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    Top Explainer Video Production Companies

    Creating an explainer video is the best way to tell your brand’s story clearly and engagingly and illustrate complex concepts in a simple way, which is especially important if you have a complex software product.

    According to numerous surveys, over 90% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading text when learning about a product or service. Hence, marketers recognize that explainer videos are the number one tool for captivating your audience, conveying information clearly and effectively, and establishing a strong brand presence. 

    In addition to brand storytelling and increased engagement, an explainer video can enhance conversion rates since customers with a solid understanding of a company’s offer are more motivated to make a purchase.

    Obviously, incorporating an explainer video into your website and other marketing channels is a winning choice, no matter which industry your business belongs to. It remains the case for small: to find a professional animated explainer video company that perfectly meets your requirements and is well-versed in all critical nuances of the video production process. 

    In this article, we share a list of the top explainer video companies that have completed hundreds of exciting projects and demonstrate in-depth proficiency in the latest video marketing trends. Now it’s your turn to study their backgrounds, explore the industries they cater to, and get to know their teams closer to selecting the best-fit partner.

    The Best Explainer Video Production Companies For Exceptional Visual Storytelling

    1. Picturelab 

    Picturelab Explainer Video Company

    As an award-winning company, it’s no wonder Picturelab is the #1 on our explainer video production list.

    With over 12 years of expertise, the firm offers outstanding video production services in the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California and all over the world. Specializing in creating captivating videos, they have helped numerous notable clients, including Google, Autodesk, Gong, Samsung, Intuit, and others, design videos that drive results and inspire.

    Picturelab boasts a team of creative wizards, including writers, film directors, and editors, who handle every aspect of the complex video production process. From ideation and scripting to shooting and editing, they produce engaging and highly effective content that motivates your audiences to act.

    Their workflow involves deep listening, understanding your product or services, and ensuring every second of the video reflects your brand’s essence and objectives. Live-action shoots or animation, Picturelab offers everything from concise explainer videos to detailed product demos tailored to your company’s unique needs, whether you require humor, narrative, or special effects. 

    • Services and expertise: explainer videos, commercial videos, video testimonials, product demos, branded content, IPO roadshow video production, corporate event videos
    • Location: San Francisco, CA, Irvine, O.C., US
    • Industries: Finance, Healthcare, Education, Legal, Media & Entertainment, and others
    • Team size: up to 10 experts

    2. Indigo Productions

    Indigo Video Explainer CompanyFounded in 1991, Indigo Productions has impressed brands worldwide with its outstanding video production skills. 

    Sony Pictures, Salesforce, Disney, Burberry, IBM – these are just a few clients who have successfully worked with Indigo Productions. Their expertise is recognized not only by their impressive portfolio but also by being named the Best Video Agency by Design Rush and achieving top ratings on platforms like Google and Clutch. And it’s no surprise – this New York City-based company offers a commitment to creativity, quality, and client satisfaction.

    If you’re looking to explain a complex technology, product, or business solution through video production, the agency has created a team of top writers, producers, and other professionals who can create a compelling video based on your needs. By employing motion graphics, animated typography, sound and music, special effects, voiceover narration, and other technologies, Indigo Productions will approach each project individually to help you create a great explainer video. 

    • Services and expertise: video productions, commercials, corporate videos, virtual events, video editing, motion graphics, financial videos, social media videos
    • Location: New York, US
    • Industries: Finance, Healthcare, Education, Legal, Media & Entertainment, and others
    • Team size: up to 10 professionals

    3. Epipheo

    Epipheo explainer video company

    Epipheo, a notable digital studio based in the United States, specializes in creating explainer videos for SaaS, big data, cybersecurity, IoT, finance, and healthcare domains, serving both B2B and B2C clients. The agency focuses on the production of 3D explainer videos, as they believe this marketing solution creates a significant “wow” effect for the audience, providing a unique perspective for a better understanding of your product.

    Their core strengths are simplicity in video design and leveraging the latest 3D technologies. Hire Epipheo for the next-level explainer video production to make a long-lasting impact and accelerate your business growth.

