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    Top Decentralized Supply Chain Development Companies

    Blockchain has made its entry into almost every industry. If we talk about supply chain processes, they have become more secure and error-free after the emergence of decentralized supply chain software.

    These programs are based on blockchain technology and help businesses track the moment of orders at each and every step. If you’re facing similar issues, then decentralized supply chain software is the best solution for you.

    The next step is hiring the best decentralized supply chain development company to strategically build your organization’s custom system. But, with so many programmers out there, finding the right partner can be difficult, especially when it comes to expertise in customs clearance. To save you from this trouble, it’s crucial to identify a partner well-versed in customs clearance processes, ensuring a seamless integration of this essential element into your supply chain system. To save you from this trouble, we’ve listed the top decentralized supply chain development companies based on the following parameters:

    • Experience level
    • Client reviews
    • Technology stack used
    • Industries served
    • Size of the development team
    • Services offered

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    Best Decentralized Supply Chain Development Companies For Maximizing Efficiency

    1. Innowise


    Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, with offices in various European and American cities, Innowise is the #1 company for decentralized supply chain development services. Leveraging blockchain technology, the firm helps enhance transparency, bolster security, and streamline efficiency across different supply chains. 

    With 5+ five years of expertise in blockchain development, Innowise can create scalable, bug-free, and feature-rich blockchain supply chain solutions. From custom smart contracts to the development of entirely new blockchain platforms, their talented team uses an extensive technology stack, including Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Solana, among others, ensuring that each solution is perfectly aligned with the project’s objectives.

    Innowise has successfully completed 1,100+ projects for more than 300 clients across diversified business domains, helping them yield high returns on investment and improve operational efficiency.

    • Founding date: 2007
    • Team size: 1,600+ experts
    • Hourly rates: $50-$99/hr
    • Location: Warsaw, Poland (HQ); St. Petersburg, USA; Berlin, Germany; Norwich, UK; Orebro, Sweden; Pescara, Italy; Paris, France; Vilnius, Lithuania

    2. Suffescom Solutions Inc.

    Decentralized Supply Chain Development Companies

    Suffescom is the leading blockchain supply chain development company with 5.5+ years of experience in blockchain technology and a 4.8/5 rating on Clutch. This firm is a pioneer in developing customized supply chain development solutions that help modern businesses grow.

    Suffescom focuses on designing supply chain solutions for companies operating in multiple industries, including Healthcare, Food, Retail, Manufacturing, Agriculture, eCommerce, etc.

    Their 250+ blockchain experts can design customized supply chain technology solutions of any complexity that will perfectly fit your business requirements. You can request a system running on any preferred blockchain platform, such as Ethereum, Solidity, Hyperledger, or another. 

    • Founding date: 2013
    • Team size: 250-999 experts
    • Hourly rates: $25-$49/hr
    • Location: California, USA

    3. Best Web3 Development

    Decentralized Supply Chain Development Companies

    Best Web3 Development is another top-rated decentralized supply chain development service provider with a 5-star rating on Clutch. The company offers a team of versatile developers with rich expertise in building cutting-edge supply chain solutions for startups and large-scale businesses.

    The firm has over 9 years of experience working with blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence, and other trending technologies. With 150+ blockchain developers on board, Best Web3 Development has successfully delivered 50+ decentralized supply chain projects to its clients globally. 

    • Founding date: 2013           
    • Team size: 250-999 experts
    • Hourly rates: $25-$45/hr
    • Location: California, USA

    4. OpenLedger

    Decentralized Supply Chain Development Companies

    OpenLedger is one of the best decentralized supply chain development companies known for their impactful supply chain solutions. The firm aims to make your supply chain operations more effective with its comprehensive supply chain development services. Their blockchain-based products will help to ensure rationalized processes, transparent operations, and full asset control for your business.

    All OpenLedger’s solutions are powered by unique features, including smart contracts, end-to-end traceability, seamless collaboration, certifications & compliance. Their diligent R&D department deeply researches the recent decentralized supply chain development trends and analyzes your business requirements to build the best-fit software.

    The company’s outstanding work has helped it in getting an excellent rating of 5 stars on Clutch.

    • Founding date: 2014
    • Team size: 50-249 experts
    • Hourly rates: $50-$99/hr
    • Location: København, Denmark

    5. Technoloader Pvt Ltd.

    Decentralized Supply Chain Development Companies

    If you are looking for an expert decentralized supply chain development company for a long-term partnership, then Technoloader is the perfect choice for you. They design custom supply chain solutions powered by blockchain, providing a transparent, efficient, and user-centric development process.

    Supplier catalog management, contract price management, purchase order processing, invoice processing, and retrieving supplier’s quotes are some tasks that can be covered effectively using the Technoloader’s blockchain-based supply chain management software.

    On-time delivery, a tech-savvy team, and flawless blockchain solutions that can enhance your business supply chain processes are some qualities that make Technoloader a trustworthy partner. 

