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    Top eCommerce Marketplaces In Singapore For 2024

    Singapore’s economy is considered the most stable economy all over the world. Despite the lack of natural reservoirs, it has still managed to grab the attention of the world-famous businesses. 

    Coming towards their eCommerce marketplaces, the revenue generated two years back was calculated at around US$4.72. Considering this, professionals evaluated that the eCommerce market is expected to increase by 12.9% within 2 years. 

    These stats are proof of how a country with no natural resources still managed to become a highly developed country. 

    Let’s discuss further the nation’s eCommerce marketplaces so that businesses can make the most from them.  

    A Brief Overview Of The eCommerce Industry

    Out of all the major industries, eCommerce is one of them that has been growing immensely for the past two decades. It has become quite a popular eCommerce hub, making ways for businesses to expand their network, reaching all over the place. 

    Without any second thought, eCommerce marketplaces play a huge role in making businesses prosperous. They serve as a platform that joins the vast network of trade operating through a single median.

    Moreover, these eCommerce marketplaces have played an essential role in bringing together all the massive industries in one place. You can explore almost all sorts of products featured in thousands of categories. As a result, buyers, sellers, wholesalers, and suppliers can work together and make a huge impact on growing their business network. 

    Now that there is enough insight on Singapore’s economy and eCommerce industry. Let’s learn about the top places you can explore to start your business operating worldwide. 

    The Best Marketplaces In Singapore: Selected For So Many Reasons 

    1. eWorldTrade

    Marketplaces In Singapore

    Starting with eWorldTrade, a leading eCommerce platform offering valuable services all over Singapore and other countries. This marketplace has everything that businesses seek: the best B2B services, H2H assistance, and digital services. 

    Moreover, it has millions of verified buyers, so if you are an export business, then you can find buyers for multiple categories. eWorldTrade is a licensed company, so the trade is completely safe with them. Also, regarding their digital services, once the business partner buys the plan, they can enjoy all the promotional services the platform has to offer. 

    2. Shopee

    Marketplaces In Singapore

    Shopee is another top eCommerce marketplace in Singapore, allowing businesses to consider connecting in one place. 

    The marketplace is huge and has millions of sellers, suppliers, and buyers from all over the world. Join the platform as a seller, buyer, wholesaler, or supplier and make the most of their monthly discounts.

    Furthermore, Shopee aims to deliver quality and honest services by adopting new technologies and methods to improve its eCommerce services.

    3. Lazada 

    Marketplaces In Singapore

    Lazada is a top name when it comes to eCommerce platforms. They have been making the most of technology and utilizing it to transform the business operation. Enjoy seamless eCommerce services and expand your network all over the world. 

    Moreover, businesses are guided all the way long so that they can easily set up their products without any hassle. Even if you are a start-up, you will be provided complete guidance and security. Their customer services are also available 24/7 so that business operations at Lazada can never go wrong. 

    4. Qoo10

    best ecommerce marketplace

    A Singapore-based eCommerce marketplace with millions of products uploaded every day. Qoo10 was founded in 2010, and since then, it has transformed quite a lot. A great place for all sorts of products, be it agricultural, electronics, clothing, beauty, and home appliances. 

    Moreover, this marketplace has expanded its businesses and has connected with many leading enterprises to make sure that companies all over the world can make the most of the eCommerce services. 

    Also, they have flexible payment methods so that businesses can make easy transactions. All the payments are encrypted, ensuring the client’s bank details are saved. 

    5. Zalora

    Marketplaces In Singapore

    Another on the list is Zalora, a Singapore-based online marketplace that primarily sells all the latest lifestyle and fashion goods. It has been offering its quality services for a decade and has been known as the top fashion retailer in the whole of Singapore. 

    Zalora has many franchise stores that are located in Taiwan, Indonesia, Brunie, and Malaysia. The platform has earned much revenue by simply keeping the quality consistent. 

    6. EZbuy

    Marketplaces In Singapore

    EZbuy is a marketplace that has millions of fashion and home items such as clothing, accessories, kitchen equipment, and many more.