    • Services and expertise: 3D explainer videos, brand videos, educational videos, live-action videos, animations, social video ads, storytelling testimonial videos, trade show videos, video retainer
    • Location: Cincinnati, USA
    • Industries: Social Justice, Healthcare and Pharma, Financial Services, IT Services and Software, Manufacturing, Gaming, Nonprofit
    • Team size: 40+ experts

    4. Astra Motion

    Astra Motion explainer video company

    Astra Motion, a prominent Ukrainian explainer video production studio, is experiencing rapid growth thanks to delivering outstanding explainer videos and offering high-quality services to its customers. Specializing in producing 2D animated explainer videos, Astra Motion caters to startups and enterprises in various domains, including blockchain, finance, and healthcare.

    An explainer video created by Astra Motion will cost you approximately $2,900+, and the delivery time is within 4 weeks; however, custom options are available upon your request.

    • Services and expertise: product videos, explainer videos, video editing, animations, video for B2B, motion graphics 
    • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Industries: IT services and Software, Advertising and Marketing, Media and Entertainment, Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical, Cryptocurrency 
    • Team size: 20+ experts

    5. Casual

    Casual explainer video company

    As a top explainer video production company, Casual Films seamlessly navigates clients through the entire creative process, covering concept creation, scripting, production, shooting or animation, editing, sound design, and music. The average cost for producing an explainer video at Casual ranges from $15,000 to $20,000.

    With an impressive collection of over 100 awards, Casual Films guarantees the delivery of outstanding results to meet your business goals. Their brilliant 5-star rating on Clutch based on 50 reviews underscores their clients’ highest satisfaction level.

    Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out to Casual Films if you require killer explainer videos for SaaS, healthcare, finance, sports, or any other domain to strengthen your marketing strategy.

    • Services and expertise: video production services including explainer, recruiting, marketing, and training videos, retainers, video brand guidelines, strategic consulting, animation, and creative services 
    • Location: London, UK; New York, Los Angeles, USA; Sydney, Australia; Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Barcelona, Spain; Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Industries: Finance, SaaS and Tech, CPG and Retail, Automotive, Healthcare, Sports, Gaming, Energy and Utilities, Travel and Hospitality, Retail and eCommerce, On Demand
    • Team size: 100+ experts

    6. Wienot Films

    Wienot Films explainer video company

    Wienot Films stands among other explainer video production studios with their ultimate passion for storytelling. They have assisted numerous brands in formulating standout messages, earning recognition for simplicity, clear communication, and exceptional design. Among their notable clients, you can find Cisco, Google, Canon, Stanford University, Mastercard, and various others.

    Wienot Films’ explainer video production services include dynamic character animations, motion graphics, whiteboard videos, and live-action films. The process of crafting an explainer video with WienotFilms covers scripting, storyboarding, voiceover, animation, and sound design. The delivery time typically spans 6 to 8 weeks, with the initial cost starting at $5,000. 

    With 11+ years of experience, Wienot Films is here to help you produce an award-winning memorable video in any language you need.

    • Services and expertise: explainer videos, live-action films, animations, introduction videos
    • Location: Austin, USA
    • Industries: Nonprofit, Consumer Products, IT Services and Software, Education, Food and Beverages, Healthcare, Legal, Media and Entertainment 
    • Team size: 10+ experts

    7. CRFT Videos

    CRFT explainer video company

    CRFT Videos is one of the best explainer video production companies globally, offering the optimal balance of service pricing and quality. CRFT helps clients maximize their investment by planning and implementing a winning marketing strategy with a focus on video creation. With a stable 5-star rating on Clutch, the team of CRFT Videos guarantees your 100% satisfaction, transparent communication, and fixed pricing. 

    Ready to take your brand to the next level of success by explaining what you do, why you matter, and how you’re different? Request a custom quote and embark on the creation of a compelling explainer video to effectively communicate your message to your target audience.

    • Services and expertise: explainer videos, animated videos, whiteboard videos, tutorial videos, video ads 
    • Location: New York, USA
    • Industries: Utilities, Advertising and Marketing, Consumer Products, IT Services and Software, Healthcare, Energy, Finance, HR, Media and Entertainment, Hospitality and Leisure, Retail
    • Team size: 15+ experts

    8. Pigeon Studio

    Pigeon Studio explainer video company

    Pigeon Studio is the leading explainer video production agency headquartered in Poland. They boast an impressive portfolio of eye-catching demo videos measured in hundreds of hours, effectively translating brands, products, and ideas. 

    The company provides comprehensive explainer video production services tailored for industries such as eCommerce, fintech, real estate, medical, social justice, and insurance. Additionally, they offer you the flexibility to craft explainer videos in various styles, including cartoon, character animation, and motion design.

