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    Top Virtual Private Server Hosting Providers For SMBs And Enterprises

    As per Fortune Business Insights, worldwide web hosting services are valued at $75 billion.

    Today’s companies are looking for robust platforms with affordable plans to move from shared server hosting and ensure high-end security.

    Importance Of Using Top VPS Hosting Providers

    Availing of VPS hosting services comes with multiple benefits:

    • Enhanced security than the conventional shared server hosting
    • Accessibility to powerful resources and tools
    • Scaling along with the constant growth of enterprises
    • Guaranteed speed and enhanced performance
    • Unmatched reliability and optimal security

    So if you are seeking the best virtual private server hosting (VPS) providers in the market, this list is for you. Read on to discover the most suitable partner for your business!

    The Best VPS Providers For Diversified Hosting Needs

    1. Hostereo

    Top Virtual Private Server Hosting Providers

    Securing the top position in our list of the best VPS companies, Hostereo provides robust security, unmatched speed, and gold-standard reliability. Powered by Intel Xeon Gold, these hosting services ensure easy data storage and retrieval, making it easier for businesses to continue their operations at lightning speed. 

    With guaranteed uptime and on-demand resource scaling, Hostereo helps you run business operations smoothly without unnecessary expenses. Promoting user-centric management to comprehensive data solutions, Hostereo is deservedly the perfect hosting partner with undefeated performance and scalability.

    Hostereo’s features:

    • Snapshots and high-availability backups
    • Unmetered traffic with fair usage
    • Unique marketplace
    • Redundant network
    • Easy deployment
    • User-friendly interface
    • Hassle-free management


    The platform currently provides 11 types of pricing plans. Beginning with Starter, Basic, and Standard plans, Hostereo also has advanced plans like Enterprise, Platinum, and Supreme. The cost of the Starter pack is $5/month, while the charges for the Basic plan is $10/month, and the Standard plan is $15/month. 

    2. Bluehost

    Top Virtual Private Server Hosting Providers

    One of the most reliable cloud VPS hosting providers, Bluehost offers a customizable virtual space where you have complete freedom to build your administrative system. While its multi-server management feature helps you to set up and manage all accounts in the same place, with access control, you can create a master password to secure all your business information. 

    Loaded with powerful tools and resources, Bluehost gives you full access to host unlimited websites and domains and manage all your activities in a simple dashboard. Every plan comes with dedicated storage, and the round-the-clock support team provides complete assistance.

    Bluehost’s features:

    • Access control
    • Multi-server management
    • Dedicated power
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • 24/7 VPS support
    • Solid State Drives (SSD)


    The Standard plan starts at $34.99 per month, the Enhanced plan costs $51.99 per month, and Ultimate, the most recommended plan, charges $99.82 per month. There is a separate plan for clients who opt for a 36-month package.

    3. Hostinger

    Top Virtual Private Server Hosting Providers

    Providing excellent VPS hosting services, Hostinger is a trustworthy platform that offers dedicated resources so that you can scale your business. With over 20,00,000 satisfied clients, Hostinger supports all your websites, providing unique services, a nice dashboard, and easily customizable VPS templates. 

    Whether it’s Linux-based operating systems or control panels and web applications, you can set up your systems within a few minutes under complete protection and security. With its strategically located data centers across the continents of Europe, Asia, South America, and North America, the company offers servers that lie closest to your location and make faster content delivery possible.

    Hostinger’s features:

    • Standard KVM virtualization platform
    • Higher uptime
    • Faster loading speed
    • Automated weekly backups
    • Firewall and DDoS protection


    The platform offers four plans – KVM 1 ($5.99 per month), KVM 2 ($6.99 per month), KVM 4 ($12.99 per month), and KVM 8 ($21.99 per month). 

    4. RedSwitches

    RedSwitchesRedswitches, the premier high-bandwidth bare metal host server provider that takes your hosting experience to the next level. Offering unparalleled VPS hosting services, Redswitches is a reliable platform dedicated to empowering your business with dedicated resources for seamless scalability. 

