch, tech consulting 
    • Tech stack: Python, React, Java, NodeJS, AWS 
    • Industries: eCommerce, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, IT, Technology, Financial Services 
    • Team size: 300+ professionals
    • Portfolio: IMX, Webflow, DoNotPay, Ultra Violet 

    9. eSparkBiz

    best software development company in us

    Since its establishment 12 years ago, eSparkBiz has built a trustworthy reputation as one of the best software development companies in the United States. With a team of 300+ seasoned experts and a track record of serving clients across 20 countries, this firm specializes in full-cycle software development, team extension, and tech consulting services.

    They deliver solutions that enhance business productivity and deliver exceptional user experiences to the end users.

    • Services and expertise: web app development, custom software development, eCommerce solutions, blockchain apps, MVP, AI/ML development, AR/VR systems, DevOps, tech consulting, digital transformation 
    • Tech stack: NodeJS, ReactJS, .Net, Angular, Python, Laravel, VueJS
    • Industries: Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Logistics, Fashion. Music, Entertainment 
    • Team size: 250+ professionals
    • Portfolio: Toshiba, Cision, Train, T Mobile, Atlantis, Bayer

    10. Gorilla Logic

    Top Software Developers

    Gorilla Logic, headquartered in Colorado, is one of the most experienced American software development companies. Founded in 2002, Gorilla Logic has delivered world-class software products and consulting services to global enterprises and SMBs for over two decades. 

    Their agile teams have rich technical expertise and offer an optimal level of control, flexibility, and transparency to make the development process as smooth and effective as possible, achieving the expected results. 

    • Services and expertise: mobile app development, enterprise-level system development, QA & testing, DevOps, cloud and security services, data engineering, IoT solutions, software architecture, UI/UX design
    • Tech stack: Java, Cotlin, Objective-C, Swift, ARKit, Core ML, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Gimbal, Adobe Analytics, and many more
    • Industries: Music, Skincare, Healthcare, Fintech, Games and Entertainment 
    • Team size: 500+ professionals
    • Portfolio: NBC, Western Asset, Fender, Ford, Gaia, Home Advisor, Maxar, Finish Line, DaVita 

    11. Sunrise Integration

    Top Software Development Companies

    Established in Los Angeles, Sunrise Integration is a home for the best software developers in the USA. During the last 23 years, their veteran experts have worked with clients locally and worldwide, including those in Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, and Japan.

    Today, the company is an industry leader specializing in developing powerful SaaS applications for eCommerce as well as building 3PL, API, and data exchange solutions for CRM and ERP. 

    All in all, Sunrise Integrations delivers flawless programming services and state-of-the-art digital solutions to help you stay ahead of the competition.

    • Services and expertise: Shopify web development, eCommerce website development, ERP and CRM systems, mobile app development, SaaS apps, shipping and 3PL software, API integrations, web design, data migrations 
    • Tech stack: React Native, Flutter, Swift, X-code, Firebase, Redis, Cognito, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, Clover, KWI, and many more 
    • Industries: Games and Entertainment, Retail, Healthcare, Finance, Logistics, Apparel, etc. 
    • Team size: 500+ experts
    • Portfolio: Live Nation, Morphe, DHL, Maersk, Bombas, Freshbooks, Recharge, 4moms, QUAY

    12. Eureka Software

    Top Software Development Companies

    Eureka is a top custom software development company in the US with a local team of creatives, scientists, and engineers who are passionate about creating intuitive software designs and innovative digital experiences. 

    For over 35 years present on the market, the firm has gained vast expertise in providing best-in-class software development and project management services with a focus on user experience design, product experience optimization, and mobile app development. 

    Eureka’s primary goal is to create customized software solutions that go far beyond prototypes and easily adapt to increasing production demands with minimal expenses and revisions.

    • Services and expertise: software engineering, UI/UX design, product experience optimization, mobile app development 
    • Tech stack: AWS, AngularJS, Docker, .NetCore, NodeJS, C#
    • Industries: Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, IT, Technology, Financial Services 
    • Team size: 100+ experts
    • Portfolio: Dell, Motorola, AMD, Siemens, Samsung, 3M, SBC, Tektronix, Progressive Insurance, NCR, Schlumberger, Sears, and Sprint

    13. TekRevol 


    Top Software Development Companies

    TekRevol is a Silicon Valley software development firm with offices in Houston, New York, Dallas, and numerous other cities in and outside the US that specializes in providing disruptive digital solutions for businesses of all sizes, from startups to global enterprises. 

    Focused on top-notch mobile app development, the company crafts ROI-centric apps that have earned it a reputation as a market leader, with hundreds of happy clients admitting the team’s professionalism, quality of work, and attention to detail.

    When working with TekRevol, clients benefit from the exclusive customer-centric approach. The company strives to understand your ultimate business goals and challenges and works closely with you throughout the entire development process to deliver game-changing, trending solutions that will promote your exponential growth and sustainability. 

    • Services and expertise: web and mobile development, eCommerce, IoT, chatbot development, cloud computing, data analytics, digital strategy, technology consulting, ERP, AI, AR/VR, NFT, automation consultancy
    • Tech stack: Java, Python, NodeJS, .Net, PHP, HTML5, Azure, GSP, Oracle, SAP 
    • Industries: Healthcare, Real estate. Education, Logistics, Automotive, Music, Gaming, Entertainment, eCommerce, Jewelry, Fashion, IT, Finance, etc.
    • Team size: 1000+ experts
    • Portfolio: SELAH, TeeMates, StockShip, SaudiBell, Kinder Morgan, Sunn Dao, Parcheesi Cash, EFB, University of San Francisco


    The software development market in the United States is thriving, and working with the US firm provides you with innovative and flawless IT solutions.

    The listed companies continue to push the boundaries of the technology world to help clients stay ahead of the competition. 

    Hopefully, you can find the best-fit team of software developers in the United States who’ll help you turn your ideas into powerful products. 

    If you’re a US software development services provider and want to add your company to this list, email us with details. After a quick review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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