    • Services and expertise: corporate videos, explainer videos, commercial video production, animated marketing videos, training videos, business videos, social media 
    • Location: Krakow, Warsaw, Poland
    • Industries: eCommerce, Finance, Real estate, Medical, Social Justice, Insurance
    • Team size: 15+ experts

    9. Motionvillee

    Motionvillee explainer video company

    Ranked as Clutch’s top explainer video company in 2023, Motionvillee boasts 12 years of experience and over 2,000 videos under its belt. With an 85% return customer rate, the agency has built a solid clientele of 200+ happy customers.

    Apart from video production, Morinville can assist you in promoting the delivered videos across the whole marketing and sales funnel using the most actionable digital and advertising techniques.

    • Services and expertise: explainer videos, digital ads videos, social media videos, tutorials/how-to-do videos, on-boarding/get-started videos, education content videos, corporate videos 
    • Location: Hamilton, USA
    • Industries: Advertising and Marketing, Fitness and Wellness, Media and Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, IT Services, Sowftware
    • Team size: 15+ experts

    10. Moodive

    Moodive explainer video company

    Moodive is one of the top explainer video production studios specializing in simplifying complex ideas through straightforward explainer videos. Based in Slovakia, the company serves well-established global companies like Amazon, KIA, Janssen, Novartis, and others.

    Collaborating with Moodive offers significant advantages, such as exclusive access to their skilled team of professionals, commitment to meeting deadlines, and their ability to craft unique story designs. With Moodive’s support, you can effectively tell your brand’s story or create a one-time video campaign aimed at captivating and engaging your target audience.


    • Services and expertise: explainer videos, video ads, educational videos, 3D animations
    • Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
    • Industries: Advertising and Marketing, Nonprofit, Software, Logistics and Transportation, Finance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Education, Utilities
    • Team size: 15+ experts

    11. Animation Explainers

    Animated Explainers explainer video company

    Animation Explainers is indeed the best explainer video production company, with a 100% focus on creating explainer videos. An astonishing fact: the company has produced more than 850 videos for over 300 clients globally.

    Animation Explainer’s team excels at storytelling, custom animation, voice-over, and music. Attentive to details, they help businesses proliferate by delivering how-to-do content and videos that efficiently explain tech concepts, businesses’ missions, products, and services.

    • Services and expertise: 100% animated explainer video production
    • Location: Douglas, Isle of Man; Toronto, Canada
    • Industries: Medical, Property, Blockchain, Fintech, Logistics and Supply Chain, HR, IT and Software, Credit Union, Healthcare, Insurance
    • Team size: 15+ experts

    12. Wow-How Studio

    Wow-How explainer video company

    Meet Wow-How Studio, one of the best explainer video companies with offices in Ukraine, the USA, and the UK. Trusted by star clients such as Google, Sony, and Hallmark, Wow-How Studio is a seasoned team proficient in delivering top-notch 2D and 3D animated explainer videos for startups, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises since 2011.

    Furthermore, this well-established explainer video company has garnered over 146 positive reviews on Clutch, achieving an impressive average score of 4.9 stars. Upon reviewing their portfolio, you’ll discover engaging videos tailored to every taste, leaving no doubt that Wow-How Studio is a go-to creative partner that exceeds clients’ and end users’ expectations.

    • Services and expertise: explainer videos, product demo videos, promotional videos, educational videos, advertising reels, how-to videos, game art, illustration design, animated series and films, post-production, video production
    • Location: San Francisco, USA; London, UK; Kyiv, Kharkiv, Ukraine
    • Industries: Advertising and Marketing, Software, Energy and Natural Resources, Automotive, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Transportation, Agriculture, Telecommunications, Education, Entertainment, Politics, Healthcare
    • Team size: 50+ experts


    Integrating an explainer video into your content marketing strategy is essential. It provides a valuable chance to highlight the features of your product or service, encouraging customers to purchase.

    Now armed with a list of the best explainer video production agencies, you can choose the go-to team of experts who’ll maximize your brand’s reach and conversions. Let a wider audience discover and reap the benefits of using your product or services by creating exceptional visual storytelling!

    If you want to add your explainer video production company to this list, drop us a line with your request. After a thorough review, we’ll decide whether it’s a valuable addition.

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