    We assist clients in setting up secure VPS environments by first providing a bare metal architecture that has been tuned for security. Our support and security specialists are available 24/7 to assist clients in locating and handling security incidents. 

    With 20+ Global locations, where clients trust Redswitches for its exceptional services. Navigate through a user-friendly dashboard, enjoy customizable hardware. Nevertheless, it provides omni-channel support too. Choose a hosting partner that understands the importance of proximity, reliability, and performance—choose Redswitches for a hosting solution that goes beyond expectations.

    Redswitches’s features:

    • Customisable hardware 
    • Proactive Monitoring
    • Scalable Infrastructure
    • User Friendly Server-Management Panel
    • Cloud Hosting With Managed Servers
    • Remote Reboot & Reinstall Panel
    • Free Server Management


    RedSwitches has a vast range of transparent and competitive prices for its users. It offers premium dedicated servers at competitive prices, with bare-metal servers starting from as low as $100 per month. Pricing plans depend on multiple factors that include: CPU, Network, Storage etc. With the lowest plan starting from €40/month. You can check out more plans here

    5. Ultahost

    Top Virtual Private Server Hosting Providers

    If you are looking to partner with a prominent provider of VPS hosting services, then Ultahost is your perfect software partner. Available at an unbeatable price, the company offers 24/7 assistance with faster, reliable, and economical services. 

    The platform also lets you install a specific OS so that you can set up your systems and experience premium hosting support. With Ultahost as your collaborator, you can enhance your website’s performance, enjoy exciting features, and have maximum control over your server.  

    Ultahost’s features:

    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Free backups, migration, and domain transfer
    • Dedicated firewalls
    • SFTP and SSH Access
    • CDN add on


    The provider offers 12 different plans to choose from. There are monthly and yearly pricing options so that you can pay only for what and how much you use. The foundational plans include VPS Basic (Rs. 320.30/month), VPS Business (Rs. 553.64/month), VPS Professional (Rs. 961.28/month), and VPS Enterprise (Rs. 1252.79). 

    6. Scalahosting

    Top Virtual Private Server Hosting Providers

    Are you looking for a website hosting evolution? Look no further, as Scalahosting is here to take care of all your hosting requirements in an innovative way. An award-winning platform providing impeccable support, technology, and user experience, Scalahosting is an all-in-one solution packed with next-gen hosting features and capabilities. 

    The platform promotes a developer-friendly environment where you can develop and manage your websites with maximum scalability, flexibility, and ease. Renowned as the best cloud VPS, Scalahosting is accessible for beginners, so you can easily manage it even if you do not have previous knowledge or expert skills.

    Scalahosting’s features:

    • Free and seamless migration
    • Flexible resources
    • Powerful caching
    • Daily backups
    • Anti-spam protection


    Currently, there are four plans – Build #1 at $29.95/month, Build #2 at 63.95/month, Build #3 at $121.95/month, and Build #4 at 179.95/month. For setting up your own custom cloud VPS, you can get in touch with the sales team to receive a quote.

    7. Ionos 

    Top Virtual Private Server Hosting Companies

    One of the best VPS hosting providers, Ionos is your perfect cloud partner for efficient and scalable web hosting along with powerful cloud products. If you want to redefine your digital journey, Ionos gives you the ideal virtual server packages so that you can set up your administration and maintain your web projects to the optimum level. 

    Whether you need VPS for Windows or the resources for dedicated cloud servers, the professional and experienced specialists at Ionos will take care of all your needs. 

    Ionos’ features:

    • Unlimited traffic
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Firewall management
    • Cloud backup
    • Full root access
    • Encrypted remote access
    • DNS management
    • Unlimited external domains


    The charges for VPS depend on the data center you choose. For a data center in the United States, you will have four plans – VPS Linux XS ($2/month), VPS Linux S ($3/month), VPS Linux M ($6/month), VPS Linux L ($10/month), VPS Linux XL ($15/month), VPS Linux XXL ($30/month).

    8. Inmotion Hosting

    Top Virtual Private Server Hosting Companies

    Offering unbeatable speed, flexibility, and high-end tools and resources to its worldwide clients, Inmotion Hosting is one of the top-rated VPS companies that accelerates your data transfer rates and strengthens the performance of your VPS infrastructure and additional systems. 