    • Founding date: 2017
    • Team size: 10-49 experts
    • Hourly rates: $25 – $49/hr
    • Location: Jaipur, India

    6. SemiDot Infotech

    Decentralized Supply Chain Developers

    SemiDot Infotech is amongst the best and most trusted decentralized supply chain development companies, with 4.9 stars on Clutch.

    The firm will design customized supply chain solutions to fit your business requirements and eliminate challenges in your business’s supply chain management processes, providing ongoing and post-launch support.

    They have valuable expertise in developing different types of blockchain supply chain solutions, including EDI systems, procurement solutions, track monitoring systems, inventory management, and logistic solutions. In addition, their services include designing SCM mobile apps, logistic software, and SCM apps. 

    • Founding date: 2011
    • Team size: 50-249 experts
    • Hourly rates: <$25/hr
    • Location: Boulder, CO, United States

    7. Prolitus Technologies

    Decentralized Supply Chain Developers

    Prolitus is among the top decentralized supply chain development companies known for solutions with enhanced efficiency and visibility. They offer transparency and real-time visibility and simplify data auditing for clients’ businesses.

    The company will design exceptional supply chain solutions according to your business requirements to help you overcome challenges in managing supply chain tasks. Some unique features which make their solutions top-rated are multi-currency wallets, effective fund management, and more.

    Prolitus has a huge expert team of blockchain developers who’ve successfully implemented multiple types of supply chains for startups and large-scale businesses. Their Clutch rating of 5 stars speaks for itself.

    • Founding date: 2005
    • Team size: 250-999 experts
    • Hourly rates: $25-$49/hr
    • Location: New Delhi, India

    8. Oodles Blockchain

    Decentralized Supply Chain Developers

    Oodles Blockchain is an expert and well-known blockchain-based supply chain management software development company. The firm develops public supply chain management solutions on major blockchain networks, including Hypereldger, Ethereum, Corda, Multichain, and more.

    Innovative blockchain systems designed by their experts will help you reduce operational costs, strengthen security, and establish trust across the supply chain. They can deliver any type of solution, be it electronic data interchange systems, procurement solutions, inventory management software, logistics solutions, or tracking and traceability monitoring systems.

    The company mainly serves Automotive, Aviation, Energy, Food, and other industries and has a Clutch rating of 4.2 stars.

    • Founding date: 2009
    • Team size: 50-249 experts
    • Hourly rates: $25-$49/hr
    • Location: Gurugram, India

    9. Unicsoft

    Decentralized Supply Chain Developers

    Unicsoft is a custom blockchain supply chain development company with 4.9 stars on Clutch, recognized for its innovative and futuristic supply chain solutions. Their cutting-edge supply chain solutions will help control, track, and manage your business’s supply chain operations more effectively.

    Unicsoft’s blockchain experts have in-depth skills in AI, IoT, machine learning, and other modern technologies; thus, they’ll help you at every step of supply chain development.

    The company is capable of implementing diversified blockchain solutions, including inventory management, track, and trace software, electronic data interchange systems, and last-mile delivery enhancement solutions. 

    • Founding date: 2005
    • Team size: 50-249 experts
    • Hourly rates: $50-$99/hr
    • Location: London, United Kingdom

    10. Bitdeal

    Decentralized Supply Chain Developers

    Bitdeal is a leading blockchain-based supply chain development solution provider company. They design blockchain solutions for new businesses and large-scale enterprises and have already served 500+ clients worldwide. The innovative supply chain systems designed by their experts will help you manage your supply chain operations more efficiently.

    The company works on various supply chain development solutions, including requisitions management, supplier catalog management, and contract price management. Their excellent and user-centric solutions have helped them earn a Clutch rating of 4.9 stars.

    • Founding date: 2015
    • Team size: 50-249 experts
    • Hourly rates: $25-$49/hr
    • Location: India

    11. RisingMax Inc.

    Decentralized Supply Chain Development Companies

    RisingMax Inc. is a world-known decentralized supply chain development service provider known for its user-friendly and top-quality products, bringing it an excellent Clutch rating of 5 stars. The company creates both web-based supply chains as well as mobile app solutions. They help retailers, logistics providers, and eCommerce businesses obtain a competitive edge.

    The company develops custom supply chain and inventory management apps as well as asset tracking supply chain software and shopping & logistics solutions for startups and well-established businesses. Their seasoned developers boast extensive expertise and experience developing futuristic and featured-rich supply chains.

    RisingMax Inc. utilizes emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, advanced analytics, AR/VR, and blockchain to provide next-gen decentralized supply chain solutions.  

    • Founding date: 2011
    • Team size: 10-49 experts
    • Hourly rates: $50-$99/hr
    • Location: New York, USA


    Having reliable decentralized supply chain software will help you automate your business processes and track your orders at every step with maximum efficiency, thereby moving your company to a higher growth level. 

    To get a high-performing custom solution, you must choose an expert development company with extensive supply chain development knowledge. Hopefully, this list helps you select the best professionals according to your needs and budget.

    If you want to add your decentralized supply chain development company to this list, drop us a line with details. After a quick review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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