    Moreover, EZbuy is a marketplace to explore a variety of new and used products. They have been standing tall in the eCommerce industry for the past three years and have managed to make a huge customer base. 

    It has also grown into the largest eCommerce platform, with over a million users that have shopped from it over the three decades. 

    7. RedMart

    Marketplaces In Singapore

    RedMart is also playing an important part in the eCommerce industry, serving all over the world. The platform is operating for all sellers, buyers, and suppliers from Singapore and leading countries across the globe.

    Moreover, businesses can feature their products in many selling categories, such as fashion, electronics, beauty, and many other categories. 

    RedMart aims to deliver top-quality services as the primary goal was to target the audience and fill the marketplace with items that are needed worldwide. 

    8. eBay

    Marketplaces In Singapore

    eBay serves as an eCommerce marketplace that has unique tools for business partners. As a seller, you can list the items using these tools and make a store easily. Also, this marketplace provides many benefits to both customers and clients who have been utilizing the marketplace services for many years.  

    This marketplace has been completely transformed into a massive marketplace where millions of sellers, suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers are offering quality products. 

    9. HipVan 

    Marketplaces In Singapore

     Another on the list is HipVan, an eCommerce company that is a huge marketplace for furniture. Business from all over the world have featured their furniture goods at amazing rates.

    So, if you are a seller or a buyer of furniture items, then you are at the right place, as this is a hub of furniture. 

    They do have physical stores as well, so if you are looking for places that sell good furniture at the lowest rates, then give them a go. 

    10. Taobao

    Marketplaces In Singapore

    A cross-border eCommerce company that is serving as a huge marketplace in Singapore. Overseas businesses have been using this platform largely to expand their network in China and other leading countries in Asia. 

    Moreover, the marketplace has millions of products listed by sellers and suppliers all over the place. This platform is known to deliver quality services no matter where the consumer lives. 

    Definitive table




    Key Features                                                                                      




    B2B services, verified buyers, digital services




    Large marketplace, seller-buyer interaction, discounts




    Cross-border eСommerce, wide product range, global network




    Seamless eСommerce services, guided product setup




    Diverse product range, flexible payment methods




    Fashion and lifestyle products, franchise stores




    Fashion and home items, millions of products




    Variety of selling categories, target audience focus




    Diverse product range, auction-style listings




    Furniture marketplace, physical stores, affordable rates

    What Makes These Platforms The Best? How To Choose The Right Marketplace 

    We have discussed the platforms above, but what made them to be added to our top list? Mainly, these are the best eCommerce marketplaces based on the following parameters.

    • Types of products

    First things first, people will only trust the marketplace when it has a wide range of goods from all over the world. Quality is another factor that clients keep in mind, as the items are going to be delivered all across the globe. 

    • Fees 

    Listing fees and memberships come next; there are eCommerce platforms that charge extra listing fees despite buying the premium services. 

    So, the above-mentioned marketplaces do not have any hidden charges. You can take the example of eWorldTrade. This platform has amazing membership plans and does not charge any extra fees if it is not mentioned in the plan. 

    • Features of websites

    Since we are talking about eCommerce marketplaces, the website plays an important role. The more user-friendly the website is, the easier it is for businesses to list the items and set up stores. 

    • Global clientele

    Global clientele is another factor that makes these top 10 marketplaces valuable. When an eCommerce platform is famous worldwide, it automatically grabs the attention of thousands of businesses. Also, customers are always right, so yes, global clientele is a must. 

    • Years of experience

    The more years the company has survived in the eCommerce industry, the larger the impact. No business would trust a platform that has barely made any success over the years. 

    • Payment methods 

    Flexible payment methods allow businesses from across the globe to pay however they wish to. The more countries involved, the larger the number of banks, so with easy payment methods comes 100% security as well. 

    • Mobile-friendly apps   

    Lastly, an eCommerce platform should have an app to make online business seamless. This digital world needs more and more apps that can help traders expand and operate businesses at their fingertips. 


    So, this was all about the top marketplaces in Singapore that are helping businesses to go global with their items. 

    If you want to add your marketplace to this list, contact us with your request. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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