    Apart from being just a cloud hosting provider, the company also provides customized plans according to business requirements. You can choose Dedicated Servers, Shared Hosting, or specialized plans related to WordPress. 

    Inmotion Hosting’s features:

    • Easy resource management
    • SSH and DDoS protection
    • eCommerce optimisation
    • Multiple data center locations’ availability
    • Built-in redundancy
    • Free website transfers


    The VPS hosting plans differ according to the duration for which you require the service. It can be for 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years. The Professional Grade plan costs $49.99/month for VPS 16GB RAM. You can avail of VPS 20GB RAM for $59.99/month, VPS 24GB RAM for $71.99/month, and VPS 32GB RAM for $79.99/month.

    9. A2 Hosting 

    Top Virtual Private Server Hosting Companies

    Running a company website effectively is not an easy task. But with A2 Hosting, you can enhance your website’s performance by claiming the most suited VPS plan. Offering both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting, the company provides a cost-effective model as the plans renew automatically after the end of the introductory term. 

    From free website migration to offering 24/7 support to tackle all your queries and suggestions, A2 Hosting presents extraordinary VPS hosting services, ensuring high performance for your online presence. 

    A2 Hosting’s features:

    • Developer friendly
    • Free account migration
    • Feature-rich hosting plans
    • SSD VPS hosting solutions
    • Efficient and reliable servers


    There are different plans for managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. Under managed VPS hosting services, there are six variants – Lift 4 ($24.99/month), Lift 8 ($34.99/month), Mach 8 ($54.99/month), Mach 16 ($64.99/month), Lift 16 ($44.99/month), Mach 32 ($74.99/month).

    10. Hostwinds

    Top Virtual Private Server Hosting Companies

    Pledged to offer the best hosting experience to all its clients, Hostwinds comes with cutting-edge technology and an award-winning support team that improves your digital journey and eases all your questions related to the service. 

    The company offers a wide variety of VPS hosting services with special plans on Linux-managed and unmanaged VPS solutions and Windows-managed and unmanaged VPS solutions. With Hostwinds, you can manage your servers seamlessly while experiencing the best VPS hosting services along with a reliable cloud portal. 

    Hostwinds’ features:

    • Server monitoring
    • Instant scalability
    • Nightly backups
    • Enterprise firewall
    • Full management
    • Redundant network 
    • 99.9999% uptime


    While Linux managed starts at $8.24/month for 1 TB bandwidth and 30 GB storage, Linux unmanaged costs $4.99/month for the same bandwidth and storage. Windows managed comes at $12.74/month, and you can avail yourself of a Windows unmanaged solution for $10.99/month.

    11. Liquid Web 

    Top Virtual Private Server Hosting Companies

    Do you want to future-proof your business? Choose LiquidWeb as your VPS hosting services provider and manage all your websites and applications on the same platform. With tried-and-trusted technology, Liquid Web is fast, secure, dependable, and provides the next generation VPS hosting services. 

    With its guaranteed network and power supply, you can migrate your entire site content and control panel accounts and get hosting services that are perfectly tailored to your business requirements. The expert professionals at Liquid Web will fully manage your servers and installation hardware so that you can proactively monitor all your systems in real-time. 

    LiquidWeb’s features:

    • 10 GBps network
    • Easy scalability
    • Root access
    • Dedicated IP address
    • Standard DDoS attack protection
    • Guaranteed network and power uptime
    • CloudFlare CDN


    Delivering next-generation VPS hosting, Liquid Web offers three types of plans: general, memory-optimized, and CPU-optimized. Under general VPS hosting services, you can choose from four plans: Essential ($20/month), Advanced ($30/month), Professional ($40/month), and Elite ($50/month) plans.


    While choosing the best-managed VPS hosting providers for your business, make sure that you take note of the server uptime, speed, cost, customer support, and security. If you evaluate these factors, you will be better able to find the most suitable vendor.

    Are you one of the cloud VPS providers providing superior web hosting services? Email us with your company details to get a chance to be featured in our specially curated